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Sleeping Beauty’s Afternoon Ch. 1

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I am not entirely clear regarding all the details but I think a can recreate what happened last weekend, which was a rare illicit escape for both of us, away from our boring mates and demanding jobs. I remember you were out all morning splitting logs for the fire. I was exhausted from the night before.

You enter the cabin to find me on the couch. I am on my side, breathing deeply, head down to my knees. My blouse has come unbuttoned and my breasts are heaved up almost pouring out of my tight white bra and nipples peering over the cups’ edge.

You also spy the crotch of my panties showing under my short skirt. The panties appear to be sheer satin so you come closer to sneak a better look. You get on your knees and gently push my skirt out of your way.

The site of my pussy crack showing through the sheer fabric of my panties instantly makes you hard. My crotch becomes more exposed as my legs rub together– I must be having a hot dream. Your nose senses a whiff of that hot sweet steam coming off my pussy.

In response, you take your cock out and begin a slow jack-off. “Wake up, Wake up,” you whisper in an urgent, passionate voice.

I am in a dead sleep and do not respond. You move up and slowly push my bra cups down, freeing my round white breasts. You watch them rise and fall with my deep breathing. The site of womanly breasts with girlish virgin pink nipples makes you salivate. You have to pump your rod a few times.

Then, you find you can’t control your hands which reach across and grab both breasts–thumbs over the nipples. You gently push them together while thumbing the nipples. My nipples respond by becoming hard marbles under your thumbs but I continue to sleep. You are curious because normally I’d be awake and reaching for your cock greedily by now.

You look over to the coffee table and see a bottle of pills there. You pick them up and read the label, “Sleeping pills. Take as needed for short-term pendik escort insomnia.”

Honor tells you to go read a book. However, your horniness is affecting your judgement and you look down to see your boner is still there and getting painful. You decide you can settle for self-manipulation but the more you stroke your dick the more devilish you feel.

You feel your cock deserves something, it needs to fuck! Thus, you move up to my face and begin to rub the cock’s fist against my soft pink lips. You take your index finger and easily pull my jaw down as you whisper, “Open wide!”

You pop your salami into my mouth and my mouth closes gently around it. Awwwww, you think, finally some wet warmness. Before you know it, you are leaning into it… pushing your cock between my teeth and over my tongue. You move your hips back and forth, slowly fucking my face. As one hand holds my head in place for your cock, the other roams down to my exposed breasts and takes turns playing with each nipple, squeezing them into firm points.

My sudden yawn interrupts your copulation. You pause and decide my slack mouth feels good but not good enough without that vacuum action you prefer. And, you feel a little guilty. Therefore, you decide to withdraw and settle for jacking yourself off.

You sit on the end of the couch, near my rear away from my hot mouth and begin fondling the balls while you stroke the rod in earnest.

You take a quick break as you lift my skirt even higher–over my hips–fully exposing my round rear and giving you a closer view of my crotch. Your hands massage my butt cheeks, gently and then vigorously, hoping that you can awaken me. You even slap my ass a few times, leaving red hand prints. This doesn’t wake me at all but it definitely makes you feel hornier!

You look down and see that your cock is almost purple red and its fat dick head is shiny with drops of pre-cum. “Honey,” you beg, maltepe escort “please wake up, so I can make love to you!”

I clear my throat in my sleep but still do not wake. You decide you will wake me in a special way and begin to rub the see-through crotch of my panties with your hand. You rub harder and harder,desperate for some consent. Much to your surprise, you feel more heat against your hand and a wet spot developing there.

You whine, “You horny slut, you want it even while you sleep!” But, I only mutter to myself; eyes tightly shut.

Unlike your brain, your cock doesn’t understand the impropriety of the situation. It is swollen, high and hard. An animal instinct enters your spirit and you feel your muscles tense in anticipation. Your face is flush and feverish.

Your selfish moose cock needs relief more than anything you’ve ever felt. It is controlling your actions. Before you know it, you are rolling me onto my stomach, sliding my lower half off the couch, positioning me on my knees. This moves the skirt up and over my head–all that you see is a lovely ass in panties in front of you.

You push my knees apart and closer to the sofa, lifting and exposing my wet bush. With one movement, you roughly push the panties away and plunge two fingers into my lush, open cunt. Ahhhh, you think, definitely tighter than your pretty mouth.

You feel shame but you also feel wild lust as you begin to rub your dickhead around my wet slash, making sure to bump against my clit. Soon you are driving that cock of yours deep into my sleeping tunnel.

My cunt is making sucking noises as you plunge in and out. You selfishly fuck me harder, ramming your staff up to its hilt, balls slapping against my bush. “Oooo, Aaaaah, Eeeee,” you repeatedly roar, your head thrown back in pleasure.

You want more leverage so you lean forward, reach under me and grab my tits by the nipples. Your hips rapidly kartal escort do their machine gun dance and my body jerks in time, head hitting the sofa cushions. Still I do not wake!

This is the best fuck you’ve ever had, you think, as your eyes roll back in your head from pleasure. Surprisingly, you hear some noises from under the fabric of my skirt. You pull it away and see that my eyes are still closed but I am rapidly breathing, actually panting like a bitch in heat. You laugh to yourself, “Yeah, sleeping beauty is dreaming about my cock.”

You take my panting as if I were saying, “Yes, yes” and decide to give it to me good. With each drive you pull your cock completely out of my cunt, oozing pre-cum and strings of puisy juice, and then slam it in deep, rubbing my G-spot hard, and banging my cervix.

Your hot lightning jism begins to blow deep inside my hot pussy box over and over again. You are moaning, “Oooo, Aaaaah, Eeeee” so loud the walls shake. Suddenly, loud passionate groans escape my sleeping lips. You feel my clit throbbing against the underside of your cock and cunt spasms gripping the whole cock. The spasms are so tight your cock is held deep inside me, as your mean slit continues to spray chunky semen.

“You sleeping whore won’t let my cock free!” you laugh. Your hands push off from my ass cheeks, helping you withdraw your still hard cock… the tight squeezing is almost unbearable.

As you pull away from my wet cunt, your orgasm continues and your cock slit pumps out another load of white cum, splashing my crack and ass cheeks.

You look down and see my cunt lips opening and closing, having a multiple orgasm I’ll never remember. You grab my swollen clit and harshly roll it between your fingers making my body shudder and my hips fly up and down involuntarily.

“That’s my sleeping beauty…. cum for me hard!”

You doze off for a short nap, leaving me bent over in complete disarray. You wake and use my still unconscious body for a quick screw.

Then, you put me back into the position you found me, using a wet washcloth to remove as much cum as you can from my pussy, and straighten out my clothes.

To Be Continued…

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