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Table Manners

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Big Tits

This is my first attempt at this, so all comments are welcome…


Harry lifted himself up from her, sucking in a deep breath to help recover from the recent exertions both had made.

He looked down at Emma, naked as she was and breathing heavily, laying there on his kitchen table her knees still wide apart, her hands reaching up above her head and holding the opposite end of the table. The hands still gripped at the bare wood, but the fingers were attached more loosely than a few minutes before.

He stared at her and smiled. Her face was flushed red and her chest a little red too. Her nipples still stood hard, a measure of the lingering excitement she was feeling and inviting of fresh kisses. Between her legs the lips of her pussy were still parted, dark pink and glistening against the whiteness of her shaved mound, all too easy to see in the afternoon sunlight that shone through the uncovered kitchen window.

Emma had lifted herself so that she sat with her back upright, hands either side of her hips on the table, her position giving both of them a moment to appreciate the full round curves of her breasts. Her knees were almost touching again. Her shoulders were a little hunched and she looked out of the window then back towards him. Smiled.

“I think maybe it’s time I should go. The laundry, the….” But her sentence was only half finished.

His expression didn’t seem even a little bit guilty or apologetic…more full of dirty pleasure promises still to be had.

“Maybe. But you see,” he said with a smile, “I’d love to be between your legs again right now.”

He pushed her back onto the table, quickly leaned over her, licking and kissing her hard nipples giving her new pleasure. He was playing with her piercings, sucking each nipple in turn, tugging them between his teeth. His tongue moved on, caressed her exposed breasts, quickly licking, quickly kissing, and she felt her breathing beginning to change again. Shorter, deeper breaths.

He stood back and she could feel him against her knees. She tried to open her legs up to welcome him, but he held her thighs together and she could not force his grip. He let his hands slide quickly up and down the outside of her thighs and she relaxed a little, closed her eyes. His hands were warm and caressing her insistently. She could feel his palms tracing the line formed where her thighs were together and she sighed as the hands moved up high over her hip bones until his palms covered her nipples and his fingers were spread, pawing at her breasts. Back they slipped, back over her hips until he reached her knees. And back up again over the front of her body sweeping wider and more firmly, never letting her go completely with one hand or the other. More broad strokes and more, until his hands rested again on her knees.

“Don’t stop…” she sighed.

Instead she felt her legs being pulled apart. His hands rubbed the inside of her thighs firmly and fast, but not in any kind of rough way. Her knees were far enough apart now that she knew he could see her pussy again, still dripping from their fucking — his juices as well as hers. He hesitated barely a moment before falling to his knees on the kitchen floor, grabbing her legs and escort kartal dragging her until her pussy met the edge of the table. He pushed her legs apart, wide.

She could feel his breath, warm on the inside of her left thigh. He was kissing her thigh gently, and a trembling began there, one that she was struggling to control. He turned his attention to her right thigh, teasing the left one – still damp from his kissing — with his hand. But he soon lost interest in this; instead his tongue raced upwards almost grazing her pussy along one side, up round above her clit and back down the other side. Emma couldn’t conceal a moan any longer. Louder still she moaned, as he kept moving his tongue around her lips.

At last his wet tongue was on her pussy. First, trying to make her wetter by licking the lips rapidly in turn. He touched her with the tip of his tongue, where her lips joined, then ran the tip right the way up until it pressed softly on her clit. He licked her there for several seconds and she pushed herself at him, at his tongue. Next he was pressing the flesh just to each side of those lips again, almost kissing her. Then he was trying to penetrate her, hurriedly, as she was really driving him crazy now. Feeling the taste of her on his lips, sensing her flavour on his tongue. Again she pushed her pussy into his face, grinding against his mouth and nose, trying to rub herself as he licked her intently. Again she moaned, longer and let go a word or two:

“OH my g… fuck, that feels sooo good.”

The licking stopped a moment, instead he drew away from her to look at her wet pussy. He reached up with his hands to spread her open wider and stroked her with his thumbs. He increased the pressure and easily both thumbs went inside her. Emma could feel them moving from within, probing her in different directions; she tried to grip them, but could only push them out. The wet tip of one thumb flicked at her pussy lips until it was nudging her clit, the other could be felt on the skin between her pussy and her ass hole. She was unable to stop her legs trembling and her pussy forced itself against his hands, pressing his thumbs harder into her flesh.

“Don’t you dare stop..” she gasped. “Ohh….MMMmmmmm…..”

The pressure on her clit was suddenly too much and the tingling that had been building quickly inside her gave way to her rather noisy orgasm.

“Ohhh fuck. OHHHH FUCK!!!!! OHHHHHhhhhhh!!”

He pulled his hands away burying his face in her wetness as it flowed out over him. Her back arched, her whole body becoming tense for several seconds and she gripped his head – and not the table now — with both her hands and her thighs, holding him tightly down there as her body continued to shake and shudder from her climax. He tried to lick her lips upwards with his tongue but she felt too sensitive and pushed him away a little so that all he could do was tease her thighs with his face and tongue.

The tension in her legs slowly faded and, and catching her breath at last, she desired something to drink.

“I need a drink. You have a drink of water of water perhaps?” she enquired.

“Certainly.” He managed to answer, before standing up to organise a drink of water maltepe escort for her. He looked at her, a long lingering look. He very much liked what he saw. He liked to see her naked.

She was sat up on the edge of the table, reaching a hand between her legs to find out just how wet she was. She held her fingers up to the light, and they shone with the wetness. She allowed herself a taste of one finger then offered another to him as he reached to put the glass of water in her other hand.

She drained the glass empty as he sucked on her finger, savouring the flavour of her intimate juices. He didn’t want to let her finger go and she could feel his teeth slightly, not letting it slip away.

“More water I think…”

She moved to the sink herself this time and turned on the cold water, letting it run a while. She refilled the glass carefully, looking out into his garden through the window that was uncovered by curtains or blinds. Her clean clothes still lay strewn about the garden, blown there by the wind, from her clothes line next door.

Whilst she stood she hadn’t really noticed him move up close behind her. Standing up close so that his body again was in contact with hers. Hadn’t noticed either, him letting his right hand go cold under the water.

It was a shock therefore when this cold hand grabbed at her right breast, squeezing it firmly as he did so. She put the glass down to avoid dropping it. His other hand, much warmer, reached up and grabbed at her other breast, massaging much, much more softly. It felt weird, one nipple swollen but slightly numb with cold, the other swelling rapidly to the heat of his touch. He squeezed her breasts and played the nipples between his fingers, stretching them and making them harder still. He pushed her breasts together, eased them apart, pushed them together. Eventually he pushed them upward, the nipples standing out between his fingers, pushed her breasts up towards her face. Emma bowed her head to lick her nipples, and quickly the sensitivity returned to the colder one.

Emma was all too aware of his cock, stiff once more and pressing against her bum. She rested her hands on the edge of the sink, and involuntarily pushed her bum backwards. That was not enough for her and she rotated her bum to tease as well as please him. She felt his grip on her breasts tighten as his excitement grew.

“No more playing.” She said.

“I want it inside. I want it now.”

He said nothing, instead tugging on her nipples some more, making her gasp and almost bite her lip.

Emma dropped a hand between her legs, reaching back to try and find his hard cock. She gripped the shaft, held it so that the knob could be rubbed against the wet lips of her pussy. She allowed herself a long deep breath, and moaned, feeling more and more turned on.

“MMMMmmmmm…….!” She sighed.

He pushed his cock through her fingers and deep into her waiting hole.

“…….aaaahhhhhHHH” she gasped, and also she heard him groan in her ear.

He pushed in and out of her slowly, each inward thrust varied in its depth.

“Deeper. I want it deeper!” she demanded.

Again without a word he complied with her wish,

“Oh yes…Ohhhhhh Yes” pendik escort bayan she moaned, her mouth wide open, eyes closed for a second as he pushed deeper and deeper into her pussy.

She opened her eyes to watch their reflection in the window, he was fucking her hard and deep, and it was a struggle for her to push her body back against him, but she kept trying and the slapping together of their bodies added to the excitement. She could see through the window into the garden beyond. Their neighbours Jan and Alan busy tidying the garden, but then they stopped, looking back at her. Emma felt an extra thrill from wondering just how much they could see of what she was doing. A thrill from knowing she and Harry were being watched.

He was still pawing at her breasts and pulling on the nipples, but his thrusting suddenly grew more rapid. Fast but very deep strokes, she trusted back at him. With one hard, deep thrust he was coming inside her, and his hands fell to her waist and he held her tight against him. He was groaning with his pleasure whilst throbbing, squirting, and coming far inside her. She closed her eyes and abandoned her mind and body to the moment. Leaning forward, her face almost in the sink, she allowed him to keep fucking her. He still wanted it. He still wanted her.

She held him tighter from inside. He was still hard, still thrusting there but it was her body that decided what happened next.

The familiar tingling was starting inside, but her body determined it took longer to take hold of her this time.

“Fuck me” she demanded “FUCK ME!” desperate to come.

He kept thrusting, she thrust back until, and almost unexpectedly she came.

“Ahhh………. I’m cumming!” Emma shouted. Her head shaking wildly.

Her juices mixed with a fresh, brief spurt of juice from him. She fell silent.

Gradually she began to relax with little quivering shakes. Her legs threatened to give way but he sensed her falling and held her so that she didn’t drop to the floor. He pulled his softening cock from her wet pussy with a slightly dirty, sucking sound and stood with her, ensuring she too stayed upright. They stood for several seconds just holding onto each other.

“They’re gone.” She said.

“What? Who’s gone?” he answered.

“Jan and Alan. They were watching. But now they’re gone.”

“How much did they see?” he enquired more than a little nervously.

“I don’t know…” Emma said, her voice trailing off.

“I wonder if they enjoyed it!”

She turned to face him, held him, kissing him fully on the lips. She kissed him again, holding his soft cock in her hand a moment or two. He held onto her for a while, savouring the softness of her skin, not wishing to let her go just yet.

“And I should go too.” she added.

Another kiss. He held on to her still.

“Really. I should go.”

Finally she broke away from him and started to search for her clothes. He grabbed his towel, lost a long time before, and watched Emma get dressed.

She picked up the clean, black bra and knickers – that had brought her to him in the first place – from the kitchen counter, putting them in the laundry basket. He escorted her to the back door, but before leaving she paused, turned to him and kissed him again.

“I can’t help thinking, this wont be the last time.”

She said with a smile, and left.

He watched her gather up the rest of her laundry from his garden and with another smile and a wave she was gone.

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