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Tale of Two Indian Sisters Pt. 03

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Thanks to Rusty once again to edit my story to make it better than I ever intended. He has written a story using the characters from my landlord story. Please check his story here.

Also special thanks to bdrew86 for reviewing my story and giving suggestions.

Anupriya was waiting impatiently for Balwant ji and the village inspector to leave the house to go to the farmhouse built near the National Highway. She knew it was where the bribery transactions happened. The modus operandi was like this, Balwant used his power and money to influence the village administrative officer to award the tender for a road contract to one of the contractors he pinpointed. The contractor in turn makes a hefty legal donation to the party fund. The party then decides to give a nomination to those politicians who had good local support and contributed to the party.

Balwant was the sarpanch (sheriff) of the village but he had plans to be a representative at a State and eventually national level. The profit from the granite quarry has been instrumental in his rise, but he had yet to get the elusive party ticket.

Usually, Balwant ji came home totally drunk using Dhondu as support and Anupriya could also smell women’s perfume on him. There was a rumour that a young widow lived there as a caretaker and she was very beautiful for a servant. Whenever Anupriya asked Dhondhu about the caretaker, he always replied, “Ask nothing and I don’t need to tell lies. My loyalty toward this family is more than any pussy in this world.”

Once Balwant left with Dhondu and the house was empty. Anupriya went into the bedroom where Anulekha was sleeping.

“How dare you do this?” she screamed at her sister.

Anulekha was nursing her sore body after the assault by Dhondu and badly needed rest. She was more irritated by her sister’s accusation than upset.

“Don’t worry, didi. I won’t tell anyone,” she replied, trying to change the subject.

“You’ve ruined our family’s name!” cried Anupriya.

“I don’t get you sister?” she replied, trying to act innocent.

“Why did it take four hours to go and come back?”

“Because we walked very slowly.”

“Is that why you are in pain even trying to take one step?”

“Yes. My legs are sore.”

“Stop playing this drama! Your sister is not dumb. I know you had sex with Dhondhu!” insinuated Anupriya, poking her finger at her sister.

For a moment, Anulekha gaped at her. She knew there was no way she could avoid or hide the fact. She started crying and Anupriya sighed, then sat down and consoled her. Slowly as she narrated the events, she could see Anupriya becoming angrier and angrier as she completed the tale.

“How could you be so careless?” Anupriya fumed when the story was completed.

“What?” asked Anulekha. “Why are you blaming me?”

“How come you gave up your honour so easily?”

“Honour?” shouted Anulekha as she indignantly sat up. “What about you, selling your ‘honour’ every day for the past 2 years?”

“My case is different,” said Anupriya. “Do you know how frustrating it is to be in a sexless marriage?”

“But you are cheating your husband nonetheless,” retorted Anulekha. “I’m a free bird and I can choose anyone I want. But you are cheating on your sacred nuptial!”

Anupriya raised her hand to slap her sister but controlled her senses. “Listen carefully,” she said with her eyes welling in tears. “You knew how popular I was in school. I used to get love letters not just from boys but also from teachers. But I never responded because I wanted to save our dad’s honour. I was so excited that God rewarded me for my patience when I got married to Mahesh Thakur. But my first night, which was supposed to be my happiest moment, became a shocking moment when he revealed his sexual problem.”

She drew in a deep sigh and looked out the window. “But despite that, you know what happened? I fucking bled… Even though he couldn’t maintain his erection for more than a minute inside. I still bled. I showed him that I was a virgin.”

She looked at her younger sister and harshly asked, “Can you do that? Bleed on your first night?”

Anulekha was whimpering in fear at her sister’s temper and decided to quietly accept defeat.

“I’m warning you. Stay away from Dhondu,” Anupriya said, getting up and stalking out of the room.

Anulekha wanted to argue that now that her virginity was broken, it wouldn’t make any difference but looking at her sister’s temper she decided not to. She curled back into her bed and tried to sleep.

A bit later they met to have dinner. It was very quiet with neither talking to each other. After the meal, Anulekha went back to her room and went to sleep. Anupriya stayed up, waiting for her father-in-law to return.

He came back at around 11 pm, totally wasted with Dhondu almost carrying him to the bed. He looked at Anupriya and smiled but by her glare he understood she was very cross. So he made sure Balwant ji was asleep and went illegal bahis to the outhouse.

Since it was summer and the sky was clear, he took out the coir bed and put it outside. He then removed his shirt and underwear and slept only in his lungi. He looked at the almost full moon and somehow looking at the moon reminded him of Anulekha.

He sighed, then gave a short laugh. What an eventful day it was. Just this morning, he had packed everything he owned in one big suitcase and wondered how he could withdraw all his savings from his village bank account without arousing suspicion. He had also wondered if he could ever escape from the clutches of Balwant no matter where he ran, considering his money and political clout.

But it turned out better. Not only was his secret safe, but he also had the best way to silence Anulekha. He still couldn’t believe that he ended up taking her sweet virginity. He remembered as a mischievous kid running around during her sister’s marriage and never noticed how beautiful the woman she had blossomed into. She had the perfect proportions God could ever design and the same cute face as her sister. He remembered how she quivered when he entered her. How her tight pussy sheathed around his penis. Those thoughts were making him hard. He wanted to do it once more to her but he thought that she might have come back to her senses and realised the ‘mistake’.

He had his eyes closed, visualizing what happened under the tree and waterfall and didn’t notice Anupriya standing in front of him, blocking the moonlight. He sensed her presence and opened his eyes and saw how angry she was. He slowly got up and sat on the bed. Anupriya started hitting him with almost no coordination. Although it slightly hurt, he didn’t budge as he felt guilty too.

“How dare you do this to her?” She started crying. “She is just a small child. Now you have ruined her life. Who will marry her?”

She kept shouting as she kept beating him but Dhondu didn’t do anything. His lack of fight was actually infuriating for her. “We gave you everything and you have misused our loyalty,” she screamed. “Like a snake.”

Dhondu, who was silent all this time suddenly shouted, “What did you just say, bitch?”

“Mind your language, Dhond!” warned Anupriya. “Know your place in this house.”

Before she could say anything she was pushed face first over a haystack. A cold hand gripped her neck, totally shocking her.

“The bitch who came yesterday to this house is teaching me my place?” he thundered. “Let me show you your place!” He then pulled up her nightie.

“Dhondu, what are you doing?” whimpered Anupriya, completely taken aback by this sudden change in Dhondu.

“Don’t act like you are innocent. This is the same thing I do every day,” he replied and then smacked her buttocks, making Anupriya wince. He then gave two or three slaps on each cheek.

“Trraaa…” He had pulled her panties so hard that they tore away in his hands. He bent her down and widened her legs. He pulled down his lungi which was just one garment away from his nakedness.

“AAAAHHHHHHH!” screamed Anupriya as Dhondu’s thick cock entered her without a warning. Dhondu had always been a gentle lover in bed. Even during their quickies, he would still stimulate her and also spit on his cock to lubricate it better. But today, he had inserted himself without any lubrication. Despite having a natural delivery, she still had issues accommodating Dhondu’s cock.

She kept crying as Dhondu went directly into fifth gear and her body couldn’t react fast enough to bear the lightning fast strokes. He slapped her buttocks again and again and Anupriya winced each time his hand found her ass.

“My loyalty lies with Balwant ji and his family,” he finally said. “Not to you or your family.”

“I broke that loyalty for your itching cunt to get some action,” his voice cracking with anger and disappointment. “I’ve been celibate for more than 10 years and can continue to be so. But will your cunt be satisfied without my dick?” He slapped each cheek once more.

“Your chudail (witch) sister planned to complain to Balwant ji that I touched her inappropriately,” he continued. “Do you know what Balwant ji might have done to me? It’s either death or running away.” He then stopped thrusting and stood still. Anupriya looked up as if to ask why he had stopped.

“Tell me, do you want this or not?” he asked teasingly. “If I pull out now it will be the last time you will ever see this.”

Anupriya cursed herself. She came to admonish him for what he did to her sister and now he was holding her to ransom with his penis. How could she just stop this? In her frustrating fake marriage, this sex was the only thing that kept her going. She might have gone mad or committed suicide if not for Dhondu. She was ashamed of the fact that she couldn’t stop cheating her husband.

Dhondu could almost read her mind. He realised that he should be the dominant one in this relationship. illegal bahis siteleri Anupriya had the beauty and the body to tempt a saint but she could not cheat on her husband with anyone other than him. In order to tease her, he slowly pulled his dick out of her.

Anupriya realised what was happening and immediately moved her hips to accommodate his dick inside her. He tried once more and she did the same. He laughed silently. She was at the mercy of a lowly servant.

“Do you want it?” asked Dhondu teasingly.

“Yes,” she said.

“Then beg for it,” he hissed.

“Please Dhondu,” she said choking over tears ” I beg you, please fuck me…”

“Why should I?” he asked, slowly pulling out.

“Because I… can’t be without your… amazing cock.” Anupriya had to swallow her pride to say that. “I want you to fuck me as hard as you can. Make me your randi (bitch). Give me your love juice.”

“That’s my girl!” he laughed and started pumping into her again. He pulled her nightie further up and Anupriya realised that it was the cue to remove it completely. Now they were completely nude in the open field. It was, in fact, their first time fucking outside the four walls of the house. Dhondu bent down and held her breasts and then started nibbling her ears. She was moaning appreciatively.

“I’m… yours… I’m always yours… You know that, right?” she asked between her moans. “I’m ready to give everything… Leave her alone… Take what you want from me.”

Dhondu was silent as he didn’t think that she would try to negotiate with him once again. Particularly like this.

“Look, what happened today was completely necessary in the big picture,” he said. “She was always a risk. Now that she too is involved, she will keep quiet. We need to make her more involved, not less.”

“Please… leave her alone,” begged Anupriya. “She is still a small child.”

“Child?” scoffed Dhondu. “She is legally an adult and can do what she wants. Remember, she is older than you were when you got married.”

“She needs to take care of my family,” cried Anupriya. “Please don’t distract her. She is young and vulnerable. Please promise me you won’t approach her again.”

“But you have so many restrictions in bed!” asked Dhondu. “You hardly suck my cock and you make it look like you are doing me a favour. I’m risking my life and you don’t even acknowledge that.”

“Please don’t be like that,” said Anupriya. “I’m still secreting milk just for you to feast on. I’m just a conservative girl who is still shy.”

“You need to leave out your shyness from now on!” thundered Dhondu, “And you should call me Dharmendra in bed.”

“Ok, Dh…Dharmendra,” replied Anupriya.

“Will you surrender your asshole to me?” asked Dhondu. Anupriya kept quiet, so he started to pull out.

“Yes… Yes… Dharmendra ji,” replied Anupriya. “Take my pussy, ass, mouth, wherever you want. Treat my body as your cum dumpster. Just leave my sister alone.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Dhondu. “What I couldn’t do in two years, you are now giving to me so easily! I can admire your dedication to the well being of your sister. As much as I would love to take the virginity of your ass right now, I’m a reasonable man and we will do it with proper lubrication.”

Saying this, he put his hands on her hips and started humping her at full speed. Anupriya was now well lubricated and she began to enjoy it. She wasn’t sure if she wanted this new Dhondu aka Dharmendra around but realised that she needed him more than he needed her. Also, she was getting turned on by this new assertive Dhondu who was handling her like a ragdoll.

Her moans disturbed the calm night with his penis going inside like a well maintained piston. It was tough to find a grip among the haystack and her face was deep into it. The taboo of doing it in the open air only added to her excitement.

Dhondu was mercilessly fucking her now that he has no inhibitions to worry about. He went as fast as he humanly could and made her moans go to the next level. She gave a huge shriek and had her orgasm. The sheer force of his thrusting almost pushed her fully into the haystack.

Before she could relish the orgasm, Dhondu immediately lifted her up and rested her knees over his forearms with his dick still inside her and slowly started moving her hips. It was a very odd position which needed a lot of upper body strength but Dhondu did it effortlessly, just like he did to her sister at the waterfall.

Anupriya was surprised by this new position. She was also excited how he was bringing more things to the table, or in this case, the bed. At first, she was afraid that he might drop him or she might lose her balance but then realised that his hands were as steady as a rock. She turned her head and tried to smooch him. They kept kissing each other while he kept moving his hips inside her.

After yet another long session, Anupriya finally came. Dhondu kept moving her until he had a big orgasm. canlı bahis siteleri It was his 4th for the day, but he launched a huge load that was dripping down. Once he had completed cumming inside her, he callously threw her into the haystack and laughed at her.

Anupriya emerged from the stack and complained, “That was unnecessary,” but then came close to him and gave a kiss on his lips.

She then said. “Look, from what Anulekha said, you came inside her twice. So please go to the ‘regular’ medical store and buy a Plan B tablet. The last thing we need is a pregnancy to an unmarried teenager.”

She took the nightie and put it on, then carefully took her torn panties so that Balwant ji or any daily wage worker might not discover them later.

“Oh I totally forgot,” she said, coming close to Dhondu and giving him a slap. He was so surprised that he didn’t know how to react. Was it because he popped her sister’s cherry or fuck her wildly when she came to talk. He looked at her, almost asking ‘Why?’

“That’s for fantasizing about my sister when you were fucking me,” she said.

He gaped at her. How did she know? Their eyes hardly met during sex. What kind of sixth sense do women possess? He was thinking about that as she walked back to the house holding her nightie so that it didn’t get stained by the cum leaking on her thighs.

Dhondu took back his lungi and put it on. Anulekha had given him a hard-on and Anupriya just happened to cross by to satisfy him. He had been reluctant in trying the positions he had seen in the English porn movies with Anupriya, but now he could use Anulekha as leverage to get what he wanted from her.

But the human mind is strange. Although he was punching way above his weight by fucking one of the most beautiful girls around, now his penis wanted her sister. They looked almost the same in the face and body structure although Anupriya had a better shape and bigger breasts, but the taboo of fucking Anulekha – a young, recently deflowered virgin, made her even more irresistible.

He put his hands behind his head and sighed. But now she would be closely watched by her hawkish elder sister. Although Dhondu could force her to agree, it was never good to upset the applecart. Sometimes when push becomes a shove, it can lead to disastrous results. He closed his eyes and started sleeping.

He was awakened from his light slumber by a new sensation. It was so pleasurable, but he didn’t know what it was. Maybe he was having a wet dream? He felt raw wind touch his balls and he instinctively tried to move his lungi, but he felt his hand hit something.

He immediately woke up and saw that it was Anulekha sucking his penis. He blinked his eyes to make sure. It was definitely her wearing a shawl, crouching at his legs sucking his cock.

“Anulekha, what are you doing?” asked Dhondu. He started panicking, looking around for her sister.

Anulekha didn’t mind and kept on sucking. Despite draining his fluids, he could feel a sensation that he might become hard again but he wanted to warn her.

“No, please stop it,” he pleaded. But she didn’t bother to even listen.

“STOP IT Anulekha!” he shouted in such a force that she stopped immediately and looked at him like a deer in front of headlights.

“What happened?” she asked teasingly. “Am I not sucking properly?”

“No,” he said. “That’s not the issue. Just forget what happened in the afternoon and let’s go back to how we were before?”

“Oh…” asked Anulekha. “And my hymen will regrow back as it was before?”

“Look what we did was a mistake. It happened as an accident,” said Dhondu. “Let’s not continue it.”

“Wow, we did it 3 times,” said Anulekha, showing her fingers, “and you think a man can have so many accidents?”

“Look Anulekha, you are a beautiful girl and still in college… You could get better boys than me.” Dhondu was trying his best to dissuade her.

“But I chose this,” said Anulekha, and gave a kiss to his cock. “You were the one who awakened the sexual desires in me without my permission. Now it has become your duty to satisfy me whether you like it or not. You must be happy that I came to you instead of thinking about complaining to Balwant ji or the Police.”

Dhondu gulped his saliva. She was right. What happened today could have turned into a traumatic experience for him, but here she was. Actually begging for it.

“But your sister made me promise…” he tried to reason with her one last time.

“Fuck that bitch,” she said. “I came some time ago and saw you both fucking against the haystack. All that bravado with me but still doing it with you.”

She slowly got up and supported both of her legs on either side of the coir bed and said, “What she got,” and then dramatically threw off the shawl revealing she was completely nude under it, “I can give you better.”

Dhondu looked at her in shock. Although he had seen her naked before, the suddenness and most importantly, her eagerness to seduce him by showing her naked body totally caught him blindsided. His penis which was already semi erect from the sucking was as straight as a flag pole.

Anulekha slowly sat on his thighs and then started stroking his dick.

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