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I had asked you to shower, for I had a surprise in store. You obliged, and after, with your hair up loosely, you stepped into the silk robe and across to the bedroom.

Candles offered a low, scented light to the room. You glanced at the bed, the topsheet was burgundy. Laid out in the formation of a cross were thick, soft, white towels, arranged with the arms of the cross nearer the foot of the bed. You were about to remark on this layout when you felt me step in and embrace you from behind. I was already naked and my hardness began to grow up against you, you reached your hand back but I caught your arm and whispered ‘Wait’.

Still behind you, I untied your robe and let it slip from your shoulders, and began to place tender kisses around the nape of your neck, and my fingertips pulled gently at your nipples, drawing them forward as you closed our eyes and felt your pussy begin to flood.

I pushed you gently towards the bed and asked that you lie on your front, on the towels. I centred your hips just above the arms of the cross and told you to relax and close your eyes. I knelt nearby and you could feel my heat through the warmth of the room, you heard a soft click, like the sound of a clasp canlı bahis or a bottle top, you heard my hands rubbing together. I placed my warm hands on your shoulders and began to rub a lovely, mildly scented oil, or cream (you couldn’t quite tell yet) into your skin, slowly tracing and caressing tension away. Pausing from time to time to add the substance, I rubbed your back, the entire length of your arms in turn, fingertips and wrists, shoulders, and moved lower to rub your thighs and hips, your pussy twitched as I began to caress your inner thighs and buttocks, the backs of your knees and your calves, your heels and toes.

I whispered for you to reach down and pull your knees up and apart, onto the sidelong towels. You acquiesced, knowing how I loved it when you opened yourself for me. Now behind you, I began rubbing your thighs again, kissing your back, tracing with my hands closer to your pussy, rubbing your buttocks more intimately, my fingers groping deeper, you began to groan. You felt the mattress move as I lay behind you and began to kiss my way down your bottom, my palm now brushing against your pussy, slowly building pressure, rubbing your clit, your hips were grinding and your pussy sucking bahis siteleri on my palm, my tongue partway down your cheeks, your hips rising, your hand joined my hand at your pussy, our fingers playing with you, you began to pant and moan, accelerating, the buildup had been so long that you were now ready to burst, and I slipped my fingers inside you, two fingers inside you and my thumb rubbing the point between your pussy and your anus, my tongue licking downwards, your hips bucking now, jerking, your pussy totally flooded now and you told me ‘I’m going to come, I’m going to come…”

And finally my tongue grazed your little starfish and the orgasm possessed you, your back seized and your buttocks thrust upwards, my tongue darted into your anus as my arms slipped around your waist and locked you in place. Your pussy clenched and gushed, you barely uttered a sound as your body gyrated and spasmed, orgasm in every fibre, my tongue hot and intimately inside you.

When you finally took another breath I released your waist and slid three fingers inside your soaking pussy, rubbing your walls with pulses and giant pressure to take you to a second crest of orgasm and you came hard again, I was licking bahis şirketleri and taking tiny gentle bites of your lower back and buttocks as you gripped my fingers and cried out.

I removed my fingers and gently kneaded your lower back, it had been seized for some time and I pressed my palms and thumbs into the muscles on either side of your spine. As you relaxed I moved my hands down to your buttocks and placed wet kisses where your cheeks parted, saliva running downwards to pool briefly at your anus, overflow and meet with the cum that was still oozing from your pussy. You were extremely sensitive now, despite having cum twice already there was a deep unfulfilled need to have my cock inside you, ‘fuck me, please fuck me now’ escaped your lips. I slipped a pillow underneath your hips and whispered for you to pull your cheeks apart.

I moved above you and I placed the tip of my thick, granite cock at the entrance of your anus, I kissed your ear, I told you I was going to fuck you in your ass, slow and deep, and that you would feel every thrust in your pussy, I was going to fill you up completely with my thick cock, and you would be so tight that you would feel every ridge every vein every pulse of my throbbing cock in your pussy, that when you couldn’t take any more and began to come from my cock up inside you I would bury myself and release endless warm jets of come. I asked “Is this what you want?”, and you said…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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