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Sister Learns to Love Ch. 3

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Please read teaching sister, and twisting sister to find out how we got here. I am posting them all three at the same time so hopefully they will all be up about the same time. Again the spelling sucks so if you don’t like it don’t read it. Thanks Sam!

Mary leaned into Terry laying back in the car seat letting Terry comfort her. She started to pull her dress back around her self-trying to cover up as we got into traffic. Terry pulled her hands beck letting Mary’s dress fall back open, kissing her softly on the forehead. It was dark and the windows were tented on the car so I knew no one could see her but in her sex filled mind I knew she wasn’t thinking about it that way. We turned the corner a block away from our house and I turned on the butt plug again!

“Ho god! Oh!” came from her.

She lifted her ass off of the car seat as the thing started buzzing in her bottom. I had it turned on low and just left it that way. She was making small whimpering noises as I pulled into the drive and turned off the car. Terry was holding her in her arms kissing her softly as Mary sat shaking. I opened the car door holding out my hand to her. She took it and started to move to get out of the car. Again she started to pull her dress over her nude body.

“No! Leave it just like that.” Again the little sounds came from her.

I watched Terry slip her hand into her pocket, “Oh, oh shit!” came from the girl, and “I can’t move ho God I can’t standup.”

Again Terry’s hand moved and Mary relaxed. She pulled on my hand rising to stand on shaking legs. Her dress hung open fully exposing her to any one looking as her large breasts swaying with each movement. Of course it was dark in the driveway but she wasn’t thinking about anything but the buzz in her bottom and crotch! Mary took a few steps and I hit her full blast! Turning the butt plug up to its highest speed!

Mary went down to her knees in the damp grass as Terry also pushed her controller to the limit. Now with both vibrators shaking in her pussy and ass Mary put her face in her hands as she rested it on them in the grass. She started slowly humping back and fourth as she gasped for air. With her still making a soft whimpering noise I moved behind her dropping down to my knees. I pulled her dress up over her ass exposing it with the little wire to the remote vibrator hanging out of her puckered little hole. Her legs were open letting her sent fill the air as she moved back and fourth.

I looked up at Terry who now had her dress pulled up and three fingers barred deep in her own wet slit as she looked at her out of control sister. I slipped my fingers into Mary’s gaziantep zenci escort bayan open wet gash. I touched her clit! It was too much for her and she started shaking hard as her climax took over her body! She fell flat on her tummy as I pulled on her hard clit. She was screaming into the grass!
“OHHHHHHHHhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” then quiet! Except for the sound Terry made as she pulled her own clit!

“OH GOD SAMMM oh, oh is, she oho, oh ok!”

“Yes baby she just passed out.” I stood kissing Terry deeply as she finished cuming in my arms. My own pants were wet with pre come as I pushed my hard dick into her belly through our cloths holding her as she came softly.

“Umm Sammy I love you! God ohh umm easy so easy ohhhh! I just had to touch my self and umm, I came so easy!”

“Good that’s what I wanted was for you to get off to.” I looked around; “We have to get her inside before some one sees us. Here you take the keys and I will take Marry.”

I picked the half-naked girl up carrying her with me to the house. Terry opened the door and I took Marry to her room laying her on her bed. I pulled her dress the rest of the way off; I letting it drop to the floor. I rolled her onto her tummy then opened her ass cheeks. I pulled on the wire sticking out of her ass. It was running to the remote vibrator and I started pulling it slowly from her now open ass hole.

“UMM OHHHH Umm!” came from her as it slipped out of her leaving her pucker hole open. She was wet from her own juices as well as the Vaseline I had given her to make it slide in easier. So open!

I pulled my cock out of my pants pushing them down around my knees. I pulled the girl up onto her knees putting my hard dick up to her wide open and relaxed hole. I pushed just a little then felt as she pushed back. Marry looked over her shoulder at me with pure lust in her eyes as she pushed harder letting my dick slip into her dark back hole. She moaned accepting me easily as I slid past her tight back ring. She looked at her sister and my wife Terry standing next to us, watching us, as my cock slid deep into her sisters’ ass!

“Oh Terry honey god he is in me! O so deep! I’m so sorry! I can’t help it ohHHho god I need it in me Terry! Ohhh so deep!”

“I know baby! It is ok. Just relax and let it happen!” Terry said to her.

I moved slowly inward pushing as deep into her as I could. I felt my balls pushing into her clit as Terry moved over setting next to Mary stroking her face softly while I fucked her in the ass. Terry looked up into my eyes with pure lust burning in them. gaziantep escort bayan She reached up touching my face as she pulled her dress over her head then moved putting one leg on each side of Mary’s head. Terry slipped down pushing her open wet slit into Mary’s face.

“Oh Terry I have never! Oh god oh, oh!”

“Its ok baby just try it! Oh please I need it baby! Please kiss it for me! Oh Mary kiss it!” Terry said as she slipped closer to Mary’s face.

I was doing every thing I could to keep from cuming. I leaned in slowly pushing deeper in to the girl as I took a tit in each hand pulling on her nipples. She looked at Terry one more time before she slid her tong over her sisters wet hole. She only lapped her for a few minutes when Terry let out a howl as she came!

“Oh yeas Mary suck it! Ho my god Suc, suck it! Ahhhaaaaaaaaa!”

It was too much for me and I started pumping hard into Mary’s soft tight ass. She was making muffled noises in her sisters cuming pussy and I suddenly shot off into her ass! I pulled her by the hips shooting my seed into her!

“MMmmahhhhAAAAAAAAAA OH, Ohhhh!”

I shot what felt like a gallon of white hot cum deep into her ass as I held her tight to me pushing hard while my dick jumped in her. Mary collapsed pulling me down with her so that I was lying on top of her with my face next to Terry’s open vagina. I could smell her heat as I watched her juices leak out of her pussy from Mary having licked her to her come. My dick was growing soft in Mary and as it slipped out I rolled off of the girl.

I moved to the side as Terry pulled Mary onto her back the slipped between her legs sucking her clit into her mouth! I watched as Mary grabbed a hand full of Terry’s hair pulling her face tight to her pussy as cum leaked from her ass! Mary came quickly with an explosion of air busting out of her lungs!

“OHHHH NOT AGAINOH NO MOREE EEEEEEEEAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh no more please! God oh stop Terry! Please!”

Terry pulled back moving up to kiss Mary with a mouth full of her own juices. The two girls kissed each other hard while their tongs danced with each other, holding each other tightly. I felt Mary reaching for me pulling me down into a three-way kiss with them. We all held each other relaxing and enjoying the feeling of being freshly fucked. We fell a sleep holding each other.

I woke early with a stiff back and both arms a sleep. I pulled my self-loose from the arms and legs and went to make coffee. I walked out into the back yard with my first cup and sat naked by the pool sipping the hot liquid.

I don’t know how long I had sat there enjoying the sun, “Do you need more coffee Sam?” it was Terry.

“Yes please.”

She came out with the pot pouring me some more. She had on a light cotton dressing gown that I loved because it was tissue thin and out lined her body to perfection. She sat with me quiet for a few minutes then she looked at me.

“I can’t believe I almost forced my own sister lick my pussy! Sam that is incest! I know she had not ever been with a woman before and I made her lick it! What the fuck was I thinking! Oh god she will never want to see me again and the whole family will know that girls turn me on and I well, oh god! I don’t know!”

“Well I didn’t feel like you forced me to do any thing Terry.” Mary slid the screen door shut as she came to us wearing nothing but a pair of T-back panties. Her hair was wet from a shower and her nipples were hard in the cool morning air. Her bare feet made a popping noise as she padded out to us with an empty coffee cup. Her panties were pulled up into her ass crack showing off her hips and long legs as she walked to us. I looked at her drinking in her good looks with my eyes. Loving how her tits moved on her chest as she walked!

“I kind of felt like I could stop when ever I wanted to.” She looked at us both as she came to us. “And I definitely did not want to. I had never been with a girl before but I have wondered what it would be like and I liked it. Terry I am glad it was you, “She sat down a cross from us, “I don’t think I could have done it with any one but you and I liked it.” She took my hand, “I also have never done any of the other things I did last night and I liked all that to! So don’t getting all nuts on me.” Mary leaned over kissing Terry softly on the mouth. Then she leaned back looking at us both again.

“Terry you are right you are my sister and it is incest, but I don’t want to stop. And Sam my love I have had my eyes opened wide by you my friend. I have learned that there is a lot more to love than I though and trust is one thing I have never been able to give to any one. Sam I trust you. I want you to teach me how to be the woman I could be. I want you to love me like you do my sister and I want you to take care of me like you do her. I am through with any one but the two of you. I love you both!”

Terry moved over to set close to her kissing her as she took Mary’s hands in her own. I stood and moved over to her also dropping to my knees and kissed her then moving to kiss Terry. We kind of group hugged as we kissed then I pulled back looking at them both.

“Mary I will be good to you as long as you are here but I will not share, well that is not quit true. I will not have another man touch you.” I kissed her again, “But I think Terry should tell you about Betty!”

The three of us are still together and that was three years ago. We are happy and have had many fun adventures that I will relate in feature stories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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