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Stacy Comes to Study

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A couple years later, I was still in college, but I had moved back home and transferred to a college in my hometown. My parents had some friends who had a daughter named Stacy. She was a freshman studying computers at the same school where I was attending. I had only met her a couple of times, but she seemed nice enough. She was sort of skinny, with straight black hair that fell just past her shoulders. She didn’t seem to use much make-up, but then again, she didn’t really seem to need it much.

One day my mom came home and told me that Stacy had asked if I could help her with some homework, and wondered if it would be OK for Stacy to come over and see me the next day. I told her I didn’t mind. I like to talk about computers, and figured if I could help a fellow student out at the same time, why not. Mom arranged with Stacy’s mother for her to come over to see me the next afternoon.

Stacy arrived right on time as arranged, and I led her to the dining room so she could set her books down on the table. I took the time to look her over more closely this time, and noticed she had a fairly thin figure with smallish breasts. She was wearing a white cotton blouse, that was just slightly transparent, and slightly tight blue jeans. By looking closely at the front of her blouse, I could just make out the outline of a white lace bra, supporting the smallish breasts I mentioned earlier. She pulled out some computer books from the backpack she’d brought and set them down on the table. I asked her how I could help, and she showed me some exercises she’d been assigned and asked me to help her with them. I explained to her what was needed, and she nodded in understanding.

One thing was troubling me though. What she’d asked me about didn’t seem all that difficult. And Stacy seemed to understand everything I said immediately. It was almost as if she knew the answers already. Then it occurred to me that perhaps she didn’t need help at all. Perhaps she’d only wanted an excuse to get to know me better. A million ideas raced through my mind all at once, but I tried to keep cool. I hadn’t ever been much of a ladies’ man, so I wasn’t really sure how to handle this situation. I’d never had a girl express more than a casual interest in me before. Still, if I was right, and Stacy was interested in more that just my computer skills, I might be able to take advantage of this situation. I decided to go out on a limb and see what would happen.

I closed the books we were studying and asked Stacy, “You seem like a bright student. Did you really come here just to get help with your homework?”

I was completely unprepared for what came next. Stacy looked me straight in the eye and said,”I was wondering ataşehir escort how long it would take you to figure it out. Silly boy, of course I don’t need any help with my homework. I came here to get laid. But first I have a present for you.”

I was too stunned by her directness to do anything but sit dumbfouded. It was just as well, because what she did next required no effort on my part, and I wouldn’t have wanted to stop her anyway. Stacy stood up directly in front of me and started to rock back and forth slowly on her feet. Then she started to let her hips sway just a little bit. Next she put her hands on her hips, and after swaying back and forth another minute or so, slowly moved her hands up to her breasts, without letting them leave her body. She cupped her breasts and then leaned forward slightly and asked, “Would you like to suck my tits?”

I was still slightly dazed by the sight of this schoolboy’s fantasy being played out in my dining room, so I didn’t answer right away. She didn’t seem to mind though. Smirking a little at my discomforture, she moved her hands to the top button of her blouse, and started unbuttoning. I watched in fascination as she continued with the remaining buttons. Once they were all undone, she pulled the bottom of the blouse from her tight jeans, and slowly slipped out of it. This gave me a great view of her lacy cotton bra, and I could see that it was the type with a clasp in the front.

By now I was starting to recover, and since Stacy obviously had every intention of letting me fuck her and soon, I was getting braver too. I reached forward and unclasped the bra, revealing two perky tits standing at attention. Stacy made no effort to stop me. If anything she seemed to lean forward slightly, and stopped swaying briefly in order to make it easier for me to undress her. I reached up gingerly, and cupped her breasts in my hands. As she was leaning forward slightly, her breasts seem to hang in the air in front of me. I let my hands just support their weight enough to get a good feel of the soft skin pressing down on my palms. After a moment of this Stacy said, “That feels nice. Now I want you to suck them.”

I needed no further coaxing. She leaned forward a little further, and I guided her young nipples to my lips. At first I just kissed them softly, then I let my tongue have some fun. I licked slowly around her nipples, until they were nice and hard. Finally, I pursued my lips around them, and began to suck in earnest. Stacy immediately began making little “ooh” and “aah” sounds. She was obviously getting turned on. We continuned this for what seemed like an eternity, and then Stacy leaned forward so she could whisper in my ear. kadıköy escort This time I wasn’t so shocked by her next request.

“I want to suck you cock.”

Of course I made no protest as she lowered herself to her knees in front of me, taking her delicious tits with her. She reached for my belt, and without further ado removed the jeans I was wearing. I raised my hips slightly so she could pull my briefs off. When my cock was thus fully revealed in all its glory, she smiled up at me approvingly and said, “What a beautiful cock. I think I’m going to enjoy this almost as much as you are”

Stacy took my cock in one hand,, and cradled my balls in the other. she stroked both softly at first, then began to concentrate her efforts on my stiff pole. When I thought I could bear this pleasure no longer, she must have sensed it, because she paused and looked up at me mischievously.

“I bet you’d do just about anything I asked if I give you what you want, wouldn’t you?”

I nodded, and asked, “What do you want?”

“I want you to beg me to suck you. Then when I agree, I want you to ram your hard tool down my throat as hard and as long as you can. And I want you to make me choke on your cum..”

I got the message, and I was delighted by it. I started to beg.

“Oh Stacy, please suck my cock. I’ll do whatever you want, only just let me fill your mouth with my cum. Please let me fuck your mouth. I want you to wrap your lips around my cock and use your tongue to make me come.”

Stacy was apparently satisfied by this, because she immediately engulfed my swollen cock in her mouth. Then she started to give me the throat fuck of my life. She took me immediately all the way into her throat, and her head started bobbing up and down with abandon. This caused my cock to enter and leave her throath rapidly, creating a feeling identical to what it felt like to fuck Carol after our encounter at the bridge. She continued with this for several minutes, but finally I could take no more. With a huge groan of extasy, I filled her throat with semen. As promised she gagged and choked immediately, but when she finally unwrapped her lips from my swollen cockhead, she just smiled up at me, and stuck her tongue out. It was awash with my come. This was one of the most arousing sights I’d ever seen, and I felt my dick stiffen immediately. She noticed it too, and smiled.

“Well you certainly enjoyed that didn’t you. And it seems you’re already wanting more. Well that’s good, because in case you don’t remember, you just promised to do whatever I want. Well, I want you to fuck my brains out.”

She stood up, just long enough to remove the rest of her clothing and stood naked before bostancı escort bayan me. She paused a second, and said, “Well, what do you think?” I made a point of looking her over from head to toe, pausing to pay special attention to the spot between her legs, and her pert boobs. Then I answered, ” You are a gorgeous sexy girl. Come here and fuck me!” Stacy laughed at that, and complied.

She straddled the chair I was sitting on, so we were face to face, with her pussy poised in the air above my now once more rigid cock. Then she kissed me softly, whispered in my ear, “I love you. I want you to have the most precious thing I have to give.” As she finished she lowered herself so that her cunt was impaled forcibly by my cock. I felt a resistance tear away as I entered her, and she screamed in pain. I was stunned. The way she’d been acting, I had assumed I was just the latest of many conquests for her. But I had just taken her virginity. She must have been planning just how she wanted it to happen for a long time.

Meanwhile, Stacy had started raising and lowering herself so as to be fucked by my cock. I saw the look of pain on her face be replaced by one of sheer enjoyment, mixed with a tiny bit of wonder. I was getting excited too, and I whispered back in her ear, “Thank you for letting me be the one to take your virginity. I love you too.” Stacy smiled and kissed me passionately, probing forcefully with her tongue until I allowed her to lick the roof of my mouth. All the while she kept up her up and down motion on my cock, with me banging back for all I was worth.

Soon I could feel the feeling of imminent ejaculation rising once more. I said, “I’m going to come.” Stacy kissed me again and said,”Good, I want you to come inside of me. I want you to do it now, and I want you to do it again and again. You can fuck me whenever and wherever you want for as long as we live. I want you to make me your love slave for life. If you accept my service, fill my eager and waiting pussy with your come.”

Who could possibly say no to that? Of course I came immediately. Stacy bucked and moaned in extasy as I filled her already dripping pussy with my juices.

“Oh, that was wonderful. And I meant what I said. I really do want you yo fuck my brains out anytime you need relief. I’ll never say no to anything you ask of me. I’ll even try to help you get laid by the other girls in my class. I’m going to tell them what a great fuck you are. Don’t be surprised if some more girls call you up wanting help with their homework. Oh, I have a test next week, maybe we can all get together so you can help us study for it. See you soon”

And with that she put her clothes back on, and picked up her books and left, leaving me exhausted in my chair, wondering if the other girls were as sexy as Stacy. As luck would have it, she kept her word, and I found out just how sexy three of them were. And Stacy, it turns out wasn’t the only virgin in her class!

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