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Sitter Gets a Lesson

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I was looking forward to this evening. John and I were going out to dinner with some friends. It had been a while since we had been out and I was looking forward to showing off my man. Amber who was 23, our long time sitter would be arriving soon. Slow to blossom , she, recently had started dating, and had been sharing with us the excitement of her first time being with a man. Little did she know how much we were turned on by her stories. Knowing that she had a passion that had been hidden under her 23 years of age.

As John was finishing getting dressed, Amber arrived and we started chatting. She started to tell me that her new boyfriend wanted a blow job and she was not sure how to perform those services. As John was approaching the room and could over hear our conversation, I knew that his cock would be stirring in his pants hearing her talk.

As John entered the room, he could see the glint in my eyes as I said “Amber has been talking about what her boyfriend wants her to do to him. He wants her to suck his cock.” Amber blushed at hearing the words spoken aloud. I looked casually up at John and met his eyes, sure he was thinking the same thoughts as me.

Perhaps we could teach her the art of cock sucking.

“Amber, I would be happy to show you how to suck cock.” I say. “I have a vibrater that I could use for demonstration and practice, and if you want I am sure that John would be happy to let you practice on him.” Amber blushed again.

“You sure; you wouldn’t mind?”

We decided that after our dinner we would head home early to begin Amber’s lesson in cock sucking. Amber was unaware that for a long time now, one of our fantasies had been for another woman to suck his cock. It turned me on to talk about watching another woman suck his cock until he orgasms and then to watch him fuck her until she screamed when she orgasms from his touch. I knew that John wanted to have me watch him spray his cum all over some fresh pussy.

We enjoyed the anticipation of our lessons while having a leisurely dinner with our friends. I would occasionally reach over and stroke his cock while John stroked my pussy. By the time we arrived home we were thoroughly stimulated with our foreplay and thoughts of what were to come.

We took Amber to the back bedroom and John quickly disrobed. Amber gasped and urfa escort blushed at the sight of his hardened cock. John stroked it and it began to raise further. Amber stood mesmerized by the sight as I pulled out Richard, my vibrator. John had given it to me to keep me satisfied while he was away on business. I could see that Richard was not going to be needed as Amber bit on her lower lip as she watched John stroke himself.

“Amber, would you like to touch John’s cock?” As I noticed she couldn’t keep her eyes off of his raising cock. She blushed and nodded yes. I took her hand and moved it over to his cock, letting her touch it softly. ” Just the tip,” I said “caress the tip.” John’s cock jumped to life at the feel of her touch, and she let out a deep sigh. I quickly removed my clothes and urged Amber to do the same. I could tell she didn’t want to part from the cock. “You will get more of that cock, as much as you want tonight” “Now, quickly remove your clothes.”

I took John’s cock in my hands and began to stroke it gently, bringing Ambers hands to his cock and showing them how to stroke his cock to bring him to orgasm. John reached up and rubbed Ambers tit. She moaned in pleasure. He took it in his mouth as she shoved her breasts into his face asking him to suck and pull on them. I could see the wetness in her pussy. His precum glistened in the light. I knew he wanted to fuck that fresh young pussy right then.

I needed quickly re-gain control of the activities. “Now, now… This is a cock sucking lesson. Pay attention!” I roughly pulled her away from John and pushed her face toward his waiting cock. She needed to be taught a lesson. “Put your lips around it”, I stated roughly “suck the tip.”

I forced her face hard down on his cock as John thrust it up into her mouth; she almost gagged on his cock thrust deeply into her throat. He quickly moved in and out of her mouth as she tasted his precum. I knew he wanted to cum inside that sweet mouth. She had learned her lesson. I was in control of the learning, and when she would be allowed to be touched or touch my man. I pulled her head off his cock and said, “Watch and learn.”

I took the tip of his cock in my mouth and sucked it while I cupped his balls in my hand. The tip was swollen and red. I ran my tongue down the base uşak escort of his cock and sucked it slowly. I loved this cock, and couldn’t believe I was going to allow someone else the pleasure that it provided. I proceeded to lick around his cock until he was wet with precum. John wiped it with his finger and put it in Amber’s mouth. “Suck it like it’s my cock.” He demanded. Amber proceeded to suck his fingers with desire. My pussy was wet with need to have him, but knew tonight was for Amber and John. Sensing my frustration, John stroked my pussy shoving his fingers into me and massaging my clit. I orgasmed with mind blowing spasms. John removed his fingers and gave them to Amber to suck my pussy cum off of them. She greedily took them into her mouth.

I took John’s cock into my mouth and went down on it with enthusiasm. Showing Amber the fine art of cock sucking, when to suck and when to take it all in your mouth and roll your tongue around it. It was time to let Amber suck cock. “Do you want my man’s cock?”

“Yes, please yes” she moaned.

“Take it” I commanded. “Do what I told you, suck the tip, then the base. Good, you are a quick learner.” I started to suck his balls as she went to work on his cock. She greedily moved toward his balls her tongue rubbing against mine. I took her tongue in my mouth and sucked it, giving her a deep kiss. She was shocked by the intimate gesture but leaned in for more. I pulled away to allow her full access to his balls. She moaned and I could see her pussy juice running down her legs.

John moved her so he could have access to her pussy while she serviced his cock. I could tell by the strain in his balls and thrusting of his hips he was going to cum soon. I sat back to enjoy the show. John gently licked Amber’s pussy as she came quickly into his face; her pussy juices rubbing all over his mouth. He started to fuck Amber’s mouth, she almost couldn’t take it. But she wanted to take his cum as it sprayed down her throat. Letting out the loudest groan I had heard John make, he thrust his cock into her mouth and pulled out shooting his cum in her mouth, face and chest.

Amber was covered in cum and I wanted to lick it off her. I moved in and sucked her lips and licked it off her face, kissing her gently. She kissed me back hoping for me to van escort suck her tongue again. I obliged as John sucked his cum off her nice young breast. Amber laid back to enjoy his attentions. I moved away to watch John play with his new toy. He began to explore her body giving her gentle kisses and nips as he touched her. I could see her desire mounting.

Amber moved back down to his cock and sucked it hard again. “You can’t get enough of that cock, can you?” I said. “Do you want it to fuck your pussy or ass?”

Amber mumbled “Yes, yes yes.” As she continued to suck Johns growing cock. I could see his need to cum as she continued to suck him. “Fuck me.”

My pussy was wet with desire for my man and his cock, but I could see he wanted this fresh pussy. “Fuck her!” I commanded.

John rolled Amber over on to her stomach and began to lick her pussy from behind, taking in the sweet young pussy juice. He started to gently play with her ass, knowing that she had little experience in that area. She was nervous as to what he would do, but also wet with desire. He spread her legs wider apart and roughly finger fucked her pussy, rubbing her clit bringing her closer to orgasm. “Fuck me…” she cried.

“Put your cock in her pussy,” I commanded. John inserted his rock hard cock into her pussy and moved slowly inside, gaining depth and speed as he knew she could handle his manhood. Amber gasped in orgasm. While watching, my own orgasm was mounting and came crashing down on me as I shot my pussy cum on the bed.

I knew John was aroused and greatly enjoying this new pussy. He continued to fuck her until her pussy juice and his precum covered her ass in slick wetness, he inserted his finger into her nice tight ass. The feel of his finger in her ass against his cock in her pussy pushed him over the edge and he thrust himself inside her letting out huge spasms of cum deep inside her body. Thrusting himself deeper and harder inside her as round after round of his cum shot deep into the sweet young pussy. Amber lay spent on the bed. She had just had the best sex of her life and would never be the same.

John came to me kissed me passionately and said “I love you.” He carried me off to our room where we made passionate love. Finally I was getting the attention I so desired. Our lovemaking was sweet and intimate, as we practiced that acts that only we knew made the other satisfied.

I had allowed John his fantasy of another woman and it was incredible for us to share in the passion of a new and wanted sexual adventure. In the back of my mind, I thought, next time it’s my turn…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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