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Sisterly Assistance Ch. 03

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Some time had passed, and Lucy and Karl did not speak of their close encounter. Karl had the impression that Lucy had been driven too far, and now regretted their tryst. She kept more of a distance and then one day announced she was moving out to Nottingham in the East Midlands, 100 miles away, as she had found work there. Karl accepted that this was likely to be the end, and this was probably a natural conclusion to their exploration.

After her move, Lucy kept in touch with everyone, and not a word about the encounter was mentioned. Karl then found, a few weeks later, he had a reason to go to the Midlands for a work trip and that meant going there for a few days. He called Lucy to see if he could stay with her, as he would be just a short journey away.

“So what do you think?”

“Well… it’s possible.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, no worries.” She paused. “But don’t expect anything, eh?”

“No, I promise.”

“No, really, Karl.”

“I understand.”

He did, and so he packed his overnight stuff the following week and caught a fast train to the East Midlands. That evening he headed back to Lucy’s new flat. Lucy was in to greet him and gave him a friendly peck on the cheek.

“Hello, little brother! Gosh! how’s you’ve changed – not!”

“Ha, what do you expect?”

“- You – to behave,” she shot back.

“I will.”

And so, during the first evening, Lucy and Karl acted as a friendly siblings, and even went out for a dinner in an Indian restaurant.

Over the meal, Lucy ventured, “Look, it’s Friday tomorrow. I will want to go out, you know, to do my thing.” She waved her head meaningfully to emphasise the point.

“Sure. Where to?”

“Oh, some nightclubs.”


“What are you going to do?”

“Er…” Karl considered going out too for a moment. He couldn’t really ask to join Lucy. “Maybe stay in,” he said weakly. “I don’t know.”

“Well, look, if I come back really late with someone…”

“Yeah, it’s fine, Lucy!”

“Ok. Glad we have that understanding.”

The next evening, Lucy came back from work, and after the evening meal, went upstairs to get changed. Karl hovered around before he decided to sit down in the lounge. He was undecided about going out. Then Lucy appeared, in a black tight fitting dress, a gold necklace, black stockings and heels. Her hair was down and she had a dark red lipstick on.

Karl tried not to gasp but felt a surge of lust towards his sister again.

“Wow, Luce, dressed to kill, eh?”

“Well, not quite that, but I am going to have a good time, and I suggest you do to, because I don’t want any… things happening again.”

“Ok, so where do you suggest?”

“Go up Talbot Street, there’s loads of places with your sort of music.”

“Right. Is that where you are headed?”

“Yes, but you don’t have to go to the same club for God’s sake!”

“No, no!”

And with that, Lucy gathered her bag and left, letting Karl know where the key was.

“If you bring someone back, that’s fine by me, just be quiet ok?”


Karl left shortly gaziantep vip escort bayan later, found a bus into the city centre, and wandered over to the area with bars and clubs. After short walk, he found himself in a bar and settled himself with some drinks before heading towards Talbot Street. The night was cold, and so he decided he did not want to spend too long finding somewhere suitable. Eventually, he went to place belting out hits from the 90s and wandered in. It was dark inside, quite busy with a lot of thirty-somethings, dressed as though most were into the alternative scene. He felt a little intimated, being younger than many of the people there. Down on the dance floor it was busy, and amongst the general crowd were lots of young women in dark make up, dressed in gothy looking outfits, dancing. He sidled his way down and joined in. The music was great, and Karl gyrated around with various lovelies, but though he made a little eye contact, there were no sparks.

After several songs, he went to the bar and drank a little more, sitting on a bar stool surveying the scene. Many people seemed to know each other, it seemed friendly enough, and so he sank the last of his drink before heading down again. After a while, he knew it was getting late, and he knew his luck was not in. Various couples were forming and he felt left out, and then, in the corner of his eye, he could make out a familiar figure. He looked across to see Lucy sat on a stool. He knew she would not be pleased to see him there, possibly thinking he was stalking her. But as he was beginning to think about heading back to the flat, he might as well mention that he was going back. He walked across to Lucy, who had an empty glass in front of her.

“Hi Lucy.”

“Oh, hi.”

“You ok?”

“All right,” she seemed a little slow in her reply.

“Ah.. I just was going to head back now, so I’ll see you back there at your flat, eh?”

“Yeah… Hey, look, are you getting a taxi?”

“‘Can do!”

“Ok, I’m coming too!”

“Really?… But I thought -”

“Nah, I am calling it quits!” She replied. She got off her stool a little unsteadily. “You phone one, yeah?”

“Right, which?”

“OK Taxis, they are reliable.”

Karl rang the taxi firm and within a few minutes they had clambered into the taxi. It was not a long journey home. Lucy stared out of the window, lost in her own thoughts. He noticed her perfume as he sat next to her, powerful and floral. He considered the evening so far, and wondered what had gone on before to precipitate Lucy’s keenness to get back home. As they pulled up outside Lucy’s flat, Lucy nudged Karl.

“Can you pay?”

“Yes, no problem.”

“Thanks, I owe you one”. She got out whilst Karl paid and then was at the door. Karl joined her and they went inside.

“Thanks”, she mumbled, “…you’re a great lad.”

“No problem, sis.”

“No, you’re great, and I feel so rotten, not saying much to you this evening.”

“It’s ok”. Lucy turned to Karl.

“You are good kid. Look, gaziantep yabancı escort bayan I have had a big, big disappointment tonight, so forgive me if I seem a bit moody.”

“No problem, Lucy.”

“And I had a few drinks too.”

“That’s ok, so did I.”

Lucy was looking down and then moved her head up to look at him. She hesitated momentarily.

“So you won’t mind if I kiss you good night then?”

“No, no… n-not at all… you know I like it,” Karl almost stammered with the shock.

“Yeah. I know you do,” she said a little unsteadily, grinning at him. She wrapped her arms around him and then drew close before kissing Karl firmly on the lips.

“Oh God, Luce,” said Karl. He felt her grinding her groin against his. His hands reached out to steady her, and so found his hands around her ass. She giggled and thrust against him again.

That was it, Karl found himself tugging Lucy’s skirt upwards, Lucy giggling contentedly.

“That’s my boy!” Her skirt was up to her waist now and Karl grasped her black panties and slid them down her legs, and Lucy wriggled her feet to let them drop off. He pulled own his jeans and underpants to below his waist whilst his cock sprang up, he went behind Lucy pushing her back to bend her over and pulled up her skirt again, her exposed pussy lips awaiting his cock once more.

“You bad boy!” said Lucy as he pushed his cock hard against her vulva. She gasped, opened her legs a little more and he pushed a little more and his cock found its way into her receptive pussy.

“Aaah!” she yelled.

And then Karl gripped her, and pushed gradually and slowly into his sister’s expectant slit. Once inside her though, she squirmed in pleasure, and that threw the switch.

It was a furious, frantic fuck. The pent up passion of the last few weeks was finally getting its release for both of them, and Karl rapidly pistoned in and our of her, his sister yielding to his thrusts. His cock was sliding in and out of her pussy which was getting wetter and wetter, he could feel his balls hitting her entrance as he drove in and out, the dampness running down their thighs and he could hear her breath getting shorter, he could hear her higher pitched gasps. No thoughts about carefulness this time, no hesitation, he gripped his sister around the waist, holding her tight, as he approached cumming; he felt her bucking in rhythm to him, and then he could feel that she was close too, she staggered slightly which brought him to the edge, and with a final thrust pulled her towards him to push his cream deep into her passage. She cried out, and they staggered slightly in climax, clinging together. He closed his eyes as he felt his cock erupt with jet after jet of cum feeding Lucy’s hungry cunt.

When he was finally spent, he held her for a further moment, before withdrawing. Karl looked down and then took a loving gaze at his sister’s used pussy, and saw a bead of his cum seep out from her slit and dribble down onto her black stocking, staining it with a white sticky, creamy gaziantep yaşlı escort bayan trail. She shuddered, and bent back up.

“You’ve done it again,” she moaned.

“Couldn’t stay away.”

She kissed him on the mouth, and shortly afterwards they stumbled together into Lucy’s bed.

In the early hours, he woke up, feeling horny again. He had never imagined he would be like this. His hand caressed Lucy’s body, still in her tight black dress. He could smell her damp sweat, the scent reeking of raw passion mingling with the deep notes of her perfume.

“Oh Karl!”

The next thing he knew she had flicked on the light, had mounted him, and was vigorously pulling at his cock. He soon stiffened, and saw her other hand rubbing herself under her black dress.

Then she was ready, and hitched up her skirt to mount herself on his expectant cock. She was hungry, and her pussy hovered over the tip for a moment, before swallowing his cock, and, once fully enveloped, he found his sister grinding on top of him, her hips swaying, as she enjoyed the full motion of him inside her. She heaved herself and down on him, her black stockinged legs framing his body and he could feel her delicious wet grip as she slid up and down his manhood. He looked up and thought of her breasts again, wishing to drive Lucy even more crazy with lust. His hands reached up to claw at the top of her dress, pulling it down to reveal her naked beasts. He leaned up to kiss them, and again treat her nipples with his tongue. She squealed as he did so, and her thrusts getting more urgent – she was now using him, filling her unspent desires.

“God, Lucy, you are so sexy!” He loved looking up to her, to see her pert breasts sway to her movement. She grasped him by the shoulders as he lay under her, and now he began to feel her pussy squeeze and pump his swollen cock. Her pussy was rising up and down his shaft, devouring him, and he knew that he lad lit a wild fire in his sister. She arched her back in pleasure, her motions increasing the rustle of her dress and she moved up and down, impatient to be filled again.

“Lucy…Lucy!” moaned Karl, he could feel himself ready to shoot inside her again and he looked up again into her eyes strained by lust and desire, as she bucked over him.

“Come on, Karl, yes… yes, you can do it!”

He pushed up again in time to Lucy’s downward pounding of his cock.

“Fuck me Karl! Fuck me! I want you, every last drop of you!”

He thrust himself upwards, and he saw her pussy busily engulfing his shaft, ready now to take all his cream, he envisioned filling her full of cum. His sister was vigorously fucking him, totally letting go, bounding up and down on him, he was feeling almost used, which felt wickedly good. He looked up to see her eyes full of lust, and her breasts crowned with hardened nipples, which triggered him and he felt the release of cum from his balls, and then jet out of his cock, again and again, into Lucy’s hot wet angry pussy. She tensed and gave a low throaty moan, a powerful glow in her eyes as he felt her clenching him in, sucking out all his semen as she came too, her motion steadily slowing to a halt, her eyes closing, and then she smiled as the pleasure enveloped her.

“Thank you, little brother.”

For a few moments, he could barely speak.”…You’re welcome.”

She remained on him for another few moments, before sliding down by his side.

“You made me very happy.”

“No Regrets?”

“Not this time.”


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