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Stepmother’s Lust

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It was just a normal day at the house for Mary Rose. Mary was 40-year old brunette and married to Simon Rose, an insurance salesman in Florence. She was bronze-skinned and voluptuous, with 42DD tits and a big round ass. She had a (not-undeserved) reputation of being a slut, not helped by the fact that she loved to show off her curves in any way possible, from tight leggings, to shirts with plunging necklines. Her favorite outfits, however, were minidresses with low necklines, paired with stiletto boots. Today, however, she wore a simple t-shirt and sweatpants.

She wanted to show off for men because her husband was always away on business trips. She craved sex and she made no apologies for it. She had one-night stands with men (and the occasional woman), because, as she put it, “You only live once and you might as well have fun.”

Justin was Simon’s son from a past relationship. Justin was 18, 6’5 and a dominating athlete at Wilson High, earning varsity letters in football, basketball, track, and baseball. He loved to run shirtless, exposing his muscular arms and washboard stomach. He had his pick of chicks at high school, and he even caught the eye of several teachers. He fucked a few girls (and one teacher, for which she later resigned), but he had eyes on his stepmom, Mary. He knew he wasn’t related to her, but he thought of her as his mom, and she his son, since he was five years old. Justin’s fantasies of fucking her included bending her over the nearest table and fucking her brains out, her gobbling his shaft and swallowing his cum. He was jealous of all the guys that got to fuck her instead of him, but he kept it to himself. After all, Mary was the woman who raised him. He would have to settle for jacking off to his fantasies.

Unknown to him, Mary had lustful feelings towards Justin as well. She wanted him to fuck her, but she was grossed out at the prospect of fucking someone she raised as her own son.

Mary was folding the laundry, canlı bahis while Justin was in his bedroom watching porn, when the phone rang.

“Justin, could you get the phone for me?” Mary said.

“Okay,” Justin said. He closed the laptop and headed to the kitchen to answer the phone.

“Hello?” Justin said.

On the receiving end was Simon.

“Justin, hi. Glad to hear from you. Listen, champ, give the phone to Mary. I have something important to tell her.”

“All right.”

Justin headed to the laundry room.

“Here,” Justin said, “It’s dad.”

As Justin handed the phone to his stepmom, he lingered to check out his stepmom’s tits, how they seemed to press the t-shirt’s strength to its limits.



“Could you hand me the phone please?”

“Oh, yeah…sure,” Justin said.

Mary spoke. “Hey, Simon, how are you?”

Simon’s reply would shake her to the core.

“I’m leaving you,” Simon said.


“You heard what I said, Mary,” Simon said. “I’m tired of you prancing around town like some cheap skank, fucking every single dick you find. I have put up with your antics for ten long years, but I’ve had enough. I’ve found someone else.”

Justin heard Mary shriek the words “You heartless BASTARD!” to her dad. He wondered if the two were divorcing.

“Keep your voice down, Mary. Justin could be listening in.”

“Oh, FUCK YOU, SIMON,” Mary said. “How dare you blame me for having needs when you were never around?”

“I’m done arguing, Mary. Go tell Justin that we are over. You have a week to leave.”

Simon hanged up, and Mary stood there in shock. She tossed the phone against the wall and fell to the ground, crying hysterically.

From his room, Justin could hear the loud cries of his soon-to-be ex-stepmom, but he decided that this wasn’t really his problem. He flipped open his laptop and resumed watching porn.

Mary got up and headed bahis siteleri to Justin’s room to break the bad news. Justin was busy watching porn and was ready to start masturbating, so he whipped his cock out of his shorts and began stroking, when Mary suddenly opened the door. Justin had enough time to shut the laptop, but was too late to pull up his shorts.

Mary opened the door, ready to tell Justin about the divorce, but she stopped, rendered speechless by what

She stared at Justin’s cock. She figured that it had to be eight inches in length and two in girth, minimum. She always suspected that her stepson’s cock was huge, and she always pictured it as such in her fantasies. She was not disappointed by the confirmation of her suspicions.

Justin tried to pull up his shorts and attempted to offer a half-hearted excuse for why his cock was out.

“Mary, I-,” Justin stammered.

“Stop,” Mary replied. “Justin, sit on the bed. Don’t pull up your shorts.”

Justin did as he told. Mary walked up to the edge of the bed, knelt before Justin, and grabbed his cock to stroke it.

Justin could not believe what he saw. His stepmom was kneeling before him, stroking his hardening cock and caressing his swollen balls. His heart was rising, which made his cock throb rapidly.

“Justin, I’m about to rock your world,” Mary said.

She shoved her stepson’s cockhead inside her mouth. She wrapped her tongue around to taste the saltiness of his cock. She wondered whether she could fit Justin’s entire cock in her mouth, but she would enjoy trying.

She pushed herself further forward until she fit 3/4 of his cock inside her mouth. She licked every inch of his member, savoring the salty flavor. She held his cock in her moth for a minute, and then she pulled out, slowly.

She took a deep breath and asked “How do you like it, baby?” as she stroked his turgid cock.

He replied with a soft “Fuck yeah.”


Mary bahis şirketleri shoved his cock back into her mouth and started blowing it vigorously, simultaneously stroking it. She worked up a rhythm, accommodating as much of his cock as she could muster. Justin grabbed her breast and squeezed the nipple with a soft pinch.

“Ahhhh…ahhhhhhhh…Mary…I’m about to cum.”

Mary took his cock out and stroked it vigorously. “You want to cum?”


“You want me to swallow your load, Justin?”


Mary shoved the cock back inside her mouth and blew it as hard as she could she used her free hand to squeeze his balls to coax his orgasm.

Justin could feel the pressure building in his balls, so he pressed on the back of his stepmother’s head to coax the orgasm. Mary felt his throbbing cock and sensed that he was about to cum. she worked as fast as she could to make him cum.

“FUCK!” Justin yelled.

Mary had little time to brace herself before the first powerful blasts of cum filled her mouth. She tried to swallow as much as she could, but the cum filled her mouth faster than she could swallow. Some of it gushed out of her mouth and spilled onto her chin.

When she was sure she coaxed the last drops of cum from his balls, she took the cock out of her mouth and wiped her chin.

Both of them shared an awkward silence before Justin broke the silence.

“That was amazing,” Justin said.

“I know it was. I’m an expert when it comes to blowjobs,” Mary responded.

Mary could tell Justin was still hard and sensed he wanted another go, but she was not up for it.

“Get yourself cleaned up, Justin. I’m going to take a shower,” Mary said, adding nonchalantly, “You’re free to join.”

As she took a hot shower, Mary wondered how her relationship to Justin would change, considering that she sucked him off and swallowed his load. Obviously Justin would not be her stepson for long. She wondered how he felt and whether he was interested in making this a full affair instead of a one off blowjob.

Then Justin entered.

“Room for two,” Justin said.

“Yeah,” Mary replied.

To be continued…

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