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Susan and the Professor Ch. 09

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Susan’s mind was still muddled in the aftermath of the screwing and Jean’s words were heard but not absorbed as, following another brief kiss, she literally staggered the few feet to her own door. In any case, she had no opportunity to do anything about the state of her cunt, for as she stepped through the door she was swept up into Jim’s arms and borne off to bed. However, as he stripped her robe off and laid her down, Jean’s words ?nally surfaced causing a sudden consternation as she realized that she desperately needed to do something to conceal her most recent adultery. “Oh, Jim, let me go, honey! I’ve got to wash myself!”

Jim pulled back and looked at her with a very surprised look on his face. Susan had never worried about the condition of her cunt before, and he couldn’t see why anything should be different now. Even in the dim light she saw his expression and, trying to think of some reasonable explanation for her abnormal actions, she blurted out, “I got really hot while watching the movie, and I’m sure that I’m messy down there!”

Unfortunately, she had said exactly the wrong thing. If she had said that she needed to go to the bathroom or, even, just get a drink, Jim would have quietly, without thinking, told her to go ahead. Now, however, he, more than ever, wanted to see her cunt, something he rarely did before having sex – he was usually too eager for the main event. This time, however, on the worst possible occasion, he decided to look, and before she could move he said, “Don’t be silly, dear, I love you that way. Let me see.” With that, he turned on the light, knelt on the bed and, grabbing her ankles, spread her legs and pushed them up, completely exposing the entire area between her thighs. After staring at her cunt for what seemed to her an eternity, he said to Susan, “Honey, I’ve never seen anything like this! You’re covered with stuff – I can’t believe it!

Her heart entered her throat as she tried to think of something to say to divert his attention, to keep him from recognizing what was covering her cunt and what she had done. Fortunately, her mind and voice were as petri?ed as her body so that she didn’t compromise herself before Jim saved her. If he had thrown her a life preserver when he gave her a way out about her spanked bottom, he launched life boat now. “Boy, that must have been some movie to get you that wet. I’ve heard of women who actually spurt like a man, but I didn’t believe it! You may not do that, but you sure do gush!”

To her unbelievably happy shock, the inconceivable had happened – Jim stared at the obscene looking cunt as if he were examining an enticing, seductive phenomenon, with no hint of suspicion. His exclamation of shock was quickly followed by an expression of enthusiasm, stunned but happy that his wife could be so aroused as to produce such a profusion of, he assumed, female ejaculate. “My god, honey, you must have really gotten hot! What movie were you watching? We’ll have to get several copies if it affects you this much!” Once again Susan had been saved by the sheer impossibility of anything but innocent excitement on her part. As before, she had been with a woman friend, alone, watching a movie – what else could it have been?

However, to be honest, even if Jim had known that Susan had been visiting another man, he never would have suspected her; love truly is blind. In actuality, Jim was right. Except for the unique development of events leading to Jean spanking Susan, that experience leading to lesbian actions and that, in tum leading to that ?rst adulterous fucking, she never even would have dreamed of letting another man touch her. Consequently, Jim’s seemingly myopic, and naïve, behavior makes sense, even in the face of a very well fucked cunt. Of course, he wasn’t thinking too clearly, either; already hot and ready to screw his wife, he was delighted to ?nd her wet and primed. Finding that his wife would ejaculate, or, at least, pour out female cum, elated him because he wanted her that way. (Fortunately, the continued and frequent fucking of Susan by Don would, in the future, ensure that he almost always had a wife with a saturated cunt, so he would get what he wanted!)

In any case, while his meaning didn’t get through at once, the world suddenly got brighter as Susan realized that, far from suspecting her in?delity, he thought she produced the cum covering her cunt. She was almost giddy with relief as she jumped into the life boat, gasping out, “Am I really messy, honey? I know I got hot during the movie, and I intended to wipe my pussy before I came home, but I just forgot. I know that I really get wet and ooze when I’m hot, but I never thought that I would ‘gush!’ Am I really very wet?”

“Wait a minute, dear,” Jim said as he hurriedly got up off the bed and went over to her dressing table and got a hand mirror. “Look!” He held the mirror so that she could see her cunt’s re?ection, and she was astounded at what she saw. It was no more than three of four minutes since Don’s cock had ejaculated all over her cunt, and the cum was still white and thick, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri too thick even to run. The hair was matted down and thickly coated, with the color barely showing through. The lips were wide open and conspicuously swollen. As Susan had closed her legs and walked over, the cum had been spread evenly from top to bottom, ?lling the groove within her cunt, completely hiding the ?esh underneath. The hole was even hidden under the thick, concealing mass.

As Susan stared at the re?ection between her own legs, she felt her heart sink, once again, certain that her in?delity was too obvious to miss. She lay there, numbly, ?nding it hard to believe that Jim did not recognize the very obvious evidence that she had been fucked. However, she immediately recognized that her only hope was to accept the way out he had shown her, and, trying to head off any more logical evaluation of her cunt’s condition, she hurriedly said, disingenuously, “Good heavens, honey, I can’t believe that much stuff came out of me! No wonder my panties get so wet when I get excited. Do you mean that some women do this regularly? I thought only men did that.”

“Well, I’ve only read about it, but you certainly have more than your normal lubrication on you. You know, I’ll bet you were like this a couple of other times when you seem very wet. Wow, wouldn’t it be something if you were like this regularly!”

“Would you like it if I were “messy” like this more often?”

“I’d love it. You know how I like to lick you when. you’re wet. Boy, you’re certainly wet now!”

“Well, I’ve always been afraid that you wouldn’t like it if I were too wet, so I’ve tried to wash, of at least wipe, myself before I come to bed or come over from Jean’s after a movie. Would you rather I didn’t?” Looking again at the mirror which she was now holding, she added, “You surely don’t want to lick me when l’m like this – let me wash ?rst.”

“You’re kidding! Watch this!” With that he leaned forward and ran his tongue the entire length of her cunt, licking up a considerable quantity of the cum in the slit. Susan watched in the mirror with fascination as her husband licked and swallowed the residue of her adulterous fucking. He started by running his tongue along the crease between her legs and her cunt lips, removing the over?ow that had spread there as Susan closed her legs. He went down the cunt lips, licking until the hair emerged from beneath its coating. Finally, he entered the cunt, itself, and ran his tongue through the mass of white mucus-like substance. There was far too much material to be taken up in one pass, and he was forced to lick and suck for some time before the red color of the inter lips was clearly visible. At long last, the cunt hole was revealed, still clogged with that same thick white gelatin. Pursing his lips over the hole, Jim stuck his tongue inside and twirled it around, cleaning out the last reachable remnant of Don’s cum.

Susan stared, almost in a stupor, as Jim began the cleansing of her adulterous cunt. She could clearly see the shimmering, jelly-like material which coated her hair and ?lled the groove of her cunt, material she knew was the cum, probably still warm, from Don’s cock. Somehow this was different from previous occasions when she had been “messy,” for this time the cum was not mixed with her lubrication – it was pure semen. She had the wildest con?ict of feelings; knowing that he had licked Don’s cum from her cunt was very different from seeing him do it. Rather than being particularly aroused, she was still somewhat numb, watching with an almost detached feeling.

However, as his tongue ?icked over her clit, her disassociation vanished and was replaced by and almost orgasmic convulsion. Without volition, her pelvis began ?exing up toward Jim, pushing her adulterous cunt toward him, welcoming, encouraging, him. As she watched the rest of the thick, white semi-?uid substance being transferred from her cunt to his mouth, one tremor after another went through her body as she luxuriated in the perverted pleasure driving her. While in one small corner of her mind she abhorred what was happening, the sinful actions, the debauched side of her nature dominated and she continued, by her actions, to encourage Jim to carry on the depraved licking and sucking. By the time that he had finally consumed the last of the external cum, she was in a frenzy to be fucked, throwing her legs even higher and spreading them even wider. Jim, wildly excited himself, took her hint and threw himself on her, his cock piercing her and going in to his balls in one surge. The fucking was one of their most vigorous, but it was short, both being far too stimulated to hold back. It was almost with relief that they separated and lay together, both exhausted, mentally and physically, by the fabulous experience.

In the aftermath, as they wound down, Jim couldn’t say enough about how he loved her wet cunt and the excitement it indicated. He already had shown his enthusiastic approval of her more outgoing, liberal attitude toward güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sex and style of dress since her trip to Maine. He knew that the changes actually had begun earlier (with her ?rst spanking by Jean, although he didn’t know about that), but the “new” Susan obviously was formed in Maine. Of course, he would have been astounded, and probably horri?ed, if he had any idea of how changed she was sexually. Once again, however, ignorance really was bliss, and he loved the “new,” freer Susan who wore short skirts, sexy evening dresses for faculty receptions – and was very wet when he screwed her!

Susan, as usual, had a mind full of contradictions. On the one hand, when she no longer was sexually aroused, she felt that her behavior was disgraceful and that she should feel a real sense of guilt and betrayal. However, she was forced to admit to herself that she had no such feeling. In fact, the dominate feeling she did have was one of relief. She had seen her cunt completely coated with Don’s cum, as clear an image of a fucked cunt that she could conceive of, and Jim had accepted it without a qualm. As a result, she knew that she never again would need to worry about how “messy” her cunt was or bother to wash or wipe it before sex with Jim. In fact, it was readily apparent that cleaning herself would actually diminish his pleasure – and, oddly enough, her’s too. Perverted or not, she recognized, more than ever, that she really enjoyed committing adultery, having her cunt dripping with fresh cum, and having her husband do the cleaning! Maybe she was depraved and degenerate, but she loved it!


As Susan lay there, replaying those traumatic events over in her mind, she still could hardly believe how fortunate she had been. She might have blurted out the wrong thing; Jim might have suddenly realized that she couldn’t have gotten that wet by herself or… anything! As it happened, however, what might have been a tragedy became, instead, one of the best things that could have happened. Serendipity! Since then, she had paid no attention to the condition of her cunt and, in any case, it never could be “messier” than it was that night!

None the less, as she ruminated about her marriage, which she felt was a very good one, she couldn’t help but speculate about her almost guiltless committing of adultery with several men. The amazing thing, in some ways, was that she continued to be fundamentally a complete innocent despite the commission of what most people would consider multiple immoral acts. She never initiated action and, instead, was always the passive recipient of another’s sexual overtures. She was always surprised by her own strong reaction to sexual titillation, becoming aroused easily and responding eagerly to outside stimulation. This, of course, was particularly true when she had been spanked ?rst, the spanking triggering the submissive side of her makeup and, seemingly, releasing her from the need to feel guilty.

Interestingly enough, even the people who had sex with her tended to think of her as naive and that they, somehow, were the lucky ones to be involved with her. Even Jean and Don, despite the hundreds of sexual activities with her, and knowing of her involvement with others, still treated her as if she were a neophyte that should be handled tenderly. (Not too tenderly when they spanked her, of course!) Robert considered her to be an innocent young housewife and mother who, despite her exhibitionism that started the “affair” (if you could call it that), certainly never had done anything like that before. Somehow, Susan just projected an air of virtue that was communicated to other people, even when they were taking advantage of her supposed innocence.

Outside perception, however, is not everything, nor, for that matter, is internal rationalization, and Susan still felt that she should feel more guilty than she did. The saving feature of all this, and the reason that, perhaps, she didn’t feel more repentant or contrite, was the fact that she never had an affair in the classical sense. As said before, her carnal activities all were basically recreational sex, having nothing to do with her marriage. Oddly enough, that is the argument usually made by men who have been “found out” – they were just playing around, having fun, not being unfaithful in the true sense. This is another of those areas where men and women see the same facts in different lights.

When women have affairs, they usually tend to romanticize the relationship, even when they know that it is ephemeral. They love the idea of “love” or, better, “amour!” They enjoy the cuddling, the kissing, the fondling, the “sweet nothings” – all the things that tend to be missing in a marriage that is solid, but no longer new. A marriage may be stable and secure, the partners loving each other, but, inevitably, real world problems intervene, children take time, personal traits become repugnant, etc., and, as a result, passions dim. Sex may still be good, güvenilir bahis şirketleri but the spice of wooing and seduction gives way to the routine of normal life. In an affair, though, that zest is still there, augmented by the element of doing something immoral and dangerous. Everything is new, both participants are on their best behavior, bad or annoying habits haven’t had time to grate on nerves. Perhaps of most importance in an extramarital affair, however, is the assurance that the woman is still attractive to another man. So, she does all those feminine things that attract men that, probably, she doesn’t do with her husband as she did in the past – always appearing neat and well made up, wearing sexy clothes and underwear, looking at him with soulful eyes, etc.

None of means that sex is unimportant to the woman, just that it is secondary. Actually, if the relationship is intense and the if the lover provides the requisite amount of romantic ambiance, she probably will be amenable to almost any sexual activities that he suggests, including vaginal, oral and anal intercourse – doing things, as we discussed earlier, that she would never do with her husband. She will risk her marriage, her reputation, accept a possible pregnancy, almost anything, while under the thrall of “romance.” She would not do these things if it were just a sexual ?ing, but she happily “put out” sexually to continue the liaison. The man involved may play the game and say the right things, but the odds are that all he really wants is to get into her! The woman, naturally, refuses to recognize this, and, as said before, romanticizes the relationship, making it a “love affair” and her lover a prince among men.

Actually, of course, most women in these situations are fantasizing and realize that it won’t last, nor do they want it to. She goes home to her husband and children renewed, more self-con?dent – really, in some ways, a different, perhaps more interesting, person. As with Susan, adultery often makes a marriage better if it is handled well. The wife gets her romantic interlude, that con?dence booster, costing the cuckolded husband nothing if he doesn’t know. These affairs can, obviously, get out of hand: marriages can be disrupted, lives ruined, reputations besmirched by carelessness, bad luck or, worst of all, actually falling in love with the fellow adulterer. Still, for most women, it is just a fascinating game and, except, perhaps, in the ?rst heady ?owering of the affair, she knows that it has no real “meaning,” just the veneer of romance giving it the aura of something more signi?cant.

Men, on the other hand, tend to be much less complicated – the woman has tits and a cunt and he wants to play with the tits and fuck the cunt. This is not to say that he has no feelings for the woman or the romance doesn’t enter the picture, just that those feeling are secondary to the drive of his hormones. While romance, at least its illusion, motivates the woman, sex drives the man. In most cases, he is reasonably satis?ed with his home life and his wife, but a new cunt has compulsive appeal. He wants variety, something different – and, probably, the same reassurance that the woman wants – that he is still attractive to the opposite sex. Most men have no thought that the affair is anything but a diversion, totally inconsequential in the overall fabric of their lives. As with most generalizations or group characterizations, this doesn’t describe all men, for some are as romantic or illusional as any woman, but it certainly ?ts most of those engaging in extramarital “playing around,” which is how most of them see it. No big deal, just playing around.

This gender-biased view of affairs is what really causes problems: men and women see the same act through different eyes. Women romanticize these liaisons when involved in them themselves, placing great importance on the non-physical elements, while downgrading the signi?cance of the carnal aspects. Of course, the sensual side is very important to them too, but they usually don’t like to admit that they are driven by those erotic urges – there has to be a deeper meaning, a “love” element. Therefore, they find it impossible to believe that their husband could be interested in the “other woman” solely for sex. A woman pictures her husband and the “other woman” lying in bed, exchanging intimate secrets, making love, not “having sex.” She is far more concerned about what was said, what loving pledges were made, what con?dences were given. She may say that she doesn’t care about what they did – the screwing is relatively unimportant – but she can’t stand the idea of the personal, loving intimacy. Unfortunately, however, no matter what the husband says, she cannot believe that it was “just sex!”

Thus, if a woman discovers her husband engaged in an adulterous relationship, she just knows that he really wanted a “love” affair, and will be certain that his affair must reveal deep problems in their marriage, perhaps enough to end it. Often she will blame herself for not being appealing enough to keep his sexual needs satis?ed – a way of looking at it fostered by women’s magazines and novels. Interestingly enough, it seems that even when a woman has had an adulterous relationship of her own and knows that it had no deep meaning, she still has a dif?cult time believing that a mans affair was equally inconsequential.

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