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Someone is Always Dominating

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I wrote this story almost a year ago and I haven’t really touched it since, feel free to leave comments!!


“Do you know how to get to the party?” Trisha asked, with a smirk.

Look at her directly in the eyes, and whatever you do, do not look at her body. Just because she reminds you of Dana doesn’t mean she is Dana!! “Yeah, I used to be a busser in that area.” Jay replied, determined to keep his professional tone.

“A busser huh? What messy job! Good thing you changed your career path.”

Eyes only!! “Definitely a good thing.”

Jay finished drinking his fifth cup of water in the three minutes he and his boss were talking. As she walked away from the cooler, he gave himself a glance of her backside in those tight white pants she wears every Tuesday. She walked with such confidence, yet, it wasn’t till recently that she showed a flirty side to anyone, and Jay felt he’d seen it more than the any other employee.

His boss, Trisha was a 40 “something” and probably married. Jay was never sure because she never really talked about anything other than the business. This company party, which was her idea, was the first time he’d heard her talk about anything personal. She’s been telling him throughout the last week that she’s “been needing a party to let loose.” The party was being held this Saturday and being his first year on the job, Jay wanted to make a good impression. He always showed up to work early and left later than everyone. He was determined to prove to his boss he was worth keeping around. At the party, he worked it out with his girlfriend, Dana, that he was not to have more than 1 drink in an hour. This is so he can keep his composure. Although he trusts Dana to handle herself, he’s been feeling a little nervous about the weekend.


“You seem so nervous! Just let loose!” Dana said as she finished drying her long dirty blonde hair.

“Is that so?” Jay asked daringly.


Jay grabbed her and kissed her hard. She moaned from the surprising force. He gripped her on the arms just beneath the shoulders and squeezed her into him.

Jay broke the kiss, undid her towel, then threw her onto the bed.


“Yes Master.” She slowly got onto her hands and knees.

“Say it louder!”

“Yes Master!”

“That’s better.”

He walked over to her naked body. He always had her do this when he dominated her. He loved looking at her body in that position, as though it were on display for him. As he walked around the bed he would kiss different parts of her body, and if she wasn’t presenting herself correctly he would slap her ass hard. Right now, she was not pushing her pussy out enough.


There was a big hand print on her left ass cheek almost instantly.

“Sorry Master!”

“That’s better.”

He went up behind her and licked her pussy which he could smell before he even approached it. She was excited and he knew it. He went back around to her head, pulled her by her hair so she would lift her face up.

“Now, since you are my slave tonight, there is an outfit in the closet for you. You know where it is. You have 5 minutes to get it all together then back out here, on your knees in front of me.”

“Yes Master!” She moved quickly into the walk-in closet and shut the door behind her.

Four minutes and 23 seconds later she was out wearing her tight leather corset, a thong, a garter and stockings. The corset was so tight that it squeezed her B cups into looking like C’s. It conformed to her slim body to show off every perfect curve that she had. Her legs were long and slightly muscular and they led to her “above average sized” ass. Jay was obsessed with her legs and ass the most.

The first time he dominated her, he anal fucked in the shower. As a form of payback, the first time she dominated him, she managed to stick 3 fingers into his ass in the shower. Since then they took turns being master and slave. If they both felt like being the master they would end up wrestling each other till one gave up (anything goes).

Dana was now kneeling before Jay like he ordered. He was wearing his usual dominate costume which was simply tight leather short shorts. He was holding a blindfold and whip. She got nervous. Getting whipped was never her favorite but she never objected to it. Jay whipped hard sometimes and the pain exceeded the pleasure for her, although she never used the safe-word. Jay, was the opposite, he always wants to be whipped harder.

She nervously watched him put the whip down.

“Get on the bed and lay on your back.”

“Yes Master!”

Once she laid down, Jay straddled her chest, tied the blindfold on and then stretched her arms above her head. He reached behind the mattress and pulled up a tight rope with one knotted loop. As he reached he put his crotch to Dana’s face knowing that this teased her. He put a scarf through the loop then tied her up by the wrists in a figure-8 type pattern. This ensured that his slave would not break free from just squirming while not cutting escort bayan off any circulation to her hands. He knew she could break out of knot if there was an emergency, but it would take some real effort. When he finished tying her up he rubbed his leather covered boner on her face.

“Now that you are all mine, and you think I should let loose, I figured I would whip you till I felt better.”

“Whatever you want to do Master!”

“Good, now turn over and put that perfect ass up in the air!”

“Yes, Master.”

Jay proceeded to whip her. Every time she let out a yelp, but never told him to stop. When there was a really hard whip, her knees would go week and her hips would sway, sometimes falling so that she lay on her side. As punishment, Jay would walk over to her face, take out his rock hard cock and slap her in the cheek with it.

“You want this cock don’t you!?”

“Yes Master, I want it so bad Master!”

“Then you better be a good slave or else I am leaving you like this the rest of the night!”

“No, Master! I’m sorry Master, please, do what you want to me Master!”

He moved back around behind her with his cock still out. He positioned his cock right behind her pussy which was leaking juice. He pushed the thong to the side of her pussy lips and rubbed his dick up and down her wet slit.

“As long as you are good, this can be yours!”

“Yes Master, thank you Master!”

He backed away and began to whip her again, and to her word, she took it all very well.

They went to sleep that night very pleased.


The rest of the week went by rather slow for Jay. Maybe it was the fact that there wasn’t much work for him, or maybe it was his nervousness that kept things at a slow pace. He wasn’t sure. It was Saturday morning and all he knew was that whoever was jerking him off right now was doing a great job.

“I knew that would wake you up. Let me finish you off and then you can make me breakfast.” Dana said happily, and then began to suck on his boner.

He couldn’t finish his eggs and bacon. He knew full well that tonight was a night to impress his boss and hopefully have a stable job for once in his life. Since Jay had lost his appetite he just had himself a cup of tea. The rest of the day flew. Before he knew it, he was driving Dana and himself to the party. It was being held at a club/bar not too far from where he worked.

Jay was wearing khaki pants with a button down dark blue shirt. Underneath his pants, as per Dana’s request, he wore a thong. Dana was wearing a silky black dress that went down to her feet. It was tight and had a slit in the side of the skirt that went very far up her leg; this gave anyone who was looking a nice view of her panties quite a few times.

They got to the party 20 minutes after it started. They took their time for the first hour. Jay introduced his girlfriend to everyone and things got pretty comfortable.

At the end of the hour, Jay got around to introducing Dana to Trisha. Upon the introduction he realized they were wearing very similar dresses.

“Well if I was any more drunk, I would say you look as good as I did when I was 10 years younger!” Giggled Trisha.

“Thank you, but you cannot be any older than 35!” Dana said.

“Oh darling, that is so sweet of you, I’m really 41,but if anyone asks, I am 35!” Trish laughed and then signaled for someone to come over.

“Jay, Dana, this is my boyfriend Enrique.”

Jay couldn’t help but notice this guy had a nice thin, muscular physique. He was perfectly tan and looked to be about the same age as him. So I guess she’s not married, but man, they make one sexy couple.

“Here’s your drink, love.” He said with a bit of a Latin accent.

“Thanks babe. Hey, it was nice meeting you Dana, you look very pretty, and Jay you are handsome as usual. See you guys on the dance floor later.” She winked and walked off talking with Enrique.

“Well she seems nice, that’s your boss?”


“She’s the reason why you have been so nervous lately?”

“I guess so.”

“Well then I need a drink.”

Another hour passes, Jay didn’t even touch his first beer, but Dana managed to down four martinis and was beginning to get into the party.

“I want to dance, come with me baby.”

They made their way to the dance floor. Dana did her little ass wiggle that she always does during a night of drinking. As she was doing her thing, she seemed to have knocked into Trisha who was dancing with Enrique.

“Oh, I’m sorry!”

“Oh no darling, you’re alright, I just couldn’t help but notice how sexy you move.”

She thinks it’s sexy? Jay thought.

“Well, it’s not much, it’s basically all I can do when I’m a little tipsy.”

“Then let me show you a better way to do it.”

Trisha grabbed Dana’s hips with a firm grip. Dana giggled and Trisha gave Jay a wink then faced Dana again. Dana loosened her body to allow Trisha lead and they began to move their hips simultaneously. Jay, from watching this, felt a surge of energy in his cock which caused the bursa vip escort thong to stretch forward thus tightening the string in his ass which in return made his cock even harder.

“Wow, I can watch that all day!”

Jay jumped a little, turned around and saw it was Enrique.

“Yeah, tell me about it.” Jay agreed.

“My mi…girlfriend loves to show people how to dance. In fact she likes to instruct people through almost anything. After being with her for a year and a half I’ll do anything she says.”

Anything she says? “I see. So, what kind of work are you in Enrique?”

“I’m…a recruiter…in the service industry.”

“That’s cool. How did you and Trisha meet?”

“She was at a boyfriend’s party a while ago, and I was dating someone else, she danced with my date and before I knew it, I was at Trisha’s house every night.”


“Tell me about it.” Enrique agreed.

As the night went on, Dana and Trisha got to know each other on the dance floor while Jay and Enrique got to know each other over a couple of beers. By the end of the party, Dana was well into a nice drunken state while Jay, keeping to his word, was good and sober. They got into the Jay’s car and began to leave the maze of a parking lot. Dana’s energy had not stopped flowing at all.

“Woo, I could dance with that woman forever! It felt so sexy!” Dana laughed.

“I enjoyed it just as much from watching the two of you.”

“Is that so babe?” She reached down to the crotch of his pants. “You liked watching me dance with another woman?” Her hands now fully cupping his package. “You would love that wouldn’t you?”

“Not as much as you right now, that’s for sure.”

“Would you ever want to….”


“DANA!, you alright?”

“Yeah, what the fuck just happened?”

“Some asshole decided to pull out of their spot while we were driving by!” Jay was pissed off.

Jay got out of his car to see the damage done to the driver side of his car. Luckily it was my side and not Dana’s.

“Darlin’ I am so sorry, I didn’t even see you! Are you guys alright?” Asked a familiar voice.

Jay looked up to see his boss sloppily get out of the other car. Of all the people at the party, it had to be her.

Trisha walked over to Jay and put her arms around him and gave him a big hug.

“We’re fine Trish.”

“Ohhh, I am so sorry. I am so glad you’re alright. It was totally my fault, Enrique has a headache and I thought I was able to drive and so I did….”

“Trisha, seriously, it’s ok. I’ll get all your information on Monday and we can sort this out. I shouldn’t have driven so fast anyway.”

“Oh nonsense. I have a checkbook in my car, hold on…”

Jay went back into his car and Dana was still in her seat smiling.

“Why are you smiling?”

“I don’t know but I am getting such a rush from all of this. I can’t wait to get back to our place baby!”

“Yeah, well, at least you’re not the one having to go….”

Trisha was coming to Jay’s car, waving the check in the air. “Here darling, here you go, it’s for a thousand dollars, let me know if the cost to fix your car is more.”

“Thank you Trisha, we could just let our insurance handle this.”

“Yeah and then have our rates sky rocket?”

“Good point.” Jay agreed.

“Oh and here is my card. I wrote my number on the back. I would love to have you two over for a little gathering of mine next weekend.”

“That isn’t necessary, really, I know it wasn’t on purpose…”

“Shush! Don’t make me beg, Jay.”

Jay’s cock just got a rejuvenating jolt. Trisha was making her lips pout while she was bending over. Her tits were hanging in her dress and he can see right into her cleavage. He just wanted to grab those boobs and suck them dry.

“Ok, ok, we aren’t doing anything next weekend, are we babe?”

“We are now.” Dana answered in her flirty voice while keeping her eyes on Trisha’s chest.

*** They got home and took their shoes off after they go in the front door. Dana went into their bedroom and closed the door. Still thinking about the accident, Jay went into the bedroom and realized Dana wasn’t even there.


Dana sprang at him from behind the door and knocked him down. She had him face down on the floor and straddled his back, pulled his hair so his face was up.

“Guess who’s my bitch tonight?”


She got up a little, rolled him onto his back, tore his shirt open then slapped him in his face, hard.

“What did you just say?”

“Me, Mistress?”

She undid his pants, rolled him over and picked him up by his waist so his was up in the air. She then violently pulled his pants down, around his knees. His ass was sticking out now and the only thing covering it was the string of the thong in his crack.


“I can’t fucking hear you slave!”

“Me Mistress?!”

“That’s better. Now strip down to only your thong and assume your position on the bed!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Dana went into the closet bursa elit escort and Jay went onto the bed and was on all fours. A few minutes later Dana came still wearing her tight, black silk dress, but now with her knee-high leather boots on, a whip and lube in one hand, a dildo and harness in the other. She put the dildo/harness and lube down next to him.

“I am going to fuck you sore tonight, you understand me slave?” She whispered into his ear, followed by a nibble on his earlobe.

“Yes, Mistress!”

She whipped him once on the right ass cheek.

“Thank you Mistress!”

She whipped him again, this time, left cheek.

“Thank you Mistress!”

“You know, slave, I have been going easy on you all this time. Maybe tonight, I can be a bit more, tough (she grabbed his crotch tightly) on you.”

“Yes Mistress, whatever you want Mistress!”

“First, I want you to tell me what you think of Trisha. Don’t hold back”



“I said tell me what you think of Trisha NOW!”

“She’s very pretty Mistress.”


“What else?!”

“She has a very sexy body, Mistress!”


“What else?!”

“She reminds me of you and I know I would love to see her naked.”


“Does that mean you want to fuck her?!”


“Whatever you want me to do, Mistress!”


“That’s right slave! Whatever I want! And right now I want to open that pretty asshole of yours even wider!”



For the next hour and a half, Dana fucked Jay’s ass every which way she could think of, along with using a bigger dildo every half hour.

“How’re you feeling baby?”

“Like I just got gangbanged against my own will.” Jay smiled. “Can you be this rough with me from now on?”


The next week went by rather smoothly. Trisha barely gave Jay any attention just like when he first started. The only times he did see her she was busy discussing business plans and the company schedule for the next month. He finally attempted to talk to her on Friday but when he tried to start the conversation with her about the accident, she was on her blu-tooth ear piece. She said to the person on the other line “Hold On” and said to Jay, “We will discuss it all on Saturday.”

Saturday? What’s Saturday? Oh shit, Dana and I are going to her “gathering.” I almost forgot!

Jay was thinking about the accident all week, he forgot about the plans he agreed to. When he got home to his apartment, he saw a note on the door: “Come in, take off your shoes and socks, and go straight to the porch.”

As Jay approached the screen door he saw a table, with candles, steak, and mixed vegetables. Dana was lighting the candles as he stepped onto the porch.

“I figured we should have ourselves a night of romance.” Dana Smiled.

“Babe, all of this looks great. Thank you.”

“No problem. I just hope you won’t mind fulfilling one of my fantasies since we moved into this apartment.”

“What’s that?”

“I want to spend the night with you, on the porch. I brought out a blanket, the comforter and some pillows. What do you think?”

“I always thought it was weird that you were dead set on the highest apartment in town, yet you’ll never go on a roller coaster.”

“Well, there’s only one ride I prefer.” She winked at him.

Jay and Dana sat and talked over dinner on their porch. They discussed renewing the lease for a second year and what they will do for Dana’s 28th birthday. They had a nice view of the downtown area which was a mile away and had a perfect view of the highway which Jay always checked before going to work. After dinner they cleared the table and moved it to the wall, laid down the blanket, pillows, and comforter and started to kiss. They took each other’s clothes off, Dana went down on Jay and covered his cock in saliva. When he was wet enough, she straddled him and they made love into the late evening.

“Goodnight Dana, I love you.”

“Goodnight Jay, I love you too.”


“Hi Trisha, it’s Dana, how are you doing?”

“Good Dana, you excited about tonight?”

“Yes, of course we are. One question though, what should we be wearing? Is this a formal gathering?”

“Wear whatever makes you feel good.”


“Don’t worry honey, I am sure anything you wear will be beautiful. Also, tell Jay to check his E-Mail, I sent him directions.”

“Thanks, see you in a couple of hours.”

“Can’t wait! Bye!”

“Well, she seems very excited to see us later.” She turned to Jay who just wearing his favorite thong. Dana took a second to check him out. He has a slim, masculine build. His stomach is slightly toned without a tan, but in the summer his abs are kind of hard to miss. Jay has always had broad shoulders and very muscular legs, even if he didn’t work out. He’s been doing a lot of swimming lately so he had a very defined ‘V’ shape to his body. Although his ass was a bit rounder and stuck out more than your average man’s. Dana loved his ass. That was the first thing she noticed the night they met. The thong he was wearing was his favorite because it was made of a micro fiber and had a cock sleeve and conformed to his shaft. It gave him a boner majority of the time when wearing it. Jay chose to wear a button down, black silk shirt with khaki shorts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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