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Surprise! I Am Home! Ch. 1

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What is normal and moral seems to have gone out the window sometime ago, at least at my home. Who would have ever thought. Hell, not me , but they do say “ The husband is the last to know.” In my mind everything was just fine at home. Mill short for Mildred my wife of twenty four years.

Has never shown any signs for being unhappy, or if she has I have just been to stupid to notice. At fifty and forty-seven we don’t make love like we did a few years ago. However, I love Mill and it is still a thrill to roll over and get between her legs. Most of the time she reaches a climax and judging from her response she seemed to have been fulfilled. Maybe I have been wrong, maybe she is one hell of a good actress. No I think I would have known if she was just putting me on.

But it was evident that something was wrong and the more I sit here drinking and thinking about what I had seen the more I find it both discussing and very exciting. I must be as strange as them. Why else would I at age fifty be sitting here in Mac’s bar and grill drinking a beer with a raging hard on. I look into the mirror behind the bar and I see it. I close my eyes and I see it. I look at the bottom of the glass and I see it. It is all I can see.

Today was a great day for me and I wanted to share my new promotion with my lovely wife and son. Remembering that Mark would be home for lunch I took the rest of the day off and rushed home to tell my loving family (boy are they loving) the good news. Mark is going to college now, the college is just a few blocks from the only home he has ever known since his birth. I remember bring him and Mill home from the hospital nearly twenty years ago as if it were yesterday. My son has grown up so fast and my wife has always been very close to Mark, but I thought it was because he is an only child. How, however, I find they are very close, so close it fact that when I came home two hours ago. I found them so close Marks cock was rammed up to his balls in his mother’s cunt. They were on the floor in the den. Mill on all fours, her very large tits hanging down and bouncing to the rhythm of her son’s belly banging into her ass as his cock was driving into her wet hot cunt.

I was stunned beyond belief. I could not speak, nor could I hardly move. I was shaking and my legs started to give out on me when I found the strength to get the hell out of there before I was discovered. So here I sit drinking and thinking, seeing that sight over and over wondering what I should do. The memory is so vivid that my own hips are jerking as I sit here. Not so any one would notice but I can feel my hips move as if it were I illegal bahis fucking Mill as I have so many times before. She loves it doggie style. She will reach back and rub her clitoris then yell when she reaches a climax. Oh, how well I know that sound and feeling. Mill has a tight cunt and when she cums it jerks even tighter around the cock that is fucking her. I see now that it is not always my cock that has been fucking her..

I wonder how long this has been going on. As I turned to go I heard that sounds Mill makes just as she starts to climax. So I knew she was enjoying it. Damn, my cock is so hard it is throbbing. Why should I feel this way I will never know. Yet, here I am sitting drinking and wanting to go back and see it all over again. I must be as weird as they are. The thought of watching my son fuck his mother is driving me nuts. To see her jerk back into his driving cock as she does mine is making me so hot. I am livid, that they would so such a thing and yet I am so hot I want to see it again.

I want to see it from the start. How does he start to turn his mother on. Do they kiss do the fondle each other, oh my I wonder if they share the love for oral sex as Mill and I do. Do you think that Mill sucks her own son’s cock, does Mark lick his mother’s cunt. There are times that Mill even likes to open the closet door so she can watch herself sucking my cock in the full length mirror on the inside of the door.

Of course I like to watch us sometimes also. I have found it exciting to see myself fucking my wife. I wonder if this means I am a voyeur. I wonder if Mark likes to see himself fucking his mother. How exciting that must be for the two of them. Incest is a long standing taboo of modern civilization. Yet not so many years ago, it was accepted in many cultures. I read once how in one of the Nomadic tribes the girl is brought to the father just before she is to wed so he can be the first to screw her and show her how it should be done. In another culture I read that even well into the marring age the mother would suck her son off so he would not have to masturbate if he was not married. Then of course there are some cultures that enjoy family sex through out their lives. Even after the child married the parents will join in sex with the new daughter or son. Well, I have hear that some like to keep it in the family.
Up till today I thought that keeping it in the family means bad news or some shameful act by a family member. As I see it now I guess that is what this is a shameful act between family members. I think now I know what I will do and even how I will do it. I think it is time we three illegal bahis siteleri really become a family unit. A close knit family and as they say, one for all and all for one. Mill will just have to learn to enjoy two at a time. Double the pleasure and double the fun and I am about to join the fun.

Hell why not, I can not change what they have been doing for gods knows how long so I will join the party and this way every one can enjoy a happy home. I must be going nuts as I said, the thought of watching Mill suck her sons cock just gave me a throbbing sensation. Or looking into that mirror and see Mill with a cock in her mouth and one fucking her doggie style.

Wow , now there is a thought. Oh, my I wonder if Mill would like a cock in her ass and one in her pussy. Oh, yes this could be fun. I wonder if there is a word such as fun-ner. Mill is going to get a lot of work outs starting as soon as I get home. But before I go jumping in I think I would enjoy watching them from the start just to see how it gets then worked up and who starts the show. Yes, that is it I want to see the show. Like going to a movie. This will be the Wrights XXX family movie and I will have a ring side seat. Mill Wright, staring with Son Mark Wright.

The next day was Saturday and I have been known to go golfing from time to time. It has been a while so I let it be known I am going to play golf Saturday morning.

I was up and out of the house by seven o’clock. I parked the car behind the seven eleven store just two blocks away and walked back. The alley runs behind the house and our garage backs up right close to the alley. I could enter the garage without being seen and then make my way to the side door. I could listen to the whole house via the ducts system from the basement. Once I heard them start I could go to where they are with out them hearing me. I felt that they would be so engrossed they would not hear me. They were really engrossed yesterday.

Maybe they don’t have sex every day. Maybe I will not get to see anything at all. Maybe I will be found out. Well, if that happens I will just come out with it and tell them what I saw and let them explain it. I was back in the house by seven thirty. I had the duct open in the basement so I could hear everything going on up stairs.

I heard Mill start her morning shower it is surprising how once you know what people are doing you can tell just from sounds what they are doing and where they are located. I then heard Mark moving around in his room. There was that squeak of the bathroom door. Mark must have gone in to see his mother. I opened the vent and listen. canlı bahis siteleri I heard Mill said, “ Morning Mark are you going to wash my back?”

“No Mom, I am going to wash your tits , your ass and I may even get a couple of fingers in your pussy.” Mark said, laughingly.

“ Oh, Mark just get in here so I can see your hard on.” Mill told him

I had not heard the shower door open yet, so how did she know he had a hard on. I guess at his age it is always hard.

I heard the shower door open and close. I left my listening post and made my way up stairs. I looked into the bathroom and saw both shadows through the fogged glass door. Mill was on her knees in front of Mark. I could not see what she was doing but she had to be sucking his cock. The shower covered any noise I made as I backed out to take up a position where I could see them when they came out. It did not take long the two of them came out of the shower and did not even both to dry off. Mark followed Mill to the bed that I thought was ours alone. Mill laid down with her head at the foot of the bed. Mark stood there with his cock, which I can see now is remarkable in size aimed at her open mouth. He then gets on all fours over her with his head between her legs. Mark wiggles his mouth across her wet pussy while at the same time he jerks his hips driving his cock into his mothers hungry mouth.

Mill has always enjoyed oral sex but she seem to be driven by the way she is reacting to Marks fucking her mouth. I see her take most all his cock deep into her mouth. It has to be going into her throat. At the same time Mark is licking her cunt and there is that unmistakable sound she makes just before she climaxes. I see Mill jerk and wiggle her hips as she reaches a climax. Mark has lifted him self up so high about her that his cock is free from her mouth. Mill is screaming for him to lick her more. He does and he loves every drop of her wetness.

After Mill slows down Mark turns around and hooks a leg with one arm. Pulling her ass up high he rams his cock home and starts fucking her as fast as he can. Mill is screaming almost at once that she has reached another climax. Mark arches his back and drives his cock to the hilt and I can see him jerking to meet his mothers every movement. He is filling her with his cum. Mark rolls over on his side, Mill moves quickly to get her mouth on his still hard cock. Mill sucks her son’s cock clean of every drop of their joined cum while Mark lays back whispering Mom, you are on hell of a good cock sucker and a great fuck. Mill come up and they lay together in each other arms.

I have seen it all now so I move off and return to the basement. I am fifty years old and have not masturbated in a long time. But I did then and I shot a load of cum half way across the basement I was so turned on. I was going back up stair now and join the fun.

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