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Susan and the Professor Ch. 08

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It took a while before they gathered their energy to go back to work, but, once underway, everything was quickly completed. Susan hurried home to start dinner, knowing that Jim would soon be out of class. Unfortunately, with the soothing release of tension by the sexual activity, followed by the wrapping-up of the interrupted work, she simply forgot that her red, spanked behind was barely covered by her short, loose dress, and wasn’t even conscious of the fact that every time she bent over her buttocks were completely exposed. When he came in a short time after she started preparations, they talked of the massive thunderstorm, the power outage and the other events of the day as she was busily cooking the food. It was a very companionable time, a very comfortable sharing of their days, and any thought of the spanking was far from her mind. Suddenly, as she bent from the hips to get something from a low cabinet, Jim exclaimed, “Good god, Susan, what on earth happened to your bottom?”

Susan’s heart stopped and her blood ran cold, ?guratively, at least, as panic set in. Somehow, and she never knew quite how, she was able to say calmly, “Why, what do you mean, dear? There’s nothing wrong with it?” Her voice was calm, but her mind was a jumble of fear as she tried to think of some excuse, some explanation for an obviously spanked ass.

“Good heavens, it’s as red as a beet! It looks like you’ve been sunburned.” Even looking at the evidence, Jim never even thought of Susan having been spanked. He knew (or thought he did) of her innate aversion to any such thing – she’d even fought viciously over a pretend spanking – and who would have done it, anyway. Susan would have been relieved if she had known then of Jim’s lack of suspicion, but all she was wracking her brain to come up with a plausible explanation for the unexplainable. Fortunately, she was saved as Jim continued, “You must have rubbed against or sat on something rough.”

That was a feeble excuse, but Susan grabbed it like drowning person reaching for a life preserver, managing to say, in a calm and composed voice, “Oh, I know what you mean. I get that way sometimes when I sit for a long time, particularly on anything coarse. Jean’s chair’s fabric is rough tweed and I sat there for several hours – and without panties, it was so hot. It’ll go away pretty soon.” The simple explanation, given in an offhand way, satis?ed Jim and the entire matter was dropped as they prepared to eat. However, Susan’s blood pressure would have alarmed any doctor that had measured it for the next hour. Still, when she did calm down, she was relieved for she had avoided a catastrophe and, at the same time, built in an excuse if it came up again. In the future, if she were spanked, and there were no blatant welts or bruises, she knew that she wouldn’t have to worry about discovery. She wouldn’t flaunt it, but she wouldn’t have to make a major effort to conceal her “wounds.” Thus, the red “sunburn” caused by R0bert’s whip really didn’t have to be concealed, only not blatantly exhibited.

It’s amazing how relieved a person can be when a crisis arises, threatening, really, everything, and ends with fears banished. As she lay there, her mind running over past traumas on near disasters, she recalled with a wave of remembered panic. What began as the greatest calamity of all, and ended as perfectly as she could have wished. She shuddered as she recalled the frightening incident and the events leading up to it.


The near disaster had its roots way back in the first encounter with Don and the subsequent licking of her cunt by Jim. At the time, she had no idea how a freshly fucked cunt looked like, and she assumed, as most women do, that there is little clear evidence outside the cunt lips. However, while in Maine, she had finally seen Jean’s cunt after Don had cum in her, and had been astonished at the sight. It had happened after Jean had licked and sucked Susan’s cunt after Billy had fucked her. [Sex and Susan Adams 8] Then, when Don fucked Jean, and came inside of her for the ?rst time on the trip, Susan prepared to reciprocate.

As Don ?nished, Susan watched closely as his cock pulled out, depositing one last glob of semen on the cunt lips. Jean had stayed back with her legs in the air, thighs parted widely, presenting Susan with a perfect View of a well-used cunt. The hole, itself, was plugged with a white mass of cum and the lips were coated with the over?ow. The cunt hair was drenched and in tight ringlets plastered to Jean’s skin, with drops of moisture clinging to each strand. The cum was beginning to seep out and had ?owed back along the gash of her cunt to the “perineum, creating a small puddle in her upturned asshole.

Susan kartal escort was absolutely fascinated and startled at the same time. She knew that a fucked cunt was messy (as she thought of it) after screwing, but, as said before, she had no idea of just how messy or of how obvious it was that the cunt had been used. As she leaned forward to lick Jean, she was aware of the pungent odor of sex, a combination of cum, perspiration and heated ?esh, which made it even more obvious that fucking had taken place. She ran her tongue along Jean’s cunt, licking up the viscous ?uid that coated it. She licked avidly over the cunt hair, pulling the moisture into her mouth and then moving back to the asshole and slurping up the pool of cum that had collected there. Finally, she slid her tongue up and into the cunt hole, itself. There she found not only a mass of cum ?lling the opening, but also a continuing ?ow as she pressed her lips to the hole and sucked. She was exceedingly excited and aroused and not thinking coherently, but one thought did come through, “Gods, it’s almost like sucking Don’s cock! I don’t taste Jean’s cunt ?avor at all, just Don’s cum.”

After licking the cunt clean, she sat back and looked between Jean’s spread thighs, amazed at the transformation. The “messy” cunt was neat and pristine, the hair damp but ?uffy, the lips still gaping slightly with the hole now dark and empty. Except for the puf?ness of the lips and the openness of the hole, no one could be sure that a fucking had taken place. It was at that point, however, that a very disturbing thought entered her head. “Oh my heavens, my cunt must be that messy when Jim licked me when I was wet from Don, but I had no idea! He said he liked me wet like that…but he had no idea what he tasted. I’m going to have to be more careful when we go home, maybe wipe myself after Don finishes if Jim is likely to lick me before I can wash. At least I would be dry on the outside…I can’t do anything about what’s up inside me, but I wouldn’t have it all over me. Funny, though, I did enjoy licking Jean’s cunt hair when it was coated with cum. That was the ?rst time that Jean licked my cunt after I had been screwed…I wonder if she liked it.”

The following morning, when she and Jean were alone, she asked, “Jean, honey, was it obvious that Billy had fucked me when you licked me last night? I mean, was I really wet? You were just soaked from Don and I wondered if I were like that, too.”

“You were absolutely covered with cum, and when I sucked your cunt, it just poured out! I couldn’t believe that he had put that much into you! I had wondered what a freshly fucked cunt would be like, and now I know! I was tempted to lick you after Don had you that ?rst night, but I wanted to have his cock in me right away so I just looked at you. I’ve thought about it several times since we came up here, but the timing didn’t seem right – Don always came in you after I had already been screwed and I just couldn’t bring myself to do something that…that ‘kinky,’ I guess. It really was funny, last night. It was almost as if I were sucking Billy’s cock! I want to lick you after Don has you now to see if it seems the same.”

“That’s just the reaction I had last night! It was just like sucking Don! I had no idea that there was so much stuff outside after screwing, and I certainly didn’t know that so much would pour out when I sucked you. The funny thing is, I really enjoyed doing it and, most surprising, I think, I really liked knowing that I was tasting Don’s cum on and in your cunt. I’ve licked your cunt many times, but this was really different, very sexy, very exciting. I want to do that again!”

“I really liked it too, dear, and I certainly intend to do it to you often, after either Don or Billy fucks you – I can’t wait to see what you’re like after Don has you. However, we have a problem if you want to lick me when I’m covered with cum. Don always cums inside of you, so my cunt stays clean except for my juices.” Then, laughing, “Maybe we’ll have to ?nd someone else to fuck me!”

“I’ll bet Billy would love to! What I’m worrying about now, however, is Jim. That night when Don ?rst fucked me in your bedroom, I went right home and Jim licked and sucked me, not ?ve minutes later. If my cunt was as “messy” as yours was last night, he had as much of Don’s cum as if he actually had sucked his cock. He said I was very wet and that I tasted different, but he likes me wet and he seemed to think that the moisture and ?avor was just me when I was very hot. I feel funny, though, knowing that he licked another man’s semen off of and out of his wife’s cunt after she committed adultery. Even more, though, I expect that Don will continue fucking me after we go home, and I’m afraid that Jim will be sure to notice, maltepe escort bayan sooner or later – particularly if he sees my cunt after Don used it!”

“Wow, I hadn’t thought of that. It’s one thing for us to lick cum off each other’s cunt, but it’s another to have a man do it. I knew that Jim licked you that night – remember, I heard you saying how good it felt – but I just never thought about how wet your cunt was. I remember, though, that you had stuff outside, although Don put most of it deep inside you. That is a problem, honey, because I know that Don will want to keep on fucking you as often as possible, and Jim is bound to lick you afterwards. We both know now that a fucked cunt does not taste like an unfucked cunt, and I don’t know how he could not notice the difference.

“Of course, he’s tasted Don’s cum in you once and assumed that it was your wetness when you were really hot, so probably he will keep on thinking that, particularly so if your cunt is full from Don most of the time in the future. He’ll think that is the way your cunt should taste, and will wonder why it’s different when Don hasn’t had you! You’re right, though, about his seeing you after fucking. There’s no way you could get that wet outside your cunt! You’ll have to wash, or at least wipe, yourself so that you look ‘unused.'”

“That’s what I thought. I’ll still be full inside and it certainly will seep out, but most will stay inside until he sucks it out. You’re right though, if Don screws me one-tenth as often as he has this month, that’s the only ?avor Jim will get from my cunt. You know, I really shouldn’t admit this even to you, but the idea of my husband licking and sucking my cunt after another man has had me really turns me on. I wasn’t really aware of the circumstances that ?rst time, but subconsciously I knew that I was really wet from Don, and it excited me. I’m looking forward to the next time Jim goes down on me when Don’s cock has been in me and has ?ooded my cunt.


Actually, of course, that occurred as soon as they arrived home, as recounted before, and, as described, both Susan and Jim enjoyed it very much. As a result, Susan no longer had a major worry about the condition of her cunt after fucking, although she took the reasonable precaution of wiping the lips and hair before going home when she expected Jim to want sex with her. So, with her fears allayed, she enjoyed her frequent bouts of intercourse with Don, knowing that the cum inside of her cunt would really improve her screwing with Jim.

The next two weeks brought no new experiences. Don continued to screw Susan several times a week and she also sucked him on occasion. Her bisexual relationship went on as before, of course, so Susan had plenty of sexual satisfaction. Jim screwed her two, rarely three, times a week, but his pre-school regime kept him busy, so the Friday night session continued to be the main marital sexual focus. As it happened, Don ejaculated so deeply into Susan on those nights that, when Susan returned home to Jim, the exterior of her cunt was not particularly “messy.” Plenty still leaked out so that her cunt tasted the way Jim expected it to, but there was no obvious evidence of adultery.

That changed the third Friday after the return from Maine. On that particular night, Jean and Susan had a long and relaxing session of sex, not expecting Don to get home in time. Just as Susan went down to leave, Don came in through the garage door, hurrying to have time to fuck her. Jean and Susan were just kissing goodnight and were surprised to see Don as he came in quietly and embraced them both as they kissed. “Come on, girls, let’s go back up for a while – we should have time.”

“Oh, Don, darn it, it’s late already and Jim will be waiting. Maybe I can come over tomorrow morning after he leaves.”

“Damn, I don’t want to wait till tomorrow. I’ve been thinking of fucking you all day! Can’t you take the time?”

Then, Jean chimed in, “Why don’t you take her standing up, dear, the way you used to do when we couldn’t ?nd a bed. Come on, honey, open your robe and lean back against the wall.”

Susan did as she was told, opening the robe all the way, exposing her tits and cunt, saying, “Shhh. Jim probably is just over in the hallway waiting for me. Now, what do we do?” Don quickly took his pants and shorts off, exposing a long, very hard cock. Coming close to Susan, he easily raised her up and, as she spread her legs, moved between them, his cock searching blindly for her hole. Jean quickly dropped down on her knees and looked up at Susan’s completely exposed ass and cunt. From her position, absolutely nothing was hidden and, taking Don’s cock in one hand, she escort pendik lined it up with the gaping cunt hole and directed it in.

Don immediately buried himself deep into Susan and, as she raised her legs and wrapped them around him, began to pummel her cunt with a vigorous in and out fucking motion. He was not in as deeply as when he was on top of her, but the penetration was more than adequate. They quickly fell into a rhythm, panting and grunting with effort. Susan was already hot from her session with Jean, heat that was added to not only by the fucking but also by the knowledge that Jim probably was in earshot, not over twenty feet away. Adultery seemed sweeter under those circumstances.

For Jean, her position beneath them provided an unbelievable view of the cunt-cock conjunction. She had seen Don fuck Susan close to one hundred times, but she had never had such a prime view of the actual penetration. She had left her hand on the cock as it began its in and out cycle, and she was fascinated by the warm, slick feel of the cock as it came out, covered with Susan’s lubrication. She then moved her hand down and began playing with the balls that swung back and forth as they screwed, becoming smaller and tighter as the climax approached.

As the cock ?rst entered Susan, Jean had watched closely, enthralled by the way the cunt opened to accommodate it. At the same time, her had eyes focused on the Susan’s ass which was also spread open, exposing her asshole. Reaching up with her other hand, Jean touched the hole and found it already wet from excess lubrication ?owing back, and she slowing inserted her middle ?nger and began an in and out motion that matched the fucking pattern. Within a short time, her ?nger was in all the way, and she just finger-fucked Susan’s ass at the same time her husband fucked her cunt. She actually could feel the cock sliding through the cunt through the thin membrane separating vagina and anus.

Needless to say, this dual action drove Susan into frenzy, causing her to buck against Don, encouraging him to pound back. Fortunately, the wall against which Susan was being fucked was not connected to their part of the house, for it quivered and shuddered as Don banged Susan against it. The fucking did not take long since both were so aroused and both, almost simultaneously climaxed, Don pouring a river of cum into Susan as her cunt squeezed and welcomed it. However, despite Don’s size and strength, the position was strained, and his cock did not deposit the cum as deeply as usual. In fact, as the mutual orgasm continued, his cock came out of her and shot directly onto the outside, into the hair and onto the lips, covering her cunt with a thick coating of undiluted, hot cum.

From below, Jean watched, enthralled, almost, she thought, like watching a porn movie. She knew from watching and sucking that Don produced a large quantity of cum, but this exceeded anything she had imagined. While the ?rst ejaculation had been inside, as the cock pulled out, it continued to shoot as Don futilely attempted to find the hole again. Jean quickly grabbed the cock and, holding it clasped in her hand, acted like a cunt as it slid in and out between her fingers. She found it to be fascinating as she directed the spurts onto the cunt lips and over the hair. As the flow ?nally diminished, Jean, looking from below, almost directly beneath Susan’s widely splayed legs, could see only a translucent, white mass with matted hair protruding through. It was the most obviously fucked cunt one could imagine, far more so than when she had licked Susan after Billy had screwed her.

As Don pulled back, Susan let her legs fall until she was supporting herself by leaning on the wall. She felt almost dazed by the vigorous pounding she had absorbed as Don banged her against the wall as he plunged in and out of her body. It unquestionably the most physical intercourse she had undergone and, certainly, one of the most satisfying. She really felt screwed, felt more than ever before that she had been really been dominated and taken. As she pulled her legs together, it almost seemed that something was in the way. The impediment was a pair of cunt lips that already were swollen, both from the excitement and from the bruising they had taken, first from Don’s brutal (but welcome) pounding, followed by the jabbing, almost spearing, as his cock came out and tried to get back in. They might be bruised and painful later, but they felt wonderful right then.

In any case, as Don pulled away and, after a brief kiss, left, she turned on shaky legs to head home. Jean struggled to her feet, cramped from holding her position beneath the fucking couple, and brie?y embraced Susan before she left. “Gods, I’ve never seen anything like that! You two almost broke the wall! Don fucked me standing up when we were going together, but it was never like that! Boy that was something!” Then, almost as an afterthought, “Be sure you wipe yourself, honey. Don put most of his cum all over your cunt. You’d better not let Jim see you like that!”

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