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Sophie’s Summer Adventure Ch. 01

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Sophie Walsh sighed as the SUV pulled up to her mother’s estate in Malibu. The moment the 19 year old had been dreading for weeks was finally here. Most of her friends envied her for having a famous mother; Sophie envied her friends and their normal families.

The problem was her relationship with her mother, or should she say, lack of a relationship. Sophie was a product of a college romance and short-term marriage of her mother Jessica and father Robert. Jessica was a drama major in school and had big dreams, which didn’t include being married and pregnant at age 23. As a result, she quickly grew restless and before Sophie’s 2nd birthday, she left her young family to chase her dreams of stardom in Hollywood.

Robert did his best to cope with a young daughter who constantly asked where mommy was, and by all accounts he had done a great job. Sophie grew up into a smart, well-adjusted teenager, and had just completed her freshman year at Columbia. Robert remarried when Sophie was 10, and she loved her stepmother and two younger brothers. For Sophie, her stepmom was more of a mother to her than this woman she was about to spend the summer with; a woman she barely knew.

As Jessica’s career in Hollywood took off, she always made sure to send money back to her ex-husband in Pennsylvania to take care of Sophie. The problem was that was largely the extent of her relationship with her daughter. There were visits in passing during the holidays and summer, but other than that, not much in the way of contact. Jessica’s agents, and to be honest Jessica herself, wanted to focus on her career as Hollywood’s newest sex symbol, and they felt the presence of a young daughter would just get in the way.

In recent years, her mother had expressed a desire for Sophie to come out and spend the summer with her in California. Sophie resisted at all costs; she suspected there were ulterior motives for the invitation. Whereas having a daughter was once considered a detriment to a career, Sophie knew her mother was at an age where having a family to show off could help her get the more serious roles she now craved.

But her father and stepmother both suggested she give Jessica the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she finally wants to make things right, they reasoned. They loved Sophie, and didn’t want her to have such hard feelings toward her mother. No matter what they felt about Jessica, they knew Sophie’s life would be better if she at least made peace with her.

All this was on Sophie’s mind as the door was opened by the chauffeur. She stepped out and looked around at a view that never ceased to take her breath away. Her mother’s house was truly beautiful, situated on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It looked way too big for just her mother and the boy toy she was dating at the moment. But as Sophie knew, her mother was all about status, and had to have the nicest, biggest things in town.

As the chauffeur pulled her bags out of the back of the SUV, Sophie’s mother came out of the house, three assistants following behind her. Life had certainly worked out for Jessica Norton (having gone back to her maiden name to put further distant from her past); she was living her wildest dreams as a hot and successful star of both movies and TV. People were drawn to her model-like looks, and emulated her style. By all accounts, she was a gorgeous woman, with long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Even now, in her early 40’s, she was considered a star (though an aging one by Hollywood logic).

“Sophie, darling, so good to see you,” her mother said, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “I have to go to the spa, but feel free to get comfortable. You look like you could really use some sun. OK, see you.”

With that, her mother was gone before Sophie could even get a word in. And as always, her mother couldn’t help but get a little dig in at her appearance.

By all accounts, Sophie was a beautiful girl, but the opposite of her mother in nearly every way. Where Jessica was blond and skinny, Sophie was curvy and had chestnut-brown hair and brown eyes like her father. She fluctuated between a size 8 and 10, hardly overweight for a 5’7″ girl, but not like those models she constantly saw in the fashion magazines. And certainly not like her mother.

And for Sophie, it felt like Jessica never let her forget this fact, always making comments about how she could improve her appearance. Jessica was probably trying to be helpful, Sophie reasoned when she felt some kindness toward güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her mother; she just seemed to have no idea what a teenage girl really wanted to hear from their mother.

While she envied her mother’s body, she grew to become comfortable with who she was, thanks to the help of her family. They always taught her that being confident in yourself was what mattered. And she had learned to appreciate her best asset, her 36D breasts. As she grew up, she quickly noticed the boys liked that about her as well.

Sophie had a few boyfriends over the years, but never anything serious. She tended to attract the shy, quiet boys, who often were afraid to make the first move. While she found that endearing and attractive, Sophie also wished she could find a guy who for once took control, who knew what he wanted and went for it.

After placing her bags in her room, Sophie decided to take her mother’s advice for once, and lay out by the pool. She chose one of the new swimsuits she had bought, a pretty blue green two-piece suit. She had just become comfortable wearing these kinds of suits to show off her curves. Plus, she figured everyone was out, so it wasn’t like she would be seen.

She put on a robe and headed to the pool, but quickly saw that Javier the groundskeeper was finishing up his work. Sophie waved and went over to talk with him; he had a younger boy with him, about her age. On her few visits here, Sophie always treated the help as equals. From their reaction, she figured her mother didn’t do the same.

“Javier, como esta?” Sophie asked in her limited Spanish, knowing Javier spoke very little English.

“Hi, Miss Sophie,” Javier replied in broken English. “This my son Diego.”

“Hello,” Diego stammered, clearly flustered by the pretty girl in front of him. Sophie laughed a little inside, and made small talk.

“Hi, I’m Sophie, so you’re helping out your father, that’s nice of you.”

“Yeah, I’m leaving for college in the fall, so I wanted to help while I could,” Diego replied, becoming more at ease.

“Oh, where are you going?” asked Sophie.

“NYU, I got a scholarship to study pre-law,” Diego said. “After living my whole life here, I wanted to try life on the other coast.”

“No way, I go to Columbia, we’ll practically be neighbors!” Sophie said, a little excitedly. Diego was shy, but she also thought he was cute. It never hurt to know some cute, nice boys in the City.

“Yeah, I’ll have to look you up when I get there,” said Diego with a smile. “We have to go, but I’ll be around all summer. Hope to see you again?”

“I’ll be here all summer too, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of each other,” replied Sophie with a smirk. Suddenly the summer wasn’t looking so bad. With that, she made her way to the pool as Diego and his father left.

Sophie knew her mother would hate if she started dating the groundskeeper’s son, which only made the idea more attractive to her. She lay on her back next to the pool, dreaming of other ways to torture her mother this summer. Sophie undid her top to prevent any tan lines from forming, and began to drift away in her thoughts. Suddenly, a shadow appeared.

“Well, what do we have here?” a male voice cackled. Sophie sat up startled, and barely kept up the front of her top to cover her breasts. Before her was her mother’s latest boy toy, Brandon Thomas. He was a child star who got into trouble all throughout his teens, and was only now beginning to clear up his reputation in his late twenties. Dating the older, respected Jessica Norton was part of this plan.

“I’m Sophie Walsh, Jessica’s daughter,” Sophie replied with disdain as she regained her bearings. “You must be Brandon. I’m looking forward to not getting to know you.”

“Don’t be like that. I bet we are going to be friends, really good friends,” Brandon said, leaning down close to Sophie, taking in her form.

Brandon knew Jessica’s daughter was visiting, but from Jessica’s description and the older pictures she had around of Sophie, Brendan was expecting a frumpy looking thing. Not the voluptuous woman in front of him.

Dating Jessica Norton has been good for his career, but Brandon was honestly getting bored with the relationship. He was not all that attracted to women like Jessica, “model-sticks” as he liked to call them. Jessica’s daughter, on the other hand, was a different story. Suddenly, he didn’t feel as bored in this house.

Sophie was taken back at the looks Brandon güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri was giving her. He leered down, like he was ready to devour her. No boy had ever looked at her that way. She allowed herself to look at him for the first time as well, and she had to admit she liked what she saw. Blond hair, blue eyes, fantastic body; too bad he was dating her mother, and that he was a well-known jerk. Sophie realized she should extricate herself from this situation.

“Well I should go in, I’ll see you later I suppose,” said Sophie as she hastily reattached her top and walked briskly back into the house. From behind, she heard Brandon’s reply.

“We’re going to be seeing a lot of each other this summer, Sophie.”

For the next week or so, Sophie didn’t really have any run-ins with Brandon. To be honest, he was hardly there, and neither was her mother, who was busy shooting a new season of her TV show. She spent a lot of time with Diego when he came over with his father during the day, and they quickly developed a connection.

Upon returning home early one day Jessica was dismayed to see her daughter hanging out with the help. She admonished Sophie, but that did nothing to stop her from doing it. Besides, she liked talking to Diego, and he was the only person paying any attention to her at this point.

That night, Jessica and Sophie had dinner with Brandon, a “get to know you” meeting as her mother called it. Jessica wanted to parade Sophie around town and introduce her to lots of people. She hoped Brandon would do that as well, and maybe introduce Sophie to one of his younger friends; the tabloid publicity would be good for the family.

Brandon sat at the head of the table, with Sophie to his left and Jessica to his right. As she ate, and tried her best to pay attention to whatever drivel her mother was talking about, Sophie felt a hand on her thigh. She quickly realized it was Brandon’s, though as she looked up at him he gave no indication where his left hand was currently located. Her mother certainly didn’t notice what was going on under the table. She tried to push it off, but quickly realized she couldn’t do that without raising a scene.

Knowing her mother, she realized if she did and Brandon accused her of coming on to him, her mother would clearly believe him. So she stopped trying to remove his hand and just attempted to get through the rest of the dinner. However, as he slowly rubbed her inner thigh and moved his hand higher, she realized there was another reason why she wasn’t removing his hand. She liked the feeling, and clearly he was experienced in a way the boys she dated were not. His touch was insistent, but gentle at the same time; she was quickly getting excited. And having it happen under her mother’s nose only added to it.

Still, Sophie regained her senses as Brandon’s hand began to move under her skirt and toward her panties. She pushed him away, covering by telling her mother she had a cramp. Once dinner ended, she practically ran up to her room and closed the door, breathing heavily. Only until her mother told her they were going out for the evening did she feel safe to come out of her room.

As Sophie watched TV that night in the game room, she thought about the night’s events. She had never attracted the interest of a guy like Brandon, and didn’t know what it meant. In the end, she figured he was just having fun tormenting her, and wasn’t really interested. After all, what guy (let alone a well-known actor) would choose her over her beautiful mother.

So Sophie began to let her anxiety pass, and vowed to try and avoid Brandon whenever possible. He would quickly get the message that she didn’t play these kinds of games. Later that night, Sophie woke up, after her mother and Brandon had returned, and went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. She was wearing a grey cami, with matching grey short shorts. Not exactly Victoria’s Secret, but it was still a pretty set that highlighted her cleavage.

Sophie sipped her water and looked out the kitchen window towards the ocean. Without warning, she felt a pair of hands grab her from behind, and begin to knead and tease her breast and nipples. The man breathed into her ear and she quickly realized it was Brandon.

“Do you know how fuckin’ sexy you look in that,” he croaked, nibbling on her ear lobe and pushing his groin against her backside, all while continuing his hand movements over her cami. “You’re driving me crazy.”

“Please güvenilir bahis şirketleri stop,” Sophie stammered, very nervous (but also more than a little turned on). “My mother…”

“Shh…” Brandon replied, as he began to grind against her more insistently. “Your mother’s asleep she won’t hear a thing.” Sophie let out a soft groan as she really felt his manhood against her backside; he felt quite a bit bigger than any of her boyfriends. She let herself enjoy the sensations washing over her for a few moments, before her rational mind took over again.

“I don’t want this…” Sophie whispered, in an attempt to extricate herself from Brandon’s grasp. She managed to turn around and face him, and again saw that hungry look from the pool a few days ago. Brandon refused to loosen his grip on her.

“I know you’re lying. You want this as bad as me,” he snickered, moving his hands down to caress her stomach. “I can sense it.” With that, he put his right hand over her shorts and began fingering her slit through the fabric.

Sophie let out an “OHHHH” as her knees buckled. She grabbed onto Brandon’s shoulders for support as he began to place his hand in her shorts to directly stimulate her.

“You’re so wet baby, I knew it,” he said, almost in triumph. “Just sit back and let me do this for you. It’s gonna feel so good, like nothing you ever felt.”

Sophie quickly believed him, as she lost all touch of reality except for the bolts of pleasure between her legs. No one had ever touched her like this before, and damn the consequences, she wanted to feel more. She wanted to come; she needed to come. So she met Brandon’s intense gaze with one of her own, as she quickly built to a massive release.

Suddenly, just as she was about to hit her peak, they both heard a voice from upstairs, her mother’s. Both stopped in momentary terror.

“Brandon, are you down there?” came her mother’s voice from above. Panicked, Sophie tried to pull away from Brandon, but he held her in place and put his free hand over his mouth. He continued to manipulate her clit with his thumb as he prepared a response to her mother.

“I’ll be up in a second, just finishing off a glass of water,” he replied. Softly, he whispered in Sophie’s ear. “She won’t come down, just be quiet.”

“OK, don’t take too long, I’m ready for some fun tonight” was the response from upstairs, followed by a door closing. Brandon removed his hand from Sophie’s mouth and replaced it with his lips, engulfing her in a fiery kiss as he continued to rub between her legs. Whatever passion Sophie has lost upon hearing her mother’s voice quickly returned, and she hurdled to her peak while exchanging tongues with Brandon.

Brandon broke the kiss and sneered, “Come for me Sophie, come for me,”

“Oh, god, oh god, OH YES..” Sophie chanted, a little too loudly as she reached her release. Brandon kissed her passionately again to drown out her cries. Slowly, he removed his hand from between her legs as she recovered from her high. It was wet with her juices, and he made a point of licking his fingers in front of her. Sophie slumped to the ground against the counter as she returned to reality.

“I wish we could do more, but your mother would get suspicious,” Brandon said, as Sophie noticed the large tent in the front of his pants. “I guess I’ll have to settle for fucking your mother. Just know, as you listen to us, that I’m really imagining being inside you.”

“This isn’t over, Sophie, not by a long shot.” Brandon added as he made his way to the steps. “I’m going to enjoy all of you before this summer is over.”

As he left, Sophie attempted to regain her senses. She stayed downstairs and tried to figure out what to do (boarding the next flight back to Philadelphia seemed to be the best option). But as she began to hear faint moans wafting down the steps from her mother’s bedroom, her curiosity overcame her. When she reached the top of the steps, the moans from her mother were much louder. She ran to her room and listened to her mother’s cries and the squeaking bed springs.

“But he really wants to do that to me, mom,” thought Sophie, as she got in her bed and began to imagine Brandon on top of her, pounding away between her legs.

Logically, Sophie knew she should get the hell out of this house. But Sophie wasn’t thinking logically anymore. For the first time in her life, as her mother’s boyfriend was fingering her to orgasm, she felt superior to the great Jessica Norton. The feeling was addictive, and Sophie Walsh desperately needed to feel it again.

As she heard her mother scream in orgasm, Sophie smiled, knowing the man in that room would much rather be fucking her at the moment. She continued to smile as she drifted off to sleep, thinking of all the possibilities this summer now held.

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