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Sweet Dreams!

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Ok all… this is my first submission, I am willing to write more if there is a demand for it. I truly shouldn’t be selfish, I should share the stories of the best sex of my life, right? I have had the chance to have some amazing moments with this special person, the kind you dream about…

As I lay sleeping I feel something on my lips, assuming you were kissing me I responded by opening my mouth a little. but unless your tongue got HUGE and HARD there was no way that was your mouth. the sweet salty drop of precum that landed on my tongue confirmed my instincts… you tensed up, not sure how I would react to being woken up in the middle of the night with a hard cock pushing at my mouth… my tongue flicked out of my mouth caressing the head of your cock and taking a mouthful of your flesh… my hand joined my mouth and, though I was still in a fog of sleep, I was soon giving you the deepest, most buck-wild head ever. Your cock was sliding in down the back of my throat, you were slowly fucking my face now. All that was familiar about you inside of me drove me crazy. You had a handful of my hair in your hand guiding my head where it felt best and pulling on my hair, kartal escort bayan how I like it. your hand has wandered to my pussy, feeling how wet I am you smile and pull on my hair harder… your cock still deep in my throat, I moan and you respond to the heated vibrations my noises cause on your cock…. I don’t play any games like I sometimes do.. no stopping and starting this time… I know that the sooner you cum in my mouth the sooner I get to have you hard again and inside me.

as you feel the beginnings of your orgasm your hand stops torturing me and goes straight for my clit… your hand moves in smooth circles around my wet pussy I know what’s going to happen…. we’re going to cum together, and soon! I felt myself lose control on your cock and suck and fuck you with my hot mouth until we’re both cumming so hard I want to scream. you started out with the plan but now I had the agenda… you slide down my body and before you have a chance to relax I slide your cock in my pussy and lay on top of you. we just lay there for awhile, you rubbing your hands up and down my back, my hands in your hair.. both of us recovering from our orgasms. just escort maltepe as I began to relax I felt your cock twitching inside me. it was so incredible, feeling you growing inside me was so fucking unbelievable. soon you were filling me up and little moans began to escape from my mouth…. your hands grabbed my ass and pulled me close to you, hard and fast. that sent me off on a small set of orgasms already… it helped that you were kissing my ear. you seemed to sense that my neck has grown as sensitive and my ears and bit and sucked for all you were worth… giving my wrist the same treatment…then you kissed me until I thought I would pass out. I sat straight up, all of your hard cock buried inside my pussy…. as I pinched and licked my nipples you teased my clit with your finger.

i leaned backwards, my hands behind me and thrust hard… you did then the thing that turns me on most.. you let out a moan. it sounded fucking amazing…. that made me want to ride you so hard… you put your hands on my hips and pulled me towards your body, making sure I was fucking you to the rhythm you want me to, I throw my head back and cry out as your hard pendik escort cock hurts me, hurts so good… the more I fuck you the more I want it… I can feel my orgasm start to build as you tell me you are about to cum, the feeling of your hot sticky yummy cum filling my cunt is more than I can take and I cum with you, shuddering, losing my balance, legs shaking, the whole time I have my eyes closed… when I open them you are sliding your cock in and out of my pussy, harder and slower this time, you have pushed me down on top of your car and are giving it to me from behind, Dragula is playing, I can feel the engine hot on my body and feel your hot cum dripping out of my pussy, it was so rough, the hard hot steel against my cheek.. I feel like I can’t move as you grab my ass so hard it hurts as we cum together again… you fall on top of me, breathing heavy.. when I open my eyes again I am in bed alone in my room… I look next to me to see if you are there… having to prove to myself it was a dream… my hand went to my pussy and proved to me how good the dream was.. I was wet, very wet.

I tried to sleep but was too turned on and had to make myself cum three or four times just thinking of it.

Well, … it wasn’t real and I knew you were in Japan so all I had to replace your hard cock was my battery operated friend and the feel of the mink blanket you gave me on my skin.

I can’t wait to go to sleep tomorrow night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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