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Story of Melissa Ch. 02

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[Logan had been walking around all day with his boxer shorts and a tee-shirt on. He had heard his mother tell his twin aunts that seeing him like this made her horny. After a short discussion with April, his mother went upstairs followed by April. He knew why but there was no way now for him to spy on them. May stayed downstairs and was amused by Logan’s obvious erection.

April fucked Melissa senseless with her strap-on dildo and then Melissa fist-fucked April in return. Their screams were loud and May had come up stairs to tell them to quiet down. They finished up and then came downstairs. May and Melissa were in the kitchen cooking dinner and the others watched TV in the Family Room.

Tonight was going to be interesting. The twins had seen Logan trying to slip out of their room last night after spying from their closet as Melissa, May and April had three way lesbian sex. Melissa had confided that she loved the sex with her little sisters but she really missed cock as her husband Ethan was now totally impotent. The twins are about to set a trap for Logan.]

That night, after dinner, Logan made an obvious announcement that he was going up to his room to study. The twins looked at each other and smiled. Just as they suspected, Logan went to his room and stripped down to his boxer shorts and tee-shirt and this time grabbed a hand-towel instead of the tissues. He scanned the hallway and moved one door down and pushed the door to the twins room open and closed it again behind him. The closet door was slightly open and he pulled it wide and closed it tight behind him. He had no clue that the now closed closet door was a signal that he was in there.

When the twins entered their room, their eyes went immediately to the closet door. It was shut tight and they smiled at each other. May had laid out several long scarves on the bed. They undressed each other slowly kissing every inch as they went. Logan loved their tits. They were at least as big as his mom’s but they were firmer. His cock was rock hard watching them kissing and nibbling the others nipples. He could feel his first load approaching quickly and he wrapped the towel around the end in just enough time to collect rope after rope of cum. His head tipped back on his shoulder and his mouth hung open.

When the twins were naked, May pushed April back on the bed and pushed her legs apart and bent down and began tongue-fucking her. Logan’s cock was rock hard again and he was jacking on it at a furious pace. The bedroom door opened and Melissa slipped in and quickly closed the door behind her. The twins came to her and began slowly stripping her clothes off and kissing her everywhere. Air burst from her lungs when April latched on to one tit and May latched on to the other. They were flailing her nipples with their tongues and Melissa wrapped her arms around their necks holding them in place.

The twins moved their inside hands down over Melissa’s flat stomach to her groin and began switching back and forth fucking her pussy with their fingers. Melissa’s legs buckled and she started to go down but the twins held her up and guided her over to the bottom of their bed and pushed her down. Melissa laid back and the twins followed as they continued sucking on big sister’s tits as they strummed on her pussy.

The twins could feel that Mellie was approaching an orgasm so they stopped and pulled themselves up to sit on the bed. Melissa just lay there breathing very hard. She wanted the orgasm badly but she figured they wouldn’t leave her hanging for long.

April said, “Come on Mellie. Get up. We have plans for you.” They pulled her up to a sitting position. May grabbed one of the scarves and wrapped it around her eyes and tied it behind her head. April made sure she couldn’t see anything out the bottom. Melissa was going with whatever their plan was but she said, “What are you guys doing?”

May said, “Just enjoy yourself. OK?” Melissa just smiled. April guided her around on the bed so she was on her knees and elbows with her feet hanging off the end. Her hands were clasped together in front of her head, which was resting on her forearms. April tied one of the scarves around her clasped hands and then tied the other end around a cast iron ornament on the headboard. May tied one scarf on a leg and secured her spread leg to the bed platform and then did the same to the other leg.

April couldn’t help herself and she bent down and pushed her tongue into Melissa’s anus. Melissa’s head flew up off her arms and her hips pulsed forward. She let out a groan, “Oh fuck, what are you two doing. Don’t you dare think you’re going to fuck me in the ass with that strap-on.”

May said, “Hummm. We hadn’t thought of that but what a good idea.” She giggled and pushed her index finger by April’s tongue deep into Melissa’s anus. Melissa repeated her response and groaned, “UUNNGGGHH.” May pulled her finger out and the twins moved back.

Logan was fascinated by the activity on the bed. He was exploding into another orgasm as more cum poured into the towel. His heart was canlı bahis hammering out of his chest. He wondered what April and May were going to do next just as much as his mother was.

Melissa intently listened to see if she could figure out what her sisters were going to do. She knew she was sopping wet. She could feel the juices flowing down her thighs. She was breathing very hard from the anticipation. She wanted to cum and she blurted out, “God damn it guys. I need to cum. Please let me cum.” That statement started out in an angry tone and finished with a pleading, whimpering tone.

Logan watched as the twins stood in front of the closet door giggling. He noticed that they glanced toward his direction but apparently they hadn’t seen him. April moved up behind Melissa and knelt down and pushed her face into Melissa pussy. She tongue-fucked her for a minute and then pulled back and turned to May and said, “I think she is almost ready. See what you think.”

May moved in behind Melissa and knelt down and stuck her tongue into Melissa’s pussy and tongue-fucked her for another minute. She touched Melissa’s clit and her immediate response told May that she was ready. She stood up and moved back beside April.

Logan was watching his mother spread-eagled on the bed and didn’t notice that the twins were edging closer to the closet door. Suddenly, April bent down and looked up through the louvers at Logan with her finger to her lips. Logan responded to the sudden movement and was shocked to see April looking right at him. May quietly opened the closet door and she had her finger up to her lips instructing him to be quiet too.

He couldn’t have said a word if he tried. His face went instantly red and his hand that had been flying up and down his rock hard cock came to a stop and both hands folded in front of him to hide his cock as best he could. May looked down at his hands and reached in and pulled them away from his cock. She was shocked at the size of Logan’s cock. It was bigger than the strap-on dildo they were using. It was at least eight inches long and very thick. She reached down and grabbed him by his cock and pulled slightly. When he didn’t move, she lifted her index finger and wagged it instructing him to follow.

His whole body was rigid and non-responsive but he was able to shuffle his feet to follow his cock out of the closet. April again gave him the ‘shhhh’ signal with her index finger on her lips. His eyes were nearly bugging out of his head and April giggled prompting Melissa to ask, “What are you guys doing. Come on. I’m gonna drown in my own juices.”

Logan was scared shitless and it got worse when April pressed her tits into him and whispered quietly into his ear, “You heard your mom says how bad she needed a real cock last night didn’t you.” He hesitated for several moments and then nodded. “Well, this thing right here,” as she pulled on his cock, “is the only one around. So get over there and please your mother. She needs it and she deserves it.” He quickly nodded this time.

May dragged him closer and then released his cock and pushed him right up to Melissa’s ass. He shuffled his feet as he got closer. He could see his mother’s pussy just below her anus. It was dripping fluid straight down onto the duvet. April took one of Logan’s hands and placed his fingers on the front side of Melissa’s hip and he did the same with the other hand.

Melissa felt the contact and was sure one of her sisters was going to fucking her with the strap-on. She liked the strap-on dildo. It was the closest to being fucked by a real cock which she had resigned herself to never feeling again. She said, “Not knowing which one of you is attached to that thing is kind of a turn-on. Don’t say anything to reveal yourself. OK?” No one responded.

April grabbed Logan’s cock and pulled it forward to the entrance to his mother’s pussy. When the tip of his cock touched her pussy, the twins were sure he was going to faint. He was trembling violently and he pulled his hands back from her hips.

April leaned her face in so her lips were touching his ear and whispered, “Give your mother want she wants you little pervert.” Tears were rolling down his cheeks.

Melissa said, “Come on you guys. You’re killing me here. Push it in me already.” May put her hands on Logan’s ass and pushed him forward hard. The tip of his cock, which had been placed at the entrance to Melissa’s pussy, pushed past his glans and continued another two inches and Melissa groaned out, “Oh Jesus. Do you guys have a new dildo? This one feels incredible. Fuck me already.”

May pushed his ass again and he put his hands back on her hips and pushed his entire eight inch cock into her and started thrusting his hips into his mother. She was groaning constantly, “OH FUCK. JESUS CHRIST. THAT FEELS FANTASTIC.” Logan was in heat as he started to get into it. He slammed his cock hard into her pussy.

The twins knew Logan was not going to last very long before he cummed in his mother’s pussy. They figured that the jig would be up at that point. bahis siteleri They were right about him not lasting very long. Logan thrust his hips forward hard and cum boiled out of his balls and up the shaft. When Melissa felt the hot cum launch into her she said, “Whoa. I didn’t know they made dildos that simulated cumming.” The twins giggled but said nothing.

Logan’s cock didn’t diminish in size at all and he kept right on pummeling her pussy. He turned to grin at April and increased his pace. He was in heaven and he didn’t want it to stop. Melissa groaned out, “OH FUCK. I’M GOING TO CUM.” Logan kept up the pace and after thirty seconds, Melissa groaned, “I’MM CCCUMMINNGG,” and did she ever. Logan hung on to her hips and slammed his hips forward and pulled back.

Melissa’s orgasm crashed into her like a truck. She was completely out of control. She screamed down into the bedding as her hands grabbed and released the duvet over and over again. Her legs were pulling on the restraints as her hips snapped up and then down. Her shoulders thrust down and then up in opposition to her hips.

Logan could feel another orgasm approaching fast and he tried unsuccessfully to push it back. He thrust his hips into her with each spurt and his mother screamed into the bedding with each one. The twins were driving their hands in and out of their own pussies. May’s orgasm was followed closely by April’s and they had to go down on their knees to stop from falling down.

Cum was being forced out of Melissa with each thrust. It just fell to the bedding below. Melissa began to recover from her multiple orgasms and pleaded that she was done. Logan pulled his still hard cock out of her pussy and turned toward April to see what he was supposed to do next. She pulled him back and whispered directly into his ear, “Put your cock away and go back to your room. We’ll let you know when or if you can do this again. OK?” Logan nodded and pushed his cock back in his boxers. He quietly opened the bedroom door and gently closed it behind him.

Melissa had collapsed down flat on the bed. She was still groaning as her spastic clenching pussy wouldn’t stop. She was gasping for air. The twins got up off the floor and lay down on the bed beside their big sister. Melissa got her breath back and asked them to untie her, which they did. Melissa rolled onto her back and inhaled deeply. She said, “Jesus Christ guys. What the fuck was that? It felt just like a real cock right down to the cumming. Can I see it?”

April popped her head up and looked across Melissa to May who had done the same. May mouthed the word, “FUCK”. Neither of them responded and changed the subject. Melissa didn’t say anything more about it until she sat up and ran one hand down into her pussy and pulled it back and sucked on each of her fingers. The twins knew they were busted at that point. Melissa ran her fingers through her pussy again and scooped up a huge amount of cum that had drooled out of her. She ran her fingers through it feeling the texture and then pushed her saturated fingers into her mouth again.

May and April slipped off the side of the bed and knelt on either side of the bed looking at Melissa. She yelled out, “April” and then, “May” followed by, “What the fuck? This is real cum drooling out of me. What have you two done?” She turned to stare down April first who just looked down at the bed. Melissa turned to glare at May and she did the same. Melissa rolled over and lifted May’s chin and glared at her as she yelled, “You tell me what is going on here right the fuck now. Who was fucking me for real? It wasn’t any God-damn dildo.”

May started crying and sobbed out, “I’m sorry Mellie. You said how much you wished you had a real cock to fuck. We were worried about you. April and I weren’t enough for you. So, we thought we would get you a real cock.”

Melissa leaned into May’s face and yelled out, “OK. So I wanted a real cock. Where in the hell would you two…fiiiinndd…a reeeeal…” Her voice tailed off as dawn broke on Marblehead. “You didn’t.” May looked up into Melissa face and just nodded. “No way. You didn’t.” She looked back at April who nodded too. “Oh fuck. This was way wrong. What possessed you two to get Logan involved? Jesus Christ.” The twins went back to staring at the bed. Anywhere but up at their big sister.

May explained what had happened last night and tonight. Logan had been hiding in their closet watching them have sex and how he had heard her talking about how seeing him walking around in his boxer shorts made her horny. That was why he was prancing around the house all day in his boxer shorts. We caught him sneaking out of our room last night after you left. We just wanted to please you. May chanced a smile and said, “It was great, wasn’t it?”

Melissa was silent a moment as she took all this new information in and analyzed it. She looked back at May and said, “You wipe that smile off your face. This was incredibly bad.” May’s smile disappeared and then Melissa grinned and said, “It was incredibly great though.”

Both bahis şirketleri April and May burst out grinning and Melissa pulled them both up for a hug and they all exchanged kisses. Melissa was lost in thought for a few minutes as the twins tried to gage what she was thinking. She finally said, “So, how did you leave it with Logan?”

May said, “He was terrified when we caught him in the closet tonight with his hard-on in his hand. I thought he would just die right there. We cautioned him to keep quiet because we figured you would object if you knew. We figured that the cumming part was going to be a stretch of the imagination. I had no idea if dildos come with an option to simulate cumming. It was never an issue for April and me.”

Melissa’s attention had drifted off from the twin’s explanation. She was absorbed in the memory of how glorious Logan’s cock had felt. His cock was even bigger than his dad’s. May snapped her fingers in Mellie’s face and said, “Earth to Mellie.”

Melissa’s far away gaze returned to the twins and she said, “Is he OK with doing this again?” She was dragging her middle finger-tip over her erect clitoris and down over her pussy.

April said, “We own him at this point. He will do anything we want. We’ll have him doing anything you want. What are you thinking, Mellie?” April smiled at May as Mellie had that far away look on her face again.

May said to April, “I think Logan is a dead man walking.” Melissa said nothing more and she pushed herself off the bed and gathered her clothes and dressed. She kissed May and then April and went out the door and down the stairs. Logan’s cum was dripping down her thighs.

Lara and Ethan were sound asleep on the couch together even with the TV blaring. Melissa went over and touched Ethan’s arm and he woke immediately. He looked up and smiled at Melissa and threw her a kiss. She bent over and kissed Ethan on the lips. Then she gathered Lara up and lifted her into her arms with her head on Melissa’s shoulder. She carried Lara up the stairs and lowered her into her bed. She kissed her and pulled the covers up over her. Melissa stood there in the dark and watched her baby girl sleeping so soundly. She was thinking, ‘Maybe I’ll sleep just as soundly tonight,’ as a vision of her own son fucking her from behind flashed through her mind.

Ethan was in the kitchen when she went back downstairs. Cum was still drooling down her thighs and she loved the sensation. It had been so long since she felt that sensation. Ethan was washing the last of the evening snack dishes and wiping down the counter when Melissa walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled herself in close to him. Her face rested on his chest with her head under his chin. He put his arms around her back and held her tight. She tipped her head back and kissed him on the neck. No words were spoken. She loved him so much but she knew her life was about to take a sharp turn. He kissed her on the top of her head and held her tight.

Melissa broke the embrace and pushed back and stretched up to kiss him on the lips. He returned her kiss and she pulled away. She stood there in front of him with a contemplative look on her face and then she took his hand and led him up the stairs to their master bedroom. All was quiet in the house. No light shone under Logan’s or the twin’s bedroom doors.

Ethan and Melissa got ready for bed just like every other night, except Melissa took a long hot shower. She paid particular attention to washing her pussy of her son’s cum and rinsed it thoroughly with the hand-held spray head. She usually wore gym-shorts and a long tee-shirt to bed but tonight she made her way under the sheets in the nude. The room was dark except for a night-light by the door. Ethan was already asleep.

She pushed herself over next to him, as he lay on his back. She was on her side with her head resting on his shoulder. She watched him sleep for a few minutes like she had watched Lara earlier. In spite of Logan’s thorough fucking, she was horny and she wanted Ethan’s stiff cock desperately. She longed for the old days. She reminisced about that first time in his classroom after school. She remembered how scared she was and then how amazing the sex was. She was getting hotter.

She ran her hand down over his chest and pushed her face down and sucked in his nipple which hardened immediately. Her hand ran down over his flat, toned stomach and kept on going down into his pubic hair. His cock was completely flaccid and his balls were pulled up tight to his body.

Melissa lifted his flaccid cock and began stroking it gently. She fumbled his soft flesh around in her fingers for several minutes. Back in the day, he would have been rock hard by now even if he was still asleep.

She pulled her head off his chest and lifted her torso up on her elbow and moved down to make one last serious attempt. Ethan came awake with a start when Melissa sucked the tip of his soft cock into her mouth. He lifted his head to look down and Melissa was looking back at him. With his soft cock dangling from her mouth, she smiled back at him and then went back to sucking his cock into her mouth, all the way down to the balls before taking suction and dragging her lips back up to the glans again.

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