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Substitute for Dad Ch. 04

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This is set in the 1980’s about eight weeks after deflowering my younger sister and restarting my affair with my mother. My had father passed away suddenly after a heart attack in hospital, devastating my mother who had in her grief detached herself from us. Questions surrounding a number of sudden deaths at the hospital had delayed us putting him to rest…

I felt my bed move and rolled over still half-asleep expecting Maggie my youngest sister to be sneaking in beside me, it had been nearly a week since we had last managed to get together as the house was almost full again with my sister Lizzy back home after a massive row with her partner. To my surprise I found my mother perched on the edge of the bed looking at me. I reached out my arm to pull her closer, but she shook her head.

“Are Maggie and Lizzy still here?” I asked drowsily.

“No, they have already gone up to London to get their outfits for tomorrow,” Mum said, “You shouldn’t keep giving them the money, they have plenty of clothes!”

“They just want to look nice, with everyone coming around,” I replied.

“That’s not the point,” Mum responded unusually harshly, “They shouldn’t expect you to keep paying just because you earn more than them, you work hard for the money, they shouldn’t take advantage of your good nature!”

I tried again to coax her into an embrace.

“No Sean, not now”, she said, “I just want to know if you can still help me get the shopping later.”

“Of course, I can, I did promise,” I replied, “I’ll get up now and get ready.”

“No, you can stay in bed, you didn’t get back home until late last night,” Mum said, “I have an appointment at the doctors beforehand, so I’ll meet you at the supermarket about lunchtime. Also, I have to ask you to sleep on the sofa tonight, I promised my cousin she could stay over for a couple of days and she is bringing her daughter, June.”

“That’s okay,” I said, “But couldn’t Gran put her up?”

“No that’s not a good idea, they don’t get along,” she explained.

I notice a tear leak from the corner of her left eye, so I gently held her face in the palm of my hand and wiped it away with my thumb. Mum held my hand against her cheek momentarily, then pulled it away and turned her head towards the door.

“Mum, what’s really wrong with,” I began to say, but she interrupted.

“Enough, Sean, I don’t want to talk about it now,” she said, “Maybe we can talk after tomorrow.”

“I just want to know what I’ve done,” I insisted, “Is it about me and Maggie?”

Mum turned her head back, “If it was, I would have stopped you both before it started,” Mum sighed and leant down touching her forehead to mine. I slipped my arms around her and for the first time in nearly seven weeks she did not pull away.

“You haven’t done anything wrong, I just need time to think some things through,” she said softly snuggling closer, “You know I love you all but sometimes it’s difficult to keep you all happy,” her tears flowed openly, and she pressed her head into my neck.

“I was worried about you, in fact we all have been worried,” I whispered, “We just wanted to look after you.”

Gradually Mum’s sobbing died away as I caressed her back and she let me pull her down to lie beside me. I lifted the bedcovers over her as she pressed her body into mine, her head lay on my chest and her hand rested on my stomach. With one arm around her shoulders I continued to caress her back as we lay in silence. I noticed a tremble in her body as she slid her left leg over mine, raising the hem of her nightie and pressed her groin against my hip. My next caress was firmer, and I continued over her hip pressing her against my hip.

“Sean, you mustn’t,” she murmured beginning to canlı bahis grind against my hip even more.

“Mustn’t what?” I asked feigning innocence.

“You mustn’t make me,” she gasped moving her hips faster, “Umm, want you!”

“I only want you to feel nice,” I said rolling over to face her, letting my now hard cock slap her thigh.

“Another time soon, but we can’t do it today,” she sighed moving her body, so my cock rested on her pubic mound, “I’ve got to go to the doctors, he might need to check me!”

“You can wash after,” I suggested, rocking my hips to tease her more.

“No, I’ll never get all your stuff out of me,” she panted beginning to move in time with me.

“I would pull out, just before,” I argued as I managed to push my cock between her legs so that her pussy lips slid along the shaft.

“Oh no, you’re just being naughty,” Mum gasped, obviously excited, “You know once you’re inside and stretching me I want to feel you cum in me. Then, how would I explain a wide-open fanny dripping with spunk!”

“Is there anywhere else, that the doctor won’t be checking?” I asked mischievously expecting her to suggest a blowjob or a 69.

“If you know where my KY is you could have my bum!” she moaned, “I think one of the girls took it, but I couldn’t find it in their room.”

My cock jumped at her suggestion, I knew Mum liked her arse being played with as I had fingered and reamed her arsehole during previous encounters, but she had never asked me to jam my cock up there. I remembered that the KY lube was still in my bedside drawer after Maggie brought it and Mum’s dildo in to show me when we were first exploring each other.

“I think it’s in my drawer, with your toy,” I said reaching over Mum to check, “Maggie wanted to learn how to use it,” I quickly added in case Mum thought I was in the habit of playing with a wooden phallus.

“Tell me properly later,” she gasped in response, “I need your cock somewhere now!”

As I scrabbled around in the drawer for the tube, Mum peeled her nightie off over her head exposing her gorgeous breasts, they seemed fuller after not having access to them for seven weeks but as Mum had noticeably lost weight over that time, so I assumed it was also the contrast to her slimmer frame. Her journal fell out as I pulled the tube of KY free of the drawer, she looked at me quizzically for a second then pulled my free hand to her left breast.

“Your titties are fantastic,” I blurted out, “I’ve missed them,” I continued caressing one of the tempting globes.

“Ouch, be gentle” moaned Mum, “They’re a bit sensitive this time of the month!”

Mum rolled over, lay face down, pushing a pillow under her hips, “Rub some lube on your cock first then open me with your fingers. It’s been a while since I had anyone in my bum, and no one as thick as my little baby boy.”

“It’s okay I’ve done this before,” I declared, “I’ll be gentle and take it easy.”

“Good boy, but don’t take all day,” she sighed.

I flinched as the cold lube touched my sensitive knobhead, so I worked the next blob between my fingers before sliding them down Mum’s arse crack. Her moans of pleasure began to get louder as I opened her cheeks and eased more lube around and then into her bum. Probing first with one finger then two I eased lube into her and felt her pushing back and rotating her hips trying to get me further inside.

“So good baby boy,” she breathed, “Try your cock now, push it in gently!”

Holding her cheeks apart with one hand I gripped my cock and pushed it at her slightly opened ring. Mum had her face pressed into the mattress, with one hand underneath her playing with her pussy the other was stretched back pressing against my stomach. She bahis siteleri pushed back, and I felt her ring expand and capture the tip of my cock eliciting a long groan from my prone mother.

After a few seconds pause, Mum rolled her hips back to capture another inch or so of my cock, then eased off, groaning again. I remained still letting my mother work her way up and down.

Finally, she eased forward until the tip was just inside, “Baby boy put some more lube on your cock, then push it gently all the way in!” she instructed bracing herself with both arms against the headboard.

“Ready,” I asked after smearing more lube and pushed without waiting for any answer.

“Oh god,” she moaned tipping her head back, “Fuck me slowly baby!”

“Mmph, it’s tight,” I grunted pushing further until my pubic hair nestled in the crack of her arse.

“Oh Sean,” Mum groaned as she arched her back slightly, “It feels like you are in my belly.”

Raising myself into a press-up position to ease the weight on Mum’s body I began slow strokes in and out of my mother’s tight orifice, partly to be gentle and partly to prolong the experience. Mum kept one hand on the headboard and slipped the other down to her fanny and started to rub her own clit and groaned with pleasure at the end of each inward thrust. I could feel the urge to come getting more urgent and began moving faster.

Mum squealed, “Oh Sean, slow down, just let me come first!”

I held the next thrust deep inside her for a few seconds longer allowing my urge to abate slightly. Mum wriggled below me then gasped, “Oh shit that’s it, oh fuck I’m coming Sean!”

Her body jerked and spasmed as she came hard, her arse clenched squeezing my deeply buried cock forcing it out. The sudden push back made me lose control and I thrust back in hard as I ejaculated into my mother’s body for the first time in seven weeks. Her head snapped back then she fainted and went limp underneath me. I continued to gently fuck her arse as she lay passed out below me, pumping a few days of pent-up seminal fluid into her colon. As I squirted the last of a really satisfying load inside my prone mother, she began to come around a little. I eased off her as my shrinking cock popped out making her jerk underneath me.

“Are you okay?” I whispered.

“Umm,” she murmured still recovering, “give me a minute, please.”

Rolling to her side I lay a hand in the small of her back and gently caressed her skin until she finally turned her head and smiled at me.

“That was very nice, Sean,” she eventually said, “Hopefully my blood pressure will be normal by the time I see the Dr Bhatterjee.”

“Now you go back to sleep and I’ll get ready to go out,” she insisted as she tried to sit up.

“Can’t you stay a little longer?” I asked holding her in place gently, “I’ve really missed love holding you close, as we haven’t made love for so long.”

“I’m sorry Sean, I really did want you to make love to me all this time,” she replied her voice beginning to waiver again, “But I don’t deserve to feel happy just yet, not after all my lying to your Dad and you!”

“I think you deserve to be happy,” I interjected, “You only lied to keep Dad from worrying, it’s my fault if anything for pushing you too hard!”

Mum laid her head on my chest and squeezed closer, “No Sean, all my adult life I have be untruthful,” she mumbled her tears beginning again, “Even to myself, I couldn’t accept that I wasn’t just being selfish but that it was what others wanted me to be.”

“You’ve read one of my diaries, I lied to you about how many men I have been with, I’ve lied to myself about being a selfish unpaid tart!” she blubbered, “I lied to your Dad about starting up with you again.”

“It’s bahis şirketleri my fault your Dad gave up and just died without a fight!” she cried, suddenly letting go of seven weeks of pent up feelings of guilt.

“He wanted me to keep my promise but even though he was seriously ill he could tell I was lying to him, he would have fought to stay alive, if I hadn’t been so selfish just because I couldn’t wait to have a good seeing too, because I’m an easy fuck, buy me a drink and I’ll fuck you, take me to the cinema and I’ll fuck you, take me for a walk and I’ll fuck you, carry my shopping home and I’ll fuck you, Elizabeth Mahony, your local slut!” she ranted through her tears, “Now he’s dead, I’ll just lie and cheat on you because I like men fucking me whenever they want too, everyone can have a free ride, at least a common whore takes their money, but not a dirty slag like me, it’s the more the merrier!”

The last words ended in a wailing sob, her body shaking and tears streaming down her face on to my chest. Too shocked by her sudden outburst to be able to respond verbally, I did what every confused little boy does and just hugged his mummy tight hoping she would stop crying soon.

After about three minutes Mum just stopped crying and pushed herself free from my embrace. She looked at me then shook her head as I opened my mouth to speak, “Not now baby, I must clean-up and go!”

With that she slid off the bed, a small wet fart sounded as she stood up and clasping a hand underneath to stop any drips hobbled out of my room to the bathroom. I listened to the flushing of the toilet and running shower whilst trying to work out how or even if I should respond to my mother’s outburst. Also, my mind wandered to her words, did she really mean everything or was it just an outpouring of grief and guilt. I had read her journal but had thought that most of it was only an expression of fantasies, she hinted there may be more. My confusion as to what to do only grew by thinking about it, and images of Mum lying down or bending over being fucked flooded my thoughts, then I felt tears rolling down my cheeks, but these were tears of frustration just like I had as a child prior to the bouts of blind fury. I could feel the anger rising and kicked out at nothing in particular, catching the pillow that had been recently placed under my mother’s hips as I fucked her arse it flew across the room and clattered books and sport trophies from a shelf. Still angry I grabbed the first thing to hand, Mum’s wooden dildo, and hurled it at the door, which swung open.

“Sean, stop it now,” I heard being shouted through the red mist, then found myself enveloped in my mother’s arms being hugged to her wet naked body, “stop it,” she repeated more gently and then again and again until the anger had subsided and all that was left were sniffles.

“Better?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s like I was little again,” I said with a shy smile.

“Only I was never naked, and you didn’t have a big hard cock standing up for all to see,” she laughed.

“Sorry, mum,” I mumbled, “I just got frustrated because I don’t know how to make you feel happy again.”

“You’re too good for me,” she said, “I don’t deserve you, but I’m happy you are here. Now I really must get ready, but I think we will need to have a proper chat at lunchtime after my appointment.”

“Okay I’ll meet you at 1 o’clock in the Green Man, it’s near the surgery and has a quiet garden, it does a nice pub lunch.”

“That’s a date then, my little baby boy!” Mum replied then gently kissed my lips and went to her room to dress.

I lay back down on my bed, hoping to just fall asleep, but my cock stood erect achingly in need of attention, so I conjured up an image of my mother bent over the kitchen table ‘thanking’ a stranger for carrying her shopping bags and masturbated until extremely satisfied then drifted off to sleep in a large pool of my seminal fluid.


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