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The party sounded like it was in full swing by the time I got there. I was late because I had to stay at the theatre and make sure everything was shut off and the place was locked up. Being stage manager in a community theatre could be a pain in the ass, but there were upsides, as well. I remember one show I worked on. Towards the end of the show, the girls in the chorus had to change from workout clothes to evening dresses during a quick scene change. Basically, they ran offstage to the wings, stripped out of everything except panties, and jumped into the dresses I had laid out for them. As needed, I would help them with the change, which meant that I would unbutton/unzip shirts or pants, help pull off tight shirts or pants, and unhook bras. I would then help them into their dresses, zip them up, make sure everything was straight, and move them toward the stage again. Did I mention that these were high school aged dancers, with high school dancer boobs? Evening dresses. Boobs. Many, many boobs. 15 shows, plus dress rehearsals. That’s a lot of high school tit-flesh, and I appreciated every second of it.

When the costumer asked me if I had time to help out with this particular change, I checked my cue book and determined I had enough time between calling the cues and making sure the set change happened correctly. Besides, I trusted my deck manager to handle the scene change, and I would only be a few feet away from my desk. I told her yes, and she smiled and gave me her only warning. “You know, of course, that most of these girls are doing their first show, and most of them are going to be underage. So you can look, but DON’T touch!” Hell, I knew that much already, so I just looked. I looked a lot, but I never touched. Well, not so that they complained about it. Let’s just say that I became an expert on the inadvertent fondle during that show.

I had gotten into theatre by accident. When I was in high school, there was girl I had a crush on. She talked me into auditioning for the school’s production of “Our Town.” (God, what a piece of shit! Why they let high schools torture kids with that dreck is beyond me!) Anyway, I got a small part, which was both forgettable and quickly forgotten. The director suggested, very gently, that perhaps my talents were better utilized backstage rather than on stage, and from that show on, I was a techie.

This summer, I had agreed to work at a theatre in a small resort town for a summer stock rep company. We had were doing three shows in rotation, so we kept busy keeping the shows ready to go, making sure the actors hadn’t forgotten their lines or staging, and that the props and sets were in good shape. The theatre company had some housing for us in old summer camp cabins, which were rustic but comfortable enough.

Tonight, though, was special. One of the year-round residents of the resort had taken a shine to the cast this year and had allowed us to use her house for cast parties. Most parties were at the camp where we lived, or at one of the bars or restaurants in town, but we really weren’t able to unwind there. This place promised to be different. It was in a secluded area away from the town, in the middle of a 50 acre wooded lot. The house itself was a magnificent log home with a pool and hottub on a deck overlooking the woods and small lake. The area was secluded, secure, and very private, so we didn’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors.

As I found a parking space by the front door to the house, I could hear music from the deck and hear people laughing, singing, and generally having a good time. I know it was going to be a good party when I saw discarded clothes hanging on the bushes next to the front door. It appeared to be mostly men’s shirts, but here and there I saw some blouses and at least one bra.

The kitchen was toward the back of the house and opened onto the deck. I stopped at the counter and fixed a plate from the buffet that was laid out, grabbed a beer from the cooler and headed out to the deck and the party. The deck was large, stretching out behind the house and descending in broad shelves to the pool apron and nearby hot tub. The stereo was set up near the house, and people standing around in small clumps, talking and nibbling on the food. No one was in the pool yet, but I was sure that was going to happen soon enough.

The crowd was lively, but not terribly large. The shows the company were doing had a lot of female cast members and only a few male roles, so most of the people at the party were females. The remainder were the technical staff. Most of them were locals and would soon head home to their families. There were only a couple of guys on the tech staff from out of town, so we tended to stick together. Scott, the light and sound board operator, was from a small college in the midwest and was doing his first summer stock show. Eric was spotlight operator and was a high school teacher from the east coast, taking his summer vacation to do some theatre pendik escort work. As stage manager, I was nominally their boss, but each of them was talented and dependable and worked well with minimal supervision.

I headed toward Scott to see how he liked the party and noticed several of the party guests had already began to discard clothing. I saw Sarah was the one who had left her blouse by the front door and was chatting easily with Jessica who had obviously left her bra there also. Bruce, Nathan and Billy had left their shirts in the bushes as well, and were talking with Sarah and Jessica. I paused a moment to admire the girls as they were backlit by the soft pool light. Sarah was tall and athletic, with honey blond hair framing a open face with a pert nose and blue eyes. Her athletic build displayed smallish but proud breasts, accented and nicely displayed by her sports bra. Jessica was shorter with dark hair and exotic emerald eyes. She was also more voluptuous, her large breasts and dark, prominent nipples easily discernible through the sheer material of her blouse. Both girls were wearing tight yoga pants, and both had the really incredible asses of dancers who kept in shape.

Of course, all of this beauty was lost on Bruce, Billy and Nathan, who were not terribly interested in girls, except to trade fashion and grooming tips. If you’ve been around theatre for more than about 15 minutes, you quickly discover that large percentage of the guys involved in theatre were gay. It was simply a fact of life in the theatre community, and nobody gave it much thought. I remember a conversation I had with my uncle while I was in high school. I was a sophomore and was working on my first show as a techie. He told, “Theatre is a great hobby, even if you don’t pursue professionally. It gives you a lot of self-confidence, and you get to meet a lot of people you probably wouldn’t usually meet. And, if you’re a straight guy, it’s a frigging smorgasbord!” I tucked that little nugget of information away, and time and again reflected on how true it was. I had mentioned that to Scott one day over beers after a rehearsal. He went to an all-male college, so did not have a lot of first-hand experience in that department. This was his first experience theatre in a co-ed environment and was eager to find out what it was like.

I looked around at the rest of the crowd. Tamara was over by the stereo, her dark brown skin set off nicely by the yellow blouse and red shorts she wore. Krista was nearby, swaying to the R&B music coming from the speakers. Tamara was a larger girl, with full, swaying breasts and a plump and well-muscled ass. Krista was of average build with a ready smile and a quick wit, an affectionate girl quick with a hug or a peck on the cheek. Carly was a knockout – a statuesque red-head with long legs, large up-turned tits and brushing of freckles across her shoulders. Brienne was of asian heritage, with dark hair, a round face, slim hips and boyish breasts. All of them, as well as Sarah and Jessica, were accomplished actresses, used to the lifestyle that went along with a life in the theatre – late nights, self-confidence and a certain lack of body modesty.

Tamara looked thirsty, so I grabbed some extra beers and headed over to where she was dancing with Krista. They both accepted the drinks gratefully, and I started dancing with them – poorly, I must admit, but they didn’t seem to mind. After a couple songs, Krista excused herself to visit the restroom, leaving Tamara with me at the stereo. Tamara continued to dance, and as the next song came on, she turned her back to me, moved up against me, and began to grind her generous ass against my groin. I immediately began to stiffen, and moved my hips in rhythm with hers. I put my hands on her waist to keep us close, and leaned against her back so I could nuzzle her neck. She moved her head to the side and swept her hair to one side in order to give me better access, which I capitalized on by nibbling her neck and earlobe. She sighed and moaned, continuing to grind against my stiffening dick.

We continued in this manner for a minute or so when she reached down, took my hands in hers, and brought them up and placed them on her tits. My dick instantly sprang to full erection as I caressed her breasts and felt the hard nipples under my hands. I said, “Want to find someplace a little more private?”

She turned to me, kissed me hard, and said, “God, yes” in a breathy moan. I looked around and then led her off the deck and into the relative darkness of the surrounding trees, grabbing a towel from a nearby chair. Just inside the treeline was a manicured lawn surrounding a birdbath. I led her there, spread the towel on the grass, and took her in my arms. She turned her face up to mine and we kissed, our hands roaming each other’s back while our tongues met and danced together. We sank down to the ground, never breaking our embrace, until we were lying full-length on the towel. maltepe escort I moved my free hand from her back, over her ass, then up to her tits. She pressed against me and responded eagerly to my stroking.

As our kiss continued, I shifted my hand to the hem of her top and slipped it under the fabric, moving it slowly up her side to the cups of her bra. I ran my hands over the soft cotton of her bra, feeling her respond to my touch with quickened breathing and quivering muscles. I began to raise the shirt off her body when she suddenly sat up, whipped the shirt off over her head and unhooked her bra, slipping it off her arms and tossing it aside.

For a moment, I just stared, taking in the vision of her massive tits heaving in front of me. I reached for them and took them in hands, gently squeezing and rubbing the delicious flesh. I bent my head and captured one of the nipples in my mouth, alternating between sucking on the erect flesh and nibbling gently on the thumb-sized nubbin.

She moaned again, laying back on the towel, and using her hands to guide my head back to her breasts. I continued to lavish attention to her boobs, alternating between the two, using my hands to bring first one, then the other to my mouth. Tamara was moaning almost continuously now, trying to rub her crotch against my leg while her hands worked to pull my shirt off over my head. I took break from my ministrations to her fabulous chest while she stripped my shirt off and added it to the pile of clothes. I bent back to my work, kissing her on the mouth and nibbling on her lips before nipping my way down her throat and chest until I reached her tits. I sucked both nipples again, then continued my way down her stomach, kissing and biting gently as I went. I reached the waistband of her shorts, and passed over her groin, moving her to legs and continuing to kiss my way down each leg to her toes, then back up.

While I was attending to her legs, she had reached up into the leg of my shorts and worked her hand into my underwear, running her nails over the flesh of my ass. I took this as an indication that I could go on, and worked my way back to her crotch, this time working my way inward to her thighs. I reached down and moved the crotch of her shorts aside so that I could lick her panty-covered pussy. As I did, she shifted her hand around to grab my dick and began to stroke it with a strong, sure grip.

After a few moments of mutual pleasure, I moved so that I could rest between her legs. She moaned in disappointment when I stopped licking her, but I soon silenced her when I hooked my fingers into the waistbands of her shorts and panties. I paused for a moment to look up to her face, asking the silent questions. She smiled and lifted her butt off the towel so I could slide the clothes off her ass and down her legs. They soon joined the pile of discarded clothes, and I paused to examine what I had discovered.

The light was dim, filtering through the surrounding trees, and cast a dappled shadow across her luscious body. The hair on her mound was trimmed but not shaved, curing tightly against her dark flesh. I bent my face to her, and she arched her hips up to meet me. I breathed deeply, savoring her scent before I dipped my tongue into the inviting slit before me. I began to lick slowly, circling around her sex, moving my tongue through her pubic hair and along her thighs, over her lips, and back along the other thigh. She began to tell me to lick her, to put my tongue in her, to kiss her down there. I kept teasing her until she grabbed my head and tried to pull me where she wanted to me go. At that, I speared my tongue into her wetness, tasting the dripping excitement there, and then moved by tongue up until I brushed it over to clit. I settled in there, working her clit over with my tongue, drawing moans, gasps, and exclamations from her.

She began to buck her hips up toward me, urging me on. I alternated between licking her slit and gathering her moisture on my tongue and working over her clit. She got louder, almost chanting her desire for me to make her come. As I continued to drive her toward her orgasm, I thought I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. When I looked, I didn’t see anything there, so I chalked it up to an errant breeze stirring the trees. Meanwhile, Tamara was getting closer, now saying, “Oh God, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna….” Just then, she tensed up, clamping her legs around my head and whimpering loudly before relaxing and dropping her legs back to the ground.

As she recovered from her orgasmic high, she opened her eyes and smiled at me, motioning me to move up along side of her. As I did, she brought her head up to kiss me, softly and deeply, her arms holding me tightly to her. I returned her kiss, stroking her gently as her breathing slowed to a more normal rate. She finally broke the kiss and looked at me with a slightly troubled expression.

“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” I kartal escort asked, with a bit of concern that I might have bitten something sensitive.

“No. God, no. That was incredible. I haven’t cum like that for a while. You hit all the right spots. No, you did just fine. I just hope no one heard me.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that. If anything, you might get a request to moan in a different key, but I don’t think anyone’s going to be offended.”

She giggled in response, then turned serious again. “Well, … there’s something else.” Tamara hesitated, then went on. “I haven’t had the chance to renew my birth-control prescription yet, so I can’t let you make love to me or cum inside me, even though I really, REALLY want you to. Please don’t think I’m a tease. There are a couple other things we can do instead, but I wanted to be upfront with you.”

Well, what do you say to that, when you’ve got a raging hard-on and a naked girl in front of you? I smiled back at her and said, “I really want to make love to you, but I understand your concern. We can do whatever you feel comfortable doing, and I’ll be OK with that.”

“I hoped you’d say something like that. Let me show you what I have in mind.” With that, she reached down and grabbed my cock, stroking it firmly from root to tip and back again. She then shimmied down to where she could take me in her mouth. She started by licking the head around and then tonguing the tip, collecting the pre-cum that had collected there. I laid back, and she moved between my legs, continuing to minister to my cock as I growled in pleasure.

After spending a few minutes giving my dick a good going-over, she moved up toward me, capturing my dick between her tits. Holding her boobs around my cock with her hands, she began to rock back and forth, my dick sliding between her tits with each motion. As the head popped out the top of her cleavage, she would bend her neck and capture the head in her mouth before letting it slip out and slide back down the slippery channel between her boobs.

She kept this up, varying the speed of the motion and the intensity of her sucking until I was right at the edge. “I’m really close, Tam. I’m gonna cum soon,” I moaned.

“Do it, baby. Cum on my tits. Let it go on my boobs.” My orgasm rushed through me, pulsing through my chest and erupting out my cock. I came in spurts, each blast painting the top of her fleshy tits with a coating of white liquid. When the geyser subsided, she bent and kissed my cock again and licked some of the semen from her tits. Suddenly, she stopped, looking to my left into the trees surrounding us. I followed her gaze and saw Krista standing there, one hand on her tit, squeezing the small nipple, and the other in the front of her shorts, obviously stroking her pussy.

She started when she noticed we saw her and began to move away. “Wait,” Tamara said. “Don’t go. Come join us. Come on, come over here.” She patted the ground next to her, encouraging Krista to move forward.

Krista moved tentatively, slipping her hand from her shorts and letting her blouse fall back over her exposed breast. She walked forward, looking sheepish. “I’m sorry I watched. I saw you leave the deck and thought I would see where you went. I heard what you were doing, so I thought I would stay back and just watch. You guys looked really hot together. I especially liked watching you cum on Tam’s chest, Vinny.” By that time, she was kneeling next to us, her eyes fixed on Tam’s boobs as they moved with her breathing, the cum still pooling on them.

Tam said she didn’t mind if Krista was watching us, and I echoed her comments. I thought Krista was kind of hot, even if she was physically the polar opposite of Tamara. Tam caught the intensity of Krista’s gaze and lifted her finger to her tit and scooped up a drop of the fluid. She reached her hand toward Krista, and Krista leaned forward, almost eager to taste it. She captured Tamara’s finger in her mouth, sucking the cum off of it with obvious delight. Krista said, “I’ve always liked the taste of cum, but most guys don’t seem to want to spend time with me.”

Tamara, sensing Krista’s awkwardness, said, “I happen to think you look great, and I can tell by Vin’s dick that he thinks so, too.” With that, she let her tits separate to show my slowly stiffening dick. Tam went on, “It looks like he might have something left for you, but it may take a while.” With a theatrical sigh, she then said, “And here I’ve got all the cum on my tits, and I don’t know what to do about it.” As she said it, she stared fixedly at Krista, holding her boobs in her hands and offering them toward Krista.

“Are you sure?”

Tam didn’t reply, but leaned forward, bringing her tits closer to Krista. Krista breathed deeply, then leaned toward Tam, reaching out her tongue to gather some more of the cum off of Tamara’s chest. The more she tasted, the more intense her efforts became, so that after a few minutes, she had taken Tam’s tits in her small hands and was licking every square inch of tit-flesh to ensure she didn’t miss any. I had a ringside seat to all of this and watched the erotic scene as it unfolded. With each lick and moan, I grew more erect and less sated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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