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You are asleep as she creeps into your room, your dreams filling your head. She stands by your bed, naked, a thin sliver of moonlight creeping in between the curtains to highlight the curves of her body as you sleep on, unaware of her presence. Her lips part and her tongue lightly touches them as she moves towards your bed, her naked feet silent on the carpet.

She slides under the duvet, the movement of the bed rousing you from your deep sleep, but still you resist consciousness. Your dreams become waking dreams as your mind becomes aware of her presence. Her hand slides onto your shoulder as you lie on your side, slowly and gently moving over the curve of your shoulder blade, down your flank to rest fleetingly on your waist, then moving to the small of your back as she pulls herself close in to you.

You come more awake as you feel her light touch, then feel the press of her hot body against yours. You realise that she is naked as you put your hand out and feel her soft skin under your fingers, encountering her naked breast with your first hesitant touch. She shivers at the sensation of you touching her and her hand moves from your back to slide down to your buttock, gently squeezing and pulling herself closer, her legs touching yours, thighs hot against your own naked flesh. She feels you harden at the pressure of her body against yours, the swell of your desire forcing itself between you and being pressed into her hot skin.

Her other hand snakes under your neck, cupping the back of your head and drawing you towards her. Her moist lips part as they touch yours, her tongue flicking out to touch the joining of your lips, brushing against your tongue as you kiss deeply, the kiss becoming more urgent as she infects you with her lust. Your arm, which is under her, curls round to pull her more tightly to you, your hand pressing her shoulder and forcing the kiss to become deeper, her hand pressing against your head merging your lips as your tongues twine round each other, tasting each other, feeling the heat of passion rise.

Your other hand traces down her flank and back up, the arm around her releasing just enough for you to be able to draw your free hand round to the swell of her breast, moving across until your hand covers it, the nipple hardening under the pressure of your skin. Her hand moves from your buttock, slowly rising over the swell of your hip and down into the space between you, the pressure of your bodies lessened by your hand on her breast. Her fingers brush against your hard prick, and she gasps, your kiss broken momentarily, but soon resumed with more urgency.

As you rub the palm of your hand over her hard nipple, her fingers ease between your body and your hardness, pressing it against the hot flesh of her stomach, her body moving against it as she gently rotates her hips. Her fingers ease themselves around the girth of your shaft, her thumb playing over the end, teasing you as her leg slides over yours, pulling your leg in between hers. You can feel the moistness of her as she pushes herself onto your leg and her hand starts to move in rhythm with her hips as she slowly slides her hand up and down the length of your hard prick. You tease her nipple by gently squeezing it, the answering moan of pleasure and slight increase in pressure of her fingers letting you know of her desire.

You break the kiss, your hand on her back moving lower, the one on her breast pushing her gently away, as she arches her back, pressing herself harder against your leg as she does so. You dip your head to her breast, your hand moving aside to let your tongue flick over the hard nipple, moistening it, then rubbing your fingers over it again, the wetness making your fingers slide over and around it. You move your head and take the other hard nipple in your mouth, your tongue flicking over it, your teeth gently scraping against it and making the canlı bahis nipple harder. You feel gooseflesh start under your lips as her desire for you makes her skin prickle, and her breath comes in short pants, her hand moving in time with her breathing as she slides it up and down the length of you.

As you lick and suck at her breasts, your hand moves down, over the taught skin of her stomach, pushing your bodies apart gently. She eases herself away from your leg, opening up a gap between you, but only enough for you to slide your hand between your bodies. Her thumb strays to the tip of your prick again as she pauses in her stroking of it, then as your hand snakes downwards, she brushes the head over the skin of her stomach, letting you feel the softness of her body against the hardness in her hand. You move your hand down over her hip onto her thigh, your little finger tracing the line between her leg and her body as you bring your hand back up. Her legs part more as your hand moves slowly in towards the mound of soft flesh, your fingers brushing over her swollen clit as they pass, eliciting another soft moan of pleasure from her. You notice that she is shaved, no hair to impede the movement of your fingers, or hide any part of her.

Her hand behind your head presses you into her breast as your fingers explore the sweet wetness between her legs, your fingers circling her clit, teasing her, as she teases you with her thumb once more. She then presses against you, making you roll over onto your back as she moves to lean over you, sliding up onto your hand, her swollen clit rubbing against your palm, her hard nipples rubbing against your chest as she leans to kiss you again, her tongue eager for yours.

She slides her hand up and down your hard prick as you kiss, her other hand, freed from behind your neck moving down to stroke your chest and tease your nipples. You feel her wetness increase under your hand as you slide a finger between the folds of skin which feel soft and yielding beneath your probing finger, sliding lower, then teasing her by sliding it around the rim of her wetness. She responds by breaking the kiss and bending her head to your chest, flicking her tongue over your nipples, exciting you more and making you plunge your finger deep within her. Her gasp of pleasure at the feel of you inside her draws an exquisite chill over the nipple in her mouth as the air rushes over it into her and her hand on your prick tightens as she continues to move her hand up and down the length of you.

In a gentle movement, she eases herself off your hand and moves herself lower on your body, trailing kisses over your chest and stomach as she moves lower. She releases your prick and takes your hand in hers, drawing the finger so recently removed from her wetness into her mouth, licking it and savouring the taste of herself mingled with the taste of your body. She moves lower still, relinquishing the hold of your hand and letting your finger slide out from between her lips, her hand moving back to your prick, raising it from where it rested on you and guiding it towards her mouth. Her tongue slides out and licks her lips, capturing the last of her wetness transferred from your finger on it, then she dips her head, transferring the moistness onto the head of your prick with the tip of her tongue.

Gently, she laps at the head of your prick, her hand moving slowly up and down still, then opening her mouth, she takes the whole of the head into it. You feel the hotness of her mouth, the gentle rasp of her tongue on your flesh and the slight touch of her teeth as she gently sucks. Both her hands now work on the shaft and the base of your prick as her mouth works on the head, taking more and more into it as she moves her head in rhythm with her hands. Your hands twine gently in her hair as she sucks you, the movement of her head stirring the hair under your bahis siteleri fingers. You watch her as she sucks you, her expression betraying her pleasure, her eyes closed, savouring the taste of you. She takes more of you into her mouth, her tongue rubbing against your shaft, the head moving over the roof of her mouth, the sensation of hot wetness coupled with the movement of her hands and tongue making you arch your back, your head grinding into your pillows as your eyes close with pleasure.

Gradually, she moves her mouth back up to the tip, her tongue snaking over the head sending delicious waves of pleasure through you, her hands moving up to fill the space left by her mouth, lubricated by her and making them slide over your skin. She releases your hot, hard prick from her mouth, only to replace her tongue with the palm of her hand, stroking it in circles, gently over the whole head as her other hand continues to move up and down. The pleasure increases with this movement and your back arches more, your fingers gripping her hair more tightly and drawing her up to you.

She moves up, guided by your hands until she is over you, one hand remaining on your prick, the other on the bed to steady herself and to leave the gap for her other hand to continue stroking you. You kiss her deeply again, tasting her, your tongues twining once more as your hands untangle themselves from her hair and start exploring her body again. You move a hand to cup her breast as the other moves down her body once more, slowly, teasing her, enjoying the sensation of her skin against your hand as her pleasure makes her stomach flutter against your movement.

Slowly you move your hand down once more to her wetness as she continues to stroke your hardness, her hand brushing against yours as they pass. You tease her clit once more, her kisses becoming urgent again as her lust deepens and you know she wants you in her. You press a finger against the inviting wetness and she presses back, pushing herself onto you, her hips moving in time with her hand. She slides her leg over yours, so that she is half-straddling you, then moves herself over, positioning herself right above you. She breaks the kiss and sits upright, resting on your thighs and pulling your prick upright against her stomach, round your hand. You continue to probe with your finger, feeling her wetness increase as you play with her, teasing her clit with your thumb. She leans back, and you can see in the faint light, the outline of her as she moves so she has both hands on your prick and moves your hand aside to rub her clit against your hardness.

As she rubs against you, you can feel her hot wetness against you, and you move your hands to cup both of her breasts, teasing her nipples between finger and thumb. She moves herself along the length of your shaft, and you can feel her skin parting over your girth. She kneels up and moves the head of your prick to rub it against her clit, the sensation of the small, hot nub of flesh against the hardness of your prick making you both moan softly, both wanting and desiring the same thing.

She slides your prick further back, moving it away from her clit, enveloping the head in the soft folds of skin, the wetness of her making you glide towards where you want so much to bury yourself. She guides you there with her hand, the other moving to your chest and your nipple, teasing as you are doing to her. As she guides you and positions the head of your prick on the rim of her wet hole she moves her hand to your other nipple, teasing it and you by your closeness to being inside her.

She lowers herself slowly, enveloping your prick in warm, wet folds of skin, a moan escaping her as your full length goes deep inside her. With your full length in, she bends to kiss you, your hands still on her breasts, hers still on your chest, your tongues entwining once more. She starts bahis şirketleri to move, slowly easing herself up your length, never breaking the kiss, then lowering herself gently once more, her muscles gripping you tightly. Her movements slowly become faster as she becomes wetter, your hips moving in time with hers to push your length into her, one hand straying from her breast and moving down to her hip, feeling her skin, slick from desire slide under your fingers.

She breaks the kiss once more, sitting upright again, her hands resting on your stomach, your other hand moving to her other hip, pulling her onto you with each stroke. You can feel her muscles becoming tighter around you, gripping your prick and pulling on it as she rides up and down on you, her breasts moving as she does, the slight lightness from outside outlining her form and showing you her as she arches her back in pleasure, her hands moving to your thighs, thumbs gripping your legs as she moves. You know that she is close to orgasm, and you move one hand round to stroke her exposed clit with your thumb.

As she orgasms, you feel her tighten around your prick, then feel the muscles as they spasm around you, her gasp of pure pleasure sounding loud in the darkened room as she continues to slide up and down you. As her orgasm subsides she leans over you, hands on your chest once more and kisses you deeply, the sweetness of her orgasm conveyed to you on her tongue. You wrap your arms around her as she rocks her hips against you, the gentle movement after her orgasm soft against you, your prick rubbing deep inside her, the heat of her passion arousing you more.

You press her leg down straight beside yours with your hand, staying inside her as she continues to move her hips, and you roll over with her, till you are over her, lying on top, inside and with her legs wrapped round yours. You slide yourself almost all the way out, savouring the feeling as you slide effortlessly back inside her again, her hips pushing against yours a sign that she wants you deep inside her. You kiss again as you start to move more rhythmically against her, pushing yourself into her as she pushes against you, drawing yourself out as she relaxes back. One hand strays to her breast again as you kiss and move within her and her hands go round you, pressing you in as you move to press your bodies together, then relaxing as you draw out again. Her hands move down till they are on your hips, moving with you, pulling you in, showing that she wants you.

Her muscles tighten around you once more as you move your hand from her breast and push yourself up. She wraps her legs around your waist, making you plunge deeper than you thought possible into her. Muscles grip you once more, and you feel the movement of yourself inside her more. You can feel yourself wanting to orgasm, but not quite yet. Your movement becomes more urgent, her breathing becoming faster and shallower as you sense that she is approaching another orgasm. Her legs wrapped round you tighten as you feel her about to come, and you know that you will come at the same time. She can feel you about to come as your prick becomes more swollen, larger and reaches further into her and it pushes her over the edge into another orgasm just as with one last thrust deep inside her, your explosive orgasm rips through you, sending waves of pleasure through every fibre of your body, your ecstasy heightened by knowing that you came together, her orgasm mingling with yours, your ejaculation mingling with her increased wetness into one glorious release of pleasure.

As you relax, you stay inside her, lowering yourself gently onto her, her hands wrapping about you, turning her head to kiss you deeply, a satisfied kiss you both share, as you have shared your pleasure. You roll over together, staying inside her still, her leg over your hip, your arms wrapped around each other, two bodies twined together as one, and as you drift back to sleep with her in your arms slowly sinking into sleep herself, you stroke her soft skin, slicked with the heat of your passion and know you will want more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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