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Submitting to Her

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Note: My previous story “Paid Into Lesbian Facesitting” sets up this short story.

– Kim.


My friend Miranda, a lesbian amateur pornstar, had tricked me into going “gay for pay” with her.

I ended up loving it, but it wasn’t Miranda who I couldn’t keep out of my head since that day.

It was her friend, the cameragirl who bluntly sat on my face after filming us.

I brought her to orgasm in less than ten minutes, and then she left without a word.

She never even told me her name, and I didn’t really care.

The fact of the matter was, I had loved it and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

The smile on the cameragirl’s face as she hovered over me, the smell of her pussy as she pressed it down over my mouth and nose and her moans… Oh her moans turned me on so much.

While I definitely enjoyed my first lesbian act with Miranda, she was overshadowed by her friend.

Without asking, she had taken control of me, forcing my face between her legs, smothering me under her until the point of almost blacking out.

She had been rough, but strangely caring at the same time, caressing my face and whispering what I good girl I was.

No, not just a good girl. A good pet.

That was five days ago. Every night since, I dreamt of her.

Dreamt of her toned legs wrapped around my face. of lying powerlessly beneath her ass.

I tried to ignore it, but I couldn’t.

Every morning I failed to resist the urge of rubbing one out under the shower.

Even during the day I couldn’t help but think about her, and I’m sure people noticed how absent minded I was at work.

A part of me knew that going down this path would lead to trouble, but I just had to see her.

I went to the address where we met last week, assuming, or hoping it was her home.

My hand was trembling as I let my finger hover over the doorbell, a tiny voice of reason me holding me back one last time.

But my fluttering heart won out and I pressed the button, biting my lower lip shyly as if I was doing something forbidden and naughty.

I saw a figure approaching behind the frosted glass, and I gulped as I took in the silhouette of what would soon, hopefully, be my lover.

She walked with the elegance of a model and had a body to match.

I had seen this quite clearly last week, of course, and just seeing the shape of her body turned me on immensely.

She wasn’t very tall, but that hadn’t stopped her from being unquestionably in charge.

Her hips were wide and she had almost impossibly large tits for someone her size, and judging by the blurred image behind the glass, she was again wearing a revealing short dress.

Normally, I’d find girls dressing like that slutty, but she looked confident and in control.

Of course, the fresh memory of my face tucked between her ass and ankles helped assure me of that image.

She didn’t seem surprised in the slightest when she opened the door.

The girl who had conquered me so easily merely smiled, winked and turned to walk towards the living room, not saying a word.

I took a long, deep breath, like when one prepares for a dive into the pool, and stepped inside.

The door closed behind me with a heavy thump and for just a split second I felt a pang of regret.

She wiggled her ass excessively, knowing I was looking at it.

Her short, blue dress had a slit in the right side and with every step she took it slightly revealed the strings of her black panties.

The long heels of her shoes helped present her lovely rear to me and I found myself unable to look away.

I realized I hadn’t been in the living room before and I felt somewhat ashamed when I thought about it.

She had felt my tongue inside her, in her bedroom, within an hour after meeting me..

Now I was standing in her living room for the first time and the only reason I was here was to repeat the process.

She, too, had figured this out but seemed less ashamed of it.

I could see the look on her face when she turned around, her hands resting on her hips and her head cocked to the side questioningly.

We stood there for a few seconds before ucuz escort I realized she wasn’t going to ask or say anything.

“Uhm, I… L-last week… Last week was nice.” I stammered, cursing myself immediately after.

It was nice? That’s the best I could come up with?

She smiled, just barely, and I blushed fiercely.

My fingers fumbled with the edge of my halter top and my eyes dropped.

I too nervous to say anything else, but she wasn’t going to meet me halfway.

“Maybe we could, uhm, go out?” I asked, my voice barely louder than a whisper.

She giggled and I felt my heart sink.

Was she not interested? Was she just playing with me?

I carefully looked up at her, trying to get a read on her expression.

Her stern grey eyes stared back at me and she pouted arrogantly.

“No,” she said.

Before I could react, which would probably have been bursting out in tears, she continued speaking.

“But you can eat me out.”

I blinked and smiled broadly at her, even though I tried not to.

“Really?” I blurted out, not realizing how corny that sounded, but she just laughed at that.

“Yes, my dear pet. Is that not what you’ve been longing for?”

I looked away again, ashamed by the direct confrontation.

My cheeks were already fiery red of shame and lust and I feared that my legs would turn to jelly any moment now.

I bit my lip and glanced up at her again, and I must’ve looked like a silly little puppy to her.

She slowly lifted the front of her dress, revealing a pair of simple, yet strangely alluring black panties.

I licked my lips in anticipation, remembering all too well how I loved the taste of her, and slowly stepped closer and closer.

Our faces were now inches apart and I looked at her sparkling eyes.

The slight, shy smile on her face betrayed her otherwise arrogant appearance and I knew she had been waiting for this as much as me.

I closed my eyes and carefully moved in to kiss her, but my eyes shot open when I felt her firmly grip my cheeks, her index finger resting over my lips.

“You’re not allowed to kiss these lips, pet.” She told me, squinting her eyes.

I gasped and took a step back, but she immediately closed the gap, her finger still on my lips.

A voice in my head, that little sensible one that I always ignored, told me to run away, but I couldn’t.

Even know, at the prospect of becoming nothing more than a toy for her, I couldn’t help but adore her.

I tried to open my mouth in protest, hoping to convince her we could be more than just sexual partners, but she shushed me.

“I’m not going to regret letting you in, am I?” She asked in a fake, overly concerned tone.

I shook my head slightly and she smiled.

“Good. Now get on your knees and please me.”

Slowly I got to my knees in front of her until I found my face level with her pantyclad pussy.

I was glad to feel a thick carpet under my knees, and rested my hands on my thighs in an attempt to get comfortable.

She was still holding her dress up and I closed my eyes as I nuzzled my face against her panties, inhaling her unmistakable scent.

She gently patted my head with her free hand and ran her fingers through my hair.

I purred in excitement and fought the urge to tear her panties down, instead enjoying the rapidly building feeling of anticipation, and the warmth of her thighs against my cheeks.

The soft, beautiful thighs that had kept me firmly at my task last week.

I was finally between her legs again and I felt my heart flutter.

It felt so right to be here.

On my knees, between her legs with my nose pressing against her silken panties.

I pursed my lips and kissed her mound, immediately feeling the panties growing damp.

Seemingly she, too, had been looking forward to this moment and that fact alone made me feel tingly with pride.

The taste of her wet panties was nowhere near as intense as having her pussy all over my face but even the slightest taste of her was enough to make my head spin.

It took all my self control to take it slow ümraniye escort but I managed to break away and kiss her naked thighs.

She let me build up the suspense, her fingers still gently running to my hair, knowing I had already given in to her completely.

I slowly moved up and she moved her dress further up as I went higher.

Her belly was impressively toned, firm enough to show she worked out and took care of her body, yet soft and feminine.

I kissed all over her belly in admiration but she quickly grew needy of having my lips and tongue elsewhere, slowly but firmly pushing me lower.

As she pushed me back down I took the top of her panties between my lips, pulling them down until my nose rested against her bare lips.

The smell was intoxicating and I wondered if she had masturbated in wait of my arrival.

I wiggled my nose between her lips, rubbing it up and down but as I stuck my tongue out to taste her wetness, the panties slipped from between my lips and back into place.

I reached up with my hands to pull her panties down.

When they were halfway down her legs she tugged at my hair, redirecting me to the task at hand.

I eagerly ran my tongue over her wet lips, eyes closed as I savored the taste of her.

Her juices were as divine as I remembered and I couldn’t resist any longer.

I eagerly parted her lips with my tongue, wiggling it inside her, feeling her walls contract as I reached deeper.

Unlike last time when she sat on my face, I could still breathe through my nose, while my lips were sealed over her’s,

She let me worship her pussy for minutes, occasionally bucking her hips against my cheeks whenever I curled my tongue and explore her depths.

With some pressure she expelled my tongue and without further guidance I began licking her lips in long strokes, circling near her clit before quickly plunging back inside her.

She let me control the pace for a while, allowing me to explore her pussy and play with her clit as I liked.

Her juices flowed over my tongue more steadily, my unnamed mistress growing hotter by the moment.

I looked up at her from between her legs and saw her grin devilishly at me.

She held me tight by the base of my hair and pushed me backwards slightly.

I had to place my hands on the carpet behind me to keep myself from toppling over and she stepped forward, placing her legs over my shoulders.

Her warm thighs now pressed against my cheeks constantly, and it made me feel strangely comfortable.

She let go of the dress, which came to rest over my face, trapping me in a warm darkness, and took hold of my head with both hands.

She held me firmly against her pussy, keeping me from giving her my full attention, but then she started moving back and forth and I realized she was no longer letting me decide the pace.

I still licked at her and tried to plunge my tongue inside her but after a short time I gave up and resorted to kissing her pussy as it slid over my face.

She pressed downwards whenever my nose neared her clit, painfully using my nose as a little toy, but I took the opportunity to worm my tongue inside her and take her delicious juices in my mouth.

My arms were feeling heavy but I didn’t dare to struggle, instead focusing on the smell and taste of her.

Her grinding was getting faster and rougher by the minute and I struggled to keep up, licking aimlessly at her slit as she grinded against my mouth and smeared her wetness over my face.

Without warning she pulled my hair, pressing her pussy over my mouth and my nose against her flesh, cutting off my breath.

Her thighs trembled against my cheeks and I felt a sudden gush of liquid in my mouth.

Without thought I eagerly swallowed it, almost choking as she continued to squirt into the back of my mouth.

I pushed my tongue inside, wanting more of her, and reveled in the feeling of her walls trembling around my tongue.

It took her a good minute to come down from her orgasm, giggling softly while I gently continued to kiss and lick her lips.

I was afraid that she would üsküdar escort dismiss me already and regretted helping her come so quickly, but she was far from done with me.

She let go of my head and roughly pushed me down on the ground.

In one motion she turned around and knelt down over my face, her wet pussy just inches above my face.

I swallowed, remembering how I almost passed out the last time she rode me, but didn’t dare struggle.

She took a moment to position herself properly, tucking her ankles behind my head and gently wiggling around until most of my face disappeared beneath her firm bum.

Her lips made contact with mine and I immediately licked the wetness from her, growing addicted to the taste as much as her reaction to my attention.

The position made it almost impossible for me to reach her clit and she was intentionally sliding around until my nose was wedged between her cheeks and I couldn’t breathe anymore.

Her taste, smell and slight twitching whenever I plunged deep inside her were so much more important than breathing.

But seconds became a minute and I started getting dizzy and weak.

I ran my hands over her legs, back towards her ass and lightly pressed against them.

She took a hold of my wrists and moved to hold them in front of her, and pressed down more firmly on my face.

I moaned into her pussy and tried to wiggle free, but she effortlessly held me down.

With her ankles behind my head, my nose pinched between her cheeks and her warm, hot pussy pressing over my mouth, there wasn’t much I could do.

I plunged my tongue deep inside her and snaked it around, trying to arch up as best I could, but she no longer seemed to care for my participation.

She started grinding, slowly but surely, making sure not to let me slip free.

Without any real effort, she took both my wrists and pinned them against her belly with one hand.

Her free hand sought out her clit, rubbing it as she kept rocking back and forth ever so carefully.

She leaned back slightly, resting more firmly on my face but thankfully uncovering my mouth in the process.

I took a few sharp breaths and relaxed my muscles, forcing my body to calm down in a show of submission to my mistress above me.

In response, she let go of my wrists and immediately inserted two fingers into her wet pussy, fingering herself on top of me.

Not wanting to be ignored, I shifted upwards as best I could, moving further under her ass until my mouth was near her asshole.

She gasped loudly when my tongue made contact with her hole, licking slowly around it and probing it gently but insistently.

I didn’t know what had gotten into me, licking another girl’s ass like this, but the lewdness of the situation took away any doubts I had.

Her sphincter refused to let my tongue inside, but I wasn’t going to give up and curled my tongue against her hole.

Giggling, she finally forced her muscles to relax and I suddenly felt my tongue slip an inch or two inside before being grabbed tightly.

She firmly held my tongue inside her ass but her building orgasm made it hard for her to keep control.

I pressed further inside whenever she relented, worming my tongue into her canal until I could give no more.

Despite her attempts of ignoring me I felt her tremble on top of me and knew she wasn’t going to last much longer.

Her muscles expelled my tongue slowly and, while I tried to fight it by pressing against her, she managed to free my tongue from her ass entirely.

Before I could try again she slid back until, once more, my mouth was covered by her pussy.

Just as her lips sealed over mine she pressed down hard and her thighs squeezed my head painfully.

She moaned, loud enough for the neighbours to hear, and I felt her juices splatter into my mouth for the second time in half an hour.

Her thighs continued to tremble against my face for a good minute or two but at least I could breathe, if barely.

When she finally did move, she only slid back slightly, her pussy still dripping on my forehead, and started pulling her panties up from her knees before getting up.

“You really are addicted to me, aren’t you, pet?” She spoke indifferently as she walked towards a desk.

I slowly got up until I knelt on the floor, softly mumbling “yes”.

“Good… I think I will keep you,” she spoke calmly as she turned to face me, a black collar dangling from her finger.


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