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Summer at the Cottage with Mommy

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Spending all summer at the cottage, just me and mom, was always the highlight of my year. Our 20th year changed everything.

The first sensations waking up come one by one. Sleep still clouded my mind and my eyes were still glued shut. The air was cool and floral. A cotton pillow case felt warm and soft against my face. My chest tingled as my mom’s fingers pulled across from one side to the other, then back again, drawing light patterns. The warmth and pressure of her was sitting next to me.

“Wake up, sweetie.”

Her morning voice was different. Softer, lighter, with more breath in each word. She kept drawing patterns across my chest and stomach. “It’s time to wake up, honey. Come on, baby, you can do it. Open those eyes for mommy.”

With a deep breath, the first light of the day poured into my eyes and I had trouble focusing.

“There he is!” She always had the sweetest way of encouraging me to do whatever she wanted. “There’s my little boy!”

Looking over, mom was sitting on the edge of my bed pressed against my side, wearing her purple sun dress. The fabric was so light and smooth against her body, hugging her waist up to her chest, clinging to her breasts pressing firmly together. The dress framed her cleavage with a slightly curved V. The straps narrowed over her shoulders. The fingers drawing on my stomach stopped and mom rested her hands lightly on my chest as she leaned over, bringing her face to mine. Her long wavy hair fell around my face, blocking out much of the morning light I was just getting used to. I could now hear her breathing. Her eyes were wide and locked with mine. She whispered, “Good morning, sweetie.” Closing her beautiful eyes, she brought her face even closer and I felt her warm lips press against mine then pause just a moment before pulling away. The morning light flooded back onto my face as mom sat back up, pulling her hands from my chest. She assumed her always perfect posture sitting next to me “Come downstairs and get some breakfast, then you have some chores to do, mister.” The cotton sheets gently tugged as she got up to leave. I couldn’t help but smile as I noticed the skirt bouncing at the backs of her legs just above her knees as she walked out of my room.

I know mom loves waking me up. This has been our morning ritual for as long as I can remember.

Pulling the blankets off, I felt a rush of cool air fall up the length of my legs and tickle my balls. The air was fresh. My penis was throbbing. I touched my fingers against the shaft and pulled them lightly up and down the length.

Mom’s voice from downstairs chimed from rooms away, “Sweetie, come down!” I quickly put some clothes on and made my way down to the kitchen.

Mom wasn’t kidding about the chores. After breakfast, she had me clear out the back room of the basement, clean out the shed, and cut the grass – there was a lot of grass. After everything was done, and all the tools were put away again, I showered the day off. The heat and steam made me feel new and fresh. I put on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Coming down the stairs, I saw mom bending over the coffee table to set a tray of food down. She kept her legs straight and her skirt pulled up her thighs. Straightening herself up, her shoulders pulled back and she looked over to me with a big smile, “I’ve fixed us some sandwiches, sweetie. Come and eat something.”

Our days at the cottage were always so casual and simple, relaxed. We were near the end of a narrow road; the nearest neighbors were miles away. At the end of our little road there paths into the woods, with great spots to picnic.

After eating and talking about our day, I became aware of a weight on my mind and eyes. Mom noticed. She always notices. “You worked so hard today baby, do you want to take a little nap with me?”

“Yeah, I think I do. Thanks for making sandwiches mom.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie” she said as she shifted on the couch to lay down. I got up off the couch and she twisted, swinging her legs up before laying her head back to rests on the pillow. Lifting her arms up invitingly she whispered, “come on in here”. I carefully brought myself back onto the couch, first onto my knees, then lowering myself down so I was a bit wedged between her and the back of the couch. I laid my head down on her chest, wrapped my arm over her body, and relaxed my leg over her thigh resting my knee between her legs. I could hear mom’s heart beat as her chest would rise and fall. Her fingers pulled gently through my hair as I felt more and more comforted. Sleep set in.

I’ve always loved our naps. I drifted off.

As the world slowly came back to me, I could tell mom was still asleep. I couldn’t tell how much time had passed, but it was still light out. A sudden wave of panic hit as I realized how hard my penis was, and pressed up against mom. She’s still asleep, I reminded myself. My focus drifted to my own body, to how good it felt as I shifted my hips slightly around, rubbing my hard penis agains mom’s canlı bahis warm thigh. She took a deep breath and panic returned as I looked up to see her eyes wide open. She could see my panic. My thoughts were blank and tense, but the expression on her face changed from surprise to some kind of flattered amusement. “Oh sweetie, don’t you be worried about that.”

“I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean to…”

“Not another word baby.” she said in her soothing morning voice as she brought her hand up. She began to pull her fingers through my hair. “..but could you do one thing for me?”

“Yes, mom, whatever you want.” I would do anything, I felt like I just got away with something.

“Would you… when it’s just you and me… and nobody else, like it always is out here…” She hesitated for a moment before continuing, “Would you call me mommy instead of mom?”


“Yes sweetie, would you do that for me?”

“Sure, mom.”

Her fingers paused in my hair. She tilted her head and shot me a knowing look.

“I mean… sure, mommy.” I corrected myself.

“Good boy.” She said, her fingers resuming their soft paths through my hair. Noticing my downward glance – I had just remembered how embarrassed I should be – she smiled.

I began speaking hesitantly, “Mom, I mean… Mommy, I’m sorry. My penis just…” I stammered, and mommy cut my words off with a shake of her head.

“Cock, baby. When it’s hard like that it’s called a cock. You don’t have anything to be embarrassed about, it’s very natural. When boys sleep, it happens all the time.” She grinned playfully and continued, “Sometimes it’s just because they have to pee.”

“But I don’t have to pee.” I mumbled.

Her playful grin turned into a smirk and she tilted her head. “Then you must just be horny.”

I knew just how wrong all of this was. Maybe. This IS wrong, isn’t it? A new flush of embarrassment flowed right through my body.

“Sweetie, I already told you not to be embarrassed. You can be horny. It’s alright to be to be turned on like that.”

“But you’re my mom.” A moment passed and eyebrows raised. I quickly corrected myself, “but you’re my mommy.”

She giggled and put her hand softly on my face. For a moment, she looked into my eyes with no expression.

Her expression suddenly changed. She grinned wryly and her eyes squinted playfully. “Who’s a horny boy? Are you a horny boy?”

Great, she’s teasing me, I thought. I knew this was all wrong. But somehow, I liked it. I liked her teasing me about it. A smile grew across my face, and it just encouraged her.

Still holding my face, she nuzzled me. “Is your cock hard for mommy? Does my baby boy have a hard cock pressed up against his mommy? Yes he does! Oh yes he does!”

All my embarrassment had vanished. “Yes, mommy.” I said sheepishly through my now uncontrollable grin.

Her giggles faded as I push myself up and wrangle myself off the couch. She put her feet on the floor and sat up with perfect posture as I began walking away. “Come here, sweetie.” She commanded.

I turned around. Mommy had her arm straight out, with her finger pointing to the floor infront of her knees, “Right here, baby.”

I stepped over and stood directly infront of her. Looking down sheepishly, I noticed my cock pushing a tent out of my sweats. She held her hands onto my hips as if to keep me in place. “Now sweetie, mommy was just teasing you.” Her eyes were wide and reassuring.

“I know, mom.”

“Hmm?” She cocked her head.


“Good boy, now go upstairs and play some of your games.” She brought her finger up to the end of my cock, which was trying to push its way through my sweat pants towards mom’s face. “Boop!”

I went up to my room to play my games. I knew deep down that all of this wasn’t normal, but for some reason I wasn’t bothered at all by it. When I came down later for dinner, she acted as though nothing strange had happened, so I did too. We had a nice meal, and I did the dishes.

I slept deeply that night.

The morning air was fresh and the cotton sheets were soft and warm. Mom’s fingers were tracing imagined patterns on my chest and stomach. I kept my eyes glued shut as I focused on each touch. Her fingers swirled around my nipple and paused on the tip, wiggling it lightly. A warm tingle expanded through my body. My cock was already solid, though weighed down against my stomach by the blankets, but this made it twitch and stand up for a moment.

“Baby boy… it’s time to wake up.” She said, in her sweetest morning voice. I kept my eyes shut. Her fingers were suddenly gone from my chest and I felt a rush of cool air against my thighs and balls as the blankets lifted off me. Her fingers began moving softly up and down the shaft of my hard cock. “Sweetie… Time to wake up. Where’s my little boy?” Her fingers stroked up my shaft, then down to my balls where they swirled around. “Where’s my little boy?” She asked again. My eyes stayed shut. I was afraid if I opened them, bahis siteleri I might wake up and realize this was all a dream. The tingles from her fingers faded and I felt something entirely different – a warmth – as she wrapped her hand around my cock. She gave it a firm squeeze sending a rush of pleasure through my body and my eyes opened wide. As the world came into focus, I saw mommy sitting on the side of my bed, in her pink sun dress, with her hand wrapped firmly around my cock. “There he is! There’s my little boy! But not so little down there. Your cock is hard for mommy again!” She teased. Her free hand came up to gently pet my face. The soft touch on my cheek distracted me for a moment before remembering, she hadn’t let go of my cock. Her hand began moving, slowly stroking my cock.

“Mom, I…” I began, without knowing what I was saying. I was nervous. I was cut off, as mommy’s hand froze in place, cutting my poorly formed thoughts. It’s ‘Mommy’, quit getting it wrong! I continued, still unsure what I felt the need to say, “Mommy, I…”

“Good boy.” She interrupted, and her hand resumed stroking. “But don’t say anything. Just let mommy wake you up. Take a deep breath and relax, baby.” I did.

Her free hand began drawing on my chest and stomach again as she continued stroking with the other. “Mommy is so proud of you sweetie, you have such a nice cock. I know you do this for yourself in private, and that’s very good. You know this is your private area and noone, except you, should be seeing or touching it. But mommies can do this for their little boys. It’s okay for mommies to do whatever they like with their little boys. Do you understand, sweetie?”

“Yes, mommy.” I said, staring up lovingly at her beautiful face. A big smile grew across her face.

“That’s a good boy. Does mommy’s hand feel nice around your cock?”

“Yes, mommy.”

“Mommy’s hand feels soft, doesn’t it sweetie?”

“Yes, mommy.”

She switched hands on my cock, and wrapped her fingers softly around my balls. “Are you going to make cum for mommy?” She cooed, beginning to stroke faster. She looked up and locked her wide beautiful eyes with mine. “Will you be a good boy and cum for mommy?” I could feel the pressure building. My breathing quickened and I moaned. “Are you mommy’s good boy? Be mommy’s good boy and cum. Cum for mommmy. Make cummies for mommy.” She was encouraging me so sweetly, and it was working. I felt a rush beginning.

“Mommy, I’m gonna…” I began.

“Oh that’s mommy’s good boy!” She said, then her head dropped down. My cock disappeared into her mouth and I had no control over my body. As her face pressed into me I felt the tightness of her throat. My last thoughts were how warm and wet her mouth was before my mind went blank entirely. I began cumming in bursts. She kept pressing her face down, swallowing every rope of cum I shot directly down her throat. My mind had become truly blank. I felt emptied. I laid there with my entire body tingling as mommy continued massaging my balls and resumed sucking my cock more gently. She drove her head down again and paused. Her tongue pressed firmly up against the underside of my shaft and she pulled her mouth up, milking the remaining drops of cum from my cock.

She kept one hand lightly around my balls as she sat up with perfect posture, licking her lips clean. “You are such a good boy.” She purred. “You made so much cum, didn’t you? Mommy is so proud of her little boy.” She released my balls and stood up off the bed. “Your cum is a little bit tart though sweetie, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables. Get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast.” She turned and left the room. I was dizzy.

When I got downstairs, mommy was cutting up fruit for breakfast.

As we ate, she kept smiling at me. “Baby, we should have a picnic for lunch. In the clearing of the woods.” I nodded.

After breakfast I played some games for a few hours before hearing mommy’s voice from downstairs, “Baby boy, it’s time for our picnic! Come on sweetie!”

Coming down the stairs, I saw the basket she had packed and two blankets rolled up next to it. She was standing with an elegant poise in her pink dress. She had blue flats on, with thin white laces. Her legs looked so smooth and soft. Just above her knees, the weightless pink material of her skirt ended with a narrow patterned lace trimming all around the bottom. Her hourglass figure was… well, it was perfect. The material hugged her skin and wrapped the beautiful mounds on her chest ending with a U shape framing her cleavage. The straps tied up behind her neck in a bow. She spun around and her skirt flowered. The dress showed off mommy’s toned back, with a patterned seam dipping down to her lower waist. She opened the door and briskly walked out into the world. I scrambled to pick up the basket and two blankets, then followed.

The woods were just down the street. We followed the small path winding around trees for about 10 minutes before it opened up to the clearing – a football bahis şirketleri sized grassy patch surrounded all the way around by big trees and thick bushes.

She led the way in. I watched her legs as mommy took us to the middle of the area. She spun around with a big smile, whirling her skirt out. “Isn’t it beautiful, baby? This is the most perfect spot for a picnic.” She was right. I set the basket down and began unrolling one of the blankets. Mommy watched, and when I was done she sat down and began unpacking the basket. We sat on our blanket eating little salads, fruit and veggie snacks, and lemon squares she had just baked. I kept adjusting my posture trying to get a kink out of my lower back.

“Sweetie, why don’t you take off your shirt and lay down. Mommy can give you a little back rub.”

I didn’t hesitate. I love a good back rub. My shirt was off and I was laying face down in seconds. I felt mommy’s weight as she sat on my bum and her hands began working on me. She pressed her thumbs in and stretched my muscles out with arcs and little circles. “Mommy’s hands are talented, aren’t they baby?”

“Mmmhmmm” I moaned, “I love you mommy.”

“Mommy loves you.” She continued rubbing, moving from my lower to upper back, then to my shoulders. The warm friction of her hands and fingers was intoxicating and immediately soothed by a cool breeze. Fifteen or twenty minutes must have passed, I’m sure, though it felt like two or three minutes. I felt her weight rise off.

Her voice was sweet and still above me, “Roll over sweetie.” I did, twisting myself around. I was now on my back, and mommy’s knees were on either side of my hips. She leaned over to grab the spare blanket, still rolled up, and put it under my head. She repositioned her knees higher aside my chest before sitting herself down, carefully pulling her skirt out into a wide circle all around. She looked around the grassy opening, then put her head back slightly enjoying the breeze. “Now baby…” she began, but was interrupted by the feeling of my now hardening cock under her. “Oh! Baby…” The surprise on her face was mixed with a playful grin and she quickly stood up. “Baby…” She paused. Stepping back only to kneel down again near my feet, she reached up and hooked her fingers into the waist of my shorts and tugged them down to my ankles before pulling them off my feet. I was laying completely naked now as mommy crawled up, held out her skirt and sat back down on to me. With no hesitation she reached under her skirt between her legs and straightend out my now hard cock under her before shifting her knees out slightly, and put the rest of her weight down on me. She carfully spread her skirt out again into a neat wide circle. A warm feeling was pressing my cock down. Her hands rested firmly on my chest as her wide eyes locked with mine. “That’s mommy’s pussy you feel. Isn’t it nice and warm?”

“Yes, mommy.” I creaked. My heart beat strengthened in my chest. My head felt lighter.

She began the smallest motions with her hips, and I was suddenly keenly aware of the slickness I was feeling between her and my cock.

“That’s Mommy’s pussy sliding against your cock baby, do you want to see?” She didn’t wait for an answer and lifted the front of her skirt and leaned back slightly, continuing to move her hips slightly forward and back.

I was staring as her pussy hugged around my cock, pressing it into me. She slid forward, then back to reveal the wetness glistening on my shaft. The skirt lowered again and her hands returned to my chest.

“Mommy’s pussy feels good, doesn’t it baby?”

“Yes mommy.” I stammered. “But isn’t it bad to…”

“It’s not wrong if its mommy, sweetie. You’re my little boy, and mommies can do whatever they like with their little boys and it’s ok. Do you understand?”

“Yes mom.”

She stopped moving and gave me a stern look. “Mommy.” She said, correcting me.

“I’m sorry. Yes, mommy.”

“Good boy.” She moaned, resuming her motions, pressing her warmth down and sliding on my now throbbing cock. Looking deep into me, she said again, “Mommy.” It sounded like an instruction.

“Mommy.” I moaned. Her hips continued moving as I put my hands on them, feeling the gyrating motion as she pressed and slid herself.

“M o m m y” she repeated, prouncing each letter as if to teach me a new word.

“M o m m y” I repeated, breathing heavily.

“Goooood booy” She said, with a new kind of coarseness in her voice. Her hip began moving a more intense pressure. She tilted herself down to reach new spots. “You’re being such a good boy for mommy, aren’t you? You’re… You’re making mommy’ss pussy so wet and feel so good.” Her motions were now being interrupted by small and gentle twitches through her body. She slowly closed and opened her eyes to meet with mine again. “Who’s mommy’s good boy?” She moaned. “Who’s mommy’s good boy?”

“I’m your good boy, mommy!” I responded, my breath barely allowing me to form words.

“Mommy is rubbing her clit against your big strong cock, sweetie. It feels so good doesn’t it? Do you like making mommy feel good?”

“Yes, mommy. I wanna make you feel good, mommy.” I said, staring up at her as she continued pressing and sliding.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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