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Steal Me

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I published this story last year, but it was deleted from when I made changes to my account. If you liked it before, I hope you will like it again!


Jenny was nearing the top of the ridge. She felt light and strong, her body free, her ponytail swinging, sweat beading on her forehead. She had grown up in the mountains and loved hiking. Now in her 20’s, she was petite with strong abs, perky breasts, and a tight ass. The fun part about this hike was the hot guy right behind her. She and Mark had been going out for a couple of months, but this was the first time they’d hiked together. She’d worn her shortest sport shorts for the occasion, and she enjoyed the way his eyes kept track of her sexy ass.

The view from the ridge was spectacular. As they stopped to catch their breath, Mark slid his arms around her and pressed her in for a kiss. A deep, hot kiss. Their skin was sweaty and slick from the exertion of the hike, and the feel of his body sliding across hers made her nipples harden. His hands trailed down to her ass and gave it a possessive squeeze as he pulled her closer. Her tank top was damp with sweat and her tits peeked through, inviting his touch. Jenny’s little athletic body didn’t require a bra for hiking, and she preferred not to wear one. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her belly, but laughed, “Mark! Not now! We’re not the only hikers up here.” Indeed, just as she said that, a couple of girls passed them on their way down.

That kiss had heated things up, though. They continued walking on the trail skirting the lake, but Mark couldn’t concentrate on the scenery. All he could think about was that cute butt in front of him. After some time had passed without any other hikers in view, he closed the distance between them and gave it a spank. Jenny giggled but kept on walking. He spanked her again, and this time he grabbed her hips and pulled her backwards, one hand sliding up her torso to her nipples, the other down to her crotch. “You’re so distracting,” he whispered, his breath hot on the side of her neck. “I can only think about how much I want to bury myself inside escort gaziantep bayan reklamları you.”

“Then take me,” she whispered back. Mark didn’t have to be asked twice. In a flash he yanked down her shorts and panties and unzipped his fly. He bent her over, positioned himself at the entrance to her wet little pussy and pushed in, pumping hard and fast, the chance of them being caught in the act in the middle of the trail enhancing the excitement for them both…


Jenny moaned as her fingers swirled faster on her clit under her thin nighty. She remembered that day as clearly as if it had been last week instead of 40 years ago. She had walked the next mile with his cum dripping down her legs. As she replayed the moment, her breathing became faster, her hips moved restlessly against her hand. Her hair was a pretty white now, her breasts round and full, her hips wider. But she still loved to cum, even if she had to pleasure herself.

Her husband had been a good, honest man, a hard worker. It’s true that there had been little passion between them, but they had been compatible in other ways. He had died two years ago. She missed him. The children had long ago grown up and moved away. The grandchildren who had visited during the summer had gone back to school. Now it was just Jenny, alone in the big house, upstairs in her bedroom with her memories.

The house was only a couple of miles south of town. It was a safe area, with homes along the county road every half mile or so. Jenny knew the local sheriff — he had gone to school with her son. He stopped by from time to time to check on her. The last time he’d seen her in town he mentioned that there had been a couple of burglaries and advised her to lock her doors. Jenny wasn’t worried. In all the years she’d lived there, only one time had anyone broken into their property. It had been a couple of high school boys getting into the shed. They’d taken a couple of fishing poles. Those boys were now past that kind of mischief, likely had families of their own.


Jenny escort gaziantep resimleri was 30, teaching night classes at the university. It was a new job, and she tried to dress professionally in modest skirts and blouses. As she left her building, she realized it was later than she had thought. Her car was several blocks away. As she walked through the night, heels clicking on the sidewalk, her mind was still on her work. She was surprised when a deep male voice said, “Good evening, Professor.”

“Oh! Eric, you startled me!” Eric was one of her older students. Although they were both single, Jenny hadn’t actively encouraged his attentions. The fact that he was her student wasn’t what prevented her. He had made it obvious he thought she was hot, but frankly, she just hadn’t had time. Still, she liked him. It was pleasant to have him walking so close to her through the balmy night. Actually, more than pleasant. She felt a little thrill of excitement.

Her car was a big 1970 Pontiac Executive 400, a hand-me-down from her father. When they reached it, Jenny could feel Eric’s body heat as he hovered behind her. As she slowly turned to face him, he pushed her gently against the car door, placing his hands on the vehicle on either side of her, caging her in. Up so close he was bigger than she had realized. She could make out his dark eyes in the glow of a streetlight. His gaze was intense. Her breath caught as she realized he was going to kiss her.

A first kiss can be so very sweet, and this one made her melt. He started by brushing his soft lips against hers ever so gently, as if testing to see if she would pull away. She didn’t. She couldn’t. As Eric deepened the kiss, the sweetness of it sent heat through her body. For the first time in her life, she understood what it felt like literally to go weak at the knees. Eric put his arm around her, holding her up as he continued to kiss her with more intensity. His fingers slid up to stroke her breasts. Jenny was overwhelmed by the feelings. It was so very good, so unexpected, so intense. Soon both his escort gaziantep bayan sitesi hands were on her breasts, slowly stroking, squeezing, his thumbs flicking her nipples through her thin blouse. Jenny couldn’t breathe.

“Let me see you,” he rasped. He began to unbutton the blouse, and Jenny didn’t stop him. He deftly unhooked the front clasp of her bra, and she felt cool night air on her breasts exposed to his searing gaze. She wanted his hands on them. She wanted his lips on them. She wanted him. She opened the back door of her car, and they tumbled in on the long back seat. Eric unzipped his jeans and brought out his hard cock. It was huge, thick, powerful. Jenny’s panties were so wet under her skirt, and then Eric slid them off and entered her with a groan…


Jenny groaned now as the thought of that night brought her climax closer. She teased her nipples the way Eric had so many years ago and pressed a finger deep inside her wet pussy. She was close now, remembering his big cock fucking her in the back seat of that car. She concentrated on the colors swirling behind her eyelids and the waves of building pleasure. Ah, it was achingly sweet! She tensed and bucked and cried out as she came.

And then tears leaked from her eyes as she came down from the high and realized again that she was alone. She missed sex. She was older, but not so old that she didn’t long for passion again.

Jenny had been so engrossed in pleasuring herself that she hadn’t really focused on a sound she had been hearing at the back of her mind for some time. When had that started? Quiet footsteps somewhere in the house. Intermittent. Not the confident step of one of her children stopping by. Besides, it was the middle of the night and no one visited her then. She remembered what the sheriff had said about the break-ins in town. What would someone want to steal from her? She didn’t have many valuables, really nothing worth the trouble of stealing. She thought of how the sheriff had told her she should lock her doors so she wouldn’t be burglarized.

But Jenny hadn’t locked her doors. In fact, she had left them unlocked — on purpose. As the steps came closer, she began to breathe faster. If it was the thief, had he heard her cries of pleasure? Did he guess what she had been doing upstairs alone in her bedroom? She heard the creak of the bottom stair. Why was he coming upstairs? There was nothing to steal up there.

“Steal me,” she thought. She ached for it with everything in her. “Steal me.”

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