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Strangers in the Park

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The plaza was busy for a weekday, people out and about made us hard to spot.

Red sweaters would distract me as I darted across the plaza.

In the cover of the hallway; I could hide again, my red and white stripes were too obvious.

I took a breath of relief, when out of the corner of my eye a red coat stood up to yell “found you.”

I slowly turned to face her. She began to walk toward me, as my gaze moved to meet hers she flashed a smile. Her hair slowly falling back as the force from her commanding walk would impress upon me the notion that the wind would blow exclusively for her. Her bright red lipstick framed a smirk as she asked “Where to?”

Our names were so well known to one another, introductions were passed over for the task at hand.

The park would play background as we chatted for hours in between scenes. Passersby would never had guessed we were on the run.

We moved about the park, it was a nice break from the bustling city around us. Far from busses and hurried strangers, the trail we blazed was born of necessity.

Both of us had been wandering through life, our purpose: people. To better understand others, and help others in of our areas of expertise. She had a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let’s call a spade a spade here though, her ambiguous genetics and vocal views were lampooned by the junior detectives. And I had a habit of getting lost, and losing most of my possessions. It was serendipitous we should find each other.

Smoke and dust behind us obscured our escape to a Japanese Garden. We were safer here, we’d thought. Several old abandoned tea houses muğla escort looked like particularly appealing candidates for a place to lay low for a while.

We knew we could spare a moment for something special. A leisurely stroll down the path to the river. Several spots looked promising to hop across, signs though did request we not do so. A mark to her character, she couldn’t cross the stream out of respect for the caretakers of this ancient garden. We shared stories of friends, hobbies, and our life philosophies. By the time we’d reached the gates of the derelict tea house, we’d realized that there was a barrier. An emotional wall coming from each of us, protecting our secrets.

As the doors creaked shut, candles and lanterns were lit. By the door, her Louboutin black ankle boots sat perfectly as if on display under a lamp next to my worn brown leather shoes. The tea, set upon the stove was served hot, as we lay on the tatami mat floor. Clouds rolled in attempting to impress us with Thunder claps and torrential rain. Undistracted by the noise outside, she unraveled her secrets, each one pulled at my heart. There was so much pain, most of the world wrote her off as guilty. But she was more brilliant for her struggles, and her confidence was intoxicating.

The crunchy sound of the rustling of the mats accelerated as we moved about. She and I laid there on the mats slowly pretending gravity was the only force at work. Without missing a step, I explained my life of isolation despite being constantly surrounded, and of my lost love.

Lain out across a section of mat she claimed ordu escort was hers, we watched each other.

A thin mist surrounded us, I glanced down, to her feet a little weathered they whispered brave things to the faded scar along her calf. I couldn’t stop my furrowed brow from showing my concern, her finger guided my chin up as she spoke softly “perks of the job.” I could hear her lips curl to a smile, in kind I pushed her against the mat floor. My palm throttling the base of her neck if only for a moment, before I lifted my hand just above her skin. My left arm holding me up, she gently guided her fingers on the soft lines around my triceps to grip my shoulder then our eyes locked. My hand flew fast just to stop short of her, fingers then tucked between layers of hair, my hand worked to the back of her head. Laced into her thick flowing brown locks I was waiting for just the perfect moment. She pulled me in, atop her now, and before I could adjust, she stole the kiss I’d been building to. Her lips met mine, luscious as if filled with warm butter, only sweeter. My hand clenched, tugging her hair back and her head was now under my control. With a glance from her, I released her, the pace wasn’t fast enough for our impending capture.

Boots around the entrance implored us, her red hat flew to the wall, my red and white beanie landed gracefully on a table. Her vibrant red trench coat spun around her to fly off and reveal a black lace bra and black leggings. In one swift move I unclasped my belt, pulled my shirt off to a heap beside us while my left arm pulled her into me as I snapped my fingers osmaniye escort to unsnap her br., I began to pull down her bra as she sunk her fingers into my belt loops. Gravity would join our conversation again as only her leggings remained. My hands along her sides, they followed curve after curve to curl the elastic seam back. My left hand gently caressing the underside of her breast to grip the nipple between my fingers. My hand slowly massaging. My right hand gliding onto her waist, ready to level the playing field. She pulled me into her and began to trace my body down toward my now fully erect cock. My hand flicked off her leggings as she took hold of me.

The heat between us was palpable, our lips collided in a tempest of desire. Our hands gripping onto any part of each other we could hold onto. Then my hands filled themselves with her stunning ass, lifting her up her legs she wrapped herself around me. With a few fingers I delicately pressed near her wet clitoris. My finger glided back and forth rapidly to a slight swirl as I’d release pressure only to continue, with my now rock hard cock teasing just the tip to her lips, then lunging into her we pulled each other tighter. Our embrace was intense, I slowly moved us toward a nearby wall. I slammed her against it as she released an aura of lust and a need for more. We gripped each other’s arms as she moved around to every conceivable angle. Thrusting in and out, all of me was pulsing inside her. Footsteps began to get louder. With one last kiss, my hand gently moved away her hair to the side of her face as her fingers drew an invisible line by my mine. Flushed, our lips met to whisper a last sensual goodbye.

We separated and within seconds we were dressed and on the roof. A little surprised with each other’s skill we hushed our laughter. She spotted a sewer entrance and like lightning we were gone. The only thing left for them to find was a red and white beanie.

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