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Straight Man Cums in Gay Massage

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Shane explodes in Special Gay Massage for Straights

The five of us who ran the local gym were all gay and regular sex partners. We had shared many group sessions where we pretended to capture one of the group and subject him to fucking and torture. One of the fantasies we shared though was to do this for real and to force a good looking straight chap into just this position and make him cum for us whether he wants to or not and this is what we did with Shane who was our first straight victim.

Shane is a good looking British white male; not very tall but with a strong lithe body. He’s very popular with the ladies being very well endowed as he had shagged our friend Natalie for an hour of orgasmic passion the just two nights before we got to him. Natalie suggested he would be perfect for us to target. She enthused about Shane in that he knew exactly how to please her sexually and she explained she had never cum so often with any other man before.

Shane’s was a really good looking man and, because he was a ladies man and treated women as sex toys, Natalie thought he would be perfect for us to target.

Natalie has no scruples about what happened to Shane as he had been the instigator of her being on the receiving end of a surprise lesbian gang fucking which shocked her. She made out to being so indignant at what they did to her but, in truth, she’d never been so turned on and multi-orgasmic as she was that day thanks to those girls. She really was the key to starting out with our campaign with Shane as our guinea pig.

Natalie is black haired, only 5ft tall and slim. She finds attracting men very easy and also has took every opportunity to have sex with Betturkey them all. She had pretended to forgive Shane for what he had done but she never let on to him how much she’d enjoyed it and anyway he was good for a fuck and somewhat suggestive to new ideas sexually so the rest was easy for her.

As they were both regular members, she suggested they might like to have sex in the aforementioned local gym and run the risk of being caught which, she said, turned her on and she would love Shane to go along with it. What Shane didn’t know was the gym was run by us and was to be the scene of our man-to-man sexual conquest that evening.

Natalie persuaded Shane to go into the public shower area next to the gym room and get undressed. “Just to be sure sweetheart, why don’t you take this and we’ll guarantee a good night”. Natalie passed the diamond shaped blue Viagra tablet. Shane had never needed to use one before but agreed just to see what happened as he washed it down with water.

Shane was quickly naked and called to Natalie that he was ready. We heard this and the five of us rushed in taking him completely by surprise and quickly had him held tightly and unable to escape. We carried him struggling by his arms and legs through to the gym when we had a modified massage table and laid him on his back on the table. One of us tied a gag into his mouth to stop him shouting anymore and then we quickly held his arms out wide and anchored them at his wrists to the arms at the top of the table and stretched them out until his chest was taught, then locked them in position.

We then looped a strap around his neck and anchored it to the top of the table so he Betturkey Giriş could not lift his head up. Now with two of us holding his legs we pulled his legs up until his ankles were up near his neck exposing his butt.

Shane was really struggling now and it took a lot of strength to hold him as the masseur picked up a butt-plug vibrator which he liberally coated with KY jelly then he lined it up with Shane’s anus opening. Shen could not see what we were doing but he soon jerked hard as he felt the butt plug against his anus. The masseur gently but firmly eased the plug inside Shane’s anus until it was all the way in and it stayed in place.

He then twisted the control and the full force of the vibrator shot through Shane body and he jerked hard. To avoid the vibe coming out during the rest of the treatment two tapes were tied from it around Shane’s waist to hold it. With Shane showing tremendous strength he was trying to kick out but the two guys held him firmly as they slowly lowered his legs and opened them wide before the other two anchored Shane’s ankles to the bottom arms which were then stretched until his legs were taught.

The padded board under his body was then gently removed as I held Shane’s body up and a small steel frame was erected under his hips and adjusted until his back was arched and I let go of him. Shane’s body stayed in that position and we were ready to complete our project.

The masseur started slowly caressing around Shane’s torso and gently took his manhood in his hands and covered it with massage oil before he gently wanked him.

As much as Shane tried to fight it he was fast losing the battle as the combination of the Viagra tablet and the vibrator they had pushed deep inside his anus which was stimulating his prostate gland caused his erection inevitably to grow. The masseur was tickling his balls and slowly stroking his growing erection and Shane was becoming extremely aroused as well which just made things worse (or better) for him. In no time at all he was fully erect and his large penis was rock hard and stretched to its full eight inches.

The four men then slowly covered Shane with oil and they massaged every part of his exposed body while the main masseur slowly caressed Shane’s massive erection. No man could have resisted very long under this intense sensual arousal and Shane was so obviously reaching the point of no return as he tensed up and his balls shrunk into their sac. He was cumming.

There was an enormous jerk and muffled screams of sheer orgasmic ecstasy as Shane finally erupted with a huge spurt of cum which landed on his face and five more eruptions shot out onto his chest before the orgasm slowed to a few drips onto his tummy pooling just below his navel. His masseur was not leaving it there as he carried on caressing Shane’s engorged helmet causing his to jerk and scream as the post cum sensations were too much for Shane to bear but bear it he must as his tormentor was not going to stop. On and on went his torture until finally his erection started to subside. His masseur did not stop though until Shane stopped reacting to the treatment and one very sexually satisfied man.

Shane never saw Natalie again which, was a shame, but one of his old girlfriends did say that Shane had admitted to her that it was the best orgasm he’d ever experienced but went no further.

We were happy as we filmed it all thanks to Natalie and we’d started our campaign with an absolute cracker in Shane. There’ll be more to cum if we’re any good at this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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