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Summer Time

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Jennifer Sands looked at her reflection in the mirror with mixed emotions. At 41 years old, she still had an attractiveness to her, she thought. Her red hair and green eyes still looked appealing; one friend had even called her eyes “captivating” before, a description she really appreciated.

She had pretty features perhaps and full pouty lips, but the problem was that they were truly pouty right now. In fact, her disappointment probably added years to how she looked as she gazed at her reflection. She put her hands on her hips and sighed.

“Damn him,” she thought. Her husband was again going to stay gone until Friday, she had learned. Business, he’d said. He had to, he also told her. And, as he sealed the conversation, he’d told her that this was going to be the way it was for a while. His business was on the road.

Jennifer tried her best to understand, but the thoughts of nice hotels, ‘comped’ meals at different restaurants, and seeing different cities combined to make her feel dull and very ordinary. Then, when he was home, he was beat, he said. He just wanted to relax and not be on the go. Jennifer felt she was losing out in a couple of ways.

Worst of all were their marital issues. For some time there had been a lack of passion. Now with all of this traveling he did, he didn’t even seem to try to show interest any more. She closed her eyes at the thought of how long it’d been since they’d been intimate. She didn’t even want to think about it.

The front door opened, and she broke from her thoughts of her issues. Her son was home and it was time to leave for the gym. She took a breath and grabbed her gym bag.

What a difference a few days makes, she said to herself. Raymond had only been home from college a few days, but here he was changing her routine. A week ago, she wasn’t coming home from work, changing into jeans and going off to get a work-out. Now, here she was, headed out the door and grateful her son didn’t mind her tagging along to the gym.

By the time they were in the car, they were talking about their day and catching-up. She needed her mind shifted away. She was glad for the break.

Raymond Sands liked being 20 years old. Raymond attended college but was home for the summer. He was looking foward to his junior year in college. Also, his birthday was coming up in early July. Becoming more athletic and handsome in college, Raymond was growing into his own man and becoming more self-assured.

Raymond liked how his mother seemed eager to get going to the gym. He’d worried about her in the last week he’d been home. She seemed a little down at times, especially with his dad gone on business so much. She needed to stop worrying so much, he’d decided.

Raymond had wanted to keep up his own routine of nightly work-outs, so he came up with the idea of getting his mom in the same routine. He figured it’d be a good stress reliever for her and good for her physically. He just spoke up about it, and she took him up on it.

There was an added benefit Raymond thought about, too. This was a chance to learn information he wanted. Raymond was just fascinated with women. He loved and appreciated them. He especially loved and appreciated older women. To him, they seemed more feminine and their self-assurance was sexy to him. In the back and forth to the gym, Raymond would casually try to get insight from Jennifer.

Over time, Jennifer couldn’t help but notice the interest that she drew from guys at the gym, and she mentioned this to Raymond. Raymond honestly told her he was not surprised at all. Raymond told her, in a casual and matter of fact way, that she was a very attractive woman. Jennifer was taken aback at this. He’d said it on one of their trips to the gym, but she didn’t answer or say more. She didn’t let on about this, but she was surprised that a guy Raymond’s age would say this, and she was even more surprised Raymond was saying it.

As she thought this over later, this exchange altered how she viewed him some. She started to see him how other women might see him and realized he was athletic and handsome in his own right. She surprised him at one point by up and telling him so in an unguarded moment. Raymond was shocked she complimented him in this way, and after Jennifer saw his reaction, she found she was surprised herself by saying this. She reflected on what she’d said but wound up deciding she meant it, so she let it be and didn’t reconsider it.

On the Tuesday before they were to have dinner that Friday, Raymond was feeling mischievous. They were at home after working -out, and they were both upstairs. Jennifer was in her room when she heard Raymond yell from his.

“AAAARRGGGGHHH!” He didn’t hold back.

Jennifer immediately took off down the hall to Raymond’s room.

“Raymond???” She called as she threw open his door.

Jennifer froze as she took in the sight of Raymond bent over in pain sideways from her. His left hand was clutching at his leg. His right hand clung to canlı bahis the closet door. He looked unsteady.

“Give me a hand,” he asked as he tried to keep from falling.

Jennifer moved toward him but gasped when she realized he’d been changing clothes when he started cramping. She saw nothing but bare skin as she stood beside him and held his arm to steady him. Instinctively, she looked down, and Raymond looked to her face to watch her look down. Her eyes fixed at his crotch.

Jennifer stood shocked next to him and couldn’t pull her eyes from what she saw. He was exposed, and it was dangling there. She couldn’t have known it then, but Raymond had massaged it into a semi-engorged state. She took in the sight of him and felt such surprise. He was so much thicker and endowed than she would’ve ever guessed was her first thought. It hung down and just did protrude, but even in this state, it was larger than any she could have remembered seeing.

Jennifer immediately caught herself and looked up at Raymond. She found herself looking into his eyes and he was close to her. She gasped again but loudly and jerked her head to look away back toward the door she’d entered.

“Are you okay now?” She said looking away still.


She let loose of him and walked out quickly, leaving him standing there. He smiled to himself and took his time putting on some sweatpants. He reached for a t-shirt and tried to listen for where his mother was. Had she gone downstairs? He heard nothing.

He went to pull the t-shirt over his head but stopped. No, he thought to himself, I’ll go without it. He left his room to go talk to her.

In the hall, he saw that her bedroom door was closed. He stepped quietly to it and listened. He couldn’t hear her making a sound. The whole house seemed quiet. He gently knocked a couple of times.

“Come in,” she said sheepishly.

Raymond opened the door to find her sitting on the side of the bed, looking down absently and still. Raymond moved to where he was standing in front of her.

“Hey, thank you for coming to my rescue,” he said softly in jest.

She paused and didn’t look up to him.

“I’m so sorry,” she began, obviously embarrassed. “I don’t know what I must’ve been thinking.”

She brought her head up to look up at him standing in front of her, only to stop in mid motion. Her eyes surveyed his bare chest, having expected to see a shirt. She drifted briefly to see the sweatpants, and Raymond knew she could see a bulge in them.

She looked back to his face.

“It’s okay. Really it is.” He tried to reassure her. “I’m sure you didn’t expect to see me naked or anything.”

“No. No, I didn’t.” Jennifer was slow getting the words out, as she felt dismay that here she was again feeling strong mixed feelings with her son bare-chested in front of her. Her mind whirled. He’s your son, he’s your son, she chided herself. As if in reflex, her body wanted to respond and she fought the need to look at him as she did before. This was a grown man, and she saw a grown man’s body standing directly in front of her. She felt his hand go to her cheek to caress her there, and she felt her face rest into his palm. She felt nervous about what she would do. About what she was thinking.

Raymond felt a surge of excitement as she met his touch to her face by seeming to brush her cheek into his hand. He couldn’t believe she was reacting this way, and he loved the sensuous way about her. He couldn’t suppress himself from throbbing in his sweats and she looked there. They both knew he was hard.

Jennifer brought her hand to his and squeezed his hand as she brought it from her face. She looked up at him, and they both gave slight knowing smiles back and forth. After their brief, silent acknowledgment, she kept her eyes locked on his. Raymond had never seen her look this way before, and it made the moment even more intense as he tried to figure out the thought behind her look. What was she feeling?

“We better turn in,” she said finally.

He was speechless at first as she moved up and to the side, to slip from the situation.

“Uh, uh” he stammered, trying to stop how she was bringing the situation to an end. “Hey, is everything okay?” He sounded more concerned than he wanted to.

“Yeah. Yeah, it is. It’s been a long day, you know?”

“Um, yeah. Of course. I mean, it sure has.” He awkwardly ambled to the door and turned to look at her as he left.

She saw him look back to her and she had to make herself look away so as to seem more casual. She walked to the bathroom, saying good night over her shoulder to him.

“Good night.” He left in a daze.

Moments later, Raymond laid sprawled in his bed. With eyes clamped shut and his breathing ragged, he played over and over in his mind her reactions to him. The stares at his body, the face moved flush to his palm, her deep look into his eyes that gave a glimpse to a side of her he’d never seen. It all washed over him as he held himself and slowly bahis siteleri brought relief there.

Down the hall, he couldn’t have known it, but Jennifer had tossed and turned desperately trying to block the evening’s experience from her mind. She found images popping into her mind as if they were film slides. There was the tussled hair and his charming smile, and her hands would grasp her shoulders to hold herself tight. The memory of him standing right directly in front of her in sweats and bare toned chest, a trail of black hair disappearing into the grayness of those sweats, and the hands went flat on her legs as she laid there on her side.

Her hands drug across her skin as they worked up her quadriceps, and her mind resisted what she knew was coming. They were inevitable, she rationalized, as she sensed the next images, as vivid and as captivating as any film or slides she’d ever observed. She heard her own breathing and felt ashamed of herself. The memories formed easily. Her going in his room, her standing there next to him, his voice sounding distant to her as she processed what she saw there next to her. Her arm had steadied him, but her whole body had reacted next. There, down between his legs he was thick, and it was more sexually provocative than any fantasy she’d ever conjured.

Her back arched at this thought, and her hands worked at herself as she gave into the thought of his penis displayed to her, and she put her fingers to herself. She shook as she kept him pictured like this.

The next night the trip to the gym felt different, but it was alright. Raymond had anticipated she might feel some anxiousness, and he lightened the drive with jokes about his own day. Jennifer was pleasantly relieved. They laughed together and soon felt at ease.

After getting home, it was just as quiet as the trip to the gym had been chatty.

“Well, I think I’m going to read some, and go onto sleep.” Jennifer said this, and Raymond looked over with obvious concern.

She hadn’t meant to be abrupt. He was standing still in front of her with obvious concern. She stepped to him, said good night and reached to bring his face to hers. She looked at him sweetly and brought her lips to his. Raymond closed his eyes and savored the feel of her soft full lips. He was caught up in the feel of her when she slowly pulled back.

“Sleep good.” She turned, and he couldn’t see her shut her eyes quickly at what she had just done. She shouldn’t have done it, she thought. She immediately fought the need to turn around and do it again. She chuckled at herself as she went to bed.

Thursday night, they went by a Mexican restaurant before going home. They both talked excitedly about their dinner plans for the next night. Raymond really liked the genuine enthusiasm she was showing for taking him out on his birthday.

“Hey, thanks again for doing this, you know? I mean, you don’t have to. We can just hang out. I mean, I can just hang out or whatever.”

“No, noooo, Raymond” she rubbed his arm, “I want to do this. This is great. I’m just glad you want to spend it with me.” She smiled broadly. A thought came to mind and her smile eased some. “I’m sorry your dad’s not going to make it.”

“That’s okay. This is better.” He had blurted without thinking. After a moment, he tried to explain. “Well, I just mean… .”

Jennifer giggled, and he laughed with her. “So you’re not wanting a third wheel on your date, huh?” She teased at him.

Raymond froze at this. He was surprised at her calling it a date. Even more, he was shocked at her referring to his dad as a third wheel. He tried to act like it hadn’t given him pause, when she explained it away. She had picked-up on his reaction.

“Don’t worry. I was kidding. I mean, obviously.” She looked to her plate and poked thoughtfully at her leftover food. “It’s not like we could be on a date or something.”

“No?” He questioned what she meant. “Um, it’s my birthday uh… ‘date,’ I guess.” He spoke haltingly like he was unsure of what he should say.

“Oh yeah?” She seemed pleasantly surprised at the suggestion, looking up with a sly grin. “Right, and with your old mom? That’s too much.”

“Hey, you are not old. Not at all. Just don’t sell yourself short.”

This caused her to stop in place and fix a look at him. It was a stunned look at first, and then she looked like she was searching his face to see whether he was being nice or something else.

She decided to say something that would gauge him.

She looked down at her plate and right back up at him, and he saw that expression again on her face. It was serious, or at least not smiling. It was direct. And, it seemed to have alot of emotion behind it. “Of course, it’s not like I would cheat on your dad going out on a date or anything either.” Her look was intense, almost like anger, but he didn’t think she was really angry.

“No, no, you wouldn’t.” Raymond made an expression to say that he understood, and her face dipped just slightly bahis şirketleri like this wasn’t what she expected to hear from him. He wondered what was.

“We should get going.” She wrapped up the conversation as she gathered her purse.

At the end of the night, he said good night to her but wanted to say more.

“Hey,” he stopped her before she went down the hall to her room. “There’s something I just gotta say.”

She walked the couple of steps over to him. His face went apprehensive, but his words came anyway.

“I wanted to say, I think dad’s a real lucky guy, that’s all.”

She tilted her head astonished at this compliment.

“Thank you, sweetheart.” Her face came to his like before to kiss good night, and Raymond felt emboldened.

She closed her eyes and brought her lips to meet his. When she did, Raymond felt her kiss but then swiftly kissed back to her, pressing to her and even parting her lips slightly with his. The tip of his tongue went to the part and she withdrew.

Raymond braced himself inside and didn’t know what to expect. When she said nothing and also didn’t turn to walk away, he brought his lips right back to hers. He kissed her and she didn’t withdraw, so Raymond did as he’d just tried and parted her lips. He let his tongue go to her mouth and she opened her mouth more on his. Raymond felt her tongue press to his.

He thought he was dizzy as he passionately kissed her and his tongue moved in her mouth. She felt him kissing her and instinctively sucked on his tongue, trying to move her tongue with his. They moved their mouths urgently together. After a few moments, Raymond went to reposition his mouth and she broke from him.

They stood close and she was almost panting.

“Good night.” She backed up a step but didn’t turn from him. “Good night.”

Jennifer choked a short breathy laugh when she saw him move toward her as she was backing away. She backed to where she felt the frame of her bedroom door.

“Oh no. Nooooo.” She smiled to him.

He stopped at that but couldn’t hide his disappointment.

“We gotta say good night.” Her voice was firm, though she grinned.

“Good night,” he said it slow as he backed from her. He watched her disappear from view and the door close.


Friday night, they met at the restaurant. Jennifer had been very relieved that they had planned to meet there rather than riding together. It just seemed easier. The day had dragged by for her, as she was distracted throughout the day by how the night might go. All of the mixed feelings and thoughts on what had been happening was confusing to her.

She had also thought over and over about what she should wear. She’d feel differently depending on what she wore, and she might set the tone for the night by what she chose. After her shower, she made up her mind. Of course, she should just look her best. There was nothing more to it than that, she reminded herself. She stole a glance at herself though in the bathroom mirror, when she sprayed her perfume. There was the neck and the chest. It’s just what I always do, she said to herself as she also dabbed her stomach with her favorite perfume.

Raymond’s face brightened at the sight of her as she moved to the table. Her radiant smile showed rich glossed-red full lips, and her hair was up elegantly, with just a couple of curls falling toward her bare shoulders. The black form-fitting dress was held with delicate straps onto her shoulders. Her chest was discreetly formed together with cleavage appearing in a modest v-shape. She had gone to alot of trouble, Raymond knew. And, she looked absolutely nothing like he’d ever seen her, he thought.

Dinner was quiet, with talk and laughs and looks across the table. They both relaxed with each other.

At the end of dinner, they agreed that they should go to a nearby bar to hear some music as a nightcap.

“Only one drink for me though,” Jennifer warned.

“Me too.”

They had just started their drink, when Raymond surpised her.

“Okay, c’mon.” He took her by the hand and led her to the dance floor.

Raymond got a kick out of how effortlessly Jennifer danced with him. She moved easily to the music, and Raymond chalked up something else he didn’t quite know about her already. Jennifer loved the chance to dance, and she looked to Raymond during almost all of the song. Raymond felt himself loving the continued attention from her while they danced.

The song faded and they moved to leave the floor when the next song started. They stopped as they heard it. Without saying a word, Raymond took her hand and brought them back onto the floor. Slow, romantic melody pulsed in a song known to all as sexual.

Raymond held Jennifer to him, and she felt a hand go to her hip and one to her mid back. She swayed with him. Her arms were around his shoulders, and she noticed how easy this felt.

Her eyes closed and she felt his presence. She couldn’t help but appreciate how solid and firm his body felt and how he held her close.

Raymond brought his mouth down to her ear. “This feels fantastic.”

She smiled to herself. “Yeah, it does. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve slow danced.”

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