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I had finally moved into my new apartment, almost everything had been unpacked and put away in the little three bedroom I found. It was almost Christmas and I had been putting up my Christmas tree when you called to say you were coming to get me and we were going out to celebrate. The kids were with their grandparents for the weekend, so this was going to be perfect. I pulled the blinds open and saw that it had just started to snow. I warned you to be careful because it looked like it was sticking. After I hung up the phone I decided to hit the shower.

The water was on the border of comfortably warm and hot. It felt good on a cooler day like today. I used the new shower gel I picked up at Bath and Body, it was a warm vanilla with a hint of sandalwood. I lathered up every inch of skin paying especially close attention to the parts of my body I knew would get special attention. I washed my hair and as I let the conditioner set, I grabbed my razor off the shelf. Under the hot water of the shower I carefully glided the razor across my skin, making sure my legs were silky smooth. By the time I was done shaving and had rinsed the conditioner from my hair, the steam in the bathroom had built up so much it was almost difficult to see the door. I wrapped my body in one of the soft white Egyptian cotton towels I bought. I then used the body lotion that matched my new shower gel rubbing it into my skin. I felt great despite all the hard work I had done to get the apartment set up. I was so relaxed and ready for a great night.

In the bedroom I found my dark plum velour track suit, it felt great against my skin and it made the grey in my eyes stand out. I pulled on a pair of grey silk panties and the matching silk cami I had got at Victoria’s Secret. I zipped up the hoodie. I dried my hair quickly so it was just barely damp and pulled it back into a ponytail. I walked out into the living güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri room and took another peek out the window and saw how much the snow was starting to accumulate. I glanced at the clock and figured if you didn’t have to stop on the way in, you should be here in just a few minutes. I sat down on the couch and pulled a pair of sneakers on. I wanted to be ready to go when you got here; we could hit someplace quick for dinner and get back before the roads got bad. I sat on the couch, turned on the TV and anxiously awaited. I really must have relaxed a bit too much; I didn’t even hear you come in.

I awoke to the feeling of your cold lips and warm breath kissing my neck gently. It shot a bolt of energy through my body. It felt great. Your skin was ice cold. I looked at the clock and it had been almost an hour since the last time I looked at it.

“What happened?” I whispered into your ear as I kissed your neck and nibbled on your ear lobe.

“I had a tire blow and the roads are really starting to get bad. I may have to wait out the storm with you,” you grinned from ear to ear as you told me that.

“You’re so cold. We need to get you warmed up; of all nights to have a blow out.” I reached over and before your fingers warmed, you slid two of them inside me. The shock of the fullness and the icy cold sent me into an orgasm instantly. I cried out and you wrapped your left arm around me holding me tight to you as my body shook with tremors of pleasure.

After my pulse returned to its normal level and I felt some strength return to my body we went into the bedroom. You pulled back the oversized down comforter, I lit the candles on the nightstand next to the bed and turned on the CD player. You sat on the edge of the bed as I stood next to you. You undid the drawstring on my pants and let them fall to the floor in a heap at my feet. I started güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri unbuttoning your shirt. I felt your hands slide across my skin around to my ass and you slowly slid my panties off. I was so excited and wanted you so badly. You slid your finger across my clit and into my pussy. My body tensed up and I moaned. You stood up and I switched places with you. As you stood in front of me I unbuckled your belt I could see you were as excited as I was. Your dick was so hard it pressed against your jeans wanting out. I undid the button of your jeans and slowly worked them and your boxers down, carefully working them around your fully hardened dick. Once I worked your pants free of your legs I ran my hands up the front of your thighs with the tips of my thumb nails gently grazing your inner thighs.

I slide my hands around to the back of your thighs and pull you closer to my mouth. I start circling just the tip of your cock with the tip of my tongue. Your hands clasp onto my shoulders and you shutter with pleasure. The feel of your reaction to my touch excited me even more. I wrapped my moist wet lips around your cock and started sliding back & forth. You move your hands from my shoulders to the sides of my head I feel you tangle your fingers in my hair. My mouth glides in a steady motion, occasionally I press my tongue against the bottom of your shaft firmly. I can taste the little bit of cum that has leaked out.

After bringing you to the brink of an orgasm, I laid back across the bed and you moved to position yourself above me. The skin on skin contact is causing my heart to beat faster, I am sweating all over. You start kissing my lips then move down my neck. With the tip of your tongue, you trace along my skin from the base of my neck to my right nipple, flicking it playfully before taking it in. I am hungry to feel your cock sliding güvenilir bahis şirketleri in and out of me. You slide your tongue across my skin to the other nipple and trace the edges teasingly before taking it in. Then you finally slide your cock into me. I feel like I am going to turn to jelly, my whole body is washed over with pleasure. I start kissing and nibbling on your neck and work my way up to your earlobe. I whispered in your ear, “you feel so great tonight. I wanted you so bad.”

It almost seemed like I super charged you when I whispered in your ear. “Vous vous sentez si bien. Je le veux plus dur.” I had never whispered in French in your ear, you were absolutely stunned and excited. You begged me to tell you what I had said. “I told you, you feel so great, that I want it harder.”

You just laughed and pulled back for a moment. “Roll over.”

I knew I was going to get what I wanted. As I rolled over onto my stomach, you lifted my ass in the air by my hips and worked your knee between my legs pushing them apart further but very gently. I felt your hands grip my hips firmly and you pulled me back into you. I felt you cock slide across my soaking wet, hot pussy and across my clit. When the two contacted it sent a jolt of electric through my body. After a few times doing this I finally felt you push into me and you slid hard and slow at first. I could feel your balls hit against me and they were wet with my excitement.

Using my own juices you started circling my ass with a wet finger. My body began to tremble with pleasure and anticipation of what was to come. You started fucking me harder and faster and as you pushed deep into me my body tensed up, I was going to orgasm and it was going to be hard. Just as the first wave of pleasure hit you slipped your finger into my ass and I yelped out in pleasure. You kept pounding into me as hard as you could and finally you were overwhelmed with pleasure as you came too. We both were exhausted and covered in sweat. We both collapsed in the bed, neither of us complaining about the huge wet spot in the center of the sheets. I reached over and set my alarm to go off in a couple of hours and we both feel asleep snuggled into each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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