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Studio 96

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Ryan shut off the engine and checked himself in the mirror, then exited his car for his haircut. Studio 96 was not the kind of name for a place that a guy who wasn’t confident in his sexuality would patronize. Most of the clientele were middle aged women trying to look younger.

Ryan was eternally grateful that he hadn’t let the name put him off. He had discovered Studio 96 a couple of years ago when it had just opened and he was desperate for a last minute haircut for an unexpected job interview. He was assigned to Mrs. Henderson, a short perky brunette.

She had shampooed his hair, something Ryan always found sensual, and Mrs. Henderson, or Adrianne, as she now insisted he call her, gave him the full treatment. Ryan lay back, eyes closed, and felt Adrianne’s fingers electrifying his scalp. He imagined her leaving her sink and coming over to his chair and massaging his groin, and then mounting him. She would go into hysterics of pleasure as she ripped off her blouse and bra while impaling herself on his steel cock.

She pointed him to her chair and gave him full service there too, trimming his eyebrows and ears, all while holding an intelligent conversation. Then she turned the chair so Ryan could see himself in the mirror.

Ryan was shocked. He barely recognized himself. But as he got used to his haircut he realized how good he looked. Adrianne agreed and joked that Ryan’s wife might like pretending she was with a new man.

Ryan was a little taken aback by this, but gave Adrianne a nice tip anyway. As he was driving home he checked himself a few times in the vanity mirror and saw that it was one of the best haircuts he ever had. His wife agreed and rewarded him that night in bed. She too joked that it made it easy for her to fantasize she was making love to a different man, and that just turned Ryan on more.

Armed with confidence in his looks, Ryan aced the job interview. He was hired on the spot with a substantial increase in salary. He took his wife out to dinner and she rewarded him once more with a session that lasted longer than Gone with the Wind. This was special because it marked the second time they had made love in a couple of months.

Unfortunately, this did not mark the beginning of a new era. Ryan enjoyed his new job, but his love life reverted to its old bimonthly regularity. Still, he was happy enough in his new job to reward Mrs. Henderson with a substantial tip after his next haircut.

This cemented their relationship. He saw her regularly every six weeks, and while he did not give her $20 tips, he was very generous. She in turn continued to give him sensual hair washes as well as flirting and holding tastefully risqué conversation with him and her co-workers while she cut his hair. She varied his style enough to spark his wife Anne to allow him to have sex with her.

This arrangement was not satisfactory to Ryan. He never seriously considered cheating on Anne, but did fantasize about it, especially when taking care of his needs on his own. His hairdresser now served double duty, stimulating Anne eight times a year while providing inspiration for Ryan’s masturbation fantasies during the intervals.

Ryan often wondered if Adrianne picked up on this. Her flirtations became more overt, though she let out that was happily married. Often her scalp massages would seem like teasing foreplay. Adrianne would often engage in suggestive conversations with the other hairdressers, and this would sometimes lead to an uncomfortable situation when Ryan was displaying a slight bulge under his drape sheet. Once he was sure that Adrianne looked directly at it before smiling lasciviously at him.

A little more than a year after it opened, Studio 96 started to make some changes.

Ryan first noticed that Adrianne was wearing a more revealing outfit that accentuated her nice set of tits. Meanwhile, Tracy, a tall blonde who worked in the chair next over, was sporting a pair of short shorts that tightly gripped her ass.

After his hair shampoo/scalp massage, Adrianne sat him in his chair and offered him a glass of wine. While Adrianne went to get him his glass of Cabernet, Ryan noticed the young women who were sweeping the floor and assisting with hair washing. All were incredibly good looking, young and nubile, and each had a different hair color. Ryan felt his haircut sheet begin to rise.

When Ryan came home that night, he was ready to roll, but Anne didn’t even notice the haircut. They ate dinner in silence and watched TV until they went to bed. Ryan lay awake with a hard-on for a couple of hours until he snuck downstairs to relieve himself in front of his computer.

Several mundane weeks went by. Ryan called in to Studio 96 on a Monday to make his appointment, now one of the highlights of his life. The owner, Jean, answered the phone and booked him for his appointment.

“We will see you at 4 pm on Friday the 22nd Mr. Reynolds. “Before you go, I wanted to let you know we are offering a discounted price on our new special shampoo service. It is normally $50, escort ataşehir but we have an introductory rate of $30 for our long time customers through the end of the month.”

Ryan was intrigued. “What exactly is a special shampoo?”

“Many of our customers find the hair shampoo relaxing and stress relieving. They wish it were more leisurely and in a quieter environment. We give the special shampoo in a private room at the back of the salon.”

Ryan did a quick calculation in his head. Ten dollars more was a small price to pay to spend some private time with Adrianne or one of the pretty girls. It would be worth it just for the fantasy value alone.

“That sounds good to me.”

Ryan got home that evening before Anne and decided to take advantage of his new fantasy right away. He was about halfway through when he heard her car in the driveway. He quickly squeezed the base of his cock as hard as he could and threw his clothes back on before she came in the door. That night in bed he made advances to her to no avail.

He had to work late the next three nights. Anne was home before him and Ryan was too tired to try and get up in the middle of the night. He knew he could probably sneak in a quick one, but he didn’t want to waste his new fantasy on a hurried thrill.

Friday rolled around and Ryan made sure he was finished at work in time for his appointment. As soon as he entered, he was treated differently. Jean, who had always been indifferent to him, greeted him warmly.

“Welcome Mr. Reynolds. Stacy will take your coat. Would you like a glass of wine while you are waiting? Adrianne is almost ready for you.”

Ryan handed his coat to the pretty teen-aged blonde and accepted the larger than usual glass of merlot from Jean. He snuck a look at Stacy’s ass as she walked to the coat closet and then sat down and picked up a copy of Sports Illustrated. It was Friday and he finished his wine quicker than he meant to.


Ryan looked up to see Adrianne standing in front of him.

“Come with me.”

Adrianne led him to the back of the salon. She opened a door that Ryan had thought led to some tanning booths, but instead revealed a low lit room with plush carpet. In the middle of the room was a comfortable chair in front of a hair-washing sink. On a table next to the chair was another glass of wine. Light jazz was playing softly in the back ground.

“You may take off your shoes if you will be more comfortable.”

Ryan sat down and untied his oxfords, which were a little tight. Adrianne brought him another glass of wine. She then put the customary hair apron around his neck.

“This is our special shampoo room. We like to give our valued customer a little special treatment. A haircut should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, especially at the end of the week. You may experience some sensations you are not used to. If you are ever uncomfortable, please say so right away. We are here to please you.”

Ryan’s curiosity was awoken. He filed all this away in his fantasy file. The door open and Stacy walked in.

“Stacy will be assisting me. Come this way.”

Adrianne led Ryan to the chair. He took a couple of sips of his wine. He was starting to feel a little tipsy.

Ryan sat down in the chair. Adrianne put a towel around his neck and then surprised him by unbuttoning the top button on his shirt.

“That should help you relax a little more.”

Ryan took a large gulp of his wine and then let Adrianne guide his head back into the large indentation in the hair washing bowl. She took a warm moist wash cloth and gently scrubbed his face, another new treat, and then folded it into thirds and draped it over his eyes.

Ryan swished the wine around in his mouth as he relaxed, his taste and other senses heightened by his lack of vision. He heard the water turn on behind him and anticipated the touch of Adrianne’s hands on his scalp.

Ryan realized that it might be Stacy’s hands, he wasn’t sure. He didn’t think he could tell the difference. He started to wonder why they needed two people to give a shampoo. His thoughts were interrupted by moistness upon his scalp, and then the sensual touch of someone’s hands. Ryan relaxed and immersed himself in the experience.

Ryan slowly swallowed the wine and began to fantasize about Mrs. Henderson. He felt a slight bulging in his pants. His imagined her leaving her duties and coming around the chair to unzip his pants, pulling out his cock and sucking on it like she was starving. His fantasy almost felt real, except he felt her hands gently working their way through his hair roots.

Ryan became aware of a pressure on his groin. He began to wonder if this was really a fantasy. He focused his concentration on his cock, and became aware that his pants were unzipping and then someone was stroking it through his underwear. Meanwhile, the other set of hands were exploring his scalp.

Ryan was momentarily confused, and considered getting up or at least lifting his head. His head came up ever so slightly. kadıköy escort bayan The hands on his head pushed him gently back down. Ryan decided to relax into the situation.

By now, Ryan’s cock was ramrod stiff. He was enjoying every gentle stroke. The stroking stopped. He felt his slacks being tugged down, and obliged by lifting his ass slightly. The hands returned and tugged on his briefs. Ryan reflexively lifted his ass again. He felt his cock spring out. As he lowered himself back down, he felt a soft towel under his naked ass.

The next thing Ryan felt was warm liquid on his genitals. The hands returned and massaged his cock and balls. The lubrication made the contact feel so smooth. It was wonderful.

Ryan took turns first imagining Mrs. Henderson lavishing the attention on him and then young Stacy. Finally he settled on a fantasy where Adrianne was mentoring Stacy on the proper way to give a hand job. He imagined future lessons where they would progress to more advanced techniques.

Ryan felt all the tension of the week dissipating as his balls began to work. He felt fresh liquid drip on his cock head and then the hand began to work faster. He became aware that his scalp was no longer being massaged, but then he was overtaken and he felt the cum rise up through his cock and spurt up and out over the hand that pumped him for another half a minute until he was dry and shrinking fast.

Ryan thought about lifting his head again, but was overcome by the desire to lay back and enjoy the post orgasmic bliss. He felt warm water squirt against his scalp and remembered his head was still full of shampoo. At about the same time, he felt a warm wash cloth gently but thoroughly wash his groin and lower stomach. After a short while he felt a warm towel gently dry his crotch while another dried his hair.

The lower towel stopped. He heard a door open and close. The other towel stopped. After a few moments he heard Adrianne’s voice, “I’ll be waiting for you by my chair, Mr. Reynolds.”

Ryan slowly arose. He straightened his shirt and pulled up his pants. He picked up his half glass of wine, checked himself in the mirror, and went to get his haircut.

Adrianne acted as if nothing unusual had happened. She kept up her usual banter with Tracy and Lori at the neighboring chairs. She talked about her kids and asked Ryan about his job. She finished up, turned Ryan towards the mirror for his approval, and then removed his apron.

She smiled at him and said, “I hope you enjoyed your special shampoo.”

Ryan said, “Very much so. I’m already looking forward to my next appointment.”

Ryan paid for his haircut and returned to Adrianne with a $30 tip. She was very appreciative.

Anne liked his haircut when he came home, and they had a nice evening before she let him seduce her. Because he had had a huge orgasm that afternoon, he lasted much longer than usual to Anne’s delight. They had a repeat performance a few days later, but this time it was routine and they went back to their old patterns once again.

Ryan’s next haircut was just as enjoyable. He had to pay the regular rate, but it was well worth it. This time they allowed him to step out of his pants, which was much more comfortable. They also secured a blindfold around his eyes. This all made the experience even more relaxing.

Different young assistants went back with him after a while. Once it was a cute short blonde named Chrissie. Another time it was a tall well built athletic girl with black hair named Kelly. Each time he gave them at least a $20 tip.

When he had called Jean this Monday to make an appointment, she told him about another new service they were offering. It was called the “Very Special Shampoo”, and was only being offered to select customers. The regular rate was $200, but she had an introductory rate of $100. Ryan was very tempted by all this, but he felt guilty enough about what he was doing and wasn’t ready to go any further.

This all changed on Tuesday. He came home from work and Anne asked him a question about the finances. Ryan was tired and snapped at her, and things escalated from there. She pulled out a copy of the credit card bill and wanted to know why his haircuts were so expensive. Ryan edited on-the-fly and came out with, “They treat me well there.” in a voice that implied he wasn’t treated well at home.

Anne replied with something to the effect that maybe Ryan should start paying her. He retorted with “But I’m married to you.” and added “unfortunately” under his breath. Anne left the room and began the silent treatment. Ryan poured himself a large glass of bourbon and called Studio 96 to let them know he had changed his mind and would like the ‘very special shampoo this Friday. He made a mental note to withdraw an extra hundred dollars this week so it wouldn’t show up on the credit card bill.

Things between him and Anne began to thaw a little bit on Wednesday. He speeded the process on Thursday by bringing home the obligatory flowers. By the end of the night escort bostancı things were back to normal. Ryan decided if they had sex that night, he would cancel the special massage.

That became a moot point by Friday morning.


Jean Simmons looked up from her desk to see Ryan Reynolds getting out of his Lexus. Jean had a soft spot for Ryan. Ryan had been one of her first customers to use the back room. But more importantly, Jean had had an unpleasant encounter with Anne Reynolds some time ago, and she felt sorry for Ryan. This was a way to help him and get back at her.

Jean checked that Adrianne and Kayla were in place. She had already checked on Toni in the back. She turned to back to greet Ryan.


Ryan walked into the Studio and was greeted warmly by Jean. She offered him a large glass of Merlot which he accepted. She introduced him to a new girl, Kayla, who was quite attractive and barely legal. Ryan covertly coveted her ass as she led him to Adrianne. Adrianne also greeted him warmly and led him to the back of the studio.

“You’re here for our new special massage and haircut?”

“‘Yes I am.”

“This will be slightly different procedure.” She said, handing him a light robe. “Go ahead and remove your clothes and put this on, then lay on the massage table. I will be back shortly.”

As Adrianne left, Ryan took a large gulp of wine. He hesitated for a moment, and then methodically removed his clothes, hanging his shirt and pants up and stuffing his socks and underwear in his shoes. He put the robe on and drank his wine and then lay on the soft padded table. He noticed round padded rings at the top corners. Ryan closed his eyes.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Adrianne entered. Kayla followed her in, and Ryan’s heart leapt.

“Are you ready, Mr. Reynolds?”

Ryan nodded.

“We need you to be immobilized during the massage. To accomplish that, I am going to ask you to put your wrists in the rings.”

Ryan complied, and Kayla tightened them so he could not get loose but was still comfortable. She then secured a blindfold around his eyes. He felt the table roll and bump into something.

“Scoot back a little”, Adrianne said as she lifted his head slightly. Ryan moved back on the table about a foot. Adrianne let his head down and it fell in to the crevice of a hair washing sink.

“Let’s get started.”

Ryan felt warm water stream against his hair. He felt a tugging on his robe and then felt it open. He was exposed, and this time it was his cock that leapt. It was hard in no time, springing up like a kid’s punching toy. He felt Adrianne’s hand start to work on his hair, and smelled the scent of his usual shampoo. Kayla’s hands worked on his cock and balls. Ryan felt the tension fall away from him.

Kayla’s hands went away.

“Special massage time”, Adrianne said.

Ryan felt Kayla climbing onto the bottom of the table between his legs. He saw her in his mind, naked and beautiful, with her young skin and firm breasts. His cock hardened even more, twitching as it did. Adrianne continued to work on his scalp.

Ryan felt a soft warm touch on the head of his cock. It enveloped the top of the head and then slid back, teasing him. He strained to lift his hips, but couldn’t get the leverage. His cock was enveloped again, and he imagined Kayla’s sweet lips circling his head like a tootsie-pop.

The touch withdrew again, and then came back, inching down a little farther. Ryan let out a half-sigh half-moan. Again the touch slowly withdrew, and again it slowly came down a little farther. Ryan gasped. Again the touch withdrew. Ryan anticipated more, but it didn’t come. Again Ryan tried to lift his hips to no avail.

Ryan felt the touch come down fast this time, enveloping his whole cock, almost touching his balls, and then quickly sliding up to the middle of his cock head, then rapidly back down, fucking him. Ryan looked through his blindfold and saw sexy Kayla bobbing up and down on his cock with her mouth. He felt his balls start to tighten. Her firm breasts were jiggling, her nipples erect with excitement.

And then it stopped.

Ryan lifted his ass off the table, but found nothing and settled back. He felt his balls and cock stiffen slightly and then begin to subside. His body began to relax. Adrianne continued to massage his head and hair.

Ryan felt Kayla climbing up on the table. He felt her bare legs kneeling outside of his legs. As she worked her way up towards his crotch, the excitement was almost too much for him. He wanted to see and tried to move his hands toward his blindfold, but there was very little slack and he gave up.

He felt a hand grab his cock. It held it still and guided it into Kayla’s pussy. He felt her starting to ride him. He knew he wouldn’t last long so he concentrated on enjoying every second. Then he erupted into Kayla’s pussy with a long primal moan.


Kayla swept the floor. She heard Lori laughing at something her dye job said and glanced up. She saw a pretty girl looking back at her and it took a couple seconds for her to realize it was her. It would be a long time before she got used to the job the plastic surgeon had done.

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