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Soccer Surprise

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Another soccer season and I have to break in a new team mom, Jamie. Jamie is an attractive, young blonde who just happens to be the single mom of my star player, Bobby. The week before our first game I called Jamie to see if she had put together the team rosters that I was gonna hand out at our last practice.

After a couple of rings, I heard Jamie’s sexy voice on my cell phone, “Sure I have the rosters ready. I just shipped Bobby off to grandma’s so why don’t you just drop by right now and pick them up. Remember, I’m in Chase Hills, apartment


My heart rate quickened as I blurted out my answer, “I’m on my way right now, should be there in about 10 minutes.” Chase Hills was right up the street and I was there in no time. As I knocked on the door of Jamie’s apartment my heart pounded in my chest with anticipation. When the door opened, Jamie greeted me with a big smile and invited me in. Jamie was wearing a T-shirt and some very short blue jean shorts. I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra and could see the outline of her breasts through the shirt.

“Come on over here and sit on the couch while I get the rosters” Jamie said as she walked into the kitchen. I sat on the couch and Jamie plopped down next to me and said, “Here, take a look at the roster”. As I began to scan the names on the roster Jamie scooted closer to me and said, “Soooo, do you like what you see?”

I turned toward her, stared into her beautiful green eyes and answered “Yes Jamie, I definitely like what I see!” She leaned over and began kissing me as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her toward me. The sexual tension began to build as we continue to kiss passionately’ our tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. I ran my hand under her T-shirt and began to caress her firm breasts. I hear her gasp as I begin to touch her hard, erect nipples. Jamie pulled her shirt over her head and I leaned over began to circle her pink nipples with my tongue as she layed back on the couch and threw her head back. Jamie’s breathing quickened as I began to slowly work my way down her stomach, kissing and licking her beautiful tanned body.

I unsnapped Jamie’s pants and slid them off and she spread her legs and raised her butt off of the coach exposing her steaming pussy. I slowly run my hands up her legs and begin to finger her wet pussy. Her body quivered as I touched her clit and she began to pant and rhythmically pound her hips up and down. I hear her whisper, “fuck me, fuck me NOW!”

I began to undress, never taking my eyes off of her beautiful naked body. Jamie began to finger herself, her legs spread wide apart with her beautiful, inviting wet pussy facing me. I slide between her legs and begin to rub my cock up and down the lips of her pussy. I can feel her body tense as the head of my cock brushed across her clit. My balls pounded with anticipation as I continue to rub my cock up and down the lips of her wet pussy. I slowly begin to slide my cock between the waiting lips of her pussy.

I only inserted the head of my throbbing cock inside her and I wrap my hand around the shaft of my cock to prevent any further penetration. I continued to tease her, slipping the head of my cock into her, then pulling it out and slowly rubbing it across the wet, pink lips of her pussy. Finally, when the anticipation has built to an almost intolerable level, I plunged my cock deep inside her.

“Oh yes!” I hear her say as I continue to pound my cock deep into her steaming pussy. I pulled Jamie’s legs even further back, exposing her beautiful pussy even more as I continue to plunge my cock deep inside her. Suddenly I hear her scream, Yes, yes, OH YES!” as her body quivered in orgasm. Within seconds, I also cum, an orgasm that pulsates through my balls like a jackhammer. After a brief pause as the orgasm washes over me, I continue to pound my cock against her pussy, slowly lowering her legs and laying against her beautiful naked body. I press my groin firmly against hers as my cock slides in and out of her pussy. Jamie wrap her legs around me and begin to kiss me and run her fingers through my sweat soaked hair.

As my cock begins to grow harder, I arch my back and begin to move my hips back and forth, driving my cock deeper and deeper into her. Jamie slides her legs back up and pulls back the lips of her pussy to expose her clit to the stimulation of my cock. I can feel the excitement building and I begin to fuck her faster and faster, my hips moving like a piston, driving my cock deeper and deeper into her moist pussy. Jamie began massaging her clit, running the tips of her fingers around and around her clit as she moaned, “fuck me, FUCK ME HARD!” Suddenly I felt her body tense as another powerful orgasm ravaged her body. I continue to pound my cock against her pussy for a few more moments and then I joined her in another orgasm as I felt the warm cum surging through my pulsating cock. I collapsed on top of her and we layed on the couch, panting to catch our breath.

I collapsed on top of Jamie and begin to run my fingers through her long blonde hair as I caressed her face. I felt her slide her leg between mine as Zonguldak Escort her knee pressed against my balls. I pulled her body tightly against mine and begin to kiss her lips, neck and ears. “Let’s go to the bedroom” Jamie whispered. As we walked into her room, I gently pushed her onto the bed and begin circling her nipples with my tongue until they are rock hard again. I slide to my knees and continued to lick and suck her nipples as she caressed my cock with her fingers. I slowly kissed my way down her tan body towards her warm moist pussy. I began to stimulate her clit and run my fingers deep down inside her pussy as she lay writhing on the bed.

Jamie slowly ran her hand up my leg and across my buttocks, then back down between my legs and began to fondle my balls. I gently began to kiss the inside of her legs, slowly inching closer and closer to her beautiful, inviting pussy. I ran my fingers up and down the outside lips of her pussy and up into her pubic hair. I spread the lips of her pussy open with my fingers and begin to nibble and suck her clit, licking her pussy up and down and then running my tongue across her clit. As I continued to suck, lick and caress Jamie’s clit another powerful orgasm surged through her body. Jamie layed on the bed with her eyes closed as I worked my way back up her body. When I reach her firm, young breasts she rolled over onto her side and took my huge cock into her mouth. She gently circled the head of my cock with her tongue and nibbled and licked my cock as I kneel on the bed next to her. Suddenly she took my cock into her mouth and I could feel her lips gliding up and down the shaft of my cock as I close my eyes in ecstasy! As I open my eyes and looked down I could see her slowly taking my entire cock into her mouth over and over. The sensation was overwhelming as the waves of pleasure pulsate through my cock. She began to focus on the area around the head of my cock, licking and sucking it and then taking my cock into her mouth again and again. I could feel the orgasm building up inside me as she continued to suck my throbbing cock.

Jamie began to feel my cock swell and she knew that I was about to cum. As my cock begin to pump, she took my cock out of her mouth and pulled back as the hot cum spurted out onto her breasts and ran down her chest. Jamie continued to run her hand up and down the shaft of my cock as it throbbed again and again, pumping out the last few drops of cum. As my orgasm subsided, she began to run her hands up and down her body, smearing my hot cum across her breasts and down her stomach. Jamie slowly pushed one hand down between her legs and began to rub her pussy as she used the other hand to stimulate her erect nipples. I slide behind her and pressed my cock against her buttocks as I wrapped my arms around her.

Jamie continued to finger herself as I began to kiss her neck and stimulate her nipples with my fingers. I watched as she pulled the lips of her pussy back with one hand as she massage your clit and fingered herself with the other. I felt her hips begin to rhythmically pulsate as the orgasm began to build up inside her. Jamie’s hips began to move faster and faster as she neared orgasm and I continued to stimulate her nipples and press my body against her. Suddenly, I feel her body shudder as the waves of orgasm sweep through her and her breathing became a sexy panting. Jamie continued to finger herself as she collapsed on the bed, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

As I looked down at her beautiful cum soaked tits, I jokingly say, “It’s about time for a bath isn’t it?” Jamie opened her eyes and slid off the bed and walked to the bathroom. She began to run a bath as she started cleaned up “my explosion from her chest. As we slipped into the tub Jamie lean back against me in the warm water. I reached over and began to run the soap across her breasts and down her stomach. As I work up a thick soapy lather, I begin to use both hands to stimulate her nipples until they were hard and erect. Jamie turned around and began to soap my cock, running her hands up and down the shaft as It began to stiffen.

Jamie looks at me with her beautiful green eyes and said, “The water’s starting to get a little chilly, let’s get out and warm up”. We took turns drying each other off and as Jamie was toweling me off, she dropped to her knees and begin to suck my cock as I ran my fingers through her long blonde hair. Jamie looked up at me and said, “Let fuck some more baby”. As she stood back up, I pulled her close to me and began kissing her as my rock hard cock pressed against her abdomen. I layed back on the bed I heard Jamie say, “Be right back lover”. She returned with bowl of ice and immediately began sucking my cock and licking my balls. I layed there in ecstasy as Jamie massaged my cock, running her hand up and down the shaft over and over. She reach over and grabbed an ice cube from the bowl and place it in her mouth as she continue to suck my cock. The sensation of the ice on my throbbing cock was exhilarating as the melting ice water ran out of her mouth and down the shaft of my cock. Jamie grabbed another ice cube and Zonguldak Escort Bayan begin to run it up my stomach and across my chest, circling my nipples.

She rubbed the ice up my neck and across my face as she continued to jerk me off with her other hand. Jamie straddled my body with her legs as she brushed the water from my face. She began to alternate between fingering her pussy and massaging my cock as she reached over to her nightstand and grabbed a tube of massage lotion. Jamie squirted the lotion on her abdomen as she continued to alternate between stimulating her pussy and my cock. I could feel the lotion on her hand as she rubbed my cock up and down. I got extremely turned on as I watched her finger herself and rub her clit as her body rocked rhythmically back and forth. Finally Jamie lowered her pussy down and begin to rub the wet lips of her pussy across my throbbing cock.

Back and forth, back and forth the wet lips of her pussy slide across my pulsating cock as she continued to stimulate her clit with her fingers. I reached up and begin to massage her nipples and I see her face peeking through the strands of blonde hair that shrouded her beautiful face. Jamie smiled and slowly rose to slide her feet under her as her gently inserted my cock into her steaming pussy. The pleasure was indescribable as her body pulsates up and down on my cock. Jamie’s long blonde hair swung back and forth as her motions accelerated. I could tell that she was nearing orgasm as her breathing quickens and her pace become frantic.

My excitement continued to build as I hear her whisper, “Oh yes baby I’m cuming again!” Suddenly I feel her entire body quiver as the orgasm begins to pulsate through her. Jamie rolls off me and says, “fuck me from behind”. I slide behind her as she got on all fours and thrust my cock deed into her steaming pussy. I can hear her moan in ecstasy as I pound my cock into her pussy. I hold onto her hips and begin to pound her harder and harder. Suddenly my cock begins to pulsate and she feels my warm cum surging into her. I slowly slide my cock in and out of her pussy as the waves of orgasm begin to subside. We collapse on the bed, totally exhausted. I put my arms around her and hold her close to me, as the sweet aroma of sex permeates the room.

I get up and grab a towel for us. When I return I’m greeted with the incredibly sexy image of Jamie lying on the bed on her side with her hair slightly obscuring her face. As she rolls over onto her back I clean her up and begin to give her a full body massage. I massage her feet and calves and she slowly rolls over onto her stomach as I continue to massage her legs. I grab the lotion of the nightstand and squeeze a generous portion unto her back and down her legs as I continue to massage her body. I straddle her buttocks as I massage her back, shoulders and neck. She can feel my cock rubbing against her buttocks as I lean over to massage her shoulders and neck. After a few minutes Jamie can feel my cock begin to get hard. I slowly begin to run my cock between the cheeks of her buttocks and up her back. I slide beside her and roll her over and begin to pour the lotion onto her breasts and down her stomach. I continue to massage her arms and shoulders and caress her breasts as I stimulate her nipples.

Her eyes close as I begin to run my hand down her stomach toward her beautiful, inviting, pussy. I tease her by running my hand closer and closer to her moist pussy without ever touching it. I continue to massage her body as I slide between her legs. My hands continue to inch closer and closer to her pussy and as I run my hands up toward her breasts, she can feel my cock brush against the moist lips of her pussy. I continue to brush my cock across her pussy as I caress her breasts and stimulate her nipples. Suddenly I thrust my cock slide inside of her pussy and her body tenses.

But just as suddenly, I pull it back out. I continue to intermittently slip my cock in and out of her pussy for several more seconds and then I lay down between her legs and begin to lick her pussy. I spent the better part of the next hour licking her pussy over and over, occasionally slipping my cock inside her, only to take it back out and begin licking her pussy again. Jamie reached orgasm over and over as I continue to lick her pussy until I couldn’t hold back any longer. I took her hand and guided her to a chair that was next to the bed. I had Jamie straddle me as I sat on the chair. She slowly slipped my cock inside her pussy and we began to fuck as she held onto the arms of the chair to support her weight. Jamie’s hips moved up and down as my cock slide in and out of her pussy. She leaned forward and we begin to kiss as I stimulated her breasts and nipples. As I neared orgasm I begin to pulsate my hips in concert with her to increase the tempo of our lovemaking. I could feel my cock swell inside of her as my orgasm explodes deep into her.

Jamie continued fucking me, her pace quickening as she threw back her head and begin to exclaim, “Oh, oh, oh yeah! Oh Yeah! OH YEAH!” I felt her body quiver as she came again and then she collapsed Escort Zonguldak into my arms. We slowly move back toward the bed and I layed on my stomach as she layed across my back with her legs slightly hanging off the bed. Jamie gently caressed my body with her fingernails as she kissed my back softly. After resting for a moment, she said, “Your turn for the massage” as she squeezed some lotion onto my back and begin to give me a full body rub down.

Jamie massaged my feet, my legs, and my buttocks, my back, shoulders and neck. I could feel her hair brushing down my back as she slide down and begin to kiss the inside of my legs. I rolled over as she continued the massage. Jamie straddled my cock and could feel her wet pussy rubbing against me. She began to focus the massage on my legs as she dragged her breasts and hair across my cock. As Jamie as her continue the massage, she began to run her hand across my cock and balls. I could feel my cock begin to stir and as she saw it slowly begin to stiffen, she started running her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock. Jamie continued to lick and suck my cock until it is hard and erect. She layed beside me and continued to lick and suck my cock and occasionally used her hand to jerk me off. The waves of pleasure rippled through my body as she continue to pleasure me over and over.

As my body tensed and my breathing quickened, Jamie slowed her stimulation to prolong the experience. Over and over the cycle continues as she licked and sucked my cock until I finally reached orgasm. Jamie continue to jerk me off as my cock pumps out more and more cum onto my stomach. As my orgasm began to subside, she used the towel to quickly clean the cum from my stomach and then began to suck my cock. As she licked and sucked the erogenous area near the head of my cock, I could feel it begin to stiffen again. Jamie rolled over onto her back and said “Fuck me baby! Fuck me hard!” I slipped between her legs and thrust my cock into her pussy as I grind my pelvis into hers, sliding my cock in and out of her steaming pussy. As we make love, stare into her beautiful green eyes while she wraps her legs around me. The pace quickens as both of us begin to feel the orgasms building inside us.

I can feel Jamie’s body quiver as her cums again and I hear her whisper “oh yeah baby, here I cum again”. I continue to fuck her, faster and faster as I began to get more and more aroused. I pulled her legs back even further and began to fuck her harder and faster as felt my orgasm building inside me. Jamie began to move her hips back and forth as another orgasm started to build up inside her. She comes again, this orgasm hits her like a freight train and she begin to scream, “harder baby, fuck me harder, Oh yeah baby, Fuck me, Fuck Me, FUCK ME!! By now, I am fucking her with an almost animal like fury, my cock pounding against her pussy harder and harder.

Suddenly I feel her body tense up and begin to quiver as she screamed, “OH YEAH BABY, IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” Within seconds, I reach orgasm and my cock pours out the warm cum into her pussy. I continue to slowly slide my cock in and out of her pussy for a few more seconds until my orgasm subsides. We lay next to each other, dazed and totally immersed in the aftermath of the wonderful sex that we had. The aroma of sex fills our nostrils as we lay next to each other not really sure which end of the bed is up and which end is down. As we finally opened our eyes we realized that we have totally trashed the bed and we began to laugh. We lay next to each other and briefly dozed off.

Waking up next to a beautiful, naked blonde is something that I could get used to. My eyes moved up and down her beautiful tanned body as I watched Jamie sleep. I reached over and grabbed an icecube from the bowl and began to run the ice cube across her breasts and down her stomach. Jamie’s eyes popped opened as she whispered “Bad boy, waking me up like that”. I slowly circled the icecube around her nipples and the water ran down her breasts, and began to pool in her belly button. I placed the ice cube in my mouth and begin to run it up and down the sides of her pussy.

Jamie jumped as the ice cube neared her pussy but in a moment, the sensation really began to turn her on. I spit out the ice cube and began to lick her clit with my tongue, still cold from the ice. The sensation of my cold tongue in her pussy was so intense she began writhing on the bed. I teased her with my cock, brushing it up against her pussy, never close enough for her to push it in, but never far enough away that I couldn’t slip it inside her at any instant.

As her closed her eyes, she could feel my cock brushing against the hair around her pussy and occasionally rubbing against her pussy lips. I pressed the head of my cock against her clit and rubbed it back and forth and then drug it across the lips of her pussy over and over as she massaged her nipples and begin to finger herself. “Go ahead, do herself baby” I whisper and she began to masturbate. I layed between her legs as Jamie masturbate. I watch her pull back her pussy lips to expose her clit and then I began to masturbate myself as I watched her massage her clit and finger herself. In moments she was lifting her butt off the bed as her hips are pulsated up and down as she neared orgasm. I masturbated faster and faster as I watched her fuck herself with her fingers. Suddenly, Jamie’s body stiffen as she came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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