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Soul “Mate”

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“DJ can you tell your mother my flight has been delayed until 2am. I wont even make it in until 4am. Damn storm.” DJ’s father Daniel said frustrated on the other end of the phone.

DJ new how important tonight and the next two nights would be to Tamara. Tamara wanted to be pregnant. She still held out hope for a little girl. His parents started dating when she was in junior high, they where having sex on a regular basis. Regular being anytime they could get together. Her parents were furious at first, but it being the 70’s, her parents were free spirits just coming off of the 60’s. They loved their daughter so much, but they made sure he would take care of her. Eventually their lives just became buddy, buddy. They allowed them to get married. Tamara’s parents where hot and mad and forced Daniel to promise that Tamara would live a good and happy life and to make sure that she received her education. Daniel showed outwardly to the world that he worshipped his wife endlessly, building for them an exquisite lifestyle anything she wanted she could have. Tamara was happier then she could be, but she was not a money grubbing whore, she just loved being a mother and a wife. She would have loved her family even if they did not have all that they did.

She raised her child with a loving but firm hand and by the time he was a teen they were best friends. DJ loved her and worshipped the ground she walked on. They would hang out together and talk endlessly. She respected his privacy and his opinion. She was the model of a woman that he looked for when he dated. He only wanted to marry someone like his mom.

DJ new she would be sad as soon as she heard Daniel would not be home until late.

She had been planning this reunion all day. Tamara was at her peak ovulating time for the next three days and she didn’t want anything to wrong

“Okay Dad, I’ll run up stairs and tell mom that you will be home late. Bye Dad, have a safe flight in.” DJ said as he hung up the phone. He was thinking about how great it was to be home, his mother will need to vent when she heard the news. DJ was home from college just earning his degree early, he was happy to be finished with exams. He was 21 and ready to live.

Running up stairs he noticed soft music coming from his mother’s bedroom, his father chose to sleep in a separate room, for his back, it has been nearly a 3 years, DJ thought he could not remember them ever have sex within those years. He thought his mom must be really, really, horny; she was going to two be supper mad once she hears his not coming. He knocked. “Come in.” his mother called from inside. Danny opened the door and noticed the room was pitch black he stepped into the room trying to get his bearings when the door slammed shut. His mother jumped on his back. Stunned and stumbling DJ regained his balance just when his mother gagged his mouth with a scarf. Know unable to speak he stud very still. He knew him and his father were the same size with DJ being three inches taller and his muscles were more defined, he hoped his mom would notice the difference and soon.

“I am so ready. I have been waiting for this night for the past month. I have stretched and I’m wet as hell. Do you feel my pussy on you back?” Tamara said humping on his bare back. DJ could feel her rubbing her nipples down through thru her pussy juices as she lowered, his cock stood at attention. She grabbed his boxers and yanked them down. “You really were ready to see me. Where did you leave your clothes, on the stairs? Did you take your Viagra on the plane? I’m sure the flight attendant loved seeing you rise.” Sara said chuckling softly. She then squeezed his ass. “Step out of your boxers, big boy.” Tamara said rubbing the palm of her hands around his waist to grab his cock. She noticed that he felt tighter and a little different, but quickly disregarded the thought, think that time might have changed him, even though in the back of her mind she new she was lying to herself, “I’m going to have fun with this tonight.” She said dropping down on her knees taking the head in her mouth sucking on it. DJ stood there to stunned to say anything. His mom was giving him a blow job. He knew he needed to stop this, he reached down to pick her up when she wrapped her tongue around his cock and squeezed with her checks sucking hard. With her right hand she grabbed his balls and pulled down. The sensation of it had him grabbing at the side of her head and arching his back. She gently released and started to pump back and forth. DJ’s hips started to slowly move with her wonderful mouth.

Tamara new she did not want him to come to soon, because her husband would not be able to get it up for a while and she did not want to waste his precious seed. She loved him, but felt they were growing distant. She wanted to make this night special. Standing she grabbed his forearm and lead him to the foot of the bed then pushed him down. “Lay down and lay very still.”

DJ stunned yet again seks hikayeleri he could not get his thoughts together. He always knew his mother was sexy she was just 34 years old, my god, he thought, he dated women her age. His cock was throbbing hard. There was nothing wrong with her body, he had even told her when she being harsh about not catching Daniels eye on certain days or at important events, she was damn sexy. He thought that laying down would be good. He wanted to rest after the work his mom did on his cock. Maybe this would help him concentrate.

Tamara rubbed her hands up her husbands legs, then planted kisses on the inside of his thighs. At his balls she sucked each one into her mouth coating it with her saliva then letting them drop. DJ new he needed to get up, but his mind was foggy from the blood running to his throbbing cock, it twitched when his mom kissed it on her way to rain down kisses over his abs. Tamara stopped to suck on each nipple licking them then lightly biting them. She could feel her husbands strong cock’s head at the opening of her pussy lips. She gently rubbed over the head coating her lips with his pre-cum. She could feel him shiver. He must have been waiting for her touch. She moaned softly.

She eased up to his face. “I’m going to take the scarf off, but I don’t want you to say a word.” When she removed the scarf she tossed it to the side. He was just about to open his mouth when she thrust her mouth on his and her pussy on his cock. Her tongue was magic in his mouth, but the realization that his sword was buried to the hilt in his mother sent him over the edge. Never had he thought of what it would feel like, her pussy awoke in him a sexual beast. He wanted her, he wanted to own her pussy. His cock new it’s mate.

She knew it had been a very long time since the last time her and her husband had sex. But she would not have guessed her pussy would have gotten tighter. His dick was huge. Her mind was screaming something was wrong, but her body was craving this new husband. She was amazed at the never before experienced sensation of her pussy being stretched and being filled so completely. She thought that the Viagra must have him on over drive. She continued to work her tongue in his mouth, then changed rhythm and started to suck on it like a cock.

His mom was driving him crazy. He grabbed her slim waist and rolled over on top of her, pushing her thighs further apart to accept his weight. DJ knew that he could never call her mom again, she just became Tamara in his heart. Tamara ran her hands under his arms and wrapped them under his pits and clawed her nails in the top of his shoulders. Still she sucked on his tongue, mixing their saliva then swallowing their sweet blend. DJ couldn’t hold out any longer. Tamara knew she was in love with this new man all over again when her husband started to thrust into her womb. She was in heaven. She opened her legs further, to give him better entrance. DJ slowly backed out then thrust forward, the walls of his moms pussy and the wet warmth sang its sweet song, quivering and pulsing along his shaft. Tamara released her hold on his lips and arched her back as her husband thrust forward with such force she could have sworn he had touched her cervix and entered fully. She knowing that thought was impossible her husband was only 5 inches long. She must be imagining a larger cock. Even when she was sucking it she thought it had to be the Viagra.

DJ roared and a beast was unleashed and started to hammer into her pussy.

“Oh, My, Sweet, Lord.” Tamara said between thrust. She was indeed in heaven. She throw her legs high on his back locking them there. She dug her nails in and held on for dear sweet life.

All of a sudden DJ stopped when Tamara spoke. “Don’t move.” His mother whispered into his ear. “Do you feel that. Oh it’s so sweet.” DJ bent down and sank his teeth into her shoulder. Their body’s tensed up ready to spring. Her pussy and his cock pulsed as one. With each pulse sent shocks through their bodies. Each shock was intensified with his cock so tightly fitted in her pussy. DJ eased his cock back.

“Oh My G…..” Tamara’s scream was cut short when DJ slammed his mouth on top of hers and slammed forward sending Tamara into a hard orgasm that rocked her body. Colors flashed behind her eyelids as wave after wave of her orgasm racked over her. Sweet heaven was all so could thing of as her husband finished with four intense strokes and then released a sold blast of cum that coated the inside of her cervix.

DJ new ecstasy the moment he released. His jism started at the base of his cock and rolled like a boulder through a pin hole, erupting in a glories release he would never be able to forget. He never wanted to forget this moment.

Tamara rode under her husband as he emptied his life giving essence into her, she smiled and new this was better then she could have thought of. “Thank escort gaziantep şişman bayan you, Thank you, Thank you.” She whispered over and over in his ear. She did not want to break the magic that was in the air. Her husband relaxed on top of her and kissed his bite mark that he branded her with. She smiled knowing that she would wear it with honor. She released her legs to relax. They were so wobbly, she new she would sleep good to night as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

DJ was to weak to move, but he new the moment his mother had fallen asleep. He eased out with a plop. Rolling over on the side of the bed he put his head in his hands and wondered what the fuck he had just down. He knew that this could end his relationship with his parents. Standing up, listening to his mothers deep even breathing he cut on the bedroom light and turned the knob down so it would bath the room in a soft glow. He looked over to his mothers sleeping form on the bed. She was laying flat on her back with her arms and legs spread out on either side of her. God she was beautiful he thought as he crossed the room. He lifted her with one arm her head dropped on his shoulder not breaking her breathing pattern. He reached down and pulled back the covers and eased her down on her side, she pulled herself into a fetal passion, with her hands curled under her head. He bent down and placed a kiss on her head. She smiled and snuggled further down under the cover.

He left out grabbing his boxer shorts off the floor, cutting out the light and shutting the door he headed to his bedroom to take a shower.

A little after 3:30 his dad arrived home. DJ got up and went to the door opening it he noticed his father stumble. “Hey Dad, welcome back.”

“I’m glad to back. I think I’ve had to many cocktails on the plane. I hope your moms asleep.” His Dad said, stopping at the door.

“I think she’s passed out. She had a really good work out earlier.” DJ said grinning.

“She does like her workouts. Thanks kiddo. See you in the morning. Night.” Daniel said stepping into his wife’s room.

DJ eased into the bed and feel fast asleep.

Daniel stripped down bare to tired to wake his wife he snuggled up behind her and feel fast asleep, knowing that she would be long gone before he work up in the morning.

The next morning DJ was in the kitchen when his mom strolled in. His heart was racing.

“Hi, honey. I’m headed downtown for a me day. Can you make sure you tell your father I’ll see him tonight when he gets in.” She said bending over and giving him a kiss on the head before grabbing an apple while whistling as she left out the side door.

“Could she really not have known. Did they not talk to each other?” DJ whispered to himself once he heard her car start and pull away from the house.

DJ was outside shutting some hops when he noticed his father. He thought that his fathers build was similar to his, but could kind of see how she would not have known and they had not made love in over three years. He only knew this because his mother had slipped up and told her over dinner one night. His father was 54 and constantly complained of back pains and having to leave for work business staying gone for months at a time.

DJ had been in plenty pussies in college, he could count the number of co-ed’s and professors he’d fucked. None of them measured up to the emotional connection he expected, his mom had spoiled him with openness and ability to share secrets. He saw her as a friend, his best friend. But he wondered why his mothers pussy was supper tight, but surely his old man was as hung as he was. “Hey Dad, you want to shoot some hoops?”

“No can’t I have an important meeting to get to. Catch up later, okay.” His dad said holding up his briefcase and then easing in to his Mercedes. DJ knew that his dad would never shot with him, he never did. He grabbed his towel and water bottle, waved to his dad and went inside to take a shower and do some much needed thinking about his situation with his sexy ass young mom.

Later that night the house phone rang as he grabbed it up he heard loud music in the background, then he heard his father’s voice. “Hello.” DJ said.

“Hey, is your mom home.”

“No not yet.”

“Can you tell your mother I’m going to be real late tonight, maybe not until two or three in the morning. There was an unannounced important dinner meeting with some Asian business clients, and they really like to party. Please, tell her how sorry I am, okay.”

“Yeah dad I got you covered.”

“Thanks, bye.” DJ heard the line die and then he hung up. His mind went into over drive. The beast woke from his slumber. He new his thoughts were wrong, but her pussy called to him. He just could not get the memory of how sweet it felt, he new he had to have another stab at it. His cock jumped at the thought of going home to heaven between escort gaziantep sınırsız bayan her legs.

Two hours later his mom walked through the door. “Have you heard from your dad today? I couldn’t get him on my cell and I never received a call from him. That is so not like him.”

DJ ran over to his mother and grabbed her bags. “Yeah he called and said that he would be home late tonight. Where do you want your bags?”

“Up in my room.” Tamara told her son as she headed up stairs in front of him. Damn she thought her husband would be home by now she wanted to get started early on their love session. She looked at her watch it read five after nine. She hoped to see him soon.

DJ’s eyes were glued to her ass. It was delicious, two plump halves. His mother did a lot of working out and it was paying off, her calves rocked, her thighs were lean and mean and her ass sat high. Yeah he was in heaven last night and he wanted to go back there tonight.

As they entered the room they placed the bags on the bed. “Thanks, honey. I’m going to take a shower and then head to bed. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” DJ said as he existed the room leaving a crack in the door behind him. His cock was raging in his pants. He headed to his room to take a shower and wait.


Stepping out of her shower she looked at her body. Tamara knew her body looked good. There was not an ounce of extra fat, no tan lines, and she had not one bulging muscle. She loved the long and lean look. She turned to she her ass in the mirror. “Yep, that looks good to.” She said as she gave it a shake. Daniel hardly ever gave her breast or ass attention, in 20 years of marriage she could hardly remember a time when he had kissed sucked or even petted her. He didn’t even want her breast, 38DD’s. O’ well, she thought as she cut the light off in the bedroom. She thought about putting on one of the new lingerie’s she had purchased, then deciding to skip that part and go to bed nude.

DJ was leaning against his door jam with his arms crossed across his bare chest and his legs crossed at the ankles. For the past hour he watched his mothers door. The lights had went out and he heard his mother climb on her bed, and the beast in him sprang awoke. It was as if he was a wild animal stocking its prey. Gone was the parent child relationship. He could hear his mates pussy calling him. His cock was on full alert. He wanted his woman, so he had waited patiently, waiting to spring. His eyes locked on his prize.

He straightened his body and strode to her door opening the door and closes it quickly behind him. Not before noticing that she was sleeping on her stomach, ass turned up, waiting for him. His senses are heightened, he recognizes her breathing pattern, she is sleeping deeply. He makes it to the foot of the bed, climbing up to her side he wakes her by putting his hand on her side and turning her over. “Shhhhh.” he says as he puts his finger over her mouth to show her his meaning.

Tamara’s eyes fly open, his words and motion with his hand eased her fears. She knows her husband has come home. She can feel her pussy twitch and she felt her juices flow. Damn he was home and he was horny. She new she was going back to heaven.

DJ moved his hand down to her breast to cup the left one which was closets to him and he lowered his lips to it and kissed the nipple. Licking it, he felt her back arch. His mate liked this action, so he repeated the action. Taking the nipple between his lips he sucked and licked until it thrust upward as hard as a rock, then he moved over to the other breast repeating his actions on it until he had two very alert nipples.

Tamara was delirious with pleasure, this “new” Daniel was incredible.

He feathered kisses down her stomach when he reached her belly button he licked long strokes over and in then out of her navel. Over and over he did this until her lower abs where completely wet. He could tell that his mate was happy, she moaned and wiggled, but the way he really knew was by her scent. The smell was intoxicating he new she was ready. He positioned himself between her legs, bent down and sniffed her scent, embedding it to memory, she would not be able to go far with out him knowing it. She was his. The beast was ready to eat.

Tamara couldn’t believe the incredible foreplay her husband was performing. The last thing she thought her husband would ever do, he did. He lowered his head took his tongue and long stroked her clean shaven pussy ending with the clit. Tamara went wild, she wanted to climb the walls. It felt so good to her. DJ shot his left arm out to land smack in between her breast to keep her still, positioning his right hand to cup her ass, he brought her pussy to his mouth again feasting on her sweet nectar. He could hear her moan as she clutched his left arm, her legs were swaying in and out finally her knees rested on his shoulders. He licked and stroked her juices, lapping at her enter lips coming out to touch on her clit. He could feel her body tense, he knew she was close, so he concentrated on her clit licking and sucking, sucking and licking, when he knew she was ready, he attacked thrusting his tongue upward to press and hold her clit. Tamara burst with a mind blowing orgasm. She bit down on her lip not to scream out and bring down the house.

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