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Something For Mary Ch. 1

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Mary and I have been together since she was a junior in high school and I was a senior. We married shortly after college and were now celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. We were both virgins when we met and have become quite adventurous in our own bedroom over the years. We both love oral and have done anal (which isn’t that complicated because I have only a 5″ pecker). Recently we got into watching adult sex movies and that is what gave me my idea for Mary’s “special” anniversary gift.

I rented a movie that had some black actors in it and Mary responded by getting even hornier then usual that night. Every time a black actor was on screen she became mesmerized and afterward when we were lying in bed after our third good fuck of the night I asked her about it. She admitted to be turned on by it. I asked her what she would do if she had one of those big, black studs in here with us now. She went into great detail about sucking his cock and how she would let him fuck her in all these positions. Then she blew my mind when she told me she would love to sit on my face after shed been fucked and let me clean out all of her black lovers cum from her pussy. I rolled over and we fucked for the final time before going to sleep.

When I awoke Mary was still sleeping quietly. I looked down at her naked body and thought about what we discussed the night before. My beautiful Mary. She was 27 now but still looked like a school girl. She is 5’5″ with red hair and green eyes. She’s very Irish (born there) and has milky white skin with just a splattering of freckles on her ample cleavage. Her breasts are pendik escort 34D and firm and sexy. She has huge pink areolas that cover the entire tips of her perfect boobs. She has a slim waist and a thick, red bush. I insist that she never shave it because I love the sexy, wild look it gives her pussy. She has one of those pussy’s that is blessed with big inner lips and she has a clit that gets huge when she’s excited. Add slim, sexy legs and adorable feet to the package that also included a small, perfectly shaped ass.

I crawled between her legs and feasted on her pussy which was red and swollen and a mess from our fuckathon the night before. I did love eating her fresh sucked pussy. She woke up just before she came. We had a morning fuck and were off to work with smiles on our faces. It was Wednesday and our anniversary was Saturday so I had to act quick if I was going to arrange her special gift.

I had no idea how to make these arrangements however. Than like a stroke of fate, I over heard two ladies talking about Antonio whom I work with. I liked Antonio a lot, he was 26 and very good looking. I’m 5’10” and he was around 6’3″ and muscular. One of the girls was talking about how they went on a date and when she took him home he dropped his pants and had a big surprise. I heard them giggle and continue to whisper and I knew what direction to go to next.

Later that day I went into the men’s room after Antonio and as we made small talk I glanced over and I saw it. Black like a tootsie roll and it did look quite big as far as I could tell. I asked him to have a beer with me after maltepe escort work, we’d gone out together before and he said sure since we could watch the basketball game together. Mary was a bit angry with me because she said she was horny as hell and needed my cock as soon as possible. By the time I hung up with her I had a hard on.

We watched the game until half time and by then we had a sufficient buzz going. I told him Mary and I were celebrating our 5th anniversary on Saturday. He knew Mary from our Christmas parties and he liked her as she did him. He asked me what I was planning on getting her and I smiled and looked him dead in the eye “I was hoping to get her a big, black cock to enjoy”.

He laughed until he realized I was serious. “You gonna play along or just watch?” he asked. I told him if he didn’t mind I was hoping to video tape the evening. He smiled and said as long as he got a copy. We shook hands then his expression changed.

“Shit, I have to pick up my little brother at the bus station. He’s coming home from school for a week.” I sat quietly for a minute then the obvious hit me.

“How old is he?” 21 was his answer. I asked him if he thought his little brother would be into fucking Mary too and he shook his head and said his brother would definitely be cool with it. Before I left he grabbed his thigh and I saw the outline of his cock…it looked huge. He told me he would save it all for Mary.

My cock was hard as a rock when I got on the train and it stayed that way for my entire 30 minute commute. I walked in and found Mary on the couch naked, legs kartal escort spread with a large pink vibrator working her red, swollen clit while she watched a fuck film on our 60″ TV. It was her favorite, a well hung black guy fucking two little blondes. I stripped and wasted no time on foreplay, I sank my cock into her wet gash and by the third pump I was shooting off like a fire house. Mary was pretty far gone too and she orgasmed with me. I stayed hard and we kept fucking.

This time I was able to fuck her for a long time. We fucked missionary until she came and then she wanted me to fuck her doggie style. What was so kinky was that she wanted me to fuck her doggie while she was on the floor facing the TV watching another black stud fuck another white girl. It was then that she let me know she would be into whatever I planned. I was fucking her hard and fast while we watched the action on the big screen. I was a bit shocked when my lovely wife said in a nasty voice I had never heard before to “fuck me with that big, black cock…fuck me hard”. Instead of this making me mad or jealous, it inspired me.

My wife was in a trance. She started cumming like I’ve never seen her cum before, the entire time telling me to fuck her white pussy with my black cock until finally I shot my second load into her spasming pussy. After we rested a bit I could tell Mary was embarrassed about her loss of control. I assured her it was okay and that it had turned me on. I winked at her and told her I wanted to go in the bedroom and lick out all that hot black stud cum. Her eyes lit up and we walked into the bedroom and finished our little fantasy.

Over the next couple of days I would finalize my plans for Mary’s “special” anniversary gift. I for one couldn’t wait because I knew my wife was in for the best surprise of her life…

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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