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Sister’s New Look

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I must have been about 16 (two years ago) when I first admitted to myself that I found my sister Jane attractive. She was 3 years older than me and up to that point I never really thought much about her other than as a big sister. It all hit me when she came home from college for the first time during her freshman year. While away, she had for the first time in her life really gotten into working out. She had always been slim but never really toned or muscular that I noticed. Whatever it was she did that first year away was really working, because she looked great. Jane is about 5’5″ and I guess about 110 pounds. She has pretty green eyes, very dark brown hair, cut shorter at the time, but now about shoulder length. She has classic cheerleader-type looks that were now leaning more toward gymnast-type with the new workouts. Her butt was firm and round, and her breasts were as nice as I have ever seen … about a 34C I guess… the perfect size for her athletic new body. When she walked in the door, it hit me hard, I almost couldn’t speak. She even had pretty feet now that I looked at them while trying to avoid staring at anything obvious.

“Hey little brother” she said, “what are you staring at?”

“Nothing Jane, just haven’t seen you in a while is all”. I actually think she knew I was checking her out but she never said anything. The rest of that visit two years ago was pretty uneventful. It was mostly a matter of her hanging around the house in various workout and swimming outfits, generally driving me wild with lust without a clue she was doing so. Or did she? I alternately dreamed about having her soft tongue wrapped around my shaft, sucking her toes, licking her thighs, doing her every way imaginable from behind, biting her nipples, blowing a thick load on her neck and every other act that two people can do. Anyhow, after 3 weeks she headed back to school and because she was so far away and I was gone myself a fair amount because of a traveling summer-league baseball team that I played for, we didn’t see each other for another 2 years. I wrote off my obsession with her to hormones and moved on to a string of girlfriends, most of them athletic types with dark brown hair and green eyes now that I think about it.

That brings us up to today, I am now 18 and just finished high school, with plans to start college in the fall at a local university. I was planning to be home for the summer and was looking forward to it for lots of reasons but mostly for one particular reason, Jane was coming home for her last summer before graduating college. It wasn’t that I had a plan or anything but she just had such a way about her that I looked forward to being around her. I knew what to expect this time so I was able to make less of a fool of myself when she walked in the door looking even hotter than two years before. She not only looked better this time around (clearly she was keeping up with the workouts), but she just seemed to carry herself more confidently. She was after all a 21 year old with just one year to go in college. I too had changed I suppose with regular weight training and a lot of swimming in our backyard pool. I already had a pretty good tan going and Jane immediately commented about how she planned to catch up to me by spending a lot of time out by the pool. She had landed a job for the summer working nights at a local health club. She had changed her major to Sports Medicine and had arranged an internship there. She would mostly be doing personal training but it was related to her degree and would look good on her resume once she graduated. My summer job wouldn’t be starting until early June so at least for the first month, it would be just she and I at the house during the day.

The first week we pretty much kept to ourselves except the times when we were both out by the pool. Jane gaziantep yavuzeli escort bayan usually wore a dark green bikini that was cut nice and low on her sexy hips. She wasn’t too big on swimming and spent most of her pool time laying in a lounge chair soaking up the California sun. Sometimes she would undo her top while laying on her stomach but I can’t say I ever really got a good look at anything, she was pretty modest about her body, at least it seemed that first week. After the first week we started to settle into our routine and spent more time talking around the pool. I gave her a hard time about never swimming and she offered me a few workout tips here and there. Finally toward the end of the second week we started to talk about more personal things. Jane confessed that she had fallen for a guy that turned out to be a jerk and said she was just happy being single for now. She dug a little bit into my love life but all I really said was that I dated a few of the cheerleaders in school my senior year but was looking forward to meeting new girls when I started college. She did make a few comments about me looking good and I was just happy to find that she at least noticed but I wasn’t sure it really went beyond a sister being nice to her little brother. I had always thought of her as being so much older than me and I figured she still thought of me as so much younger. I still was deeply in lust for her but would never have considered making a move. We were after all brother and sister and I not only thought she would find any advances a sure sign that I was a total pervert but also assumed she wouldn’t see me as old enough for her. I found out the next week that I was wrong on both counts.

It was about noon that third Monday and Jane was once again out by the pool. I walked out with a few sandwiches and started in on her about never swimming. After a while she gave in and agreed to do a few laps with me. It was after all good exercise and she had been a little lax about working out because the gym she worked at was 15 miles away and closed right when she got off work. Her only chance to work out there was if she went in early and that meant giving up what she called the “peak sun tanning hours”. Before we could start to eat, Jane suddenly got up and dove into the deep end of the pool. I watched in awe as this graceful creature made a perfect entry into the pool and surfaced at the other end. I dove in after her and came up along side her. We agreed on 10 laps and took our places beside each other. As we swam slowly back and forth, I could see that Jane was tiring after about 6 laps, I guess the workouts she did were more aimed at toning that sexy body than building any kind of stamina. She stopped after 7 laps and leaned by the edge of the pool while I finished up the last 3 laps. “What’s wrong sis?” I joked, “too much Thighmaster and not enough treadmill time maybe?”

“Maybe so”, Jane answered, “but I got to keep it firm ya know”. “Well it looks like that part is working Jane, you look great”. It probably wasn’t what I said as much as the way I said it because she just looked at me with a wicked look in her eyes that I had never seen before. “I’ve noticed you like this bikini Dave and if I wasn’t your sister I’d think you had been checking me out all summer”. I am not sure if my face went red at that point but I do know my cock went nearly rock hard when she said that. I just stood there a while, not sure what to say. Before I could recover she ducked under water and swam away.

I just stood there in the shallow water trying to sort out what had just happened between us when I suddenly sensed her swimming up behind me. With a quick motion I felt her hands grab the waistband of my loose trunks and pull them down. As I reached gaziantep yeni escort bayan instinctively to pull them up I lost my balance and fell sideways. With that Jane peeled them the rest of the way down and pulled them past my ankles and completely off. She popped up out of the water and tossed them onto the lounge chair that she spent most of the last few weeks in. I couldn’t believe what had happened but somehow through it all my thick cock got even harder. Jane was at the far end of the pool, leaning her back to the wall of the pool, with her elbows on the edge. Her perfect breasts were pressing against the wet bikini top and I could see her nipples from across the pool. I had never noticed them in all the times we had been at the pool together and either the wet suit was letting them show or they were harder than they had been all week. I didn’t care which it was, all I knew is I had to get a closer look. I swam over to her but as I did she giggled as she turned away and started to lift herself out of the pool. I quickly reached for her and wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her back into the water. As she slid back in my hand slid just under her firm breasts and I thought about just grabbing them right then, but I still wasn’t sure how far she wanted to take this. Was she just trying to embarrass me or did she hope to get a look at me naked?

With all those thoughts running through my head and with my hand that close to her firm globes, I didn’t realize what had happened during her re-entry slide into the pool. As she slid down, she had straddled my throbbing tool and was now in front of me, one leg on either side of me and had my thick rod trapped between her well-muscled thighs. The thin black fabric of her bikini was all there was between my swollen cock and her (I imagined) gorgeous pussy. She started to struggle but I think she soon felt the position she had fallen into and just seemed to relax and settle back against me. This all happened in a few seconds I suppose and I was still charged up with the idea of getting back at her. I did what seemed natural and pulled the end of the string around her neck and her top fell down and off her breasts. I then undid the buttons in back and tossed it up onto the steps of the back door. So there I was, totally naked and hard as a rock with my hot older sister straddling me, topless no less. This wasn’t exactly a situation I had been in before so I hesitated before making a move.

Before I could figure out what to do next, Jane decided for me because she started slowly grinding herself into the base of my cock. My hands instinctively slid to her breasts and I slowly pinched and twisted her hard nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. She then reached down between her legs and wrapped her hand around the end of my shaft and started stroking me in rhythm with the grinding that she had now kept up for at least a full minute. That doesn’t seem like a long time but I had gone weeks without having sex and I was already close to cumming. I was dying to rip her bikini aside and plunge in before I unloaded my wad into the water, but even with all that had happened I still wasn’t sure where she wanted this to end up. Jane then slid her hand under my cock and pressed it tight against her pussy. She started sliding back and forth now with my rod trapped between her soft hand and the wet fabric covering her pussy. I came after about a dozen strokes, pulling her hard against me as I filled the pool with thick globs of my cum. It felt great but I still hadn’t seen the body I had been lusting after for over two weeks. She still faced away from me and even though my hands were wrapped around them, I hadn’t seen her breasts. And after what had just happened, I was dying to somehow get those gaziantep zayıf escort bayan bikini bottoms off too.

The whole time all of this went on neither she nor I said a word, unless you count the soft moans coming form her or the sigh I let out as I came. “Don’t stop now Dave” she moaned. She kept up the pace, still grinding my cock against her pussy, unfortunately still covered by her bikini that is. I knew my hard-on was fading a little and slid my right hand down her rock hard abs and inside the waistband of the bikini bottoms. As I slid lower, I felt not even a trace of hair and realized my sis was shaved clean. I love that look and somehow my spent cock started to come back to life with that image helping it along. I slipped a finger inside her and slowly slid in and out of her warm pussy as my thumb made slow circles on her swollen clit. she lasted only a minute at the most longer than I had before as she tensed and let out a long soft moan and whispered that she had cum. By now my courage was soaring and I hooked my thumbs in the leg holes of her bikini, tearing them across her firm ass and down to her knees. She immediately kicked her way out of them and turned to face me.

This was it, the moment of truth. We stood there naked, my thick shaft almost floating above the shallow water, her nipples pointing directly at me like two arrows, the sight of her smooth pussy almost visible under a few inches of water, and just inches separated our bodies. “Are you OK with this?” she asked nervously. “I guess so Jane” I answered, “Just fun right…nothing serious?”

“Exactly” she answered, “I just need to fuck someone, let’s not get weird about it, OK?” I stepped toward her and guided her to the edge of the shallowest part of the pool. I lifted her up onto the edge and for the first time saw her perfect bald pussy. My tongue was instantly on her, sliding up and down her moist slit and circling her swollen clit. The feeling of such well toned thighs and such a firm sexy butt was driving me wild. I couldn’t get enough of her. I climbed out of the pool and knelt down straddling her, dangling my cock at her lips. She took first the head and then the whole shaft in her warm pretty mouth as I got on all fours and thrust in and out of her mouth. I couldn’t take it any longer and lay on my back, pulling her onto me. She knew exactly what I wanted and lowered her left breast to my mouth. Just as I tasted her creamy tits for the first time I felt her caress my throbbing cock and brush it up and down her dripping slit. She guided me inside her just as I sucked her nipple between my teeth and bit it gently. She squatted over me and slowly milked my cock with her tight body. In deep, grinding her clit into me and then almost all the way out each slow stroke. After a while she closed her eyes and leaned her head back, increasing the speed of her strokes. Her pussy seemed to somehow grip me tighter with each stroke and just as she collapsed onto me in her own orgasm, I filled her with stream after stream of thick cum. She then collapsed onto me and we just held each other while we recovered.

After a few minutes I eased out of her and she shifted just a little to straddle one of my thighs. Her soft hair felt so nice as she rested her head against my chest. I couldn’t resist reaching down to rest my hand on that rock hard little butt she had. She just seemed to want to stay cuddled up to me all afternoon although she also seemed to be ready for more as after a while I felt her slowly start to grind her sweet mound against my thigh. An urge I never had before overcame me as I stared down at her perfect butt. As she continued to slowly and gently get herself off against my leg with our mixed juices as lube. I found myself going with the urge and gently stroking the rim of her backdoor. I dipped my finger in her soft pussy to wet it and slid back up to gently circle her virgin rim. As I hesitated over the center, wondering if I should press on, we both heard a car pull unto the gravel driveway. We finally realized it was close to when our Mother should be home so we separated quickly and got dressed in our rooms. We had a nice long talk that night and I’ll leave what happened from there to another time.

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