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Sweet Sister in Law Ch. 05

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Now that my niece Holly had stumbled in on her mother and me, nearly catching us in the act of oral satisfaction, I had to look over my shoulder whenever I had the opportunity to indulge in my risky affair with my sister in law. Not only did I have to worry about her husband catching us, I also had to keep an eye out for Holly and her brother. But only Holly seemed to have some suspicion.

Karin and I still stole away on every opportunity, fucking on the washertha in the laundry room, swapping hands beneath the dinner table, 69ing in the grocery store parking lot; but always with the possibility of discovery. Not that it didn’t make it even more exciting.

One afternoon, I arrived at their house after an afternoon meeting, to find only Holly at home. As usual, she was dressed in short shorts, a tight spaghetti string top, and chucks. Her bra straps showed on her shoulders, and I made a joke about that. I immediately chastised myself for the inappropriateness of the remark, but she giggled and headed to her room. A few minutes later I was watching TV in the den, and she danced into the room. She flopped on the couch next to me, and looked up, “Better?”

“Huh?” I responded, not getting her drift.

She palmed her little teenage breasts and jiggled them. “Better?” My eyes were drawn to the mounds, her now-braless little nipples prominent beneath the thin fabric. Her breasts were the opposite of her mother’s. Small and firm, little pencil eraser nipples, my heart began to jackhammer in my chest, my cock responded.

“Holy shit, Holly.” I gasped. “Look, you can’t be acting that way with me. I’m your dad’s brother, for god’s sake.”

She giggled and rolled over onto her stomach, cradling her chin in her palms and smiling at me. Her legs bent at the knees, ankles crossed above her tight little ass. “Sorry, Uncle Mike. Don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” She pointedly looked at my crotch on that last word.

“It’s ok, honey.” I replied, trying to casually cover my hard on. “Just be my sweet little niece, ok?”

She gave me a little wicked smile. “But how can you know how sweet I am if you never taste me?” She rose to her hands and knees and very slowly crawled like a prowling cat until she was just a foot from me, froze, licked her lips, then crawled even closer. She stopped inches from my face, I could smell her fresh young scent, shampoo, cologne. She licked her lips again and half shut her eyes. I thought she was going to kiss me, but I was unable to pull away. I closed my eyes and held my breath. Then my 19-year-old niece licked me, from my jawline up the side of my face, running her hot little tongue into my ear. “Meow, uncle Mikey, she whispered. I’m just a sweet little pussy… cat.”

I groaned and turned away. Laughing, she jumped up and jogged up the stairs, turning halfway to catch me locked on to her perfect little ass. “Like candy,” she laughed. She pulled her shorts down a couple of inches, showing the first couple of inches of her ass crack and her smooth little bottom, and disappeared.

I almost packed my bags then. What would Karin say if she were to see this interaction? Hell, my brother would actually kill me, I had no doubt.

The next afternoon, as I lay in the guest bed covered in the scent of my sister in law, she rested her head on my chest and looked up at me. “Do you think Holly knows?”

I studied her concerned face. “Pretty sure she has her suspicions.”

“You’re right, she’s been asking some pretty leading questions lately. And she asked me about going on the pill, but says that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. I asked her why she’d want to in that case, and she just giggled and said that maybe we both ought to, just to be safe.”

Karin’s hand rested around my spent wet cock, and the thought of my niece’s pussy being available to play gave it a little jolt of life. Karin raised up and frowned at me. “Hey, don’t be thinking about my daughter while I’m lying here with your cock in my hand. I’m not sharing.”

Her hand became her lie detector, and she asked, “You’re thinking about her, aren’t you?” My cock pulsed in reply, and she smacked the head.

I tried to reassure her, but now the seed was planted, and what could be a bigger turn on than the chance to compare the daughter’s pussy to the mom’s. Holly wasn’t completely sweet and innocent, like the rest of the kids in my extended family. She had had her share of boyfriends, and had been caught more than once in compromising situations. Karin had told my wife and I some of the stories, and I always thought how lucky these teenage boys were to have a shot at such a stunning little sprite.

Karin began to stroke me, her hand lubed with the remnants of our afternoon affair, and I turned my attention to her. She rolled on top of me, and began to slide her slippery body across mine, her breasts so sexy when her nipples hardened against my stomach. My cock responded, as it always did to her teasing, and she began to kiss around my neck. canlı bahis Her voice now took on the sexy teasing little-girl tone she used to torment me. “Oh, does Uncle Mikey want to play games with his little teenage niece now? Do you want to see if her panties smell like her mommy’s? I bet she’d like to wrap them around her uncle’s big cock and watch it get big and hard for her.”

Sure enough, she had me completely erect now, and she laughed in victory. She sat up and swung a leg over me, sitting on my thighs, and holding my cock with both hands. “Does Uncle Mikey want to wait for Holly’s tight little pussy? Or does he want mommy to slip it back inside her pussy? I think he wants mommy’s pussy.” She began to slip it fore and aft along her dripping gash, the cum from our love-making minutes before lubricating it, and sliding up, she straddled my pelvis. My cock rested against my body now, and she spread her labia around the shaft. I watched a glob of cum leak from her hole and drop onto it.

Karin lowered herself completely onto me, and began to slowly glide back and forth, her lips enveloping my cock in their slick wet groove. Back and forth, wetter and slicker. My cock would completely disappear, then burst forth as she moved back. I don’t know how I didn’t cum, it was so incredibly stimulating.

She rolled off of me now, and spread her thighs, her feet resting on the bed, her pussy splayed open. It was an absolute mess, her matted pubic hair smeared with cum, her lips hanging beyond it, swollen and red. A small trickle of translucent cum ran from inside her, down below her pussy, across her anus. Karin held her arms out towards me, “come here, Uncle Mikey, come here and fuck my little pussy before mommy comes home.”

I rolled over and knelt above her, between her thighs. She was so incredibly slutty and sexy like this, lying there smiling at me. Her blonde hair spread across the sheets, her breasts still flushed pink, nipples erect. Not a shred of self-consciousness or shyness. I still was blown away at the change in her since our affair began. “I’m sorry my pussy is so messy,” she whined. “I didn’t mean to, but I let my boyfriend squirt in me after school today.”

I grasped Karin behind her calves, and yanked her towards me, then dismounted the bed and pulled her to the edge. I lifted her feet into the air, her ass hung a few inches over the edge, the cum now dripping onto the carpet below. I stood there, smiling back at her, then spanked her ass with my right hand. “OW!” she yelped.

“You bad little slut,” and I smacked her again.

“Oh, I know I’m a bad girl, please spank me Uncle Mikey.” I flipped her over, leaving her body on the bed with her legs hanging down. Now her smooth, round, white ass protruded from the mattress. I used my knees to spread her thighs more, the sight of her gooey pink slit hardening me to full erection. I grasped my cock, and began to rub the head up and down her crack, massaging her pussy and eliciting moans.

Without warning I smacked her ass again, she yelped and I watched the skin redden immediately. A couple of more spanks and she was squirming beneath me. I moved my cock out of the way then and began to lightly spank her pussy. She moaned her approval and spread her legs even wider, opening a gap that dribbled a creamy white fluid which dripped onto the floor.

I suddenly drove myself into her, my cock filling her completely as my body intruded between her ass cheeks. She sighed heavily, it sounded like I drove all of the air from her lungs. I withdrew slowly, watching my shaft emerge, wet and slick with her juice, then slid back in even more slowly. Karin wiggled her ass as I fucked her, and I put my thumb on her anus. It was wet with the cum that had leaked out of her pussy, and I teased it, rubbing it in circles.

Another moan from Karin, pushing back against me, sucking my cock back inside her, and seeking stimulation from my thumb. “What should I do with this?” I teased as I explored the edges of her back door.

“You are so mean,” she whined, looking over her shoulder at me. “I hate you.”

“Better watch your mouth, little girl,” I replied. At that, her expression changed. I had no idea what was going through her mind there, but she looked like she suddenly remembered something, or had a revelation.

“Let me up.” I stood aside, and she got to her feet and headed towards the door. Reaching it, she turned and smiled. “Back in a sec.”

I lay back on the bed, still half hard and waited. Before long I dozed away. I don’t know for how long, but when I slowly opened my eyes, it was my turn to gasp. Karin stood next to the bed wearing Holly’s lacrosse outfit. Her breasts were stretching the jersey out, nipples prominent, and the little skirt barely concealed her ass. Her hair was in two ponytails, and she sucked on a finger, playing up the Lolita part.

“Uncle Mikey, are you all done with my Mommy? Could you help me do something naughty?”

I was speechless. Looking bahis siteleri at her, my cock swelled, and she pointedly watched it with a sweet smile.

“What’s that, Karin?”

“I’m not Mommy, silly, I’m Holly. Would you help me shave my pussy, Uncle Mike? I want to make it nice and smooth, like my friend Edie’s.”

I laughed with the craziness of it. “Sure honey, lets shave you. Have you seen Edie’s pussy?”

Karin stopped smiling, and looked incredibly turned on when she said, “Oh Uncle Mikey, I was a bad girl. Me and Edie took our panties off yesterday, and her pussy was just so awesome and pink that I had to lick it, I just had to. I licked it and sucked on her clitty, and I made her come for me.”

I was grinning now, “did Edie lick your pussy, honey?”

“Oh my god, she did! It was so wonderful having her tongue inside me. My pussy came for her in, like, seconds. But I want it bare naked for next time.”

Karin was really getting into this. Now she lifted the skirt, showing a pair of plain white panties with a big wet stain across the crotch. My niece’s panties. Her daughter’s panties. That thought flooded my thoughts. She pulled them down, revealing her matted gooey pubic hair. Strands of cum connected between her pussy and her daughter’s panties. Incredibly provocative! She pulled them up and down, saturating them with cum, and putting on a messy show.

“My pussy is so messy,” she pouted.

I love a good natural pussy but had to admit this sounded like fun. Shaving my sister in law, while she role-played her hot little daughter. Karin/Holly turned around and bent over, flipping the skirt up over back. Again she pulled down the panties, just below her white cheeks. “Can we do around my butthole too, Uncle Mike? I want to be just like Edie! Maybe somebody will want to play with me back there. Do you think you might want to? I bet Mommy loves it when you play with her butt.” The she whispered, “I bet she’d even let you put your penis inside it. That’s so nasty!”

Her entire crotch and ass were just coated with cum, and it still trickled from her swollen pussy. I knew I’d never look at her ass again without picturing this.

Karin’s little role play had me hard again, and I pushed her onto the bed face down. Holding her by the neck, I ripped her daughter’s panties off. Picking up where I’d left off before she “became” Holly, I spread her cheeks apart and began to toy with her anus. It was slick with our cum, and I began to slip just the tip of my index finger in and out of her. Karin moaned, and pressed back, seeking more penetration.

“Do you want me to do something here?” I ask, stroking her asshole with enough force to now run my thumb partly inside it. Karin had dodged the issue of anal while we’d accelerated our affair, but I’d seen the way she responded to my anal play on her and had no doubt that soon she’d be trying this other taboo with me. It seemed this role play might be the perfect time.

“Oh, Uncle Mikey, that feels so nice. Maybe… do you think you might want to put your thing in there? That would be ok, wouldn’t it?” She turned to me with a smile. “It’s not like real sex, right? I bet Mommy wouldn’t mind.”

It really was the perfect setup, she lay with her pretty ass spread, her anus softening as I played in the opening, her body relaxing on the bed. I grasped my shaft and began to tenderize the untried opening now with the head of my cock. Back and forth, up and down, around the vortex of Karin’s little butthole. Convinced that she was waiting for this, and wanting it, I began to apply force against her. Her thighs against the side of the bed held her, and she began to whimper as her dark hole opened up to the intrusion. She grimaced, as though in pain, her eyes shut tight in anticipation.

As slowly as I could bear it, I pressed into my sweet sister in law’s ass. She was so tight, my cock bent as though it wasn’t rock hard. “Relax, baby, let me inside you,” I murmured. Finally it began to spread millimeter by millimeter, yielding to the force of me pressing into her. Wider and wider, like a little mouth pursed around me, until it was as wide as the head of me, and I slipped it inside. “Ohhh, goddd. Oh my gooodddd,” she groaned. “That feels sooo….”

“Good?” I asked, holding completely still, looking at her ass holding me inside.

“NOooo, sooo bad!” she replied. “It feels so fucking bad, I’m sooo fucking bad, aren’t I?” She turned and opened her eyes, looking pleadingly to me.

“Yes, sweet Holly, you are so fucking bad.” I replied.

As I stood there, eyes locked with my brother’s wife, she began to press back against me now. And I looked down to watch my cock disappear, inch by inch, into her virgin hole. Halfway in, she stopped, and grunted with the effort. I started to withdraw a bit, but she stopped me immediately. “No, wait.”

And again she began to press back, swallowing me into her, so slowly, deeper and deeper. Until her ass touched my thighs. Then she bahis şirketleri bucked violently against me, and cried out. I wasn’t sure if I’d hurt her, until she shoved her hand under her thigh and began to flick her clit as she came. Her orgasm was spastic and tumultuous. She flailed beneath me like a rodeo bronc, but I held her by her thighs and lay down against her back, feeling her rectum spasm against me, until my orgasm began as well. The cum rushed from me, injecting her with all I could muster, and as I groaned with the intense pleasure of cumming in her forbidden passage she began to as well.

It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life, the most forbidden, the wildest. I fucked her ass with long slow strokes as we finished coming, and reached below her to stroke her hanging breasts and squeeze and pull on her nipples, as she raised up on her elbows to allow my hands access. Her moans encouraged me to pinch harder, and she shook violently, obviously enjoying the pain.

My head was turned to the side, my eyes closed tightly, all of my senses were directed to this moment of pleasure. But as it subsided, and I lay there, my cheek against her shoulder blade, I opened my eyes, and focused on the reflection in the mirror over the dresser. The reflection of Holly, my niece, her eyes wide, hand over her mouth, legs crossed tightly; standing in the doorway to my room. Watching her mom, dressed as herself, and uncle cumming together in anal intercourse.

She slipped away so quickly that for a second I wasn’t sure I hadn’t fantasized her presence. But my waning erection got a shot of adrenaline from the sight, and I kept slow strokes in my sister in laws ass. It loosened slightly, slick with my semen, but still squeezed me on every stroke.

“Mmmm, that feels so naughty,” Karin moaned softly. “You are making me so bad. Does that feel good? Do you love my ass too?”

“Oh baby, I love all of you.” I kept stroking her, long slow strokes from her anus to the core of her.

I caught movement in the mirror now, and without revealing it, I peeked to see Holly peering around the corner. She had her cell phone held up, I didn’t know if it was for evidence or just interest, but I didn’t care. From her angle, she could see everything, and I put on a show for her, making sure that she could see all of my cock. It glistened with our cum, still hard and red in the light as I long-stroked her mom.

“Oh, baby, you feel so tight, your little virgin asshole is amazing. I love that you let me inside it. God, I love it.”

“There’s a surprise,” she smiled back at me. “Your aren’t thinking about another tight hole again, are you?” She squeezed me hard with her rectum, making me moan. But what had me losing my mind now was Holly.

I almost warned her then that her daughter was right outside the room, but…

“Oh, Mikey, you don’t want to do this to Holly, do you? Her tiny little ass might hurt you if you go inside her!” I thought I heard a gasp from the hallway.

Karin pushed me out of her ass, and I looked down to see her little anus gaping open, the flesh of her insides pink and wet. Some dribbled out, and I used cock to smear it around the opening, and began to ease back inside her.

Just as she started to moan, we heard a voice in the door, “Oh my god, Holly. What are you doing with your uncle?” Confused, we both bolted upright, and turned to see Holly standing in the door. That was shocking enough, but there was more; my niece was wearing Karin’s work clothes. She had on a long navy blue skirt, a white blouse, stockings and black heels. But she’d taken liberties with her impersonation of her mother, she was braless. Her little breasts clearly showed through the sheer white top. Her hair was done up on top of her head, but a good bit of it hung loosely, and with the red lipstick she’d applied she looked like a slutty secretary.

She walked into the bedroom, right up to the two of us. “Anal sex? Mike, my daughter’s too young for this type of behavior.” She grasped the base of my cock and pulled me away from her mom. I looked down at her little hand wrapped around the slick member and it pulsed in response.

Karin still hadn’t said a word, she looked horrified and embarrassed, then turned and just lay face down on the bed.

Holly was obviously enjoying the hell out of the role reversal. She shook her head and clucked, “I leave you alone for an hour, and you’re spilling semen into my daughter. I don’t want to have to do this, but for my daughter’s sake I guess…”

She sighed heavily, and began to unzip her skirt. As she bent down away from me to remove it, her perfect pale ass shone like marble. She stood and faced me, she’d worn no panties, and now wore only her heels, stockings, and the silky blouse. My niece was naked in front of me, and she was gorgeous.

“I guess, to protect my daughter, I’m going to have to take care of your erections, Michael. I don’t see that I have a choice.”

Now Karin started to say something, but Holly smacked her ass fiercely and told her, “silence, young lady. You’re in enough trouble already. Now pull up your panties and sit in the corner, I’ll figure out your punishment later.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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