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Sweet Reunion

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In a small office located on the 3rd floor sits Emily. She is daydreaming about the upcoming weekend events her 20 year class reunion. She hasn’t seen these people in 20 years because she missed the 10 year. Emily was the typical high school girl. She had many friends and was considered to be one of the more popular girls in school. Now in her late 30s and divorced 2years with 2 teenage kids. Emily’s social life was not to be desired, consumed by the tasks of work and kids. It had been a long time since she felt the touch of a man. It has been 3 years since the last time and with her Ex which wasn’t the best of lovers. As Emily sits and daydreams about who will be there and wondering how they have changed married, divorced kids or not. She decides to pull up the website for the reunion and to her surprise sees the name that brings back many good memories John Murphy.

John was also considered to be one of the more popular kids in school. Emily and John had dated for 6 months there senior year. But both had gone their own way after high school. John had gone back east to school and Emily to the west to attend school also. Quickly she clicks on the guest list to see if John was on it and planning on attending the reunion. He was there on the list to attend. A smile grew across Emily’s face and feeling she hadn’t had in a long time. Though they dated for 6 months and things got very hot many times they never went all the way. She did remember the one thing about John that always stood out was his ability to kiss. It always sent Emily’s knees to become very weak when they kissed. Very soft passionate kisses that would cause her to melt. She could recall how he would grab her face with both hands and softly lightly kiss her lips.

Snapping out of her daydream she quickly searches for any information and pictures for John. She finds nothing. No status no pictures anything not even an email. She is disappointed and wonders what he looks like and what he has been up to. She says to herself I guess I’ll have to wait and see. With that in mind she looks at the clock and it is a quarter to 5 time to finish up and go home to get ready for the mixer tonight.

10000 feet above on an airplane sits John on his way to the reunion from back east where he stayed after college. John has no kids was married a short time many years ago. He like Emily was wondering who he would meet and see how they have changed, and how life has been treating them. John like Emily hadn’t changed much just a little older. As John sits there he to starts to recall the memories of his senior year with Emily and the times they shared together. A smile comes across his face. The last he had heard she was married.

As Emily drives home she starts checking off things in her head that needed to be done for the weekend. Her kids at their fathers house for weekend. Picked up dress from drycleaners and new shoes bought days ago. And of course the last thing was a trip to the salon for a canlı bahis complete package. Emily arrives at home to finish up getting ready. She first goes to the kitchen for a glass of wine to calm her nerves. And once again the thoughts of John come racing through her mind. And the thought of him kissing her again fills her body with emotion. She takes another drink of wine and calms herself down. She tells herself you don’t know anything about him what if he is married, fat, and bald. She tries to think of anything to get the thought out of her head of them kissing. She returns to finish getting ready taking her time to make sure all is perfect. She had bought an evening dress just for this occasion. A stunning backless dress that didn’t leave much for the imagination. Finally after looking in the mirror and turning around several times she was happy with the results and ready to go.

In the meanwhile John’s plane had landed and he was checking into the hotel where the mixer was tonight. After a shower a smile comes across Johns face as he recalls one of the many moments spent with Emily their senior year. He recalls how often things got really hot but never went any further because of many obstacles. He says to himself she is probably still married. Oh well all a man can do is hope for the best.

John was the first to arrive to the mixer, and was greeted by many old friends. And as he thought life was kind to some and not so kind to others. But he had yet to see Emily. As John was thinking she backed out and decided not to come. In walked Emily in the stunning dress looking like a million dollars. John’s mouth dropped and quickly turned into a smile from ear to ear. Trying to hide his excitement and trying to be patient and not to eager he decided to stay where he was until eye contact was made. As soon as Emily walked in she also was greeted by many old friends telling her how good she looked. But she still hadn’t seen John yet and was starting to wonder. Then as she looked over the room again she saw him. As a warm feeling started throughout her body she smiled, and said to herself he hasn’t changed at all.

Finally they both connect with their eyes and make their way towards each other. Both filled with excitement and anxiety. John speaks first as he looks Emily up and down and says you look stunning. By this time those words melted her as the warm sensation continued to fill her. She replied thank you and you haven’t changed at all. After some small talk and finding out neither was attached to anyone, they started to relax and talk. On many occasion one or the other was pulled away for a picture or a chat with an old friend. But never once did they break eye contact from one another. Finally everyone said hello that needed to and pictures were taken. As they sat there and getting caught up on each other’s lives. John starring at Emily reaches for her hand and guides her to the dance floor.

With nothing being said just starring into each bahis siteleri other’s eyes they danced for almost an hour. Then it happen John grabbed Emily’s face with both hands and kissed her. A flood of emotions comes over both of them as they kiss. The anticipation the heat the act was all coming together like a volcano waiting to explode. The kiss seemed to last forever, and neither one of them wanted it to end. The night was coming to an end and people where starting to leave. They were the last ones there. Not wanting to leave each other’s company. John takes Emily by the hand and leads her to the elevator. The door opens they enter he pushes the button for the 4th floor. As soon as the door closes he grabs her and kisses her this time with even more passion. She is now filled with emotion lost in it. The bell rings 4th floor already. They depart the elevator and head to Johns room.

He opens the door she walks in first and scans the room. It was a very nice room a suite in fact. She walks forward to see the view from the window. As she stares out the window John comes up behind her and lifts the back of her hair and starts kissing her neck slowly she is melting in his arms she has lost all control. As he continues to kiss on her neck his hands work their way down each side of her body up and down. He makes his way to her ear and breathes lightly on it. The warmth of his breath on her ear is sending her over the edge she is not sure how much more she can take. His hands leave her sides and go to her belly slowly up to her chest. He can feel her erect nipples through her dress. His hands continue up to her shoulders and he turns her to face him.

Once again he takes her face in his hands and kisses her. Slowly taking his hand up the back of her head and rubbing her hair. His other hand is caressing her back and moving down and caressing her butt. Her hands move up and down his back making their way to his chest. She can feel his heartbeat under her hand as she starts to unbutton his shirt. She removes his shirt slowly and as it falls to the floor Emily starts kissing his neck working her way down to his chest and back up to his neck while her hands undue his top button on his pants and pulls down his zipper. She continues to kiss his neck making her way to his lips and they have a long slow kiss.

They break the kiss and he makes his way across her cheek to her ear and whispers (what do you want). Continuing down her neck slowly, as his hands undue the top of her dress and he slowly lets it hit the floor. He continues kissing down her neck across the top of her chest down the middle of her chest to her belly. John with his hands and lips moving slowly up planting soft kisses all over. He reaches her breasts and takes one in each hand and caresses them. Covering them in kisses he takes her erect nipple in his mouth and lightly sucks on it as his hands explore them both. He makes his way to the other one as you moan in pleasure you reach bahis şirketleri down and grab his face and bring it to yours for a long wet kiss.

As Emily kisses John she takes her hands and moves them up and down his chest. She fallows her way down his chest with kisses to his belly. Using her hands she grabs the top of his pants and pulls them down slowly as she kisses the top of his thigh while pulling his pants down slowly. Emily can now see the outline of what she has been craving all night through his shorts. John moans with pleasure not sure how much more he can take. Emily kisses her way back up Johns belly to his chest up his neck to his lips. Her chest rubbing against his on her way up to his lips. John breaks the kiss takes Emily by the hand to the bed. They reach the bed and kiss while John lays Emily on the bed without breaking the kiss. John lies on top of Emily she can feel his manhood on her leg. Wanting more but trying to be patient the tension is building. John now is on her neck kissing down to her chest once again exploring every inch of her chest. Emily is now moaning with pleasure wanting some type of release, but John has other plans on his mind. He kisses down her belly to the top of her thigh to her knee and down the inside of her thigh. He can smell she is excited. He makes his way to the top of her other thigh and down the inner thigh. John takes his fingers and removes Emily’s thong slowly exposing her completely.

John inhales the sweet smell of her and takes her in his mouth. Exploring every inch of her. Emily moans even loader rubbing the top of Johns head. Emily tries to hold back but it is too much, she cant she explodes with 3 years of built up anticipation and frustration. John lets her catch her breath and slowly kisses his way up to her lips. They kiss a long overdue tribute to what should of happen long time ago.

As John lies now on his back Emily hands start rubbing his chest with her hands and planting kisses all over his chest and belly. Her hands exploring down to his shorts. With her hand she grabs his manhood and John lets out a sigh. For the first time she finally gets to explore what she has wanted for 20 years. She reaches down and removes his shorts exposing him completely. She pauses and takes the visual in. She is hungry she wants to take all of him in. Emily reaches down with her hands lightly stroking him and takes all of him in her mouth. John at this point is ready to explode doing everything he can to hold back. Emily continues to engulf every inch of him. Realizing he cannot last much longer she stops and crawls on top of John.

Emily slowly glides herself onto John taking in all of it she moans filling her completely. John and Emily both are lost in the moment. Neither one knowing how much longer they can last. The smell of sex fills the room. Both are now breathing heavy. Emily is now moving faster and John trying to hold back for her. Emily is getting loader John now has his hands on Emily’s chest squeezing. Neither one can go any longer they both climax at the same time. Emily collapses on John as they both try and catch their breath. Emily cracks a smile and says to John that was definitely worth the wait.

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