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Strange Meeting

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STONE—Let me introduce myself , my name is Stone Hosfeld and I was on my annual trip to Delaware to transact business dealings. I had boarded in LA and reserved a cabin planning to do some work and get some much needed sleep. As I was heading to my berth I saw a beautiful woman slightly disheveled ,looking for her cabin and as it turns out it was mine. After I explained to her this was my cabin and she had made a mistake she called the conductor and asked that I be removed. I was very attracted to her but found her to be bossy and slightly arrogant.

It turns out I had bought my ticket first and the conductor told her she would have to leave as this was Mr. Hosfeld’s private berth and the train was full. She rose in a huff and asked when the next train was and her face fell when he said the next morning. She explained it was very important that she make this train but he informed her there was nothing he could do. So I being the gentleman I am , offered to share …..boy did I get a look from her! I told her it was up to her but as the next train was in the morning…….she looked torn but said okay but I had better behave myself. Laughing I said fine and after the conductor left I stretched out on the small berth and promptly fell asleep. Even in my sleep I could smell her perfume and my dreams were of me holding her in my arms. Opening my eyes I realized it wasn’t a dream as she laid in my arms , her luscious body against mine as she used my shoulder as a pillow. Chuckling I held her close but it was a long time before I fell asleep……….

ERIKA—My name is Erika Vane and as usual I was late , damn traffic jams! Running through the station I snagged my stockings , my hair fell out of its’ elaborate twist and my briefcase spilled! What else could go wrong? Plenty as I was soon to find out …..as I arrived at my cabin the door was open and a man in a robe was sitting by the window looking over some papers.

Perplexed I marched in and said , “What do you think you are doing?”

Looking up lazily at me he said , “Relaxing before bed….you?”

“In my cabin?” , I asked sweetly.

“Your cabin huh?” ,he said with a smirk , “I beg to differ.”

I collapsed in the chair opposite him and said , “My secretary booked this cabin last week , now please get out.”

“Lady “, he answered as he perused his papers , “I’m staying right here.”

Furious now I went to the door and motioning for the conductor I explained everything and as it turned out that ditz of a secretary had booked wrong. Now what? The next train was in the morning and I had to leave tonight as my business was urgent.

The man stood up with a smile and said , “You could always stay here with me , that is if you promise to keep your hands to yourself.”

Seeing the conductor hide his smile I seethed silently and told him “in his wildest dreams.” He unstretched his long body from the chair and said it was up to me but he was beat and was heading for bed.

“Lady it’s up to you”, the conductor said , “I can have your ticket switched.”

“Do I have a choice?” , I fumed.

“Not really ma’am” , he said.

After the conductor left my cabin mate said , “I’m Stone….you?”

“Erika”, I muttered as I slammed around , opening my suitcase.

I found my old sweat pants and a t-shirt and changed quickly in the bathroom. I brushed out my long strawberry-blonde hair and walked haughtily out. He was in the berth sleeping!! I took a blanket and lay in the chair , fuming as he slept blissfully. After an hour of fidgeting I gave it up and eased myself quietly in bed with him….it was so warm and I was so tired………

STONE—Awakening I turn over and as I did she snuggled closer , putting her head on my shoulder and her arm around my waist. She put her leg over mine and I felt her sweet mound so warm , against my leg. Smiling I gently covered us both , thinking no sleep for me……my body is too attuned to hers. I must have drifted off because the next thing I escort ataşehir knew she is sitting up yelling and screaming because I had my hands on her. I knew the perfect way to shut her up , I pull her close and cover her mouth with mine kissing her deeply. I hold her tight as she resists but suddenly all resistance stops as she wraps her arms around my neck and and ,oh yes she kisses me back. I feel her nibble my lower lip and I look into her beautiful blue eyes. I’m lost in the depths of her soul , looking into her heart as I gather her close and kiss her again. Could this be?………..

ERIKA—As I slowly wake I feel so good and I give a small yawn and stretch. I open my eyes and turn to see the man from the night before , I let out a small outraged scream and tell him to take his hands off me. He pulls me close and covers my mouth with his , kissing me hard as I start to scream. Gradually the kiss softens and with a small sigh I open my mouth to his tongue , my hands moving around his neck as he deepens the kiss. I’m thinking this is so wrong but realize I was attracted to his tall muscular body and dark good looks from the first. I started to softly gnaw his lip , opening my eyes I see his deep blue ones boring into my soul. He groans and rolls on top of me and pulls my hips into his hard crotch. The hard throbbing brings me to my senses and I start pushing at his chest. He slowly rolls off me and I stand quickly , my breasts heaving , my lips on fire.

“How dare you!”, I said , immediately thinking how corny.

“I’m hungry”, he said , “I’m gonna clean up.”

He stood and yawned and with that annoying smile headed for the bathroom and a few moments later I heard the shower running. I began to pace the cabin , furious with him and myself for letting him kiss me. After about twenty minutes he came out , freshly shaved and wearing only a towel and began to rummage in his suitcase. My heart began to pound as I watched , thick black chest hair trailed down his body and disappeared into the towel. I looked up to see him watching me with a strange look in his eyes….that look spoke volumes and I shivered. I took my clothes and went to the bathroom shutting the door and leaning on it , my face burning. I showered and dressed in record time , putting on a blue sweater dress. I started to put my hair on my head but instead opted to let it lay long and loose , not admitting to myself that I wanted him to notice. As I came out he stood up looking incredible in jeans , black sweater and sports coat.

“Ready for breakfast?”, he asked………

STONE—Seeing her come out of the bathroom I hung up the phone , thinking , “Oh my God where has she been all my life?”

I tell her , “I’ve taken the liberty of ordering us some breakfast , hope you don’t mind.”

Taking her hand in mine and before she can answer , I lead her to the club car. The host leads us to a corner booth in the back as I explain I already ordered. I slide her in the booth and move in beside her and as she starts to protest I lean over and kiss her as the waiter brings our food. My hand begins running up her thigh as the waiter brings our food and my tongue probes her mouth.

The waiter lets out a little grunt , I smile and say ,”Isn’t she lovely?”

He sets out our breakfast , two plates of Belgian Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream , fresh squeezed orange juice and two cups of tea.

She smiled , “Tea , how did you know?”

She sighed and I watched as she tucked into the food.

I smiled , “Like it?”

“Yes it’s fabulous”, she replied.

“After breakfast I thought we would go to the observation deck for awhile.”

She protests saying she has work to do but i stop her by rubbing her thigh gently. She removes my hand but I put it back on her thigh and turning sideways I face her as my hand slides up under her dress. I softly caress her pussy through her silky panties , feeling the dampness. She gasps ,then opens her legs wider as the waiter kadıköy escort bayan comes back and leaves quickly noticing her flushed face and her eyes , staring at nothing. I let my fingers slide through the leg band of her panties and run my finger the length of her pussy , the soft pubic hairs guiding my way. My fingers gently begin to rub her clit , feeling the heat as she starts to breathe heavily.

I lean over and whisper , “Let’s go up top and take in the scenery.”

I kiss her softly on the neck moving up to the earlobe , blowing a wisp of air on her neck and watching goosebumps form and her breath deepen. I know she wants to say no but what comes out is a husky yes.

Hand in hand we walk upstairs to the deck and sit together on a couch…pulling her close I whisper , ” I can’t keep my hands off you baby. I’ve wanted you from the first time I saw you.”

With her body against mine I don’t give her time to answer as I place my jacket over her lap and let my hands begin playing again. I lift her dress and rub her soft mound , my excitement building again. We kiss passionately and I groan in her mouth as she strokes my cock through my pants…….

ERIKA—I should have protested when he slid me in that booth , just as I should have protested when his fingers moved into my panties but I was powerless against this man. My mind said “Erika run” but my body wasn’t listening as I walked with him to the observation deck. We held hands and just this simple act had me trembling as we made a show of looking at the scenery. I found myself seated by him , his jacket hiding his hand , as it continued its’ assault. On the pretext of showing me something he leaned over and I felt two of his fingers enter me. He slowly moved them in and out as his thumb rubbed my clit and he whispered how badly he wanted to love me and as I looked in his eyes , it was an unspoken……yesssssss. We quickly left the deck my body too much on fire to care if anyone noticed.

Reaching “our cabin” he pushed me against the door and our mouths locked together as our tongues explored. He unzipped my dress and pulled it over my head as I kicked my shoes off , then lifting me he carried me to the berth. Standing there looking down he pulled his sweater off revealing that mat of chest hair. Pushing his shoes off he opened his pants and………

STONE—I smile as I look into her beautiful sky blue eyes as I slowly lower my pants hearing her gasp as she sees I’m not wearing any shorts.

She reaches out to touch me and I back away teasingly , whispering , “Soon my dear Erika , soon.”

I lower myself to her and pull her panties off, kissing Erika’s thighs as she raises her hips willingly.

Seeing the smile under my moustache she looks down to see my cock stiffening , she shivers wide-eyed and whispers , “Oh my God!”

As I open her pussy lips wide she feels my tongue hit the little pearl hidden within it’s shell , sending shivers down her spine as she arches her back and sighs. I know her mind is asking questions , to which her body’s not listening.

“Why am I letting him do this? No, no I must stop this , but I can’t. Oh yes this is wonderful!”

She arches her back feeling the flood gates start to open , the passions exploding in her body , her heart racing , her hands grasping the sheets. She reaches for my head as my tongue expertly loves her clit….fluttering , licking , sucking her into my mouth . I taste the first droplets of her being , her essence , and start to lick faster and harder as my tongue flattens over her clit rubbing it with a long stroke. My hands lift her slightly so I can get a better angle as she moans and sighs. I know she’s enjoying my wanton , lustful tongue as she pushes my face harder into her pussy. I speed up grinding my tongue as her hands unhook her bra. Tossing it aside she cups her breasts as my mouth continues to work her sweet pussy and her cries ring out.

She’s screaming now , “Lover so wonderful , lick escort bostancı me baby…..ohhhhhhhhhh please I need you…….please. I want you in me now!”

ERIKA—My body had never felt this way , his tongue was going wild on my clit as my hands kneaded my breasts. I arched high moaning as I reached the point of no return. My body started shaking and Stone moved quickly over me and drove his huge cock deep inside me. Two hard thrusts and I came, crying out as he pounded in me , taking my body to new heights.

“Cum sweet baby for me” , he growled , “You are driving me fucking crazy.”

My nails raked his back as I shuddered in ecstasy as I was filled with sensations no man had ever gave me before.

As I came down Stone slowly pumped as he whispered to me , “Damn baby you are so tight , so hot……you feel so good.”

He held my face as we kissed , our mouths locked , tongues entwined , as his fingers wound in my hair. We were both in our own world , a world of mutual pleasure and sharing. Stone began to speed up , his hands on my ass , pulling me in to his ramming body….he felt so good as each thrust brought us closer. I couldn’t stop moaning and Stone was breathing heavily as we moved in rythmn faster and faster until I cried out and he pulled me close. He pulled his cock out and drove it in furiously as I bucked and came again under his assault.

He started shuddering and groaning and I whispered , “Roll over.”

He flipped on his back and I pulled off him quickly and began to lick his cock , tasting my juices on him. He groaned deep in his throat as I took his cock head in my mouth and started to inch down his shaft , sucking as I went. I held his balls in my hand as I placed my other hand palm down around his cock….holding him in my mouth. Looking up at him I started moving on his shaft , my head bobbing up and down.

“Erika , oh sweetheart suck me……you are driving me insane baby.”

Those words drove me mad with desire and I redoubled my efforts…….

STONE—As Erika is sucking me I grab the sheets , the bed , I even hit the wall , I want so much to grab her head but the pleasure is so intense I don’t want to ruin it. My God I’ve went to heaven , I’m on the edge of ecstasy. My eyes are closed and my head is back , my body shaking , trying to hold back as long as I can. I hit the wall again as the conductor’s walking by and he decides to see if everything is alright. He knocks but we are so engrossed in our lovemaking we never hear it. He uses his key and quietly opens the door and seeing Erika giving me a seductive , sensual blow job he watches getting more excited by the minute.He pulls his cock out and starts jerking off , Erika spots him but doesn’t say anything , in fact just the opposite. She slows down making the strokes long and torturous , letting my cock slide out of her mouth and licking the tip sliding her tongue in the little hole tasting the precum. She starts bobbing on my cock faster and faster , lowering her mouth to the base everytime , giving the conductor a great show. Erika is driving me wild , crazy with passion and lust as one of her hands cups my balls and she sucks hard.


Erika takes my cock all the way to the base without gagging , her tongue swirling the shaft as her hand teases my balls. I groan as I feel them tighten and the cum starts up my shaft , my cock expanding , getting thicker. I’m ready! I don’t see or hear the conductor as he shoots his load but Erika does and smiling goes wild on my cock. A couple of minutes later I scream out as I explode into her throat. She swallows as much as she can although some dribbles out the corner of her mouth , as she sucks me dry. The conductor zips up and quickly leaves as Erika licks my cock clean , then crawls up to me as I wrap my arms around her trying to catch my breath. I kiss her tasting myself on her lips , holding her close as she whispers that the last part was a show and tells me about the conductor. I should be mad , I should be upset but we just laugh as we she curls up in my arms and we talk , getting to know each other. Much , much later I get off the bed and picking Erika up , carry her to the shower……..

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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