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Stoned Submission Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: … You’re Gonna Get Burned


When the Pixie’s Here Comes Your Man dun-dunelled through the car speakers, Annika gripped the wheel and shifted in her seat. The movement caused her still wet pussy to clench the kegels Grady had thumbed in deep, all the way to her cervix. She sucked in a deep breath, lowered a couple windows to let the early morning air tickle through her loose hair.

Annika’s fingertips tapped along with Joey Santiago’s riff and couldn’t help but feel Grady’s hot come inside her as she sang along to the chorus. That bastard was going to be on her mind all day.

With the sun slowly pinking the sky, Annika circled around to find a park, one four blocks from the Santospirito Flower Market. She decided to see this as an opportunity and smirked, picked up her phone to text Grady.

A: Premo carpark just four blocks from the market. I’m not sure Nika can handle it the rough terrain 🙂

He’s probably still asleep, she thought as she gathered box trays from the back of her car. The dull ache deep in her bowels was present, but not persistent. Pleasant.

Annika loved the flower markets. The early morning energy, the haggling, the demands for varieties; all an ironic contrast to the floral notes in the thick and humid air. She loved the colours, shapes, smells, seeing arrangements form in her mind as she wandered the aisles, considered and discarded species.

The vibration in her back pocket made her jolt, involuntarily clench, and her face flushed as pink as the Bleeding Hearts in her tray.

G: The thing about Nika, though, is that she underestimates herself. She’s handled everything I’ve given her so far…

Annika bit her lip, juggled the tray in one arm as she tapped a back a response.

A: That may be true, but she never underestimates you, Gray baby.

She waited a beat.

A: Went panty-less along with that kegel this morning. Just FYI 😉

She released her lip and smiled fully, hoping Grady would throb at her response. She wanted him to feel as edgy and needy as her.

“Morning Johnno,” she said as she approached the counter, offloading her rainbow tray to the short Chinese man who managed the warehouse. His face was pinched tight in interesting, deep-set lines, his gappy smile always quick to bloom.

“Annika,” he nodded. “Nice selection. Just a top up for the weekend?”

“Yeah. I’ll be back Tuesday to stock up properly. Praise Allah, Buddha, Yoda, whoever, the wedding season’s coming to an end. Things’ll ease up.” Upon saying “ease up”, Annika subconsciously rolled her hips in an attempt to ease the ache emanating from her core.

“Flowers are a year-round business, Chickadee,” Johnno cackled. “So, thank Yoda for that.”

Walking back to the car, arms full and pussy heavy, Annika made a mental itinerary of the day. But first… She checked her watch, figured Grady would well and truly be up, and called him.

“Hey.” His voice made her shiver, made her grip her sex.

“Hey,” she breathed.

Grady knew that tone, knew that voice. He smiled. “Struggling a little are you, Nika?”

Annika bit her lip. “No.”

“Liar.” Pause. “Where are you?”

“In the car.” Annika’s heartbeat was thick in her chest, a beat that echoed down to her loins.

“Hmmm…” She could all but hear Grady’s deviant thoughts.


“I want you to do something for me.”

Annika’s heart jumped and she looked out the window at the sleepy street. She placed her phone in its holder, undid the button of her jeans, and switched on FaceTime.

“Hey,” she smiled, her face prettily pink after her walk in the early morning sun. Grady was dishevelled, clearly still in bed. He hooked an arm behind his head and grinned into the phone, hair a black curling mess around his face.

“Hey, gorgeous. Angle the phone a little lower. I want to see.”

She bit her lip as adjustments were made, taking the opportunity to squirm in her seat. Rub her naked pussy lips against the thick denim seams.

“I saw that,” Grady whispered softly. Annika lowered her gaze, just a flicker of the eyelid, before reclining the seat and bringing one foot to the dashboard. Grady sucked in a breath. Anticipating.

Annika slowly lowered the zipper of her jeans and covered her mons with the palm of her hand, her fingertips disappearing beneath the thick material. The car was already soaking up the scent of her sex.

“My lips are still swollen and wet from you this morning, Gray baby,” Annika purred, knowing he’d be watching intensely, cock in hand. With eyes half closed, she rubbed her ring and pointer finger along her outer labia, sending small tingles down her legs. Annika ached to extend her middle finger through her folds, but waited.

“Take your pants off. I need to see you,” Grady commanded. Annika sat up, blinking.

“Seriously?” ataşehir escort bayan she asked, looking out the windows and windshield. The inner suburban streets of St Kilda were slow to awaken on Saturday mornings, but she could hear traffic off into the distance. She could see houses lined along the street opposite her parking spot. A quiet street, sure. But a quiet eye – even one cloudy with sleep – could conclude what she was up to if they had a mind to.

“Seriously,” said Grady. “It’s early yet. You’ll be right.”

Annika sucked in a breath, wondering if she should refuse. But Nika couldn’t allow cowardice, especially when it worked Grady’s favour.

“Fuck,” she muttered under her breath before lifting her hips and rolling her jeans down her legs to her ankles. Leaving them inside out and caught at the straps of her sandals, Annika lifted both feet to the dashboard, giving Grady an unobstructed view of her snatch.

“Yes,” Grady hissed into the phone, his breath clogging the line. Annika heard sheets shifting and knew Grady had lifted a knee and was stroking his cock from base to tip.

She tugged at the kegel strings peeking through her pussy lips, pulled them until they were visibly bulging against her sensitive flesh. With a wince, she drew in her pelvic floor and sucked the balls back deep within her pussy. She released a sigh with the pressure easing.

“Do that again,” Grady demanded, his voice gruff.

Again, Annika tugged and pulled at the strings, moving the kegels within her tunnel. She squirmed a little in her seat, the fabric of the chair tickling her bum. She pressed her heels against the dashboard, thrusting her hips toward the phone so Grady could see.

“Fuck, you’re such a tease, Nika.”

She smiled and tugged the strings again, clenching hard to deny their freedom. The pull inside her belly was growing and Grady saw her cunt swell in arousal. He licked his lips watching, a gesture not lost on Annika.

“You want to taste her, don’t you, Gray baby?” Annika’s voice rippled softly through the phone line, making Grady’s cock twitch and balls tighten.

“Fuck yeah, I do,” he replied, eyes fixated.

“You want to taste your come inside me, clean up the mess you made this morning.”

“Is that bad?”

Annika laughed. “No. I fucking love it.”

“Touch your clit as you pull the strings, Nika,” Gray whispered, his voice strained.

On a groan, Annika rubbed her middle finger around the opening of her vagina, coating her digit in juices before strumming her middle finger over the hardened nub. Annika’s knees jerked once toward her chest before she settled into the sensation, circling her clit with one hand and tugging at the kegel strings with the other.

Her breathing grew thick, heavy. Grady could see the slackened hang of her jaw, and knew she was lost in pleasure.

“That’s it, baby,” he growled. “Imagine my hand there touching you. My lips on your throat, sucking my brand onto your skin. My finger circling your wet clit until she peeks out of her hood, demanding more.”

His own voice was becoming strained, the image of Annika pleasuring herself in the front seat of the car burning into his retinas, his cock straining for release.

“Yes, yes,” Annika moaned, her eyes closing, head rolling to the side.

“Look at me!” Grady demanded. Annika snapped back to reality, her belly jumping with pent up tension. She was lost in the dark chocolate of his eyes, her hands pulling and rubbing intermittently, her pussy clenching harder and harder over the small, heavy balls. Growing more and more desperate for something, anything, to massage the ache deep within her core.

Her middle finger began to frig her clit, a blur of motion, and her breathing accelerated, matching the pulse in her chest, in her pussy. Grady moaned on the other end, his face contorted in a grimace of pleasure. Of determination.

“Grady…” she moaned, eyes wincing shut tight.

Not yet, not yet, Grady chanted internally, trying to bank his own pleasure, his eyes fixated on the vision before him. Her pussy was a deep shade of pink, swollen to nearly double its size. Annika’s face was almost the same colour, her face twisted tight in the fight against control.

“You close?” Grady asked, feeling the precum leak from the tip of his cock. He rubbed it around his sensitive bellend, imagining Annika’s lips wrapped around him, sucking him off.

“What the fuck do you think?” she grunted. Grady laughed. Malevolently.

“Stop,” he demanded, letting out a long heavy breath. “Calm down. Calm now, baby.”

Annika stilled all movements on a frustrated groan, matched her breathing to his. Found her equilibrium. Looked around to see curtains in a window across the sheet flutter closed.

“Shit,” she said.


“I think I’m caught.”

Grady laughed again. Annika’s pussy was still escort kadıköy frantically gripping and releasing the kegels, trying to reclaim the frenzied feeling of letting go.

“Have a good day at work,” he said before disconnecting the call.

“Bastard,” Annika whispered before straightening her seat and pulling her jeans back up over her hips. The denim provided a welcome roughness against her sensitive vulva, one she was sure would become unwelcome as the day went on.

Pulling into the Staff Parking behind her shop, Annika practiced some seated pranayama to re-centre herself and leash her raging libido. Nika’s pulse was heavy and dull. Present. Seemed that’s as quiet as she’d get today.

Taking it philosophically, Annika switched out sandals for battered boots best suited for the tiny greenhouse wedged between her shop and the neighbouring accounting firm. She loaded her rolling cart with plum purple crocus cuttings, cheerful erythronium and buttery ixia, and wheeled it into the cool room.

The cool room took up almost half of the space behind the showroom of her shop. Inside it were arrangements for upcoming events and offcuts still to be arranged. Beyond the cool room was Annika’s work station. A long concrete- top bench – one that still weathered stains and scrapes – three overhead lamps to highlight the more intricate details of her arrangements and three mood-boards for various projects.

Wedged in at the very end was a small office space – no bigger than a closet, really – and a half-bath.

Wandering through the display area of her shop, she rearranged bouquets, swags and garlands, before stopping to breathe it all in. Her dream was blooming. She got to play with, live in, practically soak in gorgeous flora every day. She wiggled her hips in a small victory dance, but at the sharp pang in her belly, she instantly forgot triumph and felt only a barely contained desire.

Having tasked her assistant with the day’s deliveries, Annika allowed herself to work the shop, helping customers with last minute anniversary flowers, sympathy flowers and just because flowers. With the afternoon lull settling in, Annika settled behind her tiny desk – one ear cocked for the welcoming chime of the door – and arranged files, checked her books, paid some bills. The buzzing of her phone was a welcome distraction.

G: How goes your day?

A: A dull afternoon when compared to a… stimulating morning.

Annika squirmed in her seat, bills forgotten.

G: And how’s my girl?

Grady referring to Nika as “my girl” made her clench.

A: She’s frustrated.

She could all but see Grady smiling at her response. The doors chimed, and Annika shoved her phone into her back pocket, wandered out to the showroom, ignoring the vibrating flirtation against her backside.

And stopped dead upon seeing Lucille.

Lucille was maybe in her late thirties, somewhat androgynous, milk-pale, tall and trim. She and Annika were on a friendly first-name basis around their apartment complex. But this was the first time she’d visited Bud and Blossom. Subtle stoner slang. Annika cleared her throat.

“Lucille. Hi.” She offered a nervous but beaming smile. And clenched hard at the kegels pressing against her bladder.

Lucille turned her bewitching hazel eyes onto Annika, allowing them to travel very thoroughly – and obviously – from Annika’s rose gold toe nails to her wavy brown hair. Lucille had always thought her pot smoking neighbour was gorgeous, what with her summer-gold skin, voluptuous body and sea-deep blue eyes. And after the show Lucille had witnessed last night, she’d finally given in to temptation. To test the waters, so to speak.

“Hi, gorgeous,” she said, immensely pleased to see Annika a flush glow under the bronzed skin. “I’ve been a terrible daughter. Haven’t seen my mother in over six weeks.” She shifted the black motorbike helmet under her other arm so she could reach out and stroke the fragile petals of begonia.

Annika then noted the heavy boots, thick jeans and leather jacket. Fuck. Her pussy began to tingle. And she wasn’t even high.

“You can’t go wrong with flowers,” she smiled, taking in a quiet breath in an attempt to calm her system. “Though these aren’t my freshest cuttings. How badly do you want to make it up to her?”

Lucille smiled and shifted to angle her body towards Annika. A move not lost on the florist. Nor was it lost on her the way the afternoon sun made Lucille’s short cap of streaky blonde hair shimmer silver. Annika’s loins tightened again in response. The buzzing in her back pocket didn’t help.

“Not that bad. While I haven’t visited – new job really takes up your time – we’ve texted, spoken on the phone. I just want to brighten her day. Reach top status over my brother for a few days.”

Annika grinned. “Well, I have a lot of bouquets bostancı escort already arranged. Have a look, decide on what you’re willing to spend. Just yell out if you need a hand.” She patted Lucille’s forearm, berated herself, Idiot, Annika. Idiot, idiot, idiot, and wandered back to her desk.

G: She’s not the only one who’s frustrated.

G: My balls are blue.

G: Your dull afternoon has clearly picked up. But all I can think about is your mouth soothing this tingly ache right at the base of my cock. I’ve been semi hard for you all day.

Shit fuck, fuck shit. Annika had to bite the inside of her cheek to distract her from Nika’s ache. An ache that was screaming to a roar.

A: Fucking Lucille is in the shop! Fuck these fucking kegels!

G: Hahahahahaha

Bastard. Lucille was a favourite of Annika and Grady’s when engaging in dirty talk. They’d seen her in the Jacuzzi with women (yes, plural) in the past, saw her speeding to and from the building on her bike, and they’d occasionally spied women leaving her apartment on early mornings.

Annika had always been eager to fulfil her fantasies with another woman. And in recent months, those fantasies had zeroed in on her delphic neighbour. On Lucille seducing her, taking her, using her, turning her into her own little lesbian slut toy.

A: All I can think about are all the nasty things we’ve wondered, we’ve done, while talking about her. Fucking fuck, Gray! Nika is soaked. I bet she can smell me.

Annika smirked, hoping that last message would make Grady suffer as she was suffering.

“Annika?” Lucille’s whiskey warm voice wafted through to the back, jolting Annika back to her day job. And the inferno between her legs.

“Hey. Found something you like?” Annika smiled, too bright, in a face that was still flushed. Lucille arched a brow, gave her neighbour one of her enigmatic smiles. Then rolled her tongue quite deliberately along her bottom lip.

“As a matter of fact…” Her eyes once again travelled along the curves of Annika’s body, her pouty mouth and smooth throat, her ample bosom. The juncture of her thighs. Again, Lucille licked her lips. And again, Annika’s cheeks went rosy.

“Sorry,” Lucille grinned, clearly enjoying Annika’s awkwardness, those witch eyes laughing at her own private joke. “I’ll take this bouquet of natives here.”

“Great choice,” Annika said brightly as she transferred bouquet to box. “They’ll last the rest of the month, easy.” Lucille smiled, nodded, wandered the room again.

Annika measured and cut ribbon, wrapped the box, adding home care instructions and feed for longevity to the back of her business card.

“How long have you had the shop, Annika? About as long as you’ve lived next door?”

Annika smiled at the flowers, relieved in the task, nodded at Lucille. “Just over eight months, yeah. The scariness of going out on my own is finally over. But it’s been replaced with the scariness of survival.”

Lucille chuckled, wandered back to the counter. “You’ve a smart and stylish shop front. Well organised displays. From what I read in the paper you’re busy with weddings, funerals. Do you provide services to local businesses? Hotels, restaurants?”

“That’s the second-year plan, to establish regular business clients who’d like fresh flowers every week or two.”

Lucille opened her leather jacket, reached into the breast pocket. Annika’s core trembled. She pulled out a business card, handed it to Annika. The touch of their fingertips was electric. Lucille hoped Annika had felt it, too.

“I’m the new manager at Vibe Hotel and its restaurant. Am looking to freshen the hotel’s front reception, its bathrooms. The VIP rooms. I like your style. Vibe with Bud and Blossom. I think it could work.” The last ten words dripped with innuendo.

Mentally looking over her schedule, seeing how a regular client could fit in, Annika turned the card over in her hands, noted the little nicks and cuts on her skin. Battle scars. Lucille thought the florist’s hands to be delicate and fine, mapped by scars of dedication and creativity. Once more, Lucille licked her lips. She swore she could smell Annika’s musky sex among the blooms.

“Thanks, Lucille. I really appreciate it.”

“No rush. If you decide you can take it on, come on over. We can celebrate a new business venture with red wine and the Jacuzzi.”

Annika felt the fresh flush creep up her neck as an image of her and Lucille lost in lust and bubbles filled her mind. Bubbles. Bubbles! Fuck. The kegels in Annika’s pussy were feeling heavier and more uncomfortable; the strength of her pelvic floor was lacking, unable to hold them still.

Annika laughed, exchanged the bouquet for plastic. “I still don’t know how you fit that thing on your balcony.”

“Balcony!” Lucille’s laughter ripped from her throat, a smoky infectious ripple. “You’re too cute, Annika. Balcony.”

“I know. Grady teases my optimism, too.”

“Grady. That’s your boyfriend?”

Annika chewed her bottom lip as she finalised the transaction. “Yeah. He’s merciless.”

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