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Sitting for Liz and Cassie Ch. 02

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Thanks again to gentoxic for editing.


The next morning, the sun starts creeping into my bedroom before six. I didn’t close the curtains when I came home last night. I wake to the sound of birds chirping animatedly and I lie in bed for a while thinking about last night. It’s November, so it’s fully light by six thirty — even with daylight saving time. And it’s going to be hot today — I think they said it was going to be thirty seven degrees.

I need to get some more study done. My maths exam is this coming Thursday and I have a stack of revision to do before then. There’s no chance of me going back to sleep, so I get up and put on a light wrap. I have the house to myself, so I don’t need to worry about modesty. I pull out my school books and get stuck into some practice questions about integral calculus. Maths is not my best subject, but I do ok in it. But, as much as I try, I can’t seem to focus — thoughts of last night keep creeping into my head.

I head into the kitchen and make myself some breakfast – muesli and a cup of tea as usual. But even that doesn’t work. I find myself pushing the muesli around the bowl and not actually eating anything, the thoughts swirling around in my head like a hurricane. I take my tea and go back to my room where I get out my computer and browse over to Facebook. An hour later I’ve checked out all my friends’ latest updates. I send off a few messages and Like a few posts. But my mind is still wandering.

At about nine o’clock, my phone beeps. It’s a text from mum and dad checking on how I’m going. I reply that everything is fine and that I’m doing some maths revision. They send back, “Ok. See you tomorrow.” A few minutes later another text arrives. This one is from Liz. She says, “Please come over and talk when you have time.”

I feel a bit embarrassed about going over there but I realise that I can’t avoid them for ever and now is as good a time as any. So I throw on a tee shirt and shorts and walk over to next door.

When I knock on their door, Cassie answers. She’s wearing a thin dressing gown that comes down just below her bum. She takes my hand and gives me a little kiss on the backs of the fingers. She looks deeply into my eyes and says, “Sorry about ignoring you. Come on in.” I don’t reply. But I look back into her eyes and give her a little smile. She leads me into the house and to the kitchen where Liz is sitting up at the bench eating a piece of toast. She’s wearing the same dressing gown as Cassie except that it’s full length. She takes my hand, strokes the back of it, and says, “Sorry for being so rude, last night.”

Cassie says, “I’m just about to make coffee. Would you like some?”

I don’t usually drink coffee, but I think it might be nice to join them, so I say, “Yes, please.”

“How do you have it? We’re both having cappuccinos.”

“That sounds great.”

They have an automatic coffee machine, so Cassie puts a cup under its spout, pushes a few buttons, and it starts whirring and hissing. A minute later, she pushes the cup over to me and says, “Sugar’s in the blue bowl.”

I take the cup, the aroma of the coffee filling my nose, while she goes back to making the next two cups. Liz motions for me to follow her into the living room where we move to the same places where we sat last night. I look at the couch where I sat last night, and I feel my stomach turn over as I think about what happened there.

Cassie arrives with their coffees and sits next to Liz. Liz says, “Please accept our apologies for ignoring you last night. We got caught up in the moment and it took our minds away. But it was rude.”

I say, frowning into my cup, “I was a bit pissed off at you. I’d just done something enormous that I’d never done before. It was very emotional. And then you dumped me.”

Liz takes a sip of her coffee, nodding knowingly, and says, “Yes, we’re very sorry. Let me explain some things. Cassie and I have been together for about three years. We’re very much in love and hope to spend the rest of our lives together. When the Same Sex Marriage legislation goes through, we’re going to be first in line to get married. And we both love our little Liam.”

She takes another sip of her coffee. “We have a very active sex life — I’m surprised that you haven’t heard us from next door!” she says with a joking smile. “Cass is exclusively lesbian, but I’m quite bisexual. I generally prefer women, but I do like a real pounding with a nice hard cock.”

I’m a bit shocked by this — not so much by what she’s telling me, but more that fact that she’s giving me such intimate details of their private life. She continues, “We have a strap-on and Cassie fucks me with it, but there’s nothing like a real piece of meat. And we both like a bit of variety. So every now and then we welcome another woman to our bed. One or both of us fucks her. And sometimes I take a guy while Cass watches. But we never do it behind the other’s back. We’re always together when it happens.”

I’m starting to feel a bit warm hearing bursa escort all of this, and I take a gulp of my coffee.

Liz continues, “The other thing is that Cassie is permanently horny – she’s insatiable. If we had sex as much as she’d like to, my pussy would drop off. So having another woman allows me a bit of a rest. And I love watching her cum — it’s just a beautiful sight.”

As she says this, Cassie starts smiling as if to say, “Yep, that’s me!”

“So, after you licked her last night, we were just overcome with passion. We spent the next hour kissing and cuddling, but we’re very sorry that we deserted you.”

“It’s ok, I guess.” For the first time, I noticed that somebody was missing. “Where’s Liam?” I asked.

“He’s with his dad for the day,” replies Liz, “They go to the zoo or the park or somewhere about once a month.”

“Oh, I didn’t realise he had a dad,” I blurt out. Then I realise how dumb that sounds. “Er, I mean, I didn’t realise that his dad saw him at all.”

Liz continued, “That’s ok. When we decided we wanted to have a baby, we thought about how to do it. We agreed that I was going to carry it. We asked our friend Jackie if we could borrow her husband as a sperm donor and she agreed. Originally we were going to do it via IVF. But after a bit of discussion we thought, what’s the point of spending all that money on doctors. So we decided to just do it the natural way.”

“Wow! So this Jackie let you have sex with her husband?”

“Yeah, she was cool with it. Sean came over here for baby-making duties and we did it.”

“Duties!” laughed Cassie. “You fucked him every day for a week while you were ovulating. Your cunt was red raw – you could hardly walk! And then it took three months of trying before you were pregnant. You must have had about a hundred orgasms with him. I don’t think you’d call it a duty!”

Liz looks at me and smiles. “Yeah, I guess it was a bit like she says — I did enjoy it. But there’s one thing she forgot to mention: Jackie is bi. So while I was screwing Sean, she and Jackie had their tongues stuck up each other’s snatches!”

I think to myself for a few seconds and smile a little.

“What’s the smile for?” asks Liz.

“I was just thinking. Yesterday I was an eighteen year old schoolgirl and a virgin. Today I’m not a virgin, and I’m sitting here casually chatting about adultery, lesbianism, and group sex. How things can change in a day,” I reply.

Cassie butts in, “Oh, there was no group sex there. As much as I love Sean, I’d never touch him. I don’t like sweaty, smelly, hairy, men. And they’re so messy when they cum. No, give me a nice soft cunt any day. That’s not to say that I don’t do group sex, though!”

I say, “I notice that Cassie likes the ‘c’ word, but you never use it, Liz.”

Liz replies, “You’ve probably seen that Cass is pretty timid and doesn’t say much. I guess you’d call me the ‘man’ of the family. But it’s the opposite when it comes to sex — she’s a tiger.”

Cassie adds, “I love that word: cunt, cunt, cunt. It just rolls off the tongue. I feel so empowered when I say it. I love it. Go on, you say it: cunt.”

“Er,” I mumble.

“Go on. You said it last night.”

“Um, cunt,” I say very quietly.

“Come on. You can do it. Say it properly.”

“Cunt. Cunt. Cunt!”

It does feel empowering. Once I’m over the initial shock of saying it, I do feel stronger. And a bit turned on too.

Liz says, “So, we enjoyed being with you last night. And we hope you had fun too.”

After thinking about it for a few moments, I reply, “Yes, I did enjoy it. I still like guys though. I never really thought about it before, but I guess I like girls too.”

“We think you’re a very beautiful young lady and we both love your naive innocence. Any time you want to play with one or both of us, you’re very welcome to.”

I guess my naive innocence shows itself when I say, “What do you mean ‘play’?”

Cassie just smiles and slowly spreads her legs showing that she doesn’t have anything on underneath.

“Oh,” I say as it finally dawns on me what she meant. I blush and look at Liz. Then she does the same — she’s naked down below too.

“Oh, um, both of you?”, I mumble. Until yesterday I’d never really thought about sex with a woman. And I’d certainly never considered more than one. But here I was, with two beautiful pussies (I mean, cunts) in front of me. I say, “But I haven’t even had a shower today, so I’ll be all smelly.”

“That’s ok,” replies Liz, “We haven’t had showers yet either. But we have a very big bathroom. Would you like to join us?”

Again I look dumbfounded. Cassie gets up, comes over to me, and takes my hand. Very much like last night, she gently pulls me up and leads me towards the back of the house. I follow timidly behind. She takes me into the bedroom and turns me around to face her. She lifts the bottom of my tee shirt with both hands and pulls it up over my head. I raise my arms to let her take it off. She unbuttons bursa escort bayan my shorts, shoves her hands down the back of them, and slides them down over my arse cheeks.

As the shorts fall to the floor, Liz moves behind me. She unhooks my bra and reaches in under it to cup my boobs gently. Then she turns me around to face her and kisses me gently on the lips. She slides her hand inside the front of my knickers and gently caresses my pubic mound. Then she pulls the knickers down and I step out of them. I’m standing there completely naked now. I feel a bit dazed about the whole situation. Liz and Cassie both drop their robes to the floor so we’re all naked. Liz pulls the three of us into a tight embrace, their breasts up against mine. They both try to kiss me at once. It’s a bit awkward at first, but soon we’re all taking it in turns to kiss each other. And they’re all very passionate sensuous kisses too. Our hands roam over each other’s backs and bums as we kiss.

After a few minutes of the beautiful kisses, we break apart from the embrace. I stand between them as they each take one of my hands in theirs. We walk into the bathroom hand in hand. It’s a big room with a spa bath in one corner and a huge shower recess in the other. Cassie turns on the taps and the two shower heads start spurting water. While we wait for it to warm up, Liz and I kiss. She has an enormous tongue — long and fat. She sensuously slides it into my mouth and entwines it with mine. I suddenly think about what it would be like to have something that big in my pussy. Then I realise what I’ve just been thinking about and jump in shock. I really have changed in the last twenty four hours!

I guess that Cassie notices my jump and says, “She has the most wonderful tongue, doesn’t she. It slides deep into my cunt and reaches all the corners. I shiver every time I think about it.”

I shiver too as I realise that I’m looking forward to finding out.

As Cassie pulls me into the shower, I say, “Can I borrow a shower cap, please?”

Liz replies, “No, you won’t need one. I’m going to wash your beautiful hair. I love washing hair — it feels so sensuous. And I think you’ll love it too.”

“Ok,” I say. I haven’t had anybody wash my hair for me in ten years. But it does sound nice.

The three of us step into the shower and close the door. Liz pushes me under the water stream and starts massaging my hair. Cassie wraps her hands around my boobs and licks my nipples. It feels fantastic. Liz pours some sweet smelling shampoo into her hand and starts rubbing it into my shoulder length hair. Cassie’s finger slides gently over my clit and between my lips. That feels even more fantastic. As she massages the shampoo into my hair, Liz leans around and starts kissing me. I’m in heaven — the combination of the hair, the kiss, the nipples, and the finger inside me is just unbelievable. My senses are all on fire — my whole body is being caressed — the warm water all over my body, the hands on my scalp, the lips on my lips, the sucking on my nipples, and the finger in my pussy. It’s blissful.

I’m working my way up to an enormous orgasm when they both suddenly stop what they’re doing. I’m so shocked that I almost collapse to the floor. “Oh, please — don’t leave me hanging,” I say.

“But the shampoo’s done,” says Liz with a smile. She’s teasing me.

“What about the conditioner?” I ask hopefully.

“You’ll have to look after that for yourself. I have to do Cassie.” She moves Cassie under the other water stream and starts massaging her hair and applying the shampoo.

“Oh, that’s not fair! I was so close to cumming,” I say. But it’s obvious that they’re not coming back to me for now. They’ve done this very deliberately. Liz has now started washing Cassie’s hair. When it hangs down, it reaches almost to the top of her arse. But now Liz has wound it up into a ball on top of her head and is running the shampoo though it. It’s very erotic watching the fingers gliding through the bright red, silky tresses.

After I calm down a little, I start on Cassie like she did to me. I start by squeezing and licking her little boobs. Then I suck one of her fat nipples into my mouth. I love the feeling of being able to fit the whole boob into my mouth, moving back, and running my lips in a circle up to the nipple. Then I run my tongue in circles around the areola. Cassie lets out a gasp when I slip my finger over her smooth mons and into her pudenda. The tip of my finger penetrates her vagina and the heel of my hand rubs her clit. She’s getting very excited now. Her pussy is very wet — and it’s not from the shower. She’s leaning back onto Liz’s shoulder and gulping for air. She grabs my shoulder and pushes her clitoris onto my hand.

Suddenly, Liz taps me on the shoulder and pushes me away from her. “I’m done with her shampoo,” she says.

I pull my hand and mouth away from Cassie who drops to her knees gasping. “Oh, you bastard,” she fires out. “That’s really mean!”

“You’ll bursa merkez escort get what you want soon,” Liz says teasingly.

I feel a bit sorry for Cassie. She was so close. And I was really enjoying pleasuring her. But I’m sure we’ll get to cum soon. And she did the same thing to me!

Liz says in a little sing-song voice, “Now it’s my turn. I’d like you both to shampoo me, please.”

Cassie pulls herself slowly up from the floor, still muttering obscenities about Liz. Liz moves under the second shower head and lets the water stream down over her. Both Cassie and I get some shampoo and start rubbing it into her hair. The whole shower recess is now filled with steam and the aroma of the shampoo — apple and cinnamon if I’m not mistaken. We both start massaging it into Liz’s scalp.

As I’m massaging, I’m alternately kissing the two of them. And between my kisses, Liz and Cassie are kissing each other. Cassie takes one of my hands and pushes it down to Liz’s groin where I slide it between her lips. I move my mouth down to Liz’s boobs and start licking and sucking each of them in turn. They’re enormous compared to Cassie’s and quite a bit bigger than mine. I can only fit the nipple into my mouth. As I suck it, the nipple extends until it’s a few centimetres in length — I’ve never seen such long ones before. Cassie takes my other hand and pushes it down to Liz’s arse. Then she holds my finger and rubs it around Liz’s anus. Liz jumps when I touch her there. She moves her hips backwards and forwards so she alternately pushing her pussy and her arsehole onto my fingers. As she gets worked up, she’s really pressing hard on my fingers — grinding herself on them as she pants towards orgasm.

Suddenly Cassie steps back and says, “Ok, that’s enough for now. Then she pulls my hands away from Liz.

“You bitch,” is all Liz says.

“Well now you know what it’s like,” Cassie replies. “The quicker we do our conditioner and body wash, the quicker we can all cum.”

All three of us grab the conditioner and frantically do our hair. Then we quickly wash our bodies and rinse off. Liz turns off the water and we all climb out of the shower. There are three soft and fluffy towels waiting for us on the rail. Looking at the towels sitting there, I suddenly realise that this has all been planned in advance.

We each dry ourselves and put on the towelling caps that Liz hands to us for our wet hair.

“We can dry later,” Liz says, “I reckon we’ll have something else to keep us occupied for a while!”

We drop the towels on the bathroom floor. They both take my hands and lead me out into the bedroom. Then they both sit on the end of the bed and lay back. It’s the first chance I’ve had to properly look at them naked. Liz is fairly slim and has reasonably large boobs — probably 36C. She has enormous brown areolae with very prominent nipples. Down below she’s shaved bare and I can see her clit peeking out the top of her lips.

Everything about Cassie is tiny — her hands, her waist, her legs, her boobs. The only big things are her eyes – they look even bigger in proportion to the rest of her. And she’s completely hairless all over her body. There’s no sign of any hairs anywhere except her head. I look at her curiously.

Liz says, “You’ve heard of alopecia — male baldness. Well Cassie has what’s known as alopecia universalis — no hair anywhere on her body. I think it’s incredibly sexyl!”

As I look at her, I realise that she looks a lot like I did about four years ago. My boobs started growing when I was about thirteen. They were small and conical just like Cassie’s. And I didn’t get any real pubic hair until I was nearly fifteen.

I look down at my full bush. “You both have bald pussies,” I say, “I’d like mine like that too. I’ve trimmed it before, and I’ve cleaned up the edges so I can wear a bikini. But I’ve never shaved it.”

“It would be our pleasure to do it for you,” says Liz.

Cassie sits me down on the bed, pushes me back so I’m lying down, and slides my towel under my arse. She goes back into the bathroom and comes out with scissors, a razor, a washcloth, and two bottles. Liz leans over and starts kissing me with her exquisite tongue as she gently rubs my nipples with her thumbs. Cassie sets to work with the scissors and trims away the long bits of hair. Then she gently spreads the hot washcloth over my pubic area. While she’s waiting for the cloth to soften the hairs, she leans over and licks my nipples. It feels beautiful having them both working on me.

After a few minutes Cassie squirts some foam from the first bottle onto her hands and rubs it into my pubes. The foam feels very cold after the washcloth and I feel my nipples tighten.

Both of them kneel on the floor at the foot of the bed on either side of my legs. They take turns gently scraping the razor over my mons and removing the hair. While one is shaving, the other runs her finger around my clitoral area, slowly and sensually.

When they’ve finished the mons, they move down between my legs. Cassie pushes my feet up onto the bed and spreads my legs as far a they can go. Their faces are only a few inches away from my pussy and I can feel their breath on my labia. In my already excited state, this is very titillating. I feel very vulnerable and a bit scared.

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