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Stranded in the Mountains

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All characters in this story involved in sex are over 18.

Charlie suffered in that nowhere-state between sleep and wakefulness. He was cold and sore. The hard floor made his shoulder and hip ache. Gradually he remembered his situation: He and his mother hiked up the mountain and got caught in a storm, they found this refuge hut, one of many that the National Trust maintained in these mountains for lost or stranded hikers and skiers. In the dark, they made a fire thanks to some kind soul who’d left wood, matches and paper so they’d stripped off most of their soaked clothes to dry them.

At least his front was warmish. His mother, Anna lay spooned there, apparently sleeping. It was sensible for them to share body heat under the space blankets they’d brought in their one-day packs (“Just in case”, Anna had said), but they were in underwear now and the fire had dwindled.

At 22 Charlie still adored his mother. She’d raised him alone, an only child, so theirs had always been a special bond. And now here she was, the backs of her thighs against the front of his, his stomach in the small of her back, his chest against her. In her doze she held one of his arms against her chest, and he realised that his wrist was probably actually over her nipple.

And his back was so cold. He looked over to the fireplace, saw embers there, and reluctantly left his mother’s warmth to go and rekindle the fire. It took a couple of minutes, by the time he went back he was unsure if he should resume his former position, until Anna’s head popped out of the space blanket, bleary-eyed, and she said: “Awww, come back baby. I’m cold.”

As he edged in beside her, he allowed himself to look at her before pulling the blankets in close. She wore a simple white t-shirt, no bra strap visible. Below a small strip of bare flesh at the tops of her hips, she wore white cotton panties. They clung to her form, showing a rounded butt and the hint of a pussy mound.

Just seconds after he’d returned to the spooning position, he wished he hadn’t looked. His mind held that vision, the round butt, its deep cleft, and… part of the shape of his mother’s pussy. Had he really looked there?

His right arm was on her hip. She took his hand and pulled his arm in close, like before, so that he now felt her warm breast flesh along his inner forearm. He tried to ignore it, tried to will himself to relax back to sleep. It wasn’t quite dawn yet, they weren’t going anywhere soon. Best to rest.

It was impossible. The whole front of his body was in contact with a pretty woman. He felt soft flesh along his forearm — one of her ample breasts. And that image, of her back, her thighs, her bum, and the forbidden place between her legs.

At forty Anna looked thirty. Medium-length dark brown hair, usually in a pigtail, framed a soft face with deep brown eyes, high cheeks and a never-ending smile. She was a head shorter than her son, whose work in the building trade kept him fit. He had joined a rowing club, and now his chest, shoulders and arms were showing the results of his training.

Again Charlie’s mind fixated on that mental image of his mother. It made him acutely conscious of his penis. As it was, it was nestled in the right side of his underpants, and the twin forces of a tendency towards morning wood and being pressed against a woman’s body challenged his imagination to the limit. Perhaps inevitably, it began to stir. The swelling head rubbed the fabric, the extra friction increased the sensitivity. To avoid poking his mother with it, he tried to roll away a little, take the pressure off. He looked at his mother. She appeared to have drifted back to sleep — the renewed fire had warmed the room and she had a hot body next to her to help along her slumber.

As his thigh lost contact with her, Anna reached back with her hand to pull him back, moaning a stifled protest at the loss of warmth. And that’s how Charlie’s near-erect cock accidentally found itself between Anna’s butt cheeks, the head resting gently, right on her pussy.

Charlie’s senses screamed. He did not know what to do. Maybe he should wake her? Get out of bed? His awkwardness lasted just seconds, then Anna’s hips moved as she sought more comfort, putting extra pressure backwards on the cock she hadn’t even realised was there yet, but now was resting, through the two layers of thin fabric, right at the entrance to her pussy.

Charlie pulled his hips backwards, breaking the contact. But that only meant his cock now pressed against her inner thigh. He froze. But before he could do anything, Anna’s hand slowly reached back to his hip, gently urging him back towards her. He stiffened in resistance, thinking she was dozing and maybe hadn’t realised it was him, that is, until she looked back over her shoulder and urged him forwards once again.

Charlie’s throat was dry, he looked into her eyes questioningly then swallowed hard, allowed his body to roll back to where it had been. Anna turned back away as Charlie’s cock found its former nest. Taking the arm that was around her, she took his hand and placed it gently against canlı bahis her breast. Charlie immediately noted two things — a pea-sized hardness in the palm of his hand, and heat on the end of his cock.


“Ssshh, baby.”

Crackling from the fire signified the increasing heat in the room. A moment of clarity arrived in Charlie’s mind. All sorts of possibilities raced through his head, but they always returned to the reality of the present: his cock was against his mother’s pussy-lips, and she held his hand to her breast. Still he wondered if she was truly awake, truly conscious of what they were doing. His doubts evaporated when Anna took his hand and put it under her t-shirt. He now cupped her full breast, flesh on flesh, felt its weight and warmth, and the hardened nipple. He squeezed, rolled it gently. He took the nipple between his fingers and thumb, felt it stiffen even more.

Anna moaned, sighed. She realised her son had his cock where nobody else’s had been for… how many years now? But shouldn’t she get away from him, beg his forgiveness? He was her son, and she was enjoying the closeness, the tender caress of his hand on her breast, and… sweet jesus, his cock resting against her pussy, now wet with desire. Guilt rose in her, so that for a moment her arousal waned. She was at the point of putting an end to this madness when two pairs of hips took control. Gently but surely, Charlie’s pressed forwards almost involuntarily, and reflexively hers pushed back. Despite the resistance of their underwear, Charlie’s cockhead was now inside her outer lips.

It wasn’t enough. It was never going to be enough. As though by some invisible signal, Charlie broke the contact to pull his underwear down at the same time as Anna rolled her panties down and away from her hips. When Charlie put his cock back, the increased heat and wetness of her bare pussy flesh made him gasp. There was a second’s hesitation, each asking themselves and the other a silent question, then Charlie simply pushed.

Anna’s insides opened up fully, wetly. She moaned and almost squealed. She couldn’t gauge size with just the head pressing her panties into her, but now… her son’s cock was long and thick. He was still pressing, needing to be as deep inside her as he could, and just as his tip hit her cervix his mound pressed against her outer lips. Charlie’s cock literally filled his mother’s pussy.

“God, mum. You’re so…” He didn’t finish the thought. He was looking down now, his mind acknowledged the fact. His cock was buried inside his own mother, as he’d so often dreamed, and it was heaven. He pulled back a little, saw the glistening of her wetness in the orange firelight, then pressed it back. He didn’t care about the pain of the hard floor now. It was banished by the sheer pleasure of his cock, gloved along its entire length by his mother’s tight, soft wet pussy. He gripped the point of her hip in his free hand while he pushed into her.

Charlie felt a familiar boiling almost straight away. Anna felt it too. She rocked her hips back to urge him on, tell him it was OK. Charlie was lost in his lust. His balls tightened, his shaft went rigid, his mind went to fireworks and then pure incest lust came over him like a tidal wave — a spurt, another, grunting his semen into his mother in a fog of burning lust, right inside, so that she felt his pulsing cock through her whole being.

Too soon it was over, Charlie’s body lost its tension, he slumped beside her and lay there panting and regaining his senses. He wasn’t even aware of her really. His cock was still in her wet tunnel, but for some seconds that was the only sense he got of her. As her whole being returned to his consciousness, he was torn between the desire to stay exactly where he was and the renewed insistent pain all along his left side.

Anna, always in tune with her son, felt his discomfort. She pulled her hips forwards, reluctantly letting her son’s fabulous cock flop out of her, then pulled her panties back up and went over to the fireplace. Charlie watched her bottom, still amazed at what had just happened. Was she going to leave him now? Run away? Scream in disgust and revulsion? Dread overcame him. This was no small thing, what they’d just done, maybe he’d lost her forever?

Anna checked his coat, then her own, and decided his was drier. She lay it on the floor, near the fireplace. Charlie still watched her, knowing now that she was not leaving him but not yet sure what she was doing.

“Come over here, baby. It’s warmer.”

Charlie pulled his underwear up over a half-boner and went to her.

“Lay down, baby.”

He lay. Anna looked deeply into his eyes and pulled her t-shirt over her head. Free in the firelight, her tits were magnificent. Large, heavy, yet still quite firm. She cupped them both, as if to offer them to his gaze, and flicked her nipples. Still smiling, she put her thumbs in the waistband at the sides of her panties, hesitated a second to tease him, then bent and pulled them to the floor. When she stood, Charlie started at the spot between her legs. A small tuft of cropped bahis siteleri brown hair barely covered her pouting pussy lips. She stood with her thighs slightly apart, and he could see the pinkness of her secret. Still she smiled. “You like mummy’s body, baby?”

“Jesus yes. Mum, you’re… fantastic.”

She grinned. “Get naked for me, baby?”

He couldn’t do it fast enough.

“Oh my. I knew it was impressive by how it filled me up son, but… wow!”

Charlie smiled in pride. Anna sidled to him, knelt, then lay beside him. Her hand was drawn to his cock. Charlie felt her cool hand around it, slowly jacking, and knew everything was alright. Anna looked down, then back at her son. “I can’t believe I finally had the courage, baby.”

“You…you thought about this before?”

“Many times. Oh, baby. So many times. Did you, um, ever think about me? Like this?”

“As long as I can remember, mum.”

“Wish you’d said. I wouldn’t have had to wait so long for this fantastic cock.”

Charlie was on his back, his mother on her side. He wanted to touch her too, all he could reach was one breast. He watched her nipple flick back into place when he pulled it, pinched it.

“Think of it baby. Those boobs used to feed you. Weird, isn’t it?”

“A little.”

“Mum, I wanna…”

“I know baby. Relax. Let mamma do it.”

She snuggled beside him, watching herself jacking her son’s cock gently. He was not quite hard, but she was still tingling with desire and she needed to have him inside her again. With a few deft movements, Charlie suddenly felt her warm wet mouth on the head of his cock. He bucked his hips and moaned at the erotic shock of it. She got maybe half of it in her mouth, sucked as she pulled back, then bobbed down again slowly, rhythmically.

Charlie lay back with his eyes closed, moaning softly and twitching along his thighs in the indescribable pleasure he was experiencing. She was selflessly pleasuring him, but she had a plan. When she knew he was ready, Anna scooted up, lifted a leg over her son’s hips, and held his shaft to guide it. Charlie’s eyes opened, he saw his mother’s eyes glaze over then looked down at his cock disappearing inside her as she sat down on his cock, adjusted her position, and began to rock.

Anna’s hands went to her son’s taut chest for support, while she rose and fell on his cock. Charlie watched in delight as his flesh disappeared inside hers, only to return covered in her wetness. He watched her tits bounce, jiggle, bounce some more. Reaching for them he pinched and rolled her nipples. With one hand she clenched her son’s hand to her breast, with the other she began rubbing at her clit. Charlie saw his gentle, loving mother begin to transform into a lust-filled sexual being, moaning and squeaking, riding him so hard now that their thighs slapped.

One breast was still under his grip, the other he let go to watch it rise and fall. He watched what she was doing to her clit, pushed her hand away and did it for her. It drove her over the edge.

“Oh now, baby! I’m gonna cum now!”

“Cum then, mum. Cum on me!”

Her pace was frantic now in her need to orgasm, so that Charlie worried that he might fall out of her. To be sure it didn’t happen, he pushed up. Anna wailed, froze momentarily, then shuddered heavily against her son’s cock, spilling juice all over it, her thighs rippling in a prolonged, long-awaited orgasm that electrified even her nipples. Her hips jerked, became still, jerked again as her son’s cock thrilled her insides to the limit, then as her peak passed she rocked up and down to grind her clit against her son’s pubic bone and was rewarded with a new peak, her saturated pussy squishing around its invader, her fogged mind blurring in the intensity of her passion.

Charlie watched in awe as his mother rose to orgasm, felt her flush of wetness as she came, felt her shuddering ripple through his very being, and rapidly rose to the heights himself. When her second orgasm washed through her, Charlie’s sperm began its journey. And as he began to shoot inside her, Anna felt it and shuddered out a third climax even as Charlie’s cock still spewed incest into the womb that had made him. Inside the vagina that had brought him into the world. Into the woman he called mum.

Anna fell down upon her son, crushed her tits against his chest, and the two of them lay there panting heavily, wordlessly navigating their afterglow. Anna’s hips moved gently, the occasional ripple of her thighs spoke of the tail of her orgasms, as Charlie’s cock still twitched inside her as if trying to throw even more of his cum into her pussy.

Maybe three minutes passed in silence. Charlie’s cock eventually went soft, Anna raised herself to look at him. She smiled, and said: “Um, I think the next bit’s gonna be messy.”

As Charlie’s cock receded, she began to leak. A wet gooey mess matted their pubic hairs, glazed her thighs and his lower stomach. She rolled them both so she was on her back, urged him off her, and clamped her hand between her legs. “Eeew, I’m leaking like a sieve!”

They realised bahis şirketleri there was nothing to wipe with. Charlie padded nakedly to the door, found a bucket outside and filled it with rainwater from the tank under the downpipe. Sensible people, those park rangers. Taking it inside, Anna sat over it, inelegantly douching away the goo. Still she was beautiful to him. Charlie stoked the fire, put some more wood on it.

“Is it raining outside still?”

“Yeah, mum, but it’s softer. Not so cold.”

“Good. I need a shower, and so do you.”

So mother and son stood in the soft rain, playfully washing each other, dwelling lasciviously on each other’s private parts.

“Jesus, Charlie! Again?”

He rotated his hips to slap his half-hardon against his thighs. “Yep. Again.”

“Well, we are all clean again now, so…”

“So there’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, mum.’

She almost didn’t dare ask, didn’t dare hope that it was what she desperately wanted, had dreamed of. Charlie took her by the hand, lay her back on the coat on the floor. They were both still wet from their bush shower, but they didn’t care.

Charlie knelt at Anna’s feet. She drew her legs up into a triangle, Charlie put his hands on the insides of her knees and pressed. Anna lay back as her son opened her legs wide. She knew he was looking at her open pussy, she knew it was glistening wet for him, and knew she wanted this more than anything.

Charlie kissed her knees, along the inside of one thigh, her tummy, then back up the other thigh. He watched her face furrow in the intensity of her desire, saw her stomach flitter at his touch. He watched her breasts rise and fall in long, deep breaths. And he looked at her open pussy. Where his father had spent his seed to make him. From where he’d come into this world. And where he was about to worship with his mouth.

At the first touch of her son’s tongue on the outside of her pussy, Anna began to breathe quickly. When his tongue tasted her juice from the inside of those lips, she trembled with anticipation. Then when his tongue flicked her clit, she began to come instantly. Years of desire for her son found release in that moment, and barely two minutes after the first touch of his tongue on her pussy Anna was holding his head with her hands and trying to fuck his face.

Charlie had trouble keeping his tongue on target as Anna’s hips bucked involuntarily. But he managed to lick her into an intense orgasm, feeling the flush of juice on his lips and chin, but he wasn’t done. He lapped at her opening, drinking from her, poking his stiff tongue inside to drink her juice then lapping at her clit, pressing her pussy open with two fingers while he fucked her with two more and lapped with his tongue at the same time.

Anna was in heaven. Little climaxes kept flipping through her, she was impossibly aroused and yet still not sated. Charlie’s fingers and tongue continued to torment her, until just after — what, the fifth little climax? — Charlie scooted up on top of her and sank his cock inside her in one long, deep thrust.

Her legs wrapped around him, her arms held him to her, and she kissed passionately all over his face, tasting her own juices from his mouth. She was wild now, bucking against his cock, trying to get all of him back where he was made, amazed at his staying power, the perfect fit of his cock inside her, and at how easily and how often he drove her to orgasm.

But this one was going to be different. Like the rising crescendo of a symphony orchestra, it built on the intensity of feeling and rose to a whole different plane. Charlie could feel her erect nipples poking his chest, and heard their stomachs slap wetly together. He knew his mother was going to cum hard, so he let loose to join her.

Their first two times had been joyously restrained, but this time they fucked like animals. Charlie hit as hard as he could, Anna met his thrusts. They panted and sweated in the fire-warmed cabin. It was selfish fucking, having given to each other they now took from each other.

Anna began to moan and swear. “Ohmigod. F-fuck, Charlie. Oh fuck me, baby!”

“Yeah, mum. I’m gonna cum in you again. Huh? You ready?”

“Yes, baby. Oh fuck yessss, baby. Cum in me. Cum in your mamma.”

“F-fuck… MUM!!!”

She probably didn’t hear that last moment before Charlie’s balls began to empty. He was plunging inside his mother fast, hard, desperate for the biggest release of his young life. She had already arrived and was thrashing underneath him against the hot impaling rod that burned her insides to mush. It was short, sharp, intense, and bigger than ever before. At the height of it and looked up into her son’s face to watch him as he came inside her.

Anna was panting heavily, Charlie raised himself on his arms and watched her sweat-glazed tits heaving. Maybe she came a little again, maybe not, but this was his moment and he took it. Impossibly hard, like iron now, his cock hurt with the blood pumped into it. And he wanted to see. He wanted to watch himself fucking his mother, so he looked down between their bellies. Anna spread her thighs as wide as she could, so now his cock looked like a shiny shaft that split her angry-pink inner lips apart, pushing her fleshy labia aside to plunge her depths.

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