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Spiral Ch. 04

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“She’s fuckin’ what?” exclaimed Alyson.

“She’s flying out here from Atlanta, tomorrow.” responded Jim.

“And when – exactly – were you going to ask me if I wanted to meet her?” asked Alyson, feeling furious at his – what?.. presumption, damn right, she thought who the hell was he to presume she wanted to meet her mother.

He responded to her unspoken thought, “Alyson, I’m your brother, your twin, I know you want to.”

Alyson thought, you know, this twin brain wave stuff could be a pain. He’s right; I do want to meet her. She took a breath and said, “You’re right. Okay, when and where.”

“2 pm, at the airport.”

So, here she was, with Jim… the airport… 2 pm, standing and waiting on the other side of the security barrier. She reviewed in her mind the peculiar relationship mother and son had had while Jim was growing up.

Rather then keep him as her own child, Ellen – or more exactly her mother – had arranged for Jim to be adopted by herself – his grandmother. So, for the first 13 years of his life his grandmother had raised him while his real mother had gone to college, gotten married and then divorced. Jim only knew his real mother as a cousin who appeared occasionally, then disappeared. It was during the divorce that his true relationship to her had come out. The divorce had been significant enough to rate a few inches of column in the Atlanta Journal and a friend at school had shown it to him.

He had confronted his adopted mama/real grandmother with the article when he got home from school that day. She had called her daughter and that evening all three had sat down and thrashed it out. The net result had been that Jim still referred to his mother as Ellen, his grandmother as Mama, and Ellen had begun visiting more frequently.

Alyson saw her first, recognizing her from a photo Jim had shown her. She tried to view her mother, for just a moment, as objectively as she could. Intelligent looks, expensive but not flashy clothing, and physically – a well-shaped body. She nudged Jim and pointed her out with a lifting of her chin.

“Ellen”, he spoke just a bit above normal volume as he walked towards her. She turned towards him and then quickly moved. They met, came into each other’s arms, and kissed.

Alyson looked on, her amazement growing, as the kiss went beyond a quick kiss between mother and son. Finally they broke apart and Ellen turned to her a little breathless.

“Alyson?” she said, part statement, part query.

Alyson could feel tears start to well up in her eyes as she looked at her mother face to face for the first time in her life. Their arms went out and Alyson and Ellen just held each other, very close.

Finally, with a sniffle, Alyson pulled her head away to look into her mother’s teary face. They found they just couldn’t talk or let go of each other. With their arms around each other’s waist they walked to a quiet section of the waiting area while Jim went to claim Ellen’s luggage.

Talking had turned out to be more difficult then the shared emotionalism of the hug, but it finally came in fits and starts. Alyson’s talking came down to two main questions – why had Ellen given her up and what the hell escort gaziantep suriyeli bayan was that kiss with Jim all about?

“I’ll take the easier question first”, said Ellen sighed, and “I gave you up because I was young, selfish and stupid. I was 15 when I got pregnant and, by the time my mother and I got through with the fighting it was too late for an abortion. Because of the possibility of a scandal, mama insisted I not go to the hospital, even when yours and Jim’s birth turned out to be a difficult one.”

“A scandal, yes, especially with me being black.” interjected Alyson.

“Come on Alyson, we didn’t know that until you were born. But once you were, well yes, that did add to the problem.” responded Ellen. “I was ill for close to 3 months afterwards and mama ended up arranging everything concerning you and Jim. To be brutally honest, afterwards – when I got better – I really didn’t object too strongly. Oh, there was yelling and everything with mama, but I think she could tell my heart just wasn’t in it. So I went on and worked out my own life, such as it became. The only good part I’ve had has been watching Jim grow up and even that I almost missed if it hadn’t been for the divorce.”

“You mean about Jim confronting you and his grandmother about you being his mother?” queried Alyson.

“Yes.” responded Ellen.

“Okay,” said Alyson, “that sort of answers my first question, but what about the second, that greeting with Jim?”

At that point Jim appeared with Ellen’s luggage and in the ensuing move out to Jim’s car, the question was put on hold. When they got to Jim’s car, Alyson sat up front with him, while Ellen got into the back seat. Once the car got underway, Alyson turned to Ellen repeated the question.

“Is there something going on between you and Jim?”

Ellen looked at her then moved her eyes to look at Jim’s reflection in the rear view mirror. He gave her a slight nod. She responded to Alyson.

“Yes, Alyson, there is.”

Jim expanded on the point saying, “Ellen and I have been screwing since I was in college. Do you have an issue with that Alyson? But first, think about it before you say anything,”

Alyson turned to face the front and spoke very deliberately.

“So let me get this straight. I’ve just met the woman who happens to be the mother who basically threw me away at birth and find out the loving brother I’ve been fucking like a mink for the past week is also into screwing his/my mother. And you want to know if I have an issue with that?”

“Yes”, replied Jim.

Alyson glanced back at her mother who was sitting calmly looking at her.

“You know about me and Jim fucking then?” Alyson asked her.

“Yes, Alyson, I do, so you can’t shock me with that.” she replied.

Alyson turned to Jim asking, “So, it was okay for her to know about us, but for some reason it wasn’t okay for me to know about the two of you?”

“Okay didn’t come into it”, Jim replied, “I just didn’t see what good it would do for you to know and I didn’t want it to prejudice you towards Ellen.”

“Anymore than it does now?” Alyson shot back.

“Yes.” escort gaziantep türbanlı bayan replied Jim.

Alyson turned to face the front of the car and sat with her arms rigidly folded across her chest. They drove like this for several minutes, in heavy silence. Finally, Alyson sighed in resignation and spoke.


“No, what?” asked Jim.

“No, I don’t have an issue with it… except one.”

“Which is?” asked Jim.

“How are we going to work out who sleeps where – and with whom?” Alyson responded.

That broke the ice and the heavy silence quickly turned into a 3-way conversation about their respective pasts. Ellen was staying at Alyson’s, so they unpacked there and then went out sightseeing. That evening they had dinner at one of the city’s better restaurants, finally ending up back at Alyson’s.

Somehow Ellen and Jim ended up on the sofa while Alyson reclined in one of the easy chairs. Jackets were gone and shoes – at least the women’s – were kicked off onto the floor. Jim had been rubbing the back of Ellen’s neck and she slowly, tiredly turned towards him saying, “You better start something soon Jim or I’m going to go right to sleep. Remember, it’s three hours later for me.”

With that Jim leaned over and kissed her on the lips letting it grow into a full, passionate, tongue swapping lip lock. Part way through the kiss their hands started moving over each other’s bodies. Jim started unbuttoning the front of blouse, kissing her torso where each button had lain. Ellen arched her back as he pulled the blouse out from her skirt. He then reached around in back of her, unclasping her bra. Simultaneously, Ellen was unbuttoning Jim’s shirt.

Alyson was watching all this from her chair, half seeing it as a rerun of her and Jim’s first night on the same sofa.

They broke the kiss and shrugged their loose upper clothing onto the floor. Alyson had a glimpse of Ellen’s breasts before Jim started bathing them with tongue and lips. They were fuller and rounder then hers, with larger aureoles, but smaller nipples. The breasts were not as perky as hers were, but then, she thought slyly, hers were 24 years younger.

As she watched the kiss resume, she started to feel herself getting wetter between her legs as her nipples started to rise on her breasts. She brought the fingertips of her right hand up to left breast and began slowly massaging its nipple.

Jim was beginning to move his left hand up Ellen’s skirt until he encountered her, now wet, panty crotch. He pushed them aside and began pushing his fingers into her slit. As soon as his fingers hit her clit, Ellen exploded.

“Ohhhhh ggggod, I’m cummmmming.” she screamed. Her legs beat a tattoo against the sofa until her orgasm subsided.

Sheepishly she looked around and said by way of explanation, “It’s been a while… actually since the last time you were home at Christmas, Jim.”

Ellen stood and stripped her skirt and panties onto the floor. Jim stood and did the same. Ellen moved to him and put her hand to Jim’s cock. After massaging it slowly for a while, she slowly lowered herself onto escort gaziantep ücreti elden alan bayan the sofa positioning herself with her legs spread without letting go of Jim’s cock. She pulled him down onto her and positioned him at her cunt.

Jim slowly pushed into her, she arched her back, drawing her breath in as she bit down on her lower lip.

Ellen turned her head to look over at her daughter. Alyson now had her fingers up her short skirt and was slowly masturbating herself.

Ellen spoke, “He’s a hell of fuck isn’t he?”

“Yeah,” Alyson said, “one hell of a fuck.”

Ellen then returned her attention to her son as he began rotating his hips into her. He dipped his head during some thrusts to softly bite her nipples and pull them from her breasts before letting them go. After a few moments he began to pick up the pace as Ellen moved her hips in response to his motion. Alyson, in response, began to pick up her pace too.

The room was filled with just the sound of Ellen’s and Jim’s bodies pistoning into each other and their increasingly heavy breathing. On occasion, the sound of their breathing became synchronized so at times it seemed only one of them was breathing.

Alyson, watching her brother screwing her mother, began prompting them.

“Fuck her Jim, fuck the bitch. Shoot into her, let her feel it, slam her Bro, slam her good… AIYEE, I’m cumming.”

Jim began responding.

“Oh god… yeah… fuck her… fuck her… that’s what I’m doin’ Sis. I’m cumming, I’m cummin….!!”

Ellen, listening to her son’s and daughter’s vocalizations felt her own orgasm building.

“Alyson… look at us… Jim – my son – your brother, he’s shooting his cum into me – your mother – I can feel it… it’s building in me… yeah… yeah… oh god… I’m cumming… cumming.”

Their cries and gasps became more ragged and drawn out as they came down from their high.

Alyson was startled when she heard Jim give a quiet chuckle.

“Look at Ellen.” he said.

She did and realized Ellen was asleep with Jim’s cock still in her.

She motioned for Jim to stay where he was and went down the hallway into the bathroom. She returned with a warm, wet hand towel and carried it over to the sofa.

She pushed it between Ellen and Jim as Jim slowly pulled himself out of his mother. He gasped with pleasure as the warm towel wrapped around his prick. He pulled himself away to sit at the far end of the sofa. Then looked on in amazement as Alyson slowly began licking her mother’s mons and then began moving into her slit.

Ellen stirred in her sleep and opened her legs at a position to make herself more accessible to whatever was causing her to feel so good. Alyson began sucking on her mother’s labia causing them to contract and expel Jim’s cum in a steady flow into her mouth. She kept on licking until she felt the flow stopped.

She lifted her head and turned to look at Jim. She shook her head in disbelief at his rock hard cock.

She stood and motioned for Jim to take their mother down the hallway to the condo’s guestroom. She followed him down to the room and turned down the bed so Jim could slip her into it. They pulled the covers up and each, in turn, gave her a kiss on the lips while she continued sleeping, a slight smile on her face.

They walked out of the room, Alyson turning off the light and closing the door behind them. She turned to Jim and said.

“Well, bother, now let’s see if you can nail me as well as you did our mother.”

Jim smiled at her use of ‘our mother’ and responded.

“It will be your pleasure.”

She smacked his ass.

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