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Speed Dating

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Wednesday night and I was making my way to a speed dating meeting organised by the local LGBT group in a pub in the pink triangle of Edinburgh. It was a warm evening and I had my jacket over my arm. I was dressed to impress, pair of chinos and a yellow shirt and a new pair of brown casual shoes. I topped it off with the delicate scent of a nice Gucci aftershave. I was walking quickly, not wanting to be late.

I reached the pub and walked in. First impression was the number of young people and I sighed. I was hoping to meet someone tonight and this wasn’t looking good. I bought myself a beer and took a seat, casually looking around the pub. I spotted one or two who looked my age, mid fifties. Then I spotted another guy walking in the door. Now he looked nice. I would, undoubtedly, meet him later on when the speed dating started.

One of the organisers blew a whistle to get everyone’s attention. Once the pub quietened down, she explained what was going to happen. She passed out numbered badges which we pinned to our chests. The plan was that all the odd numbers remained seated while the even numbers moved from chair to chair. Three minutes and she would blow her whistle to change seats.

I looked around the room, there must be around twenty people, women and men here. The three guys about my age stood looking as nervous as I did. One of them, the guy that walked in after me, was looking in my direction.

I thought I was in reasonable shape for my age, I was well dressed and groomed, maybe I was in with a chance. The whistle blew and the odd numbers took their seats. The even numbers slowly took a seat across from the odd numbers. I was sitting opposite a woman. She didn’t seem a stranger to speed dating. Quickly, she told me her name, what she did for a living and, amusingly, told me she was into girls, sorry and all that. I smiled, rattling out my name and occupation and pointing out I was here for the guys. She laughed, which broke the ice. She did most of the chatting until the whistle blew. All the even numbers moved one chair clockwise.

This time I was sitting across from a young guy who was very pleasant. He spent most of the three minutes talking about himself, hoping to meet a guy his own age. He kept looking to his left where there was a guy his own age. He was obviously more interested in him, not that I was at all bothered.

Next turn and I was next to one of the guys my age. We got on okay, given we only had three minutes. I liked him but it was someone else I was interested in. On it went, from one seat to the other. Once we were half way round, it dawned on me. The guy I was interested in was an even number. How do we meet if we are on the same side?

I met some really interesting people, men and women, but none I was attracted to. Nobody yet that I wanted to go on a date with. The organiser blew her whistle and got our attention. The sides were eleven each, twenty two of us in total. I could see the logistical problem of what happens next and wondered what would they do. My group had met all the odd numbers but not any of the even numbers.

We stayed in our groups and split into different parts of the pub. Half the even numbers sat down and the rest worked along the circle, being as charming as they could before the whistle blew. I have to say, everybody was very polite and had interesting things to say.

Finally, the guy I was interested in sat down across from me. God, he had lovely brown eyes. He shook my hand, gripping it firmly, and introduced himself as Gordon. Interested in cycling, swimming, walking, reading and music. Gosh, so was I. We quickly realised we had so much in common. Just as I was getting to know Gordon, the whistle blew.

That just left a handful of people who still hadn’t been introduced and they worked among themselves until everyone in the pub had been introduced to everyone else. The next stage was something which I thought was maybe not such a good idea. With everyone having met everyone else, each of us, hopefully, had met someone we were attracted to. People looked around, not fully understanding what they had to do next. The organiser xslot repeated, ‘walk up to the person you would like to date.’

I saw the first girl looking, as three other girls made a beeline for her. I walked towards Gordon as both the other guys made a move too. Gosh, this didn’t seem very fair. Some people stood still while others walked from one person to another. One guy had beaten me to Gordon, he was looking at me. The other guy grabbed my hand and shook it. This was wrong, I didn’t fancy him at all. Others were thinking the same thing. One or two were leaving, their confidence obviously shaken at the rejection. No, this wasn’t well thought out at all. Some people were getting hurt. I told the guy with me that I was sorry but I was wanting to date someone else. He wasn’t very happy.

I looked at Ian, he smiled, mouthing what looked like ‘save me…’ I walked up to Ian, shaking his hand while he apologised to the guy at his side. More people were walking out, I asked Gordon if he wanted to leave and we could find another quieter pub. He grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair and followed me out. There was another pub just a few doors down and we walked into that. I was surprised to see two or three people who had been at the speed dating.

I bought Gordon a beer and sat next to him. For the next hour, we spoke about our lives. Like me, Gordon was divorced, worked as a Fireman and was bi, leaning more towards gay. He hadn’t had a boyfriend for ages and had come along to the speed dating, hoping to meet someone. He listened as I spoke about my life, which was similar to Gordon’s in many respects.

I plucked up my courage and asked him if he would like to go on a date with me. He smiled and said ‘yes.’ We agreed to meet outside the cinema at ten o’clock on Saturday and then go for a swim at the Royal Commonwealth pool afterwards. I was so pleased he said yes. I would love getting to know more about him.

The days past slowly as I looked forward to Saturday. I kept seeing his face in my mind, and these gorgeous eyes. Yes, I fancied Gordon, a lot.

I arrived ten minutes early, not wanting to give the impression that I wasn’t punctual. I had my swimming kit in a bag over my shoulder. I saw Gordon in the distance, walking down the hill to meet me. He looked confident, the casual way he walked. He kissed me on the cheek, shaking my hand warmly. In that moment, I breathed in the manly scent of him. What a charming way to greet me.

We entered the cinema and I bought our tickets and walked towards the theater. We were going to see ‘Fast and Furious.’ He led the way as we walked to our seats, just as the film started. His arm rested against mine on the arm rest between our seats. It was an entertaining film, very enjoyable and we laughed and joked as we left the cinema, walking to the bus stop for the swimming pool. We sat beside each other on the short journey, each shake of the bus knocking us into each other.

I thought Gordon was fit but I didn’t expect a six pack. He looked amazing as he stood under the shower at the swimming pool. I was fit but I was carrying more weight than was good for me. I pulled in my stomach as I showered next to him. I caught him looking at the bulge in my swimming trunks and he caught me looking at his. We smiled, far from disappointed.

I followed him into the pool. It was cold, I didn’t expect it to be so cold. Gordon was off, swimming to the other side. I tried to keep up but he was a very strong swimmer, he reached the side and turned round, watching me struggle towards him. He laughed and he had lovely teeth. God, he’s a real hunk for his age. I warmed more and more to him. We swam, much slower, and chatted as we did our lengths.

The time flew by and I was disappointed to see the message for blue bands to get out of the pool. Was that really an hour we had been swimming? At the end of it, we had realised so many other things we had in common with each other. I followed him back to the showers. He was very well defined, a strong muscular back and firm arms. His ass was also well shaped. This guy must be serious on working xslot Giriş out to have a body like that. I pulled my stomach in again and went into the showers with him. I watched as he showered, God, he’s seriously hunky. I imagined his strong arms around me, I wondered how well endowed he was, having some idea at the bulge in his swimming trunks. Such naughty thoughts made me grin, I wondered how close Gordon and I would get.

We sat in the pub near the pool. He was very tactile, touching me as he spoke. My foot was against his and we were leaning forward, close to each other. He spoke of his holiday to Rio, with his wife and what a great time they had, before the divorce. Like me, Gordon lost all his security after the divorce, living in rented accommodation and resigned to never owning a house again. My ex wife also found that out. We were both renting, having had to sell the house and share whatever profit we made. No, there were no winners, divorced people always suffer, to some degree.

I asked Gordon if he would like to come back to my flat, for a coffee. He quickly agreed and we finished our beer and left. Half an hour later, I was leading him up the long stairs to my flat on the top floor. I showed him round and went to make a coffee for us. I passed him his coffee and sat down on the settee beside him. By now, both of us were relaxed with each other. Getting on famously, in fact. His leg was right next to mine, touching it.

We spoke about our sexuality, how difficult it is for suitable men of our age to meet. I told him I met my first man after I got divorced. Completely unexpected but made me realise I must be bisexual or gay. I had only been with four men, something else Gordon and I had in common.

I took his cup from him and placed it down on the coffee table. I put my hand on his knee and looked into his eyes. He put his hand on mine and leaned towards me. I kissed him, for the first time. He gripped my arm as we kissed. He was a very gentle kisser, teasing my lips with his tongue. God, I fancied him.

I asked him if he would like to go to bed, holding my breath as I waited. ‘I’d love to,’ he said.

I stood up, took his hand and led him to my bedroom. We stood there kissing, our arms around each other. He unbuttoned my shirt as I did the same to him. I pulled his shirt over his muscular shoulders. God, he was fit. My hands ran over his chest, teasing his nipples. He had quite a hairy chest and very well defined, I breathed in his scent, the scent of a man.

Slowly, I unbuckled his belt, unzipped him and brushed my hand against his cock. I let his trousers drop and he stepped out of them. He continued to undress me as I put my fingers inside his under pants. He was soft and I moaned. I just love making my man hard, seeing his cock grow. I let his underpants drop and we stood there naked, kissing.

I felt thrills running down my back as I fondled Gordon’s balls and felt his cock getting bigger. I lay down on the bed, rubbing his cock. He sat down beside me, slowly wanking me. He got in beside me and we lay there, our cocks touching and my hands around him, stroking his muscular back. I felt my cock responding to Gordon’s touch. He was also getting excited, as my hands continued to fondle him.

He turned round and slipped down the bed, moaning as he took my cock in his mouth. I shivered as his lips touched my head, licking the really sensitive part beneath my head. I moaned. I focused on his cock and I licked his head, tracing the shape of it with my tongue. He was quite big once he was erect, in fact his cock looked lovely. I wanked him, moving my head taking him fully in my mouth. He was breathing heavily.

I just love sucking cock like this. Both of us pleasuring each other. I love getting my man hard and taking him all the way. I just love it. I was so excited. I felt Gordon thrust deeply into my mouth, meeting my thrust. God, this was nice. I relaxed as I felt my orgasm building. I love being so relaxed and letting it gradually wash all over me. It’s a nicer orgasm, more intense. I wanked Gordon faster and faster into my mouth. I was completely xslot Güncel Giriş focused on his cock. His head was pulsating, I could taste the precum.

I stiffened, just at the same time Gordon stiffened in my mouth. We both knew what that meant. I relaxed fully, feeling the sensation growing and growing. I gripped Gordon’s cock tighter and released as I quickly wanked him. Suddenly, I moaned loudly and smiled as I felt my spunk shooting into his mouth. Moments later, I felt Gordon explode in my mouth. I moaned louder and louder as I spurted again and again. He swallowed as much as he could but some was spilling out of his mouth. I met each thrust as Gordon filled my mouth, swallowing quickly. God, he tasted so nice. I swirled some of his spunk around in my mouth, savouring the taste and texture of it. I swallowed it and smiled at Gordon. He was squeezing the last drops of my spunk and licking it. He moved up the bed and we lay together. I had my arm around him and his head rested on my chest. God, I love this feeling. I always feel so contented as I lie there, holding my man. I loved the intimacy not just of having sex but what happens after sex, as we lie there in another world.

I kissed him, tasting my spunk in his mouth. I love the taste of spunk, Gordon agreed with me and laughed. We chatted as we lay there, wrapped up in each others arms. I drifted away, holding his hand. The sun was coming in the window and we were cast in a sunbeam. This added to the lovely warm feeling I felt.

We must have fallen asleep. I woke first and lay on my side, my arm on Gordon’s chest. He opened his eyes. I smiled and kissed him. He responded. The sun still shone in the window and I felt more and more dreamy. I caressed Gordon as he purred with delight. I felt myself stiffen. I reached for his cock and slowly wanked him, squeezing his cock as I made it grow. It didn’t take me long to get Gordon in the mood. He writhed against me as he wanked my cock.

I reached over to the bedside table and took out my lube. I rubbed it into his cock, feeling it stiffen more in my hand. I rubbed more lube on my ass and sat up on my knees. He rubbed his cock over my ass, teasing my balls with it. I felt his cock push gently against my asshole, I relaxed taking more and more of his cock in me. God, I just love the feeling. I tensed my ass muscles, gripping the base of his cock. He pushed in and then slowly pulled back out, right to the tip before thrusting slowly back in me. In and out he rode me and I was really enjoying it. ‘Fuck me, Gordon, as hard as you like, let me feel it inside me,’ I moaned.

I love the sensation of a cock exploding in my ass and it didn’t take long for Gorden to shoot his load inside me. Several times, he thrust as he emptied his cock. God, that was fucking nice. He slowly pulled out of me and collapsed on top of me. I could feel his spunk dripping down my leg.

He recovered quite quickly and rubbed lube over my cock and turned round on his side, his ass towards me. I put an arm around him as I slowly pushed my cock inside him. Slowly and carefully, he relaxed as he took more and more of my cock. Finally I was there. I held him tightly against me as I fucked him. God, it felt so nice. It didn’t take me long before I was beginning to feel it building up in me. Oh, this was going to be a good one. I relaxed as I fucked him, waiting while the sensations intensified. God, I shook as my cock exploded in his ass. Time and again, I pumped more spunk into him. He gripped my arm, sharing the moment with me.

Once again, we lay beside each other. His ass pushed against my groin and my arms around him, holding him tight. Once again, we drifted off to that place an orgasm takes you. We dozed, both of us feeling good.

It was late and Gordon had to go. I did offer for him to stay but he had to get sorted for his work in the morning. I wondered what he looked like in his fireman’s uniform.

We hugged as we kissed in my doorway. He gave my cock a squeeze before he turned round and went down the stairs. He stopped part way and looked back, waving to me as he disappeared down the stairs. Until Wednesday, when we had arranged to meet again for dinner, I thought. God, that was so exciting. I hoped to meet a nice guy but I didn’t think I could be so lucky, Gordon was a real hunk and we had mind blowing sex, God, I had fallen for him. I couldn’t wait for Wednesday.

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