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Swinging with Chrissy

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Special thanks go to my wonderful editor for taking the time to look over my work, offer suggestions and check and correct my spelling. She is a great person to work with and I truly hope to have her edit my future stories also!


“So what do you think? Do I look okay?”

Megan did a quick spin to show her daughters the dress she had chosen to wear tonight. It was a tight blue dress that zipped up in the back and clung to her curves, showing off her ample assets, the neck diving down in a deep V shape.

Haley, her eighteen year old daughter, who would be baby-sitting tonight, looked up from her mobile phone briefly and gave a non-committal grunt which was about all Megan ever expected these days. Megan smiled and turned to Sally, her youngest daughter, for her evaluation.

“You look beautiful Mummy,” came the beaming response from the youngster.

“Thank you Honey! Now, me and Daddy are going out to dinner tonight and won’t be back before your bedtime,” Megan explained for the second time that day. Haley gave an amused look to her mother over her young sisters head. She knew what her parents going out to dinner really meant, something that young Sally wouldn’t be told until she was many years older and more mature. “But if you go upstairs now, I think Daddy will read you a story before we go,” Megan said ignoring her oldest daughter’s look.

“Yay!” Sally exclaimed enthusiastically, pausing only to add, “Hope you and Daddy have a good dinner Mummy.”

“We will Honey, and your big sister will look after you while we are away, now you go tell your dad to get the story book out.”

Megan gave her youngest a kiss on the cheek and a big hug before watching as she ran off to see her dad, happily calling for him as she went up the stairs. Once she was gone Megan turned her attention back to Haley.

“So, what do you think then?” she asked, giving her adult daughter another twirl before adjusting the bust so it didn’t ride so high and cover her cleavage.

Haley looked up from her phone and passed a speculative eye over her mother before she replied with “You look… Okay.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Megan said and kissed her daughter lovingly on the cheek which brought the usual reaction of a pull away and a wiping off of the kiss, a familiar thing most parents of an eighteen year old will recognise.

“God you are such a lesbian!” Haley said looking at her hand to see if she had wiped off any lipstick from her cheek left by her mother’s lips.

“Hey, I am not a lesbian; I’m happily married to your dad,” Megan said with mock defensiveness.

“Well you’re so bi-sexual then.”

“I’m not even bi-sexual, actually.”

“Really Mom? So tell me,” Haley said rolling her eyes in an expression much like someone who had done this a thousand times before and was bored of the routine would, “when you and Dad stay over with your friend tonight after dinner, will at any time you have your head down between her thighs? And at any time will she have her head between yours?”

“That… I… who said it was okay to talk to your mother like that?” Megan stammered out, but knew full well it was just the sort of thing that she and Dan had encouraged. They had brought their kids up to be open about sex.

“The law, it guaranteed me freedom of speech,” Haley said sarcastically.

Megan had to laugh at that. Haley was quick and smart, as well as good looking and Megan was especially proud of how she had turned out.

“Well, since you like the law so much, I am pleading the Fifth,” Megan said with a smile.

“So you are guilty, you just don’t want to admit it. That means I was right to call you what I did.”

There was several more minutes of back and forth between mother and daughter. Both giving as good as they got when it came to the discussion but neither crossing any lines. Megan, despite what she would admit if asked by Haley, was very happy as they talked, she just hoped Sally would grow up as intelligent and articulate too.

“What’s everyone talking about?” Dan, Haley’s father and Megan’s husband, came through the living room door and placed his arm around his wife’s waist before giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Mom being a part time lesbian,” Haley said while looking down at her phone again and composing a text message.

Megan gave Dan a look of ‘do you see what I have to put up with?’ which said it all really without actually having to say anything.

“Well, as long as it’s only part time and I get her the rest of the time, that’s okay with me,” Dan said with a chuckle.

Haley rolled her eyes and looked up from her phone to her parents. The truth was they were swingers who had been having a regular thing with a woman for some time. Haley knew all about her parents and their lifestyle. There were no secrets kept from her about sex when she was growing up. They told her about their lifestyle early. From the age of around ten years old, it had been normal canlı bahis practice for her parents to go off for a night out leaving her with a baby-sitter while they met up with another couple or someone alone for a threesome or wife swapping party. When they had started meeting semi-regular with their current ‘friend’ they had told Haley about it and she had agreed to keep it from her sister, who it was judged was still too young to know about and understand their lifestyle. They had told Haley their friend was called Kelly and she was new to the swinging scene.

“Okay, so we are going to be off in a minute,” Dan said to his daughter who didn’t look up from her phone but nodded that she had heard. “We have to go pick our friend up early if we want to make it in time for our reservation. No jokes!”

Haley looked up at her dad. He gave her a friendly warning look about not making a joke about what the reservation was for, dinner or Kelly.

“We’ll be back tomorrow around eight or nine in the morning. We both have our mobile phones if there is an emergency. Make sure that your sister is in bed on time and don’t wreck the house, alright?” Dan said.

Haley finished composing her text and then looked at her mother and father again. She told them she could take care of her sister and everything would be fine, adding with a roll of her eyes the message that all this was unnecessary; it wasn’t her first time babysitting.

“Alright, well see you tomorrow then Honey,” Megan said and again gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek before she grabbed her car keys and headed to the door. Dan gave her a kiss too, which made Haley wipe her face even harder, before he followed his wife to the car.

As soon as her parents were gone, Haley sent a text message to Chrissy, her friend since her early school years, reading: Parents out for the night, stuck sitting the brat, want to come over and hang out?


“Do you think Haley is okay with looking after Sally again?” Megan asked Dan as she drove down the road, indicating right at the cross roads at the end.

“Sure. I talked it over with her, and we agreed that if she did this for us tonight, then I’d get her that new phone contraption she wants for her birthday,” Dan said soothingly to his wife.

Megan looked in the rear view mirror at her husband who was seated in the back. She always felt a pang of guilt at leaving Haley to look after her sister while they went to one of their meet-ups. Still, it was only for one night, normally once every two or three months. It wasn’t like it was a super frequent occurrence. Still she didn’t feel right about telling their daughter that their ‘friend’ was called Kelly. That was a lie, and they had always said they would not lie to their kids once they were old enough to understand. But, then again, what could a harmless lie like her name matter?

“Look,” said Dan, seeing his wife’s eyes reflecting a slight doubt, “she’s been doing it long enough, and while she may get a little sulky from time to time, she doesn’t complain does she?”

Megan had to admit that he was right. Haley, for all her eye rolling and back talk to her parents, was not the type of daughter who complained at how they chose to live their lives. Nor did she ever complain about occasionally having to stay in and watch her sister while they indulged.

“So stop worrying and just focus on tonight. You know how much fun it is going to be,” he said, coaxing a smile from his wife as he shook the bag they had packed for their overnight stay in the hotel.

“You’re right, it’s been months since we last got some time away from the kids, lets not spoil it with negative thoughts. We are going to go pick up our special friend, have a nice dinner at a good restaurant and then have a great time at the hotel,” Megan said as she hit the brakes at a red light, the last traffic light between them and their first stop to pick up their passenger.


Chrissy pulled her hair tightly into a long pony-tail and tied it with a band. It made her look younger then her twenty years, like she should still be in school, which was perfect. Just the look she was going for.

She admired herself in the mirror and applied a little make-up to her cheeks and around her eyes. She was trying to make herself look good but also young, an unusual thing for a young woman to do when going out, but it was necessary for where she was going and what she was doing tonight.

A beep from her phone broke her concentration on the make-up. She cursed a little at the mess she had made of one of her eyebrows, but once she had looked at the screen and saw it was Haley, she opened the text. It was the invitation to hang out tonight.

Chrissy quickly replied, her thumbs working the letters quickly and sent back a message: Sorry, got plans myself, going out or would totally come over!

With that sent she corrected the mistake with her eyebrow and gave herself another once over to see kaçak iddaa if she was presentable. She looked like most twenty year olds, most twenty year olds you see in movies and on TV that is. Slim in the waist, with a succulent arse and long firm legs and full, heavy breasts which seemed to defy gravity.

Her phone beeped again and she opened another text from Haley, this one reading: Wish I could go with you, the brat is annoying, where you going?

Chrissy smiled to herself at a private thought before she composed her reply: Going to a club, guy there invited me a while ago, we will go out sometime soon, promise!

With that sent, she looked at the clock and realised she had to get a move on. Quickly she grabbed the bag she had packed and ran down the stairs from her bedroom and into the kitchen.

She felt bad about lying to Haley in that text about what she was doing tonight. They were really good friends, but sometimes you just couldn’t tell someone the truth and this was one of those times. She had used the going out excuse a few times now when Haley had invited her over while her parents were out. Chrissy worried it may wear thin, but so far Haley seemed to accept it without too many questions, other then the usual about how things went when they next met up. Still she should think up something else soon, but what?

Chrissy’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her phone beeping again. Another text from Haley: You are so lucky, wish I could go out tonight with a guy! What is he like?

Chrissy was about to reply when she heard a car pull into the driveway of the house she shared with her mother, who was currently working late and had been told Chrissy would be going out and not returning until the following morning as she would be staying with friends. Chrissy pulled the curtains back and saw the driver flash the headlights of the car when they saw her face appear in the window. Chrissy smiled and held up a finger, indicating she’d be out in a moment.

Quickly she fired off a text to Haley: Sorry my ride is here, will text you tomorrow! See you again soon!

And with that sent, Chrissy grabbed her bag and left the house, locking the door behind her, and went to the car that had arrived to pick her up for her night out.


“Hi Sweetie!” Megan said as Chrissy opened the passenger side door of the car and leaned in giving her friend’s mother a very quick kiss. “You can give Dan, in the back, your bag then you can hop in here next to me up front,” she said with a big grin.

“Hi Chrissy, you look great,” Dan said as the young woman passed him her small bag and then climbed in to the front passenger side seat, next to Megan, and buckled her seat belt.

“Thanks, I spent ages getting ready.”

“Oh come on! At your age all you need to do is roll out of bed and you look amazing, I get jealous every time I think about it. It’s women my age that have to think about what to wear and how to do our make-up,” Megan said as she backed out of the drive and turned right, beginning the journey to the restaurant where they had made a reservation for dinner.

“You look amazing Meg, classy and sexy!” Chrissy said looking over at Megan as she drove. “Isn’t that right, Dan?” she turned and looked back over her seat at Megan’s husband who nodded and smiled.

“Good enough to eat,” he said with a grin.

“You two would ruin your appetites before we even got to dinner given the chance,” Megan said with a laugh and a smile at Chrissy who sat next to her, laughing too. Megan took a hand off the wheel and squeezed Chrissy’s hand warmly. Chrissy smiled and squeezed back while giving the older woman a wink.

They drove on, chatting and laughing. All three at ease in the other’s company as they made their way to the restaurant.

“Here we are, right on time,” Megan announced as she pulled in to the parking lot and found an open space in which to park.

“Right you two,” Dan said, leaning forwards from the back seat, “I am paying, so order anything you want. Just make sure you don’t over do it on the drink Megan, you still have to drive,” he added.

“Don’t worry, I’ll still be able to get us to the hotel after dinner just fine,” Megan said as she opened the car door and began to get out, followed by Chrissy and Dan. “I wouldn’t do anything to spoil our night,” she said with a smile and wink to Chrissy, who beamed back a radiant smile.

The three entered the restaurant arm in arm, Dan in the middle between the two women. They were shown to the table that Dan had reserved for them to begin their night out. Hardly any other diner paid any attention to the threesome, to look at them they could have passed for a family eating out for the night.

Dinner had lasted until just before 9pm, when Dan had paid the cheque and the three had left after a wonderful meal. During the meal they chatted about life and occasionally done a little flirting for the fun of it.

From the restaurant, kaçak bahis Megan, who had kept her word and drank only one small glass of red wine, drove them to the hotel that Dan had booked a room in for the them to stay the night. While Megan parked Dan, carrying the bag he and Megan had brought plus the small one Chrissy had packed, and Chrissy signed in and got the key to their room, leaving Megan to follow on once she had sorted out the car.

Once in the room, Chrissy had excused herself and taken her bag in to the bathroom, leaving Dan alone, with his thoughts, until Megan had arrived at the room and promptly placed the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the handle before locking the door to the outside world.

She gave her husband a kiss and together they waited for Chrissy to re-emerge from out of the bathroom.


“Well, does the uniform match your expectations?” Chrissy asked as she came back out from the en suite and posed for Dan and Megan to look over. She was wearing a red and white chequered school girl skirt, a thin white short sleeved silk shirt with the top five buttons undone showing the mounds of her breasts, and a loosely tied red and blue striped school tie.

“You look very… wow!” Dan said before he snapped a picture of Chrissy.

“Do you remember when Haley and I had to dress like this for school?” Chrissy asked, laughing at the memory of herself and Dan and Megan’s oldest daughter as young teens dressed in very similar outfits.

“Remember? I used to drive you both to school!” Megan said looking over Chrissy and taking in her beauty.

“I thought we looked like the dorkiest kids in town,” Chrissy said with a grin of memory.

“Well, no-one would ever call you the dorkiest girl in town now,” Megan said admiring Chrissy and remembering her when she was at school dressed in this manner. “Now come here; I have waited years to get my hands on a sexy schoolgirl.”

Chrissy walked over slowly, swaying her hips with each step, until she was stood close in front of Megan. The older woman wasted no time in running her hands up Chrissy’s arms before placing them around her and pulling their bodies close together, their lips meeting in a firm kiss.

Dan snapped a picture of his wife and Chrissy sharing a deep kiss. His wife’s hands running up and down Chrissy’s back, while Chrissy’s own hands tangled into Megan’s raven hair.

“Hmm, let me get out of this clingy dress,” Megan said breaking the kiss with Chrissy. “Unzip me, Sweetie, will you.”

Megan always called Chrissy ‘Sweetie’ even when they were not engaging in anything sexual. For as long as she and Haley had been friends, the pet name had been there and that hadn’t changed when she had joined Dan and Megan in their bed for the first time. As far as Megan was concerned, Chrissy was still the same girl she had always been. The fact that Chrissy had Dan’s cock in her mouth and pussy, and licked Megan’s pussy or had her own licked by Megan every few months didn’t change anything in the older woman’s mind.

“Sure, turn around,” Chrissy waited until Megan had turned and then took the zip in her fingers, slowly sliding it down her back and opening the dress, revealing Megan’s naturally slightly tanned complexion.

Once the zip had reached the bottom of its journey, Chrissy leaned forward and wrapped her arms around the older woman, cupping her breasts and bringing her lips into contact with Megan’s skin, kissing her back softly as Chrissy pressed her own breasts against the other woman.

“Oh that feels good,” Megan cooed as Chrissy spread kisses over the back of her neck. Both women being roughly the same height meant that Chrissy had to bend her head down to do this.

Chrissy kept her body pressed against Megan’s back as she kissed her neck. She first squeezed her friend’s mother’s breasts and then peeled down the blue dress she was wearing, revealing that the older woman had no bra on underneath. Megan’s breasts, not as firm as they once were, but still not sagging too badly despite having two children, came free and Chrissy quickly placed her hands on them, pushing them up high, squeezing softly the soft flesh.

Dan took pictures and felt his cock getting harder as his wife was squeezed and caressed by their daughter’s friend. No matter how many times the three of them were together, he still felt the same sense of arousal from watching his wife and Chrissy touch each other. It was the same previous to Chrissy aswell, he got the same feelings when they had swung with other couples and Megan had played with the other woman then too.

“Hmm, Sweetie you have such gentle hands,” Megan said as she let her breasts be caressed and squeezed, enjoying the sensation. It was one thing to be said for being with another woman, Megan had found, on the whole their hands were smaller, gentler and softer then Dan and the other men she had been with.

“All the better for being with you and Dan,” Chrissy said and rested her chin on Megan’s shoulder so she could look at Dan who took the opportunity to snap a cute picture of the pair.

“I do appreciate a soft pair of hands caressing my cock,” Dan said grinning. His pants were visibly bulging from his erection contained within.

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