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Stomping Grounds

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The Fall season in the mountains offers wonderful scenery and a feeling of being alive, vibrant, and colorful. Living in near vicinity to such grandeur, one can possibly become spoiled to what nature brings to a mountain region, so, visiting particular locations every now and then is essential to keep that feeling of life fresh in our mind. Having attended a University located within such a region, I was invited to the yearly Homecoming festivities every October. I hadn’t gone to any since the year after I graduated, and, until my older sister, Deb, received her invitation (she was also a graduate of this institution) and mentioned it to me, really didn’t think about it very much. That would change.

During a Labor Day barbacue at her house, my sister asked if I was on the mailing list for the Homecoming Celebration from the University, because she had received her invitation that same week. “Yeah, I did..it’s on my desk somewhere at home”, I answered her, in a matter-of-factly manner. Surprising me, Deb told me she was “Thinking about checking it out this year”, due to being away from the campus for about 10 years. As I gazed at her smooth stomach peaking out from her crop top each time she raised her arms over her head to put dishes away, I fielded another of her inquiries: A simple, direct “Wanna head up with me? C’mon, I think it’d be fun.”. Pretty much without hesitation, I responded “Sure, I’ll go with you. We’ll hit some of the old bars while we’re up there, too. First one’s on me.” I shook her siniwy, red-nailed hand and sealed the deal.

Deb was in her mid-30s, but, she had the body of a tight, toned 22 year old, with a hidden wild side to match. In fact, she could still pass for a college student. We had always gotten along very well together, helped along by our difference in age (6 years), and her own comfort level with sexual issues which led to a green-light for me to use her as a sort of “sexual learning tool”. Deb was the first woman I ever saw totally naked, the first that let me touch her womanly parts, and a constant flirting object who knew how to return the favor. So, when the opportunity presented itself to spend a day and evening at our old college, just the two of us, I had to jump on it. As the weeks passed, I thought about this Homecoming weekend over and again. In a few emails, I could tell Deb was, too. For example: “Jay- Do you have a newer SCU sweatshirt I could borrow? Mine is too small on me. Guess my boobs grew since college!”. This sort of joking was normal, but, I wanted a response that would flirt back at her. “Debs: Yes, I have one for you. But, your huge knockers better not stretch it out! Would a t-shirt do the same thing, you think?”

Even though we had joked like this a lot, I wasn’t sure what her response would be. Minutes later, I found out, in a simple, 8 word email. “Thanks. I suppose you’d want the t-shirt wet?”. After reading this several times, I couldn’t help but be excited about the possibilities. Typing my response, I apprised her that I would take the sweatshirt to her house, that we’d leave from there, and that any wet t-shirt results would “need my close and hands-on inspection”. In her last email response to me before the Homecoming weekend festivities, my sister led on that “Inspection can be arranged under the proper circumstances, bud”. We set 9:00am Saturday for departure, as the campus was an approximate 2 hour drive. Deb was waiting and ready as I pulled up the driveway. Ever the chivalrous type, I loaded her single bag into the car, and met her inside for a quick coffee to-go. Wearing tight jeans and a bulky, chest-covering sweater top, my sister sauntered around her kitchen so sexily I wanted to reach out and grab her. However, because her hubby hadn’t left yet, I (and, for that matter, we) had to be good. This was heating up as I observed those tight-jeaned hips sway about, and she, undoubtedly, knew what she was doing.

At last, David left, and, upon his departure, I quipped to my sister: “Nice sweater, D..Looks a little, errr…loose, though..What up?”. Snidly, she turned around and removed this mass of excessive fabric, revealing herself in her bra. “Got my sweatshirt, bud?” she laughed, standing not 3 feet from me with her hands on her hips, flaunting her body. Gathering myself, I said “Yeah..It’s in the car.. But, I’m enjoying this much too much to go get it”, reaching for her tummy. Teasingly pulling back, my sister giggled “Ah, ah..bud. No handling the merchandise, only window shopping”, followed by a sexy “for now, anyway”. Breaking a hint of sweat, I directed zenci escort gaziantep bayan her that “We should start up there to beat some traffic…Feel free to take off whatever else you want, though”, sucessfully running my fingers over her navel and braising her jeans button. I fetch the sweatshirt, and my flirting, giggling sister pulled it over her flowing hair. We hit the road within minutes, both plotting further flirting and possibly more.

The ride was interspersed with basic catching-up chatter and verbal flirtations, highlighted by recollection of my sister’s days as a Featured Performer, when she twirled fire batons and swords, danced, and, at times, wore “really tight outfits”. I reminded her of one such get-up, a gold, sequined bodysuit that had a high V-cut on her hips, and a tie string in front, to hold in her bulging boobs. “Man, Deb” I sighed to her “That thing looked so fucking HOT on you! Really brought out your ass and body curves. I always wanted to yank that string down as you danced, too”. My sister recalled the exact outfit, to a detail, and laughed “You and every other guy who saw me in it. My tits almost fell out all the time in that…I never had so many perverts calling me!”. In mid-laugh, and, wanting to make up for clumping me in with the others, she placed her deep-red-nailed hand on my shoulder and assured me “Not you..I didn’t mean that you were a pervert, too!”. The longer her hand stayed there, the more tempted I was to munch on those long nails. I did, and, she gave me the green light to do so for the better part of 3 miles. The unspoken, yet understood, agreement to increase our playing around made it that much more alluring. Now, I not only wanted her, but, I HAD to get her.

Arriving at the University gates, viewing a sea of parked cars in acres-long parking lots, we both felt a flow of excitement, college pride, and eagerness to check things out. After locating a spot behind the Media building, we made our way to the registration booth. Deb had to stretch and bend at her knees after the road trip, and did, which constricted her jeans even tighter around her shapely hips, waist, and ass. Her crotch area looked mighty inviting as well. A chirpy college girl met us at the registration booth, we checked in, and were off to explore the activities. Gradually, throughout the morning and early afternoon, we took in activities, noted changes and similarities, and recalled tales from each of our days of yore at SCU. The time she was so drunk she slept in the quad; My exploits at a Halloween party; A detailed catfight she had with her old roomate, Eve; The time I nailed my friend Cheryl in the library storage room. The stories were endless, only, hers were better than mine. She had attended college before so many rules were put in, when alcohol on campus wasn’t really a violation.

As both of our stomachs grumbled, I offered Deb lunch at Kelly’s 9th, a popular college bar and restaraunt. The walk downtown confirmed that this building sexual energy was still increasing, as it was filled with reciprocal ass-grabs, tummy feels, and further revelations about my sister’s wild past. I had known a lot of it, but, it was the first time she told me about her few weeks in college working a part-time job as a nightclub dancer. “I only did the topless thing for a couple of weeks, to get some cash” she slyly said, joking that “The football field dancing wasn’t the only shaking it I was doing…Heeeee!!!”. That deep laugh brought her hands and face onto my shoulder, close enough for me to lean in for the first of the day and night’s liplocks. When she pulled off after several seconds, she sighed “Why do such soft lips have to be on my brother?”. I echoed the same sentiment, adding “And why does my own sister have to have such a hot, lusted-for body? I mean, I WANT you!”. This was left hanging as we entered the bar and seated ourselves.

A boppy waitress came to our table, saying “Hi! I’m Monica, your server!”, with a cute little head shake. “We’re ready to order”, Deb directed, with a hint of “so you take your 20-year old ass back to the kitchen” in her voice. First up was a 32-ounce glass of beer to wet the whistle. Usually a light beer drinker, my sister asked for and got the house lager, which was a strong, dark brew that packed a punch. I stuck with Budweiser. By the time our food came, both beers had been emptied and others ordered. We talked, flirted, ate and drank our way to total comfort with each other, not necesarrily as brother and escort bayan gaziantep sister. After the third beer, Deb was feeling pretty good, and was up for more of a drinking challenge. “Hey, you ever have a Cosmo?” she asked, running her long forefinger over my lips, “They go down sooo easy..I get so loopy on them”. “Well, then,” I retorted, beginning to taste her finger in my mouth, “2 Cosmos it is!”. Catching the waitress as she walked by (and resisting temptation to smack her on her tight little ass), I requested a pitcher of Cosmos. Getting up to go to the ladies room, my sister kissed me again, this time deeper and more passionate, and teased “A pitcher? How sloshed you want to get me?”. During her bathroom trip, I decided: As sloshed and passed-out drunk as possible!

The tall, orange liquid-filled pitcher was placed on the table as Deb returned from her ladies room trip. “Mmm..that looks GOOD!” she excitedly said as I poured her some. “Taste it…Tell me if it’s good” I said to her, then imploring her to “down it fast”. She did, followed by a request for a refill. This, I thought, was going down a good road towards creating a sloshed, drunken, horny sister. Two glasses later, and Deb’s nails weren’t the only things shining on her. Her beautiful green eyes were as well. “I’ll be sacked out later for sure” she stated, with some verbal slurring already. Now, I decided, was the time to start making my moves, as I, too, was feeling pretty good. Being the good host and brother, I supplied her with a fourth Cosmo. With that, Deb began laughing inexplicably, itching her bellybutton underneath her shirt, showing some skin. “Oh, I LOVE it when you do that!” I confess to her. ‘Wha, when I itch my tummy like thiiiisss?” she teased, raising her shirt more north to expose her peach-fuzzed abs, itching them yet again.

“Yeah, THAT”, I chuckle, explaining that “The way you run those nails over your body and caress your skin, like you really enjoy the feeling…The look you get on your face when you’re doing it..ALL of it just makes me want to…OH!”. Deb was getting that shifty, sexy look on her face, as she flipped her shirt up further north, exposing full ribs and the soft, white underbelly of her tits. She had taken her bra off in the ladies room for comfort, and had left it there. “Makes you wanna what, Jay??”, she says, with a sexy giggle. “Slither my body all over yours and ram my cock up so far inside you it protrudes from your eyelids!”, I said, moving over to her side and wrapping my arms around her exposed lower mid-section, caressing every inch. “Mmmm..that sounds..NASTY.”, Deb whispers, her soft lips teasingly touching mine as she spoke the words. Now having her body pressed against the wall and rubbing the bottom of her tits, I tell her “Then…LET’S”, feeding her sense of drunken erotica as her hands traverse my chest and hardening cock. “Hotel..We need a…Hotel…FAST, Jay…I can’t hold it any longer..We HAVE to fuck!”, my sister implores me. “And, that we will, sweet Debs…Tonight, you are totally mine”.

Finishing off the remainder of our glassess, I paid the bill, tipped the cute girl 10 bucks, and led my soon-to-be conquest out of the bar. Still dishevled from our booth interlude, Deb tried to fix up again, but, such proved difficult; Between my hands continuing to rove on her, and, the effect all of the alcohol had on her skills, it didn’t take but a few steps for Deb to give up, and enjoy my hands on her as we walked the backstreets in search of the hotel. “Hey, darlin’..”, I said to her, “How about the old standby: The Super 8? It’s right off Main Street, clean, and, they take cash. I can get us a room for the night, just us.” Looking up at me with those sexy green eyes, my sister playfully rubbed my crotch with her long nails, and said “Super-8, baay-bayy!”. Two and a half blocks later, we were there. I temporarily cleaned my sister up a bit, so it didn’t look so blatantly like we were there for a night of sex. “Gimme a few minutes, and I’l take you upstairs..So I can TAKE you!”, I teased her. As I made the arrangements with a couldn’t care less desk clerk, my sister’s playful nature got the best of her. “Jay..Check this out..My tits look HUGE in this window!”, she says, puffing in and out. Two weary male travelers were apparently happy with the show, since they voiced agreement with her. I heard “Yes, sweetheart, they DO!”, coming from the lobby. She laughed uproariously, thanked them, and sat down on a couch until I finished.

Moments later, Room 303 was ours, and we entered, not lasting 20 seconds before becoming intertwined with one another’s bodies. Deb’s siniwy fingers and tasty nails ran over me like water over an irrigation field. My hands grasped and squeezed her thin, soft waist with a passionate mixture of brute force and careful tenderness. My sister was overheating, and so was I. “C’mere.” she directs me, walking us to the queen-sized bed, “Fuck me like you’ve never done anyone else…You’re not just my sexy brother…Tonight, you’re MY MAN!”. With only the light from outside the window being privy to this night of forbidden physical pleasure, I stripped my sister’s remaining clothing as if going thru a drive-through raping: Fast, efficient, and reckless. Deb would do the same to (and for) me, leaving nail marks even as she eliminated my briefs. Our items neared one another, and I plunged downward to take my sister Deb as my own conquest, setting forth to drive my hardened pole as far north into her as possible. The first entry was sweet, and my sister welcomed me inside her moist pussy by letting out a sexy sigh of approval.

“Oh!..Mmm…Jay…” she purred, positoning herself in such a way that my cock would be most beneficial to her. Picking up speed, I slid into her over and again, becoming more aroused with each of her sighs of delight and digging of those nails into my back. The feeling of being totally inside of her, slopping her pussy wetness up and down my cock, having her so submissive to me, was the culmination of this day and evening; I had achieved my goal, and planned on doing it to her until I fell over. Now being rammed with full force, Deb began to dig into me ever further, at one point breaking skin. Holding onto her shoulders, I wanted her still and immobile, so as to give her the fullest, deepest, and widest extent of my cock. My sister took it all in, imploring me for more. “Debs…I’m…gonna…cum….on..you” I whispered to her, myself with heavy breath. Lifting myself up, I spewed my warmth over her flat, sexy belly, virtually painting her with the ooze she created in me. “YES JAY!!..Leave it!” she exclaims from behind a pillow, which she had been screaming into. Wanting to comply with big sister’s orders, I spewed the remainder of my cum over her tits and down her ribs, itself an act of cum regeneration.

An exhausted Deb lay there, gasping for air, when I sprung a surprise on her: I wasn’t done yet. “D…Turn over”, I said to a rather limp sister. “My…ass? I haven’t had it there since..College!” she eked out, not recognizing the humor of the statement. Spreading her legs further to provide better ass entry, I massaged her back and told her “This being a night to relive our college days, I think this should be part of it…I’m coming IN!”. With a trace of wince, my fuck-doll sister prepared for my cock to enter her ass, knowing I’d wasn’t planning on being quick or gentle about it. True to her wild, sexual-trooper ways of her past, Deb allowed me free reign with her perfectly-shaped, well-toned ass. This subject of strangers roving hands was to be entered by a brotherly cock for minutes at a time. Her cheeks pulsated with my every plowing, her back arched in response. Providing an additional pillow for her to scream into, I thrusted into her ass several times, each time harder and more forceful than the last. With Deb screaming and panting into the hotel pillow, I pulled out, informing her that I had yet more spew to be spread about her used body. “Debs.” I say, heaving again, “It’s going in your ass this time”. With a muffled plea, the sounds of “Noooo!!” eminated from the white, frilled pillowcase. But, twas to no avail, as my cock spew had it’s own manner, proceeding to fill up my sister’s ass crack like caulking to an old window. Not a spot was missed.

Having succeeded in exhausting myself and Deb out, I layed alongside her, pulled her in, and we fell asleep like 2 lost lovers, skin to skin, wrapped tight to each other, and holding onto the very moment we were in. We certainly had harkened back to our respective collegiate days: I hadn’t fucked her with this much abandon since then, and, she hadn’t been this wild since her own higher education times. Neither of us had experienced such a deep sexual encounter as with each other (and, as a side note, never would, hence, the incestous relationship prospers until this day), and, were able to reach back for those more free, sexually-thrilling pleasures of the flesh feelings that we had lived by back then. Yet, we were able to keep everything in perfect perspective: Deb and I, brother and sister, truly enjoyed having sex with one another as partners, did love each other in many ways, but, maintained our respective lives. In the realm of kink, my sister loved doing things to me as I loved doing things to her. This was a willing partnership. Think today, it’s called having Casual Sex Partner. So be it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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