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Soaked Gal

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Emo Creampie

My woman friend loves to give blowjobs. She really is good at what she does. For some reason, she loves to feel me loose control and shoot all the cum I can in her mouth. Holding me in her lips, she usually likes squeezing my balls as I shoot. Most times she swallows. But lately, after I cum in her mouth, she lets it drool out over her chin and on her breasts. She then rubs it all over her skin.

Lately, she’s been pleasing me in semi-public areas. We live in a fairly populated area, so when it gets dark outside, she pulls me off to the side, around a corner, and while opening her top, proceeds to give me one of her great blowjobs.

She always wears a bra when we’re out and now when we’re in a semi public area, she blows me until I cum in her mouth, then, lets the drool ooze out on her chest and inside her bra. After standing up and fixing her top, she tells me she can feel my cum soaking her tits and because of this, is now going to be turned on the rest of the evening.

This gave me an idea. If she gets off by just having my cum on her breasts running down into her bra, I wonder how turned on she would be with lots of men cumming in her mouth and letting her drool their goo also on her breasts and running down into her bra.

That Saturday night, she asked me what I wanted to do. I suggested we visit the adult store and take a look at what they had. She then suggested that we buy some more lube but other than that, she was willing to just visit there.

We had never been to the adult store before, so this was going to be a surprise for her. We stopped into our local bar and as I ordered a beer, I ordered her two doubles of her favorite drink. She looked at me funny as if I knew, but she didn’t know, what I had planned. I did and she didn’t, but she just smiled and downed her two doubles before I got my one beer down. Alcohol always did make her kind of frisky.

The parking lot to the adult store was almost filled with cars and I knew that most of the people inside were guys.

We made our way in and started looking around. I moved to the counter and paid for the lube and a twelve pack of rubbers. She started looking around with all the men in the room watching everything she did. With her short skirt, high heels and white blouse hanging down, some of the men started to move in closer.

Grinning to myself, I stood there in the book section watching her as she started to flirt with the other men without saying a word. She smiled back to me as if to ask me to just let her play these guys along. I smiled back to her as if to say go ahead.

Slowly, she moved from section to section in the room, looking and smiling and doing her seductive teasing. A few of the guys moved in closer and actually touched her as they passed her by. After a while, she moved in next to me and started to touch her hip to mine.

We’ve done this before at bars. We would go in one at a time and she would make her way over to me at the bar. Acting like we just met, we would flirt, touch, kiss, feel each other up and make our way home for canlı bahis some great sex.

So now she is standing next to me, touching my hip with hers and looking at the magazine I’m holding. It’s a woman giving blowjobs to strangers. About four other guys now move in to where we’re standing. So I ask her if she has ever visited the video arcades in the back. She said no, so I asked her if she would join me. The other guys seemed to drop their mouths as she said yes! I took her hand and led the way.

I didn’t know if this place had glory holes or not but when we got inside the hallway, I noticed some signs on some of the doors that said “Glory hole” on them.

For a Saturday night at about eight thirty, there were quite a few men moving around us. My woman pulled me close and asked me why we haven’t come here before? I tell her we should have, but we’ll make up for it now.

I noticed a door close to the end of the room that said “Glory hole” on it that was empty due to the green light being on above the door. If it were being used, the red light would have been on. I also notice a green light above either side of the room we were going into telling me that they too had a glory hole in them.

Walking in and locking the door, the only light on was coming from the large television screen giving us instructions on adding money and choosing the movie we wanted to see. My woman whispers to me that the room is about the size of her closet and there is only one chair here for both of us. I just smile at her and fished out a twenty-dollar bill from my pocket and fed it to the machine.

The screen came alive with a woman on her knees giving a blowjob to three guys in front of her. My woman told me that she’s probably going to get all their cum. I told her to sit down on the chair, open up her blouse, and watch. When she did that I pulled out my cock and placed it to her lips. Sucking me in, she started to moan while watching the screen.

I don’t think she even noticed the glory holes, but I did. Looking down to both of them, I notice eyes watching us from the other side of the holes while she sucked on me. I smiled at both of the men as they smiled back to me. I asked my woman to stand up, strip down to her shoes and bra and let me sit down.

She agreed to this as I opened my pants and took a seat. Knowing that she’s going to get some cum on her tits and inside her bra, she just smiled, knelt down and started to blow me.

With her eyes closed, I looked over to each glory hole and saw each guy watching her suck my pole. Smiling again at them, I nodded in approval. They then stood up, dropped their pants and stuck their cocks thru the holes.

Both dicks were huge and were just begging to be blown. The holes were about five inches round, enough for a cock and a pair of balls to fit through. I knew this would surprise her.

“Honey, open your eyes and look at the wall on each side of me.”

This stopped her blowjob as she looked at each cock, then at me.

“Oh my god, oh my god… are those for me?”

I bahis siteleri told her I knew how much she wanted her boobs covered in cum, soaking her tits inside her bra, so now she can have all she wants.

Moving the chair back a bit, I leave plenty of room for her on her knees to move from cock to cock.

Grinning one of the largest smile I’ve ever seen from her, she moved her hands up and grabbed each cock and started stroking them. “I’ve never had two cocks in my hands before. Are you sure you’re ok with this?”

“Honey, I brought you here. You can have all you want.”

With that, she leaned over and took the first cock slowly in her mouth. When she came back up, she moved down to his balls and sucked on them. She then moved over to the other cock and started to give him a slow and sloppy blowjob.

Moving back and forth from one cock to the other, I watched her get in to this. She’s moving her hands faster now, jacking one cock off while blowing the other.

One of the guys couldn’t take it anymore and we hear him telling her that he’s cumming.

Moving to his cock while jacking off the other one, she held him while he shot his cum to her mouth and face. She then cleaned his dick up, as only a happy cocksucker knows how to do.

As the guy pulled his cock back into the hole, she turned to me and while squeezing her breasts one at a time, let her mouthful of cum drool out over her lips and to her breasts to soak them inside her bra. I looked at her and just say “wow” as she pushed the last of his cum out of her mouth and over her lips.

We then hear the guy she is jacking off start moaning. She then put her mouth on his cock while she continues jacking him off. He came enough for his cum to overflow over from her lips and down to her bra. When he stopped, her tongue pushed all of his cum out of her mouth and over her lips. Like a good cum slut, she too cleaned his cock and balls up.

Another guy came into the room next to us where the first guy was. I saw him take a peak of her cleaning up this guys cock through the glory hole and jacking me off in front of her. He then stood up, unzipped his pants and pushed his cock through.

This guy was huge. Very long and very thick. And still growing.

Just as she got done tongue bathing the other guy, she looked at the new cock and told me she wanted to fuck this one. I reached around, opened up the box of rubbers and handed one to her.

By now, the new cock is at least ten inches through the hole. She began blowing him and stroking it. After a few minutes, we hear another person in the other room come in and pushed his cock through. It’s wasn’t hard to figure out what was going to happen next.

Pulling her mouth off this big dick, she placed the rubber on his cock, turned around and pushed her cunt over his cock. Watching her face turn from lust to amazement, she started fucking this stranger while sucking the other cock off in front of her.

My woman has never been very vocal, but with two cocks fucking her back and forth, she is moaning bahis şirketleri louder than the women on the screen. Sitting back and watching her take this is about all I can handle. I tell her this and she moved off the one cock in her lips and took me in her mouth. Sucking me harder than she ever has, I let go and give her all I have inside.

I have never seen her like this. Blowing my wad, she continued to suck, jack off and fuck three cocks at once. Lifting her chin up and pushing my cum out of her mouth, she let it too run down to her breasts and into her now cum soaked bra.

After cleaning me up with her tongue and lips, she placed her cock sucking mouth back on the one cock while continuing to fuck the other. The guy fucking her is now slamming her cunt faster and starts moaning that he’s going to cum. My lust filled girlfriend pulls off of him and while jacking the other guy; she pulled the rubber off the big cock guy with one hand and starts blowing him.

Taking him in as far as she can and tasting her own pussy juice, she jacks his cock and then squeezes his balls while he erupts his cum in her mouth. Most of his shots hit inside her mouth, but the others miss their mark after his cock slips out. Feeling her cheek as his cum starts running down it seems to turn her on more as she pushes the rest of his cum out of her mouth. It runs down her throat to her breasts and bra. Milking his balls to get the last of his cum, she cleans him up too and thanks him for his cum and the fucking.

Hearing the other guy moan, she just was not quick enough to get over there in time before his cum hit her square in the face. The next spurt did make its mark inside her mouth, but she had to open wide to catch it. I sat in amazement as she finished him up and tongue bathed his cock and balls.

Looking down to her breasts, I notice that her bra was now overflowing with cum. She tried to massage the cum into the fabric, but it can only hold so much. All the goo started to overflow up and over her bra and was now dripping off the cups and onto the floor. Her hands and mouth were now as cum-soaked as her tits.

They say the eyes don’t lie. Looking at her lust overcoming her, I stood up and put in another twenty-dollar bill inside the machine. She smiled at me when she realized she had a lot more time to suck, fuck and milk cum out of more of these cocks for her tits to soak in. I watched her turn me on and sucked me off for a second time. As with her actions before, she again pushed my cum out of her mouth and let it run down to her breasts inside her bra.

When the time ran out, I took the roll of paper towels in the room and we wiped the cum off her (but not her bra) and got dressed. Her white blouse was now sticking to her cum soaked bra and tits. Walking out, we made our way down the street and ducked into the darkest bar we know of and cuddled up in a booth. We both ordered a double and just smiled at each other.

She got her wish having her tits get cum soaked. The cum was now oozing down her blouse to her pussy as she squeezed her breasts to get more cum out of her bra.

I got my wish watching my girlfriend show me her animal lust to have cum soaked breasts.

“So,” she asked me with a big grin, “what else do you have planned for me?”

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