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Susan’s Perspective

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The Story from Susan’s perspective:

“MMMMMM” I am 18 today! My mind raced to embrace the excitement of the promised life changes mom and dad had hinted at over the last 6 months. My curiosity was causing my mind to swirl on multiple tracts as to what it all meant. My machinations on mom and dad had frustratingly had no effect at ferreting out what it all was about.

My family was very easy going. I was always very open with mom about sexual matters, and she with me.

I didn’t mind the openness, actually. No one ever did anything that would be considered inappropriate with a minor. Dad carried himself with a calm, sensual assurance that just seemed to attract women. I was impressed. He wasn’t running around chasing pussy, but he wasn’t lacking in prospects in that department by any means. I was a bit surprised that he kept himself for mom with all the women obviously interested in him, but I loved him for it. I always assumed that mom’s body was the reason for his fidelity as she was a smoking hot woman in her own right.

Sex was not a taboo topic in our family and mom or dad would openly discuss it when I had questions, but they rarely volunteered anything beyond my curiosity.

So, to say what was about to happen on my birthday was going to be both a shock and an excitingly new life for me would be like comparing a tricycle with a Mercedes sedan.

I jumped up and took a nice warm shower to start the day. My excitement was fever pitched and I decided to take the edge off by masturbating on the shower seat with the variable spray nozzle on the shower head. The long tube connecting it to the wall was longer than most I had seen, and it never occurred to me that was intentional. I just knew it was very much appreciated. The pulsing jets of the shower head on my pussy lips, clit, and nipples was about the cleanest and most relaxing sex a girl could ask for.

After pulsing the water on my hard nipples I slowly worked the nozzles between my thighs, slowly opening them as the heat of the moment (and my visions of dad’s cock came to mind. The water was pulsing softly on my sex and I just relaxed into the moment, letting it do all the work as it softly cleaned and stimulated me.

My climax was surprisingly strong this morning. Probably from thinking about the day ahead…but it was a nice warm release.

To say I was surprised when I walked into the kitchen and smelled the sausages and eggs and toast all ready for the family breakfast is a supreme understatement. I came down in a tight white T-Shirt that let my areola shine through (I was hoping daddy couldn’t keep his eyes off them when I wore it today with no bra…and I didn’t think mom would mind when I teased him) along with some very short cut-offs that barely…I mean barely covered my vaginal lips. The cheeks of my ass were mostly bare under it, too.

I thought I had dressed to kill this morning.

But I was woefully over dressed! Mom sat at the glass top kitchen table without a stitch of clothing. And dad sat at the head of the table without clothes on as well. I stood there in a bit of shock as this was very unusual. I mean, we had really never seen one another nude at one time or another even by accident. But to be openly nude? What made it even more, damn…exciting, was dad had morning wood!

Even though I had just masturbated to the fantasy of my father’s cock, I felt the heat rise in my pussy and I felt my nipples begin to want to pierce the fabric of my top.

I recovered quickly and decided not to make a big deal about it and sat down to eat. Making sure I left my thighs open for dad to get glimpses of my outer lips. I confess, I was enjoying the view of his cock. But what surprised me, with the sexual tension in the air during breakfast this morning, was my fascination with mom. She had huge breasts that seemed to almost defy gravity, which of course I already knew. Her large nipples, however, were obviously as excited as mine. But: her pussy was completely bare, slightly open, and obviously wet. I could smell the sex in the air.

“Baby? I asked how are you enjoying your breakfast?” I realized mom had been asking me as she watched me eat while staring at both her and dad’s sexes with an open mouth.

“Oh! I blushed, the food is great mom! Thank you! But I must admit, the show is, well, very distracting…but in a nice way!”

Dad piped in, “Well, honey you know we have always been open about sex with you, and now that you are 18 we wanted to let down all the walls and explain a few things about our neighborhood that have been kept from you until today.”

My mind suddenly expanded, overwhelmed with making connections. I decided to let dad take the lead rather than make possibly embarrassing assumptions, “Umm, ok dad. What am I missing?”

“Come sit on my lap baby and let me explain.”

Mouth drop. He said this in front of mom! And he has a raging hard on and no clothes on. No way his cock isn’t coming in direct contact with my pussy!

Mom chimed in just as my mind came back from the intense kaçak iddaa feelings I was having about the situation, “Dear, everyone knows little girls want to be sexually active with their daddies. It’s normal and I think you really need this. She stood up from the table, her pussy lips just rising above the glass top, and walked over to me and kissed me deeply on the lips. “It’s okay dear. I enjoyed sex with my father, too. Your dad and I have been looking forward to today for some time. You have both our full support and heartfelt love. Just go with what we all know you want, baby.”

I was just given permission by my mother to have sex with dad, while mom was in the room, at the breakfast table. And…my body was thrumming with excitement even though my mind was going a bit numb.

Mom helped me to stand, “Baby, you really are wearing too many clothes, though.” Mom lifted off my T-shirt, being very deliberate to suck on my nipples as they were exposed. Then she unbuttoned my shorts and slid them off my hips, following them down to my ankles as I stepped out of them.

I kept my pussy closely shaved for hygienic reasons. Plus, I enjoyed using my dildo on my shaved pussy and not being bothered with pulling any hair down there. But now mom and dad were looking at it and both were licking their lips. To say my clit was pounding would be a Captain Obvious statement.

Dad backed up his chair and mom sat me on dad’s lap facing him and straddling his cock. Dad had slipped forward a bit and his cock fit neatly between my lips. Whether it was wet from my juices or his precum, or a combination of the two I didn’t know and didn’t care. It electrified my sex and I almost came then and there.

“Mmmmm baby, Your wet sex feels good against my cock like that. Is it ok if I slide it up and down a little bit?”

“Oh yes, please! Please daddy, I have wanted this for so long.”

Mom pulled on my nipples and kissed me deeply, “You are such a good girl. Be good for your father, show him how much you love him, baby.”

“Tha-Thank you mom. I love you both so much.”

The underside of dad’s cock was sliding deliciously along my throbbing clit and as I looked into my father’s eyes my orgasm face showed him how much I was enjoying it as I came. It was quick, intense, wet, and I loved my dad so much.

“That’s it baby, give yourself a good time. Live the fantasy to its fullest. Happy birthday baby.”

My chest was heaving, my nipples aching, my thighs trembling, and my mind was putting everything to memory. After my breathing settled just a bit dad said, “Baby, there is another kind of orgasm you may never have had. Let me slip just the head in and rub it against your G-spot. If it makes you pee, don’t worry, it is expected and is really just you ejaculating. Trust me on this, okay?”

“Okay daddy.”

Mom gently rubbed my back, “Oh baby, that type of climax is just so intense, I coat your father’s balls every time he does that to me.” He loves it when you rinse his balls like that. Just let go and let it happen baby, it’s wonderful.”

Oh my goodness! Did mom and dad just tell me it was ok to pee on dad’s balls as I came? Unnhha, his head slipped into my cunnie and began rubbing the top of my vagina just under my clit….Oh, it felt so different, so warm, so tingly, so good!

I clung to my daddy for dear life as his cock rubbed up and down my G-spot. The feeling like I had to pee slowly built up and my sex warmed up all the way up my spine. I gave into the experience and soon I was lost in a sea of hot flashes as my whole body began to react to dad’s skillful use of his cock head.

“My goodness Leesie, Suzie’s pussy is so smooth inside. The feeling is incredible.”

Soon I began to shiver; the heat built up to an overwhelming wave and then…Oh my goodness! My whole body tensed in wave after wave, my bladder lost all control, I washed daddy’s cock and balls in a torrent of cum. I almost blacked out from the whole body intensity. I rested my head against daddy’s neck and managed to whisper, “Oh daddy, that was wonderful! I love you so much!”

Mom was behind me, reaching around and playing with my tits as daddy now slipped fully into my absolutely soaked pussy in one, slow, heated stroke all the way to the tip of my uterus. Now baby, there is one last type I want you to experience for our first time. This is a uterus climax where the head of my cock rubs your uterus until you cum. This one is almost a religious experience, but it takes time and you have to be patient.

“What about you daddy? How can you last that long?”

“I have a cream I used to help me, baby, I can go a while yet. You just give yourself to the moment. If you have any strong feelings, talk through them as this climax gets very emotionally intense.”

Nodding, enjoying the deep penetration, I moved slowly so daddy’s head made slow circles around the tip of my uterus, “Yes daddy, I will.”

Mom kissed me deeply and held her nipple to my lips. I latched on and felt like I was being fed and cared for and kaçak bahis deeply loved. Helpless to resist. Not wanting to stop. After about 20 minutes nothing was happening and I began to feel frustrated.

As I promised, I told dad about it and he coached me through it, having me focus more intensely on my uterus and thrusting my pelvic floor towards his cock. About the time I fully let go it happened.

It started real slow, a deep warming that made a direct connection to my nipples and my brain. The sensations deepened and spread, my whole body began to react and my mind was alive, and tingling. But still it was slow, building stronger and stronger until my mind and my tummy were on fire and electrical pulses seemed to move through my erogenous zones.

Finally the wave crested and I had a whole body climax that was so strong I had difficulty breathing. After a full two minutes I kept cumming, one climax after another without pause. Daddy had to coach me to breathe. After another couple of seconds I began to feint just as I felt my loving daddy fill my cunnie with his hot cum, making the climax even more intense…and I blacked out.

I woke a moment later laying flat on my back on the table with my knees separated and able to see my mother sucking on daddy’s cock, cleaning his and my cum from his cock and balls. “WOW!” I said and mom immediately moved to the side of the table and got on, straddling my face and lowering her pussy to my lips.

Daddy lifted my knees and started rimming my pussy, licking up our cum as it leaked out of my cunnie. But mom’s pussy was divine. She tasted of strawberries and her clit was large, engorged, and begging to be licked and sucked. I made love to my mother’s pussy and it surprised me how erotic it was.

Mom must have really enjoyed the show because she soon came, announcing to dad and me that she was cumming. I latched my lips around her minor lips, stuck my tongue deep into her, and sucked her cunnie’s juices as she climaxed. It just seemed so natural, so special. My mind realized mom and dad had set me up for this for quite a few years, but instead of feeling abused, I felt loved and adored and protected.

Mom lifted up and got off the table and dad helped me up. “Honey, let’s all clean up in the pool, we can enjoy a good skinny dip as we talk about our wonderful neighbors.

Dad cradled me in his strong arms as mom led us outside and into the pool. Mom’s massive breasts floated so invitingly I began to massage them in the warm water of the enclosed, Roman style, heated pool. Dad was standing behind me, arms wrapped around me and massaging my tummy and breasts from behind. His flaccid cock resting between my ass cheeks.

Mom began with, “Well, Suzie, I wonder if you are aware of what a free use household is?”

“Isn’t that when anyone in the house can have sex any way they want it with anyone in the house without even having to ask permission?”

Dad whispered, “In a nutshell, yes, baby. One always has the option to say no; but that soon becomes an issue that needs addressing if no happens all the time as it basically defeats the idea of a free use household.”

Mom chimed in as I played with massaging her breasts, “Well, baby, our neighborhood is actually a free use neighborhood. Anyone aged 18 or over who stays in the neighborhood agrees to being an active participant in our community’s free use agreement.”

My hands paused on mom’s breasts: “You mean, I could walk right over to Harry’s house next door and ask to be fucked by him?”

Well, no baby, he is still 17 and will be leaving soon for college, so he won’t be available. But, if you wanted to go over and have sex with Barbara or her husband all you need to do is go visit them when Harry isn’t there and just take off your clothes and…well, yes…fuck their brains out.”

“What about Jim and Mary across the street?”

“Yes baby.” Dad said. You know we usually leave the house for a party every weekend? Well, those parties are orgies held at the respective houses each Saturday evening. Everyone brings a pot luck dish and we eat and fuck whomever we wish.”

“I will say that your father really loves Mary’s pussy and Harry’s father loves to cum all over my tits as your dad fucks him in the ass. They both lick his jism off my tits afterwards. There are no taboos and no boundaries but if someone declines it is always respected.”

Mom pulled gently on my nipples, “Do you think you would enjoy that lifestyle, baby?”

“It sounds like it could be a lot of fun! I am willing to try it out, but I know I cannot replace my daddy’s cock or your sweet pussy mommy.”

“No baby, it is more a healthy sex club among friends. We will go and introduce you tomorrow during the next party.”


Well, after cleaning up, dad went to work and mom started cleaning the house. She suggested I pick a neighbor and go visit, see for myself what a free use neighborhood had to offer.

Since I knew Harry was at school I decided to go see Barbara. I knocked at the door and she opened illegal bahis it, dressed in a nice summer dress, as was I. It was obvious neither of us had bras on.

“Oh hi Suzie! What’s on your mind?”

“I turned 18 today! Mom and dad introduced me to family sex and suggested I go see what a free use neighborhood had to offer! My first thought was to come over and see if you wanted to enjoy some pool time with me? But, I confess, I didn’t bring a bathing suit.”

“Well that’s Wonderful Suzie! So I take it your parents, ahem, filled you in?”

“Lol, well, dad did most of the ‘filling’ but I did some exploring on my own. Seems mom loves having her little girl suck her clit as she cums on the kitchen table.”

“Mmmmmm, and she has such wonderful tits, too. I know hubby loves to cum on them.”

“Yes, mom told me he likes to do that when daddy is fucking him in the ass?”

“Oh yes dear. He loves that. I must say, I enjoy him ass fucking me as well. He has the perfect cock for it.” She winks and takes my hand, let’s go skinny dipping!”

Barbara grabbed a rubber cock and some waterproof lube on the way outside and set them on the side of the pool. She then walked behind me and slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulders, running her hands down and across my breasts and over my tummy, letting my dress fall to the deck. The breeze against my bare nipples and pussy felt so carefree. After tasting mom’s pussy I wanted more, this was a side of my sexuality I had never explored before and I wanted to have Barbara cum on my face. I turned around and slipped her straps off, helping the fabric over her breasts and nipples, suckling on each as they were exposed.

The backs of my fingers brushed along her pubic region and it was scary smooth. “How do you keep your sex so smooth, Barbara?”

“Oh Suzie, I had laser hair removal. Slick as a whistle all the time and no maintenance.”

“Can I see?”

“Oh sure honey!” and she sat in a padded chair with her arms between her knees, holding them up and open for me. I took another pad from a chair and knelt between her thighs, softly touching her very smooth sex.

“Mmmmm! You look good enough to eat!”

“Oh baby, if you are hungry, please snack away!”

I leaned in and softly kissed her outer lips. They were so soft and smooth. I ran my tongue up and down the edges of them and also tickled the edges of her inner lips. Barbara had a perfect pussy. The inner lips protruded ever so slightly; but when parted they revealed a long clit sheathed in pink skin. I kissed it and felt it swell to my lips as Barbara moaned encouragement.

I couldn’t believe it. Just walk into someone’s house and ask for sex. No big deal, and no hang-ups. Just pure sexual pleasure. I wrapped my lips around her clit and began to lip fuck her clit as if it was a penis. Soon she was wet and moaning for me to make her cum. I slipped two fingers into her quim and began rubbing that spot daddy showed me earlier as I fuck/sucked her clit. Barbara was soon rolling her hips and whimpering, begging me not to stop.

Soon, Barbara came hard and she sprayed her cum all over my face and chest. “My goodness girl! Where have you been all my life!” was all she could get out between gasps for air.

I decided I quite liked the taste of the rainbow.

I jumped into the pool to clean off and Barbara got in when she could walk again. Soon she had my thighs around her head as my shoulders rested on the top step. She held my cheeks apart, letting the cool water wash over my sphincter which was very thrilling. Then she slowly slipped her well lubed dildo into my ass.

She delicately spread my lips and licked out my cunnie as if she was a Butterfly eating nectar from a flower as her dildo continued to plunder my ass. Soft, gentile licks right at the entrance to my womanhood with soft stabs now and again against the base of my clit. It was very unhurried and made my sexual tension slowly grow over an extended time. After what seemed like an hour I finally came. I came hard enough that my tits were jiggling and my tummy contracting hard as I expressed my cum into her waiting mouth.

Barbara then pulled me into a body hug and we kissed and rubbed each other for a while. “Suzie, you feel free to come over anytime you like. I cannot offer Harry as it would violate community rules, but You can have either Bill or me anytime you need. Okay?”

“Oh thank you so much. But please promise me one thing? Promise me, when Harry is introduced to the community that I get to have him first?”

“Oh baby, when that time comes, we will be sure to have your whole family over and you can have your way with him. I promise.”

I hugged Barbara again before we got out and dried off, laying in the sun for a while to warm back up. But, sadly, I eventually needed to dress and leave as Harry would be back home soon.

Upon returning home, mom had finished cleaning for the day and was sitting naked on a towel on the couch watching some porn on TV, having made some sandwiches for both of us just in case I returned. I was famished and dove in after grabbing a towel and slipping out of my clothes. I sat next to mom and she asked, “Welcome back Suzie, where did you go for your first tryst today?”

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