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Stepdaughter Terri , Friends

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Ass To

Chapter 1

I don’t really know when my dislike for clothing began but it was probably during the summer when I was 11. I lived next door to a family with two girls, DeeDee and Amy. One day they were over at our house and we’d been watching cartoons. It was a hot day and no one had AC at that time. Dee, who was almost two years older than me, started complaining about how hot it was and how boring the cartoons were. Next thing I knew the three of us were outside building a makeshift tent/fort using lawn furniture and old sheets. Soon we had the complex complete and we went inside.

As soon as we were inside and the sheets back in place Amy and Dee pulled their tops up and over their heads. Like I said, Dee was almost two years older, about a month from being 13, than me and just beginning to develop breasts, actually they were more like a swollen areola, but to my young eyes they were gorgeous. The two girls turned and looked at me, Amy spoke up, “well take off your clothes, you’ll be cooler.” So without a thought I stripped off down to my shorts. By the time I was to that point they were already totally nude and sitting crossed leg on the blanket playing.

Still wearing my shorts I sat down to join them. Dee looked at me and rolled her eyes. “No silly,” she said, “Take off your underwear too.”

I hesitated and gulped hard. Dee laughed and whispered something to Amy, then turned to me, “Take’em off or you have to leave, only nekkid people play here.”

I looked at Amy and back at Dee, actually at her little buds, and hooked my thumbs in the waist of my shorts. I took a deep breath and they were off.

We spent the rest of that summer playing together, mostly in the nude, unless our parents were nearby. We got few chances during the school year to play our games, but we picked back up the following summer, until we were caught one hot June afternoon. The girls explained they had started it all, but I was the boy so I was at fault. We were all punished and after that our time together was closely monitored.

Dee and Amy’s family moved across town just before school started that fall, and about a year later my dad was reassigned, so any further chance of fun and games with my two friends was over.

I knew one thing for sure after that summer, I didn’t like wearing clothes and I didn’t care if anyone knew. For the rest of my years at home I would wear as little as possible when others were around and if no one else was around I wore nothing. The neighbor ladies caught me on several occasions during my teen years. My first real sexual experience came with one of them, but that’s another story. I would often mow the backyard in the buff and I would sun on the deck with only the oil to cover me, but none of them complained, And my younger sister’s friends got plenty of free looks when they were over. What none of them knew was that when it was just the two of us she was naked too. When I finished college and moved out I continued to be nude as much as possible, or at least as undressed as possible.

Chapter 2

This closet nudist lifestyle continued for years. After several years I met and married a woman who already had children from a previous marriage. When we met they were in elementary school, and as much I enjoyed my new wife and family I knew I would miss my freedom to be naked.

I have always done a lot of my work from home; it is one of the advantages of my field, so I did a lot of that work nude. In our first couple of years together I noticed the same carefree attitude about nudity present in my wife’s daughter that Dee and Amy had displayed years earlier. Terri, who was six when I first met her mom, would leave the bathroom door open all the time, when she finished her bath she would come to the living-room naked or in just a pair of panties. She slept in a T-shirt and panties or just panties. In the mornings she immediately stripped off the shirt and would come to the kitchen for orange juice wearing only panties. Her brother, on the other hand, would not leave his room without at least a pair of shorts and a T-shirt over his underwear.

While not a closet nudist like me, Nancy, my wife, wasn’t a prude either. She would change clothes in front of the kids and would call them into the bathroom while she bathed or showered to talk to them. We both slept in the nude and the kids, especially Terri, had both joined us in bed under the covers many times, so our bodies were something they had seen before.

By the time she was almost ten Terri was beginning to display a few wisps of dark curly hair on her little mound. But her clothing habits were not changing. That same year Dennis, her 14-year-old brother, decided he wanted to go live with dad for a while
A year later Nancy, Terri and I moved to another state for my job. We found a nice secluded house in the middle of 12 acres with an in-ground pool. We finally had a place where I could enjoy my nudity again, especially while Terri was at school and Nancy at canlı bahis work. We had just gotten most of the house arranged and were settling in pretty well at work, home and school; I was still doing most of my work from my home office. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was in my office when I heard Nancy come in from outside.

When I heard the outside door close again I looked up and saw she was carrying a towel and wearing a bathing robe. She walked past the window and out to the pool. As I watched I was amazed to see her shed her robe and dive naked into the pool. As I stood and watched her from the office window I began to play with my cock a little as I was getting turned on. Soon I had my cock out of my shorts and stroking my hard-on as I spied on my own wife skinny-dipping.

By now my cock was rock hard when I heard a shuffle behind me, I looked out of the corner of my eye. It was Terri and she’d caught me with a full hard-on spying on Nancy. I didn’t know what to do, so I pretended I didn’t hear her, as I continued to jerk-off and hope she’d slip out quietly. She did but only for a few seconds, when she returned she was totally naked except for a pair of thong panties. Nancy had left the pool by now and was lying on a lounge enjoying the sun, and I was enjoying the view of her long body stretched out in the sun. I continued to pretend I didn’t know Terri was there but in the back of my head and in the little head in my hand there was no doubt she was there.

I shifted my position slightly as Terri continued to stand in the door watching me stroke my cock. I could now see both her mother by the pool and Terri’s reflection in a mirror on the wall. My cock began to throb and get harder in my hand as I watched Terri’s reflection, Then she was gone, heading toward the pool area. At first I feared she’d say something to her mother but then I saw her step from her panties and dive into the pool.

Nothing was to occur again for sometime between Terri and I, not until she was 18. It happened that she caught me again in my office one day, supposedly working but in actuality reading one of the incest stories on the net, as her mother sunned out by the pool. I had been rubbing against my cock through my short and had a pretty good erection so I slipped the waist band down and began to stroke myself as I continued to read and think about the possibilities.

My concentration was suddenly broken, “Daddy!” Terri was standing directly beside me. Shit, I’d been caught again.

“Should I ask what you’re doing? Or maybe why,” she said as she began to look at the story on the screen.

I attempted to slip my cock back into my shorts as she read on, but she reached down and stopped me without taking her eyes off the screen. She finished reading the part on the screen and grinned, “sounds like fun,” she said. “I’ want to read some more, OK?” and she pushed the Page Down button on the keyboard.

Terri continued to stand beside me and read, the story was getting her warmed up to, as her nipples swelled beneath her tight-cropped top. Terri’s hand on mine began to coax me to move up and down the shaft again. In a few seconds I was fully hard again. Terri released my hand and stepped back to the window where she could see her mother. As she stepped back toward my chair she pulled her top over her head and stopped to strip down her shorts quickly. Now she stood next to my chair wearing only a pair of pale green, silk thong panties.

As she and I read on I continued to stroke my swollen dick slowly as Terri’s eyes shifted from the screen to my cock. My eyes were just as busy going from the screen to Terri’s breast and panty-covered cunt. After a few minutes she began to rub her mound through her panties, as one hand went to her orange-sized breast to cup and squeeze the tender flesh, pulling on her brownish nipple.

Nancy was still lying in the sun on her back with her legs slightly spread. Her 38C breasts and large nipples rising and falling rhythmically as she was apparently dozing in the warmth of the day. I continued to pull on my cock as I shifted my gaze back and forth from my beautiful wife to my equally beautiful stepdaughter. Soon I noticed Terri’s hand was now inside her panties and she was rubbing her finger back and forth over what I assumed was her clit and her eyes were closed as she approached her orgasm.

I turned from the window and stood facing toward Terri on the other side of my chair. Her finger was now sliding into her crack and the squishy sounds of her pussy juices were evident. I continued to stroke my cock as I watched Terri bringing herself off. As her orgasm hit, her mouth opened and a moan escaped her lips she tugged hard on her nipple and pushed two fingers into her pussy.

At the same time I felt the cum boiling through my balls and up the length of my cock. I pushed the chair away from between us. As her orgasm subsided and she began to open her eyes I felt the first rope of thick creamy cum surge up my cock bahis siteleri and out of the purplish head. I watched Terri’s eyes and mouth as the first jet shot across the distance between us, striking her on her nipple.

She stepped closer as another stream shot out to meet her, this time striking her on her stomach. Terri took another small step as she reached out and grasped my still hard dick. She pulled gently but firmly on me as another jet erupted on her forearm. She continued to pump on me until I had finished. Then she scooped the deposit from her breast and belly and smeared them across both breasts before licking the remainder from her fingers.

The head of my cock was still covered with the residue of my orgasm and a large gob of semen was threatening to lose its fight to stay attached to me. Terri slowly knelt in front of me and licked off the cum, letting my dick slide into her mouth for just a few seconds. She then stood pulled her thong to one side as she wiped the wetness from my cock in the auburn-colored hair of her pussy mound.

Without a word Terri turned her back to me, dropped her panties and left the room. A few seconds later I saw her dive into the pool as naked as she had left the room.

Chapter 3

I didn’t know what to do, or what had really just happened between Terri and I. All I did know was that Nancy could not find out and my life had just been changed forever.

I wasn’t sure what to expect or how I was going to handle any of it, I did know I had enjoyed what had happened, even if it was wrong. When the two finally came back in I had showered and dressed in a pair of gym shorts, sandals and a T-shirt, and was rummaging in the kitchen for something to eat. They both stopped as they entered the kitchen, still naked from their swim, and said they were going to shower.

Terri finished her shower first and joined me in the den. She was dressed and I tried to pretend nothing had happened, which wasn’t easy because being near her made me want to do it again. She made no mention of what had occurred and instead asked if we could go rent a movie or maybe all go out and see a movie and have dinner. For her it seemed like it had been no big deal and it was over with. After several more minutes Nancy finally came in from her shower. I told her what Terri had suggested and when she agreed I went to change clothes.

At dinner I asked them about their swim and Nancy said she just felt like skinny-dipping. She went on, “…we don’t live real close to any of the other houses out there and I know I enjoy that privacy. I just thought it would be nice to be able to swim that way, and maybe even work in the yard in the buff. I’d get a great tan and it isn’t like we haven’t ever seen one another without clothes before.”

“Yeah, Dad, “ chimed in Terri. “I think being able to swim and be out doors naked would be fun. Don’t you?”

“Besides,” Nancy continued, “you know you don’t like clothes anyway.”

“Sounds fine to me.” I said, “But what about when Terri’s friends are around, or if someone should come up unexpectedly? We might get caught with our family’s proverbial pants down.”

Nancy grinned, and looked over at Terri, “So what.” she finally said, “I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve got and I don’t think you or Terri are either.”

“Yeah, Dad, it isn’t a big deal to me,” stated Terri. “And you’ll usually know if any of my friends are coming over. Not that you’d have to hide from any of them.”

“Hey guys, wait a minute. I’m not arguing or trying to change your minds, I just want to know that you know what could happen. If you both want to hang out in the buff all the time, then great. The rules are simple, dress as you feel and enjoy life,” With that the dress code at our house was changed for good.

Nothing else happened between Terri and I and nothing was mentioned about it by either of us. The weeks slipped by and Nancy began to take on more responsibilities at her job. Nancy’s new responsibilities included occasional trips out of town usually only overnight but sometimes for a week or so at a time.

Terri was involved with clubs at school and in dance so she stayed fairly busy, one of her friends usually brought her home from school. I always knew when she’d be home so I’d slip on a pair of shorts until I knew they were gone. If she had dance practice Nancy would pick her up from dance on her way home from work.

Terri had also added a couple of very attractive young friends to her circle, Melissa and Jane. Melissa was a few months older than Terri and Jane a little younger. Melissa was about 5’9” with true blonde hair and features. She weighed about 130 lb. with wavy golden blonde hair down to about the middle of her back. She had pale blue-green eyes with pouty full lips and measured out at about 38C-25-37. Jane was shorter at only about 5’2” and about 112 lb., she had dark almost raven black straight hair, which came to just at her shoulders, with dark brown eyes. She was darker bahis şirketleri skinned than either Terri or Melissa. I would say her tits were a little bigger than Melissa’s, probably a full D-cup, about 36D-23-35.

One day Melissa brought Terri home from school and stayed around for a while. I had put on some shorts and a shirt and was working in my office when the girls arrived.

Terri came into the office, “Daddddy,” she whined. ”Melissa’s parents have to go out of town for a few days. We’ve got a big test at school and she doesn’t want to miss any days before the test. Can she stay here with us while they’re gone? Please?”

“When are they leaving,” I asked. “And how long will you need to stay Melissa? I really don’t mind you staying I just want to know the specifics and that it’s okay with your folks.”

“Oh, they don’t mind Terri and I asked them last night. They’ll be gone about a week maybe 10 days,” Melissa said as she looked from me to Terri. “I brought some clothes with me because they are leaving first thing tomorrow and I thought if it was okay I’d stay here tonight.” I hesitated for a second before saying, “OK, go bring your stuff in and get settled in the guest room. Then call and let you parents know you’ll be staying here.”

As Melissa headed back to her car to get her clothes Terri wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed, “Thanks Dad, you won’t regret this. And don’t worry about the house rules, Melissa already knows about them.” She spun around and ran after Melissa before I could react.

I heard the girls come back in and then I heard them in the guestroom putting away Melissa’s clothing and getting her settled in. Terri stuck her head back in a few minutes later, “Dad, we’re going to fix ourselves a sandwich or something than we’ll do our homework. Do you want anything?”

“Yeah, Terri what did you mean about Melissa knowing the house rules?” I asked

Before Terri could respond the phone began to ring. Terri grabbed it quickly, “Oh, Hi mom. Yeah, he’s right here, just a minute.” She handed me the phone and headed back to the kitchen as I raised the phone to my ear.

“Hi sweet…”

Nancy broke in; “I have to go to Seattle tonight. Can you meet me with a suitcase and clothing for a week? You know what I’ll need and I’ll pickup whatever you forget.”

“Well, sure,” I said. “How much time do you have?”

“The flight leaves in about 21/2 hours,” she said. “Meet me at the mall parking lot in about 40 minutes, near the Oak Street entrance. Have Terri help you pack.”

“OK, I’ll be there.”

Chapter 4

Terri and I rushed around and got everything we could think of for Nancy and I changed and headed to meet her. I put the bags in her car when she got there and headed back to the house.

The girls were in Terri’s bedroom doing their homework when I got home. I stuck my head in to check on them. Terri was sitting at her desk, totally naked, working on her calculus; Melissa was working on hers sprawled across Terri’s bed in her bra and panties.

“Hi daddy, momma on her way?” Terri asked

“Yeah, she’ll call us when she gets to the hotel,” I responded without taking my eyes off of Melissa’s firm ass.

“You girls wanna go get a pizza or something?”

“Sure, can we go like this,” Terri asked. “It’s getting dark outside and no one would know, You can go in and get it and bring it home.”

“Oh, yeah, your mother would love that,” I said.

“Please,” Melissa chimed in, “we’ll stay in the car and we won’t ever tell anyone.”

“You girls must think I’m crazy. You can’t drive into town with no clothes on,” I said.

“Why not daddy? We’ll stay down in the car and never tell, we promise.”

“You don’t have to get dressed, but grab a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, both of you and I’ll call the order in. Okay?”

“Yes, sir,” they said in chorus as they jumped up to grab their clothing.

Melissa ran past me in the doorway, stopping to kiss me on the cheek, on her way to the guestroom.

By the time I called in the order the girls were in the entry hall waiting for me. Melissa had changed to a thong and a lacy almost transparent bra; Terri was still naked except for a pair of sandals.

We went to the car and headed into town to pick up our dinner. I have to admit it was exciting sitting in a car with a couple of young beauties sitting next to me in the front seat, one in her birthday suit and the other in not much more. I parked the car away from the entrance to the shop and went in to get our pizza. The girls waited patiently in the car.

When I cam back out I put the pizza in the back seat and got back behind the wheel to head home. I didn’t pay attention when I first got in but then I realized something had changed. Terri was no longer seated in the middle next to me, She and Melissa had changed places, which meant one or both of them had gotten out of the car while we were in the parking lot.

I pretended not to notice and headed the car back to the house. As we pulled up to a stoplight Melissa leaned forward and reached behind her back. Before the light could change Melissa had shrugged her bra off and she was nude from the waist up.

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