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Step Dad to the Rescue

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About five years ago, just after my eighteenth birthday, I graduated from high school. My friends and I were always partiers and graduation gave us a reason to let loose. After the ceremony, we all went to my house to get ready for our first night out in the city. My family lives in a small rural town in New Jersey, but we’re close enough that Manhattan is only fifteen minutes away. Tonight we were going to party in New York for the first time.

I guess you could say we’re the typical group of hot girls. Lisa, my very best friend, is about 5’6”, very long thin legs, flat tummy, very full C cup tits and a big round ass…. She has an awesome figure. Men really love her look. Her fiery red hair makes her more attractive. She usually lets her wavy crimson locks cascade over her breasts that she loves to show off with very low cut tops. Tonight she chose to wear tight black short shorts and a super low cut shirt. Although I’m not attracted to her, I’ll admit that she looked damn sexy and as she zipped up her knee length boots, I caught a glimpse of her perfect little ass peeking through the bottoms of her shorts.

Becky is just as hot as Lisa. She’s not as tall, but she is all legs. Besides her perfect C cup tits, her long waist length brown hair is her best feature. She is one of the hottest Puerto Rican women I have ever met and most of the men we hang with agree. She’s got a great firm ass and a trim belly. Without looking at me she called out, “Renee, can you help me hook this thing?” She was wearing a sexy red corset tonight with a short black mini. Being her first time wearing anything like that, she couldn’t seem to figure out how to get it on. I helped her and soon after, we were ready to leave.

“Okay girls,” I said, “Let’s stay together tonight. If we meet someone, just let each other know and let’s have fun.” Like the adolescent girls that we are, we squealed with excitement and headed for the door. Realizing I had almost forgotten my purse, I went back in my room and told the girls to wait for me in the car.

With my purse in hand, I headed out my bedroom door and caught a look at myself in the mirror. We all looked hot tonight, but I felt especially sexy. Being half Black and half Puerto Rican, I feel I was blessed with a great look. I have long wavy brown hair that falls just below my shoulders and caramel skin. I’m the tallest of my friends at 5’7” and my 38 D cup breasts are the biggest. I looked longingly at my thick tan legs in the mirror that lead up to my firm ass beneath my black mini. I was very excited about partying with my girls tonight and my erect nipples proved it as they protruded through the thin fabric of my halter top.

“Where are you going all dolled up?” I heard a voice say behind me. It was my step dad, Mike. “You’re mother would flip her lid if she saw you looking like that,” he grinned, appearing to be pleased with my outfit. My step dad was a very cool guy. He had become part of my family about ten years ago, when I was eight. Even though he wasn’t my real dad, he took good care of me. He had a son and a daughter of his own, but they lived with their mother and visited us from time to time. Since I was the only “daughter” he could actually care for 24/7, he took great care of me.

I smiled back to him, “Well, it’s a good thing she’s at gramma’s this weekend and she won’t see me. Me, Lisa and Becky are headed to the city. You like?” I asked teasingly as I danced around in front of him, getting a kick out of showing my dad my thick womanly body.

“’Nee, you better get out of here before dad genes kick in and I make you change. Have fun sweetie,” he said as he kissed me goodbye on my full red lips, “And be good!!” I scurried out the door and yelled back to him, “I won’t!!” He smiled and waved us off.

After we got into New York and Becky parked the car, Lisa pulled a big plastic container from her bag. She told us that she made us a drink to calm our nerves. We all drank the sweet intoxicating nectar she put into the container and soon we were in the cab on our way to the club. It was an 18 and up club so that usually meant that most of the girls were eighteen and the guys were up. We got to the door and the bouncer looked us all up and down. He said he needed to search us. One by one, he ran his hands over our chests and around our asses and I couldn’t help but wonder how much of this body search was really mandatory. After the semi-stimulating grope, we entered the club and it was packed.

There were people everywhere, dancing and gyrating to the heart thumping beat of the music. I was amazed at everything in there from the aroma of sweat and escort gaziantep vip bayan cologne to the half dressed women and men on the dance floor. I turned around to talk to Lisa and Becky and they were gone. I looked out on the dance floor and I wasn’t surprised to see my girls had already found dance partners.

A little buzzed, I headed for the dance floor and I was immediately enveloped by the crowd. Everyone danced on and with each other. At one point, Becky and I were dancing face to face and there was a guy behind each of us grinding their cocks into our thonged asses. Caught up in the moment, Becky and I began kissing each other. Not a innocent kiss between friends, but a passionate kiss. I put my arms around her waist as our tongues danced around each other. The guys we were dancing with pushed us closer together as the pressed their dicks harder into our asses. As we pulled away, we smiled….very pleased at the scene we created.

Throughout the night, we were given drink after drink and eventually we lost track of each other. I saw Lisa slip away into VIP with the DJ and Becky went out for a smoke with the guy she met. I sat at the bar with my new friend as he filled me up with alcoholic drinks.

He whispered in my ear but I couldn’t tell what he was saying. It was a little more clear when I felt his hot mouth wrapped around my hard brown nipple. Forgetting that we were sitting at the bar, I spread my legs and moaned in ecstasy. He put his left hand down to my steaming hot pussy and pushed at my clit through my panties. I opened my eyes just long enough to realize that we were giving quite a show. Several men and women had gathered around to watch this hot older man finger my swollen pussy and bite at my nipples. He grabbed my hand and pulled me away into a back room where there wasn’t much more privacy.

He fell back onto the black velvet couch and I straddled him. Never before had I ever felt like such a brazen slut, but tonight it felt great. I pulled his stiff cock from his pants and stroked it gently. The music was still very loud so neither of us spoke. I rubbed my drenched kitty against his stiff pole, soaking his cock with my pussy juice. I climbed off of him and knelt down on my knees and swallowed his cock into my mouth. I was so lost in my own excitement that I didn’t care about the fact that I had just met him, I didn’t care that everyone watched us perform, I didn’t even care that I didn’t know where my girls were. All I cared about was that fat 7” of cock in my mouth. It wasn’t long before I felt a hot stream of cum shooting in the back of my throat. I licked up every drop of cum he gave me, even licked his balls clean.

With cum dripping from the sides of my mouth, I went up to see if he could get hard again to fuck me and much to my severe disappointment, he was asleep. Asleep? I just gave him the best blow job of his life and he fell asleep?? Pulled myself back together and went back on the dance floor. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find the girls. I decided to ask the touchy feely bouncer if he had seen them.

“The redhead left about an hour ago with Johnny, the DJ and I think the boricua mami left with them.”

What? My girls abandoned me in the city? I wanted to be mad at them, but had to admit that if limp dick in there hadn’t fallen asleep, I would have left with him too. I took a deep breath and looked at the time…. 3am!! Damn, how was I going to get home at 3am.

I scrolled through the telephone book on my cell phone and the only number I could call was “Home”. As I pressed the send button, my stomach turned in knots. I hated always having to call Mike to bail me out of things. But I was very glad that mom wasn’t home this weekend or she’d flip.

He answered the phone sluggishly, “Hello?”

“Daddy, it’s me,” I said.

“Tracy?” he queried.

“No daddy, Renee.” I understood his confusion. I don’t usually call my step dad “Daddy” but the word fell out of my mouth at the sound of his voice. I was so vulnerable out here by myself and his voice was so comforting. “Daddy, Lisa and Becky are gone. They left with some guys and I’m stuck in Manhattan.”

Without asking where they went or why they left, he got my address and told me he’d be right over to get me. I hung up the phone and thought of the last time Mike had to get me out of something like this. It was a couple years ago when he was driving home from his late shift at work and saw me walking home alone from the park. I was stoned out of my mind and I wanted to go home and go to bed. He said someone was escort gaziantep yabancı bayan following me so he pulled over and pulled me in the car. He helped me change into my PJ’s and put me to bed. He has always been very protective of me.

About thirty minutes later, I saw that familiar silver Explorer pull up and it was Mike. “Damn girl, do you know it’s almost 4:30 in the morning??” He wasn’t angry, just teasing me. He smiled and opened the door to let me in. I love him so much, I thought to myself.

He looked damn sexy this morning, I thought to myself. He didn’t even take the time to change from his pajamas before he left. He was wearing his flimsy maroon pajama pants and white wife beater that clung to his solid upper body. Mike works a lot and doesn’t go to the gym very often. He’s not very toned, but he does have a nice hard body. This morning he looked especially good. I didn’t know if it was because I was still drunk or what.

“So….’Nee…did you have a good time?”

“Yeah,” I said with a grin, enjoying the thoughts of my naughty sweaty night.

“Were you being a good girl,” he asked sheepishly, knowing that I probably hadn’t been.

“Good? Well, I guess some would say I’m good. But at what, that’s another story,” I said chuckling. We both laughed at that. Mike knew that I was not an innocent girl. I never was. My body was mature before I was and that brought on the attention of older experienced men, and I loved the attention.

As we drove home, I started nodding off a little. I opened my eyes slightly and caught Mike’s eyes gazing over my tired physique. I wondered what he was thinking. He couldn’t stop sneaking little peeks at my body as I “slept”. Maybe it was because I was dressed so revealingly, but whatever the reason, his attention was mine.

I let my legs, which had been together the whole time, fall apart. My skirt went up closer to my waist revealing my still soaked red panties. I peeked over at Mike whose eyes grew wider than ever. “Yeah, I definitely have his attention,” I thought. I was getting so turned on knowing that he was watching me… I reached my hand up and sleepily scratched my shoulder. As I let my arm fall to my side, I grabbed hold of the top of my halter and pulled it down a little. Just enough to let my areola peek out. Mike looked like he was gonna lose it. He tried so hard not to look at his young stepdaughter’s body, but he couldn’t stop.

We pulled into our driveway and he nudged my arm, “Renee.. Renee baby, we’re home.” I opened my eyes and pretended to wake up. As I got out of the car and began to walk to the door, I noticed Mike stayed in the car.

“Dad, what’s up? Are you coming?”

“In a minute baby… I uh… um… I’ll be there in a minute.”

I know what was going on, he couldn’t get out because he had a raging hard on. A hard on that I wanted to see. I never thought I’d think these things about my mother’s husband, but I wanted desperately to see what brought her to her moans and grunts five nights a week.

I walked over to the driver’s side and opened the door. He quickly put his hands in his lap.

“Come on, get out dad.”

“Renee, really, I’ll be in there in a minute. I just gotta think about something.”

“About what?”

“Damn you’re nosey! About something! Really, go in.”

I reached over his waist and unbuckled his seat belt. I don’t know what got into me, or what I wanted in me, but I pulled down my top and showed him my big D cup tits and the hard brown nipples on them. “Is this what you’re thinking about?” I asked.

He took a quick breath and was speechless… After a moment, I pulled up my top and begged him to come in. He finally complied and followed me into the house. As we walked in, I turned to find what he was hiding under the tent he had. I placed my hand on a fat, thick stick that felt nine inches long. I gasped and swallowed hard. No wonder mom is always grinning.

“Oh my god, Renee I’m so sorry baby. I didn’t mean to–”

I stopped him. I wanted this. I didn’t know I did for a long time, but I knew tonight I wanted him. He has been with me through everything, even sometimes more than my mom. He has been all the father I could ever ask for, but tonight I wanted him to be my man.

“Daddy, don’t be sorry. You want me. It doesn’t mean you don’t love me or that I’m not your little girl. We just have needs…. there’s nothing wrong with that.” I led him over to the couch in the living room. “Do you want to know how good I was tonight, daddy?” He nodded. “I wanted to get escort gaziantep yaşlı bayan fucked tonight. I was being so dirty grinding on every dick in the club. So many men had their hands all over my body and under my skirt. I loved every minute of it, daddy.” I continued talking as I sat him on the couch and straddled his lap. I grinded my pussy onto his stiff dick. I pushed my full tits into his face and watched him enjoy my scent and my soft skin. “I even made out with Becky.” His eyes widened and I felt his cock twitch between his legs.

My step dad is a white man but he loves Spanish women. My mom is actually Puerto Rican and my real dad is black, so I knew hearing that I made out with her turned him on. I put his big hands on my thick ass and continued to tell him all about his naughty girl. “I don’t know really who started it, but all I knew was that I felt her tongue in my mouth and her tits against mine. We rubbed all over each other’s bodies and I felt her moaning in my mouth.” I even told him about the show I gave in the back room of the club.

He couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed my face and I felt his tongue dart into my mouth. As I kissed him back, I pushed my hips harder into his body. I wanted all of him. He ripped down my tight little halter and crabbed my tits in each hand. He paused for a moment and looked at me with hot intense lust in his eyes. Soon he was sucking hard on my nipples and kneading my tits.

He lifted me up, my ass in his hands, and laid me on the couch. He quickly ripped off my skirt and panties and his own clothes. I lay there…. not knowing what he would do next. Hoping he wouldn’t regret having come this far. I knew he wasn’t when I felt his fingers penetrate my hot wet pussy. He played with the wetness of my pussy lips and gently flicked my clit. I was in heaven beneath him, feeling him enjoy my body.

“Renee, you know your daddy loves you right sweetie?” I nodded. “Well, if I give you my dick, I can’t ever stop fucking you. If my cock goes inside that hot little hole of yours, you’re gonna have to be your daddy’s little slut. Do you want that?” Those words escaping his lips almost made me cum right then and there. I stared up at him and barely managed to mutter the words, “I want to be your little slut daddy.” Without any hesitation, I felt the thick head of his cock tap on my hard clit. After a few rubs along my wet slit, I felt him inch his big shaft inside of me. I could hardly breathe. I had been with a couple of boys before, but none of them had dicks this big. I was fucking a man that is like a father to me. He is a father to me…

He quickened his pace as I got used to his size and my drenched little kitty provided all of the lubrication needed. As he pounded my hungry cunt, he rubbed my clit with the pad of his thumb. I came almost immediately. The muscles in my pussy clenched hard around his dick while I groaned in ecstasy. “Did daddy make you cum, baby?” I nodded my head, again, unable to speak. “Good. I want you to cum for me. Do you want daddy to cum for you?”

Feeling a little relieved from my own orgasm, I gained a little more strength and felt the urge to be naughty with him. “Oh yeah I want that big dick to cum for me.”

“You do? What are you gonna do with my cum baby? You gonna waste all of daddy’s cream or are you gonna swallow it?”

“I’m gonna swallow every drip of juice that comes from your cock,” I said looking his deep in his eyes. I pulled one of my nipples to my lips and sucked hard on it. He must’ve enjoyed that scene as he pounded my cunt harder and faster.

“You’re so fuckin’ dirty, little girl. You’re so slutty. You’re even sluttier than your mom.” I went into another mind blowing orgasm hearing him speak those words to me. My mom is a sexy lady. But I’m sluttier and I’m fucking her big meaty cock.

His eyes rolled into the back of his head. He took long deep strokes into my cunt. I knew he was about to blow his load for me and I wanted it more than anything. “Cum for me daddy. Cum for your little girl’s dirty little mouth.”

His hips slammed against me a few more times and his pole stabbed deep into me each time. I quickly felt him pull out of my pussy. “Come get it baby. Cum get daddy’s cum.”

I sat up like an obedient little girl and waited for that cum from his cock. Each shot of his cum was thick and creamy and each shot across my face and in my mouth. I rubbed his still hard cock around my face and sucked all of the cum off of it.

“Damn, Renee, you are a good little cum guzzler,” he said out of breath.

“And you’re a great fuck daddy!!”

We laid on the couch in each other’s arms collecting ourselves and regaining some strength. Finally Mike spoke, “Are you really gonna be my slutty little daughter? Cause I can’t get enough of you now.”

I smiled back at him, “Daddy, I’ll be whatever you want me to be.”

We fell asleep in each other’s arms….both excited at what we had found in each other. I could hardly wait for the new things we’d experience together.

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