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Stuffing Marie

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*This story is a work of fiction. All resemblances to any person are purely coincidental. All rights reserved by author. Feedback is more than welcome!*

When Josh saw Marie at the liberal arts food court, he knew she was perfect. She had been in his discussion group two semesters ago, as an incoming freshman. Back then, she was cute in an unremarkable way — long brown hair, average height, rather skinny, nice smile. She had since gained the freshman fifteen and it made her perfect in his eyes. Bigger boobs, rounded belly, wider hips. You could tell from the image she presented that she didn’t feel the same.

Marie was dressed in a tight-fitting, long-sleeved blue top that did nothing to hide the fact that her breasts were about to burst out of her bra. The jeans were about a size too tight, causing a bit of her belly to spill over the top. She was hunched forward, hair half in her face, a pile of books in front of her food as if she was trying to hide the fast-food Chinese that she was eating as an early dinner. Josh felt his pulse racing already.

“Hi, Marie, isn’t it?” Josh asked, “Mind if I sit with you?”

Marie looked up, a bit startled, and instantly recognized her TA from last year. At the time, she had thought Josh was cute, but was much more interested in the fraternity boys who invited her to parties with free booze. A bit too much booze, she thought.

“Hi, Mr. McMillan. There are plenty of open tables, if you want…” she couldn’t imagine why he would want to sit with an unattractive girl like her.

“Please, call me Josh. I wasn’t looking for an open table. I saw you eating and remembered you from last year, though you’re much more beautiful now.” Josh said, smiling warmly at her.

Marie looked at him, stunned. No one had called her beautiful all year. Even her dad had called her “fat” when she went home for Christmas. Josh continued, “I know you’ve just started eating (the huge portion of takeout was almost gone) but I’m cooking tonight and I thought you might not have had home cooked food in awhile. Would you be willing to join me for dinner?”

Marie thought for a second. She had eaten, but could probably eat more. And she’d love to see his place and have something home cooked, for once. “Well, I … yes, I’d like that.”

“Great!” Josh’s eyes lit up and he took her hand. “Could you come now?”

Every man has his fetishes, and Josh was fortunate enough to have figured out his during his freshman year of college. He loved tight, firm bellies, but not the type with six-pack muscles. No, he preferred to feed his women until they were stuffed full to bursting, until they had problems taking a deep breath due to their impinging stomachs. He loved rubbing his hands along their bellies as they ate, feeling the changes as they grew. He didn’t want to make a girl gain weight for him, but just get full from eating and keep that extra pressure while he made love to her.

After a few years of trying to stuff every woman in sight, he’d realized the best girls were the ones who were a little overweight already. The skinny, overly fit ones often complained about the amount of food he made and didn’t want Josh to feel their bellies. More than one had either left directly after dinner, saying she didn’t feel well, or hadn’t let him do anything more than kiss her. The obese ones were more willing, but weren’t so attractive to him. Josh determined his best matches were the ones who had recently gained weight and were feeling a bit self-conscious about it. They enjoyed his cooking and compliments. The “freshman fifteen” created an abundance of girls for him to choose from in college. In fact, that was part of why he had decided to go to grad school and eventually become a professor, so that these beautiful women would be all around him.

Josh lived in graduate housing a few blocks from the university. When Marie walked into the apartment, the first thing she noticed was the elegant, glass-topped dining room table with two comfortable-looking chairs and a small vase of flowers on top.

“Feel free to check out my little place while I get you a drink,” Josh said, quickly heading to the kitchen to find a bottle of wine.

Marie looked around. The kitchen and living room were typical university housing — small, white walls, clean but well used. She peeked into his bathroom and was impressed that he kept it spotless.

The bedroom door was closed. Before she could open it, she found Josh standing just behind her shoulder. He smiled and handed her a glass of wine.

“Cheers.” bostancı escort bayan Josh said, clinking glasses with hers. “I’ve almost got the first course done. Please pick a chair and I’ll serve you.” Josh said, ushering Marie back towards the dining room, touching her back and side oh so gently. She pulled out a chair and watched Josh busy himself around the kitchen, while smelling some amazing odors wafting her way.

“First course!” and with that, Josh, placed a large bowl of soup in front of her and a basket of sliced sourdough bread on the table. It was some sort of tomato-pepper soup and smelled delicious. Josh set out a bowl for himself as well and sat down across from her.

They sat and talked, Josh getting up from time to time to work on something in kitchen and, when she wasn’t watching, adjust the growing bulge in his jeans that matched the expansion of her belly. He made sure that her wine glass and bread plate stayed full. Before Marie knew it, she had finished the soup, polished off most of the loaf of bread by herself, and drunk two glasses of wine. Josh quickly poured her a third and took away their dishes.

“The pasta is almost ready. I hope you like it,” Josh said, moving his chair so it was closer to hers. He looked down, as if trying to be modest, but actually checking out her belly. It had definitely grown fuller from the soup and wine. He could see a couple extra inches straining against the front of her tight jeans. Her growing belly pushed her breasts slightly higher, making them look even more delicious. He couldn’t wait until she was achingly full.

“If it was anything like the soup, I’m sure to love it!” Marie said, a bit over enthusiastically. Josh had been nothing but a gentleman all through the meal, occasionally touching her arm or her side, once or twice brushing against her stomach. She was happy to have learned that he was also a good conversationalist and a cook. She felt herself getting slightly wet. “Stop that,” she thought to herself, “you know a cute guy like him isn’t going to go for a girl that looks like you.”

Marie’s eyes widened as she saw Josh serving up their next course. The pasta bowl of fresh fettuccine and winter squash he was serving up for her looked enormous. She felt her belly straining against her pants and panicked for a moment. She didn’t want to insult him, but how was she going to finish all of that?

“Wow, that’s a lot of food,” she said.

Josh just smiled at her, “I like to cook. And I don’t want you to leave hungry.” He winked at her, setting down his own bowl and a fresh bottle of wine. She didn’t even notice that his was a much smaller portion that hers.

She ate for awhile, and then began slowly swirling the food around, feeling how tight her pants were against her belly. It was starting to hurt. She wiggled around in her seat a bit, trying to loosen the waistband of her jeans without Josh noticing.

“Josh, this food is amazing. But I don’t think I can finish it all.” She looked up at him, smiling, hoping he wouldn’t be insulted.

“Please, I’d love to watch you finish your meal. I’m sure your body is just not used to home cooking instead of dorm food. Besides, you look so beautiful while you eat. Here, let me help you get a bit more comfortable.” And with that, Josh slowly reached forward and unbuttoned the top button of Marie’s jeans. He softly caressed her belly, feeling it gently curve as it spilled out of her pants.

Marie sighed. It felt good to have a man touch her in this way, and the loosened pants immediately made her feel better.

“There, now. A bit better, right? Would it help a bit if I rubbed your belly like this?” Josh rubbed along her belly in small circles, making sure not to move to close to her breasts or the crotch of her pants, at least not yet.

“That feels good, actually.” Marie began eating again, trying not to moan between bites. She reveled in the sensations of Josh’s hand moving along her belly and made no protest when he lifted her shirt out of the way, revealing the curve of her belly under the glass-topped table. “This pasta is amazing, by the way,” Marie said, smiling softly at her suitor.

Josh watched Marie finish her plate of pasta and winter squash. He had stopped rubbing her belly and just had his hand lightly resting on her thigh; admiring the effects of the Chinese food she’d eaten earlier, three glasses of wine, soup, bread, and pasta. He ignored his own food, concentrating solely on her now. They talked for a ümraniye escort bit more, and Josh again refilled her wine glass.

Suddenly, Marie felt the pasta expanding in her stomach. Her clothes felt much too small. Her first thought was the bathroom. She made a move to get up, but Josh caught the look on her face and, as soon as she opened her mouth to tell him where she was going, he kissed her deeply. Marie forgot the pain for a moment, instead concentrating on Josh’s long tongue and the delicious things it was doing in her mouth. After a few moments, he broke off the kiss and looked at her, acting slightly concerned. “Is your belly hurting a bit again?” he quietly asked.

She nodded, and he continued, “Here, come sit on the couch and I’ll try to take your mind off the pain.” He held her hand and helped her up. Before she could protest, he unzipped her jeans, relieving the pressure and letting her belly spill out into his awaiting hands. He led her over to the couch and sat down.

Marie got bold and made her move. Rather than sitting next to him, she straddled him completely, her belly pushing against his, pushing him deeper into the couch. She began kissing him, removing his shirt and unbuttoning his pants as she did so. She looked at him and smiled, “I thought you needed to get more comfortable, too.”

Josh laughed and continued kissing her, enjoying the feeling of her weight on top of him, and her smooth, tightened belly underneath his massaging hands. He kissed his way over to her ear and said, “let me get rid of this tight, constraining bra,” and unhooked it.

Marie’s breasts spilled out of the bra. He removed it quickly and tossed it onto the floor. His hands moved along her back to her belly, then up to the undersides of her breasts. He held each breast in a hand for a moment, as if weighing them, delighting in their heaviness. He squeezed her breasts while bending his head down, suckling on each nipple. Marie moaned and squirmed, getting more turned on by the moment.

Josh let Marie’s firm, ripe nipple pop out of his mouth and asked her, “Would you like to move to the bedroom? I’ve got a bit of a surprise set up in there.” Marie stood up, wiggling out of her jeans, which were getting stuck around her thighs, before accompanying Josh to the bedroom. When she saw Josh’s bedroom, she gasped. Centered in the room was a huge, king-sized bed with a wrought-iron headboard and footboard. The bed was covered by a thick, soft-looking comforter, multiple blankets, and a number of pillows. After sleeping in the dorms for a year and a half in a twin-sized bunk bed, Josh’s bed looked like heaven. At the back of the bedroom was a door that appeared to lead to the kitchen, which she thought was rather strange, but also kind of cool.

Next to the bed, she noticed a tray set up on the nightstand. There were two candles, which Josh quickly lit, a small bottle of port, two glasses, and a large custard and berry trifle.

“Dessert!” Marie exclaimed. “I don’t know how you think that’s going to fit in here,” she said, gently rubbing her belly. It felt hard and firm to her and, come to think of it, she actually liked the feeling of being overfull and having her belly rubbed.

“I think I can find a way and besides, it’s mostly just berries. They’re small.” Josh replied. He walked over to her with the two glasses of port and handed her one. As they tapped glasses, Josh pulled Marie in towards him, feeling her belly push against him. He leaned forward and began to kiss her, using his free to hand to rub along every free inch of her skin. He put down his glass to grab a spoon, and then slowly began feeding her the trifle. Marie sighed, content at being fed and so seductively touched. Each time she thought her belly could hold no more, Josh would rub it and the pressure would subside.

After most of the trifle was gone, Josh gently laid Marie down on the bed, and then dipped one hand into the trifle. He let his fingers graze her lips, and she subconsciously opened her mouth, allowing him to enter her. She sucked each of his fingers clean before dipping her own hand into the trifle and feeding him. He sucked a couple of her fingers, then took her hand and rubbed it against his own chest. She leaned over and began licking each bit of it off, spending extra time on his nipples and along his collarbone.

He grabbed more and placed it on her nipples, sucking each one clean. Marie squealed in delight. She responded by placing some on his belly, licking down towards his boxer briefs, escort kartal being careful to suck every drop out of his navel. Josh moved the waistband down, “Just wanted it out of your way,” he joked.

Josh took a large handful of the custard and spread it across Marie’s belly. She sighed and lay on her back on the bed. Josh gazed at the beautiful coed below him. Her skin was taut along her belly, the waistband of her panties pushed into her lower abdomen. He licked and sucked over every inch of her belly. He couldn’t get enough of feeling her tight skin and moving his tongue and hands all over her.

Marie pushed the waistband of her panties down, then took them off and spread her legs slightly. She looked at him, devilishly, and grabbed another small handful of the trifle. She started at her bellybutton and spread it down, through her neatly trimmed bush, to the juncture of her thighs.

Josh stared at the sight before him. It had been good before, but with her completely naked, it was even better. He took off his own underwear before his erection burst the seams, then began licking off the trifle. He moaned as he slurped his way down her hardened belly, the carefully licked the bits of berry and custard off of her bush. He licked the inside of each thigh, causing Marie to moan and spread her legs further. Josh slowly kissed and sucked his way upwards until he was at her pussy, which was already quite wet. He licked his way up her slit, delighting in the way her labia unfolded for him. He sucked briefly on her clit, and then took his hands, which were already on the insides of her luscious thighs, and spread her further open. He began penetrating her with his tongue, then replaced his tongue with two fingers and began kissing and licking his way back up her body.

Marie was ecstatic. She could not believe how good she felt. She could feel the extra pressure of dinner pushing down against Josh’s fingers, making every movement feel stronger, somehow. By the time Josh reached her breasts and began sucking on her left nipple, she was on the verge of orgasm.

Josh moved between Marie’s legs, and let his weight press slightly on top of hers. He added a third finger into her pussy and began kissing along her neck, up to her ears. He let his fingers work a bit faster now, twirling and thrusting inside her vagina.

Marie couldn’t help herself. She screamed as she began to orgasm. She hadn’t had sex in months and desperately needed the release. She was panting hard and having trouble taking full breaths, between the food in her stomach and Josh’s weight on top of her. As her orgasm slowly, she reached down with one hand to pull Josh’s hand out of her, and with her other hand pulled on his ass, urging him to enter her.

“Please,” she pleaded, feeling the need to cum on his penis, “it’s okay, I’m on the pill.”

That was all Josh needed. He plunged into her, feeling his thick cock work its way into her still-vibrating pussy. He moved to his elbows, so he could still keep a lot of his weight pressing against her as he fucked her. With each thrust, he could feel her belly pushing against his, her full breasts against his chest, her thighs clutched around him. He leaned down to kiss her, crushing his lips against hers. Without warning, she began to cum again, moaning and screaming into his mouth.

Josh reached under her body, keeping her impaled upon him, and quickly flipped her over. Her weight was now on top of him. She sat up, kneeling above him, and tossed her hair back, causing her breasts and belly to shake. Josh held on to her hips, thrusting his way into her as she plunged down on to him, until they established a smooth rhythm. He then released her hips and let his hands roam, pushing against her tight stomach, pulling on her breasts, twisting her nipples. He couldn’t get enough of her skin under his hands.

As Josh roamed her body, Marie began pressing down harder, pushing her weight into Josh, trying to get his penis as deep as possible within her. When he began pulling on her nipples, it sent her over the edge. She came again, harder this time. Josh could barely make his way in and out of her, she was cumming so hard.

That was all it took for Josh. He moaned, then released jet after jet of hot cum into her. As the last spurts dribbled out of him, he grasped onto Marie’s shoulders and pulled her down on to him, wanting to feel every bit of her skin upon his. Instinctively knowing what he wanted, Marie spread her legs back, lying completely on top of him.

“You are incredible,” he softly whispered into her ear. He was in post-orgasmic bliss, his arms wrapped tenderly around Marie. Marie simply smiled in reply. She rolled off on to his side and they settled into a gentle sleep, both hoping this was the first of many dinners to come.

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