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Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 06

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Isolde meets Cleopatra, the Greatest Seductress of Men

I left the villagers sated and happy and made my way South. I had ridden my Besom (Broom) part of the way but needed to cross the daunting and cold Mediterranean Sea. My Great-Aunt Baba Yaga had given me a map to get to the Nile and Cleopatra’s Kingdom, where I would continue my lessons as a Sexual Healer. I had heard tales of her beauty and her seductiveness and cast longing thoughts back to my first Love, Medea. How I still missed her soft caresses and kisses. But she was long gone, with Jason, in the Quest for the Golden Fleece.

I stowed away on a Ship sailing for Cairo. I hid myself, for the sailors were terrified and threatened by the presence of a woman in their midst. I could have done with the sexual joy of a man’s penis inside of me but I dared not reveal myself. Instead, every night, I crept out on deck and cavorted with the mermaids and mermen that surfed and played in the sea-foam. I was anxious to give my offerings to Isis and rest in Her wings.

One day, as I sat quietly writing Incantations in my Grimore, I heard otherworldly singing. There was great shouting from the men, as many were so maddened by the sound of angelic voices that they were jumping overboard. They were thrashing in the water and crying out desperately to find the source of the exquisite music. It was the Sirens’ Song…and the sailors were unable to resist it. I leaped upon the bow of the ship crying out, “No! We must go on!” but to no avail. Every last man jumped to his death. In terror, I called out to Isis, begging her to spare me. A rainbow materialized in the sky and a beautiful woman with golden wings held out her hands to me. Do not fear, Child, she spoke in my mind, You will be spared. You have a special mission on this Earth. I shall take you to the Temple.

I awoke in the lap of luxury. I was clothed in silks and being watched by an exotically ataşehir escort beautiful woman with kohl-lined eyes. She was in a golden tub with jets and being fed highly aromatic food by slaves with gold tunics. Cleopatra wore a gold ankh crown with a jeweled bird in the middle and gold chains with jewels that lay sparkling in her jet-black silky straight hair. She raised a beautifully arched eyebrow as she casually spread her legs for a female slave to pleasure her. As I watched in fascination, the slave parted the lips of Cleopatra’s vagina and lapped eagerly at her sex. Cleopatra stroked her breasts and never took her eyes from me. I felt desire within myself to serve her. The lessons I had learned on Lesbos had served me well.

I prostrated myself before her. I felt the extreme pull of her power as she drew me in with those incredible violet eyes. She held her hand out to me and pulled me into the tub, I lay side by side with her as the beautiful Nubian slave alternately licked and sucked our pussies and rubbed our clitorises. Cleopatra began to expertly make love to my breasts while several young and handsome men came close to the tub. Disrobing, they displayed their large and extremely erect rods. To my surprise, they began touching themselves, pulling at their giant cocks while moaning quietly. Several began to stroke and masturbate the man next to them.

Cleopatra languorously stretched as streams of cum squirted into the tub, covering both of us. I watched in astonishment as she rubbed gobs of semen all over her face and her body. She worked it into my skin as well. Her fingers were lazily tracing my curves just as I was climaxing into the female slave’s mouth. “Which one would you like?” she asked in a silky cultured voice. I nodded to indicate the tallest Egyptian slave with searing eyes and a Staff of Life that easily measured 12 inches. Another female slave led me to a bed kadıköy escort bayan of rose petals and gave me an erotic massage.

All my sufferings and troubles faded away as the slave anointed me with sacred oils that smelled of frankincense, myrrh and other aromatic herbs. Her nimble fingers massaged my inner walls as her tongue found my rectum and wriggled inside of it, setting my innards into another state of orgasmic bliss. The handsome slave mounted me and eased his massive cock into my pulsating cunt. I cried out with pleasure as his thrusting echoed the finger-fucking the woman had given me. Cleopatra watched with pleasure and began to ride the nearest male slave whose penis was still dripping with cum. She dipped her fingers inside of herself and smeared his man-sauce across his gasping lips as he brought her to orgasm.

Seeing the exotically beautiful and sensuous Queen vibrating and quivering as he bathed her womb with his hot cum made me spasm myself and squirt female ejaculate all over the well-endowed slave’s cock. He felt my contractions and gave a final thrust. Then he pulled his giant rod out of me, spraying his spending onto my face. I licked it all up, as it was so delicious. I could feel the Magickal effects spreading and warming my stomach as I eagerly gathered it all and shoveled it into my mouth. Cleopatra regally nodded in approval as she did the same. She passed me a glass of her finest wine. We climbed back into the tub which was filled with the most luxurious soapsuds. We bathed and dressed for the feast.

The Queen’s brothers were laughing and drinking wine. Cleopatra had the attention of every man in the room, as well as a few women. She had so much charisma and made everyone feel at ease. She invited me to Isis’s Temple in the morrow. I fell into a contented sleep that evening.

Isis was a powerful Goddess. She had the power to create and destroy escort maltepe life with mere words. She brought her beloved husband Osiris back to life and sired a child with him. I felt the pain of missing my own mother as I took in her beautiful priestesses dancing and singing their praises of her. We were celebrating the Vernal Equinox, to celebrate the return of life to the land. Cleopatra knelt at the feet of her bejeweled statue and began to chant:

“Isis am I, and all moons that wax and wane, the stars and streams, the Living and the Vain. I am the Mother. I am the speaking Sea. I am the Earth in its fertility. Return to me, to me, Isis and to my Beauty drawn. All glories of the Mountain and the Dawn. I am the Love and Life of the Divine. I am the Shrine of intolerable Fire. I am the Star of God. Hear, Mother Isis and come to me, Hail to thee, the sole Mother of my Life. I invoke Thee, I invoke Thee, I invoke Thee…”

Isis’s visage began to glow, with love and compassion flowing from her eyes. Her aura was a rainbow and all the high priestesses knelt before her Glory. Tears stung my eyes and I found myself crying uncontrollably. The smell of Verbena drifted in the air as the Temple filled with Light and Love. My heart ached for my home, Where shall I settle? What would I come to be? Why was I put upon this Earth, if not for Love and Healing? Would I ever feel my loving Mother’s arms around me again? I collapsed upon the statue’s bosom, weeping mightily for all that I had lost.

I felt the arms of the Goddess encircle me and a feeling of peace and contentment came over me. You shall be with her again, Child, I heard her words in my mind, You have much work to do. I shall be with you always. When you feel alone and afraid, hold this to your heart. It will give you courage to fullfill your destiny. I will see you in the Summerland, when it is your time.

I blinked. I was alone in the Temple with the faint smell of incense wafting about me. I was clutching an Amulet in my hand. It pulsed with power and glowed an iridescent shade. I kissed the Goddess’s feet as I struggled to my own. It was time to take my leave.

In Memory of my Mother…~sexynursechef~

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