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Taming the Beasts

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Anna Bell

“Here’s my little fox,” is all I say as I pick up the only girl that I’ve ever really wanted to get into and grind myself against her stomach letting her know that what happened the last several weekends is definitely going to be repeated again.

There’s still a part of me that’s half surprised she keeps coming home considering what Mark and I do to her, but because she’s just so fucking hot we just can’t keep our hands off of her. I know she can feel my cock pressing up against her too, and sister or no sister once I see her naked all I want to do is spread those long legs of hers apart and slide inside her juicy pussy. But what’s so different about her from all the girls I’ve ever been with is she can take all the abuse we do to her and she’s the one who still wants more. She’s just so incredible, and I just can’t wait to see her naked again.

When Mom had her come home for the weekend last month to make sure we didn’t have a keg party while she was gone I bet she never expected that we’d end up banging her brains out. Truthfully, neither did we, and when I told her there was a girl in a video that could be her clone I was in fucking shock when she actually told me she wanted to see her. Of course she had a couple of glasses of wine by then too, and I don’t even have a clue how much beer we drank but I seized the initiative and hooked the little flash drive up to the TV as fast as I could.

So there the three of us are sitting on the couch together watching this tall skinny chick that actually does look a lot like Katie walking around in a little tank top and skirt so short that her ass is hanging out, and when the two guys finally showed up and ripped her top and skirt off I figured that was when she’d probably get up and walk out of the room. But she didn’t, and even when the guys stripped with their dicks’ sticking straight out that’s when I felt her hand beginning to creep up my thigh. In fact she was rubbing Mark’s thigh too, and the hotter the movie got the closer her hand began to inch closer to my cock. I mean how much stress can a twenty year old guy take before he finally snaps, and when I felt her fingers digging into my dick that’s when I knew it was just now or never.

The look on her face when I lifted her up as if she was a feather and just slid her shorts and panties down her legs is one that I’ll never forget, and as Mark took her top off I just stripped and sat back down on the couch with my dick sticking straight up as he just lifted her so easily and set her down on top of me. If the whole thing took more than thirty seconds I’d be shocked, and as I felt myself sliding inside her I could feel how wet she was already. For years we have been talking about what it would be like to actually do it, and there I was with my dick buried inside her right up to my balls. But I have to admit that there was a fear that crept up on me when she didn’t seem to be reacting to my being inside her, and when she finally wrapped her lips around Mark’s cock I just felt all that tension draining away from me. I’ve seen many a girl sucking on his dick as I’ve pounded their pussy’s in a way that always made them begin to plead with me to stop, but the harder I fucked her the more she seemed to like it. Finally I just spread her cheeks apart and slid two fingers up her ass as Mark began shooting cum all over her face and in her hair.

I’ve had plenty of pussy before but as she rode me up and down there was just something about being inside her that was just so different from any other girl I’ve ever been with, and as I clamped my hands on the cheeks of her ass and just began banging the piss out of her just like I usually do with my girlfriends I was so surprised that she kept screaming for me to fuck her even harder. The truth is I like a rough fuck and use the strength of my arms to twirl them around on my dick just as if they’re all skinny rag dolls, and I don’t give a fuck if they like it or not either because as far as I’m concerned it’s all about me getting off that really matters. But as Katie rode me without the slightest bit of complaint I started to realize just how much she’s a carbon copy of us except she has that hairless slit between her legs.

But being inside her was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before, and even the way Mark just held her head as her mouth bobbed up and down his cock showed me that he was under her spell just like I was. He and I have gone on more than a few dates together that ended up with all of us in a cheap motel room, and as we swapped the girls back and forth just like they do in the videos it was if we were just sticking our cocks in girls that were only there to please us. It didn’t matter if they protested either, and now I guess we have a reputation because of it too, but for some strange reason they all just keep calling us for even more abuse.

“Hi Kate,” Mark says as I finally let her down and he picks her up just like I did and kisses her in a way no brother is supposed to ever gaziantep escort bayan kiss his sister.

“I guess I already know what the two of you want,” she says as Mark sets her down and we grab her bags and all walk inside the house.

“I figure we got three or 3 or 4 hours before she gets home,” I say as Mark and I are already taking our t-shirts off.

“Well I have to pee first,” she says as she walks towards the bathroom showing us that tight little ass of hers that we spent just so many years imagining what it would feel like to actually slide inside it.

“What a fox,” is all I say as we watch her walking away?

She actually calls us her ferocious lion lovers now which kind of makes me wince every time she does it, but when she’s around us it’s as if another side of our personalities is coming out. To tell the truth I’m not sure if I even like it either, but if it’s the price I have to pay for being with her then I’ll live just learn to live with it. And besides, she only stays for the weekend so it’s not like it’s that big of a sacrifice for us to make.

“Shut your phone off,” I tell Mark as I’m sliding my pants down my legs.

“Can you believe I turned down Lea and Amy again because I knew Kate was coming down,” Mark says something that I haven’t quite figured out what’s really going on with us yet.

“Fucking Patty and Tia won’t stop calling me either,” I reply as it seems like all my excuses of why I’m always too busy to see them are beginning to run out.

“You should have heard the message Lea left on my phone,” Mark says as this being exclusively with Katie now is beginning to cause problems for the both of us.

“Katie’s not like them,” is all I say as the door begins to open.

“I’m not like who,” Katie says as she comes walking through the doorway totally nude.

Some guys like chicks with big tits and a lot of meat on them but I like em tall and lean just the way she’s built. Those long thin legs and tight little ass of hers have always driven me crazy, and even though she has small tits there’s just something about her that I’ve always liked. I remember it had to be six or seven years ago when she hit a double off Tommy Peter’s and she must have pissed him off because he just started screaming at her that the only reason she could even hit a ball was because she has no tits, and as both teams started laughing hysterically they all shut their fucking mouths when Mark and I started walking out to the pitcher’s mound. Tommy’s lucky that we weren’t able to get to him before his guys came to his rescue but it was Katie who yelled back at him that the only reason he can’t hit a ball is because he’s the one who has the tits. I mean everyone just started howling, and even though Tommy wanted to smack her for humiliating him he knew we’d beat the piss out him if he even began to walk towards her. It was obvious though that his comment hurt her too, and the tears in her eyes just assured that sooner or later we’d meet up with Tommy and make him cry just like she did.

“Tell me,” she says sensing our reluctance to tell her what she asked us.

It’s like I’m looking at a model now with all the ways she’s beginning to pose for us, and it’s just like she’s sexy ballerina with the way she’s lifting those longs legs of hers and letting us see her hairless slit. It’s taking all my will power now just not to wrap my hand around my cock and jerk off. But those days are over now as far as I’m concerned, and just the thought that I’m going to be inside someone like her is making my dick ache in a way I’m just not used too. If this was any other girl I’d already be hammering her juicy snatch by now, but because it’s Katie those rules just don’t seem apply to her for some reason.

“You look just like Root,” Mark replies as she just continues modeling for us in a way that she’s been doing for us ever since that day Tommy tried to humiliate her, except of course back then she had some clothes on.

In a way I’m kind a surprised Mom never put a stop to the shows she put on for us, and all the times she’d just walk around the house in a shrunken t-shirt and tiny thong just made it inevitable as far as I’m concerned that she’s standing where she is now. But Mom also knew what happened to her that day too, and when Tommy’s mother called begging that she call us off from kicking his ass she just told her if that if he sees us coming then he better run as fast as he can. I guess maybe she knew why Kate was rewarding us in a way most sisters usually don’t do for their brothers. The fact she enabled it though kind of surprised me but you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

“You think she’s got a bald pussy too,” she says in a voice that just driving me fucking wild.

Every time I see that show Person of Interest I get a hard-on watching that skinny chick doing all those kick ass scenes. We’ve told her plenty of times that we think she looks just like her gaziantep escort ilanları too, and sometimes I think she needs to hear just how attractive she really is. That puke ex-boyfriend of hers use to fuck with her head a lot, and when she called crying that last time Mom just said your brothers are going to be coming up to have a talk with him. Katie knew what talk meant too, and Gary beat fucking feet pretty quick when he heard we were coming up to see him. I think we were either sixteen or seventeen back then and I know he had heard all the stories about how when it comes to getting in fights we aren’t exactly shy. After that there was no more Gary because we had told his friends that if he went near her again we were going to break both his fucking arms, and luckily for us he stayed away or we’d both probably would still be in jail.

“I bet it doesn’t taste as good as yours,” I say as she finally ends the torturous game she’s been playing with us for the last minute or so and she begins to climb onto the bed.

“Spoken just like a man who’s about to get a blowjob,” she says as she settles herself in between us.

What I love so much about her is she says what she’s really thinking, and just the way the words flow out of her mouth that she knows turns both of us on so much just makes it so much more exciting being with her. Most girls are just too stuck up to tell a guy all the nasty things that make him want to spread their legs open and bang the shit out of them, but not Katie. In fact that first Sunday morning she came downstairs into the kitchen with her robe open and started screaming at us because she was covered in so much dried cum, and as I could feel myself beginning to freak because I was afraid she was going to accuse both of us of raping her she just smiled and said it had better not have been just a fluke or she wouldn’t be coming home again. Katie just being Katie is all I can say.

How she can sit here with her legs tucked underneath her just seems incredible, and as she has a hand wrapped around both Mark and I it just seems like something out of a video I’ve seen before. Two guys with one girl just isn’t that common, and yet we’ve done it a few times already. The last one was Sherry Jacobs and she squealed like a little girl when I slid inside her tight little ass-hole while Mark was hammering her pussy at the same time. For whatever reason we both enjoy being with one girl now, and I think because we’re twins there’s just no sort of hang ups we have about seeing each other’s dick. And all those times I’ve felt Mark’s balls rubbing against mine as we’re both screwing some skinny bitch didn’t freak me out the way it would most guys.

“I’m not like who,” she asks as again as her hand is putting me in a place where I’ll probably tell her if she keeps stroking me the way she is.

“You’re not like any of the girls we usually go out with,” Mark finally says not being able to handle the stress she’s putting him under.

“Mom says that for the last three weeks all the two you of do is come home from work and tinker on that old Nova,” she says as she lifts herself up and begins to straddle Mark.

She’s right though, and it’s like she’s put a fucking spell over the two of us. I can’t explain it either, and some of our friends come over and we all just bullshit in the garage until they get bored because we’re not going to go and hang out with them like we use to. I have a sense they might think we’re pussy whipped but none of them have a clue as to who’s pussy it is that seems to have tamed us.

“You feel so good Kate,” Mark moans as she begins to slowly slide down his cock.

At 6’3 and about 210 pounds Mark and I are both pretty intimidating, and we don’t exactly have small dicks’ either. I guess maybe that’s why we’re so popular with the girls that are always chasing us too. We both like to fuck our girls hard too, but just the way Mark’s hands are so gently sliding up and down Katie’s side now is just proving to me how much the two of us have been affected with being inside her. When she says we’re her lion lovers I know she’s aware of that other side of us too, but she feels safe with us and that’s all that really matters to us.

“You’re not seeing any of your lovers anymore,” she looks right at me and asks a question that almost sounds ridiculous.

Lover’s is definitely not what I would call the girls that let me fuck them in the ass, and as I just take my hand and gently cup her cheek in a way that hopefully answers her question without me having to put it into words. She’s our precious Katie, and even if I knew how to say the words that she needs to hear now I’m just not sure they would come out the way I want them too. She reminds me almost of a kitten now as her face just nuzzles against my hand, and as she closes her eyes and begins to slide her ass up and down I can tell Mark won’t be able to last much longer.

“I gaziantep escort numaraları love having you both inside me,” she moans she reaches down and puts her hands on Mark’s as though telling him it’s OK for him to squeeze and lift her in a way that we usually only do with the girls we’re fucking.

I can already see in his eyes that he’s getting close to cumming too, and as he starts lifting her up and slamming her back down on his cock just like we usually do with the sluts we’re fucking I can sense a difference in him already. He cares for her just like I do, and as he’s moaning now that he’s cumming inside her he lifts himself up and hugs her as he’s filling her insides with his cum. I’ve never seen him do that before, and the look on Katie’s face as he squeezing her is like something you’d see on an Angel.

“OH Kate,” is all Mark says he continues to keep her in his grasp.

“There are just so many people that are afraid of the two of you,” she says almost in a whisper.

“And if anyone ever hurts you they all know what we’d do to them,” I say as she just stays in Mark’s grasp as I see a tear slowly beginning to slide down her cheek.

“You scared Gary and his friends half to death,” she says as she wipes her cheek with her hand.

“He’s lucky we didn’t find him that day,” Mark says as he releases his hold on her.

With a grace of a gentle foe she lifts herself up as Mark’s cum is leaking out of her and straddles me with those long legs that I love so much, and as I feel myself slipping inside her the thought of sloppy seconds is one that has never bothered me. Mark and I have shared too many girls together to worry about something like that, and the way I feel about Katie is only making it that much more pleasurable for me. She’s changing me in a way I just never thought would be possible, and the funny thing is I’m not sure if I even like it or not.

“Remember that day Tommy Peter’s made me cry,” she says as she begins to slowly slide up and down me in a way I’m more accustomed too.

“Yeah,” is all I can manage to say as she’s just squeezing me in a way that for some reason feels unlike any of the other times my cock has been treated before.

“Well, the next day I trimmed my pussy and waited at my window to see when you were coming home,” she says as she lifts up and I watch as my cock starts to slowly disappear inside her ass.

We both wanted to fuck her like we did to Sherry Jacobs last weekend but something just stopped us from doing it, and as I’m being squeezed by her ass-hole it’s the look on her face that tells me how much she’s enjoying it too. I guess I never thought that she’d enjoy it because most of the girls that have had my dick buried in their ass’s are usually all whining that it hurts. But she’s just so different from any girl I’ve ever met, and the fact she’s my sister just makes it all the more unbelievable.

“So I see the two of you coming in the back door and I go out into the hallway totally naked because I knew you’d been trying for so long to catch me coming out of the shower,” she says as she takes my hands and puts them on my side like she did with Mark.

“No way,” Mark says as I can feel myself getting closer to cumming.

“And guess who was standing there when I walked out,” she asks as I start to stroke her up and down on me as though she were a hand puppet.

“Mom,” Mark asks as I’m just too far gone to even be able to talk now.

“She said a t-shirt and a thong was the least that I could wear around the two of you,” she moans as I’m just pounding her now just like I do to all the sluts that I fuck.

Between the sound of her moaning as I’m just burying myself again and again as deep as I can and the feeling of my balls getting that familiar tension I just know I’m seconds away from filling her ass with cum. She’s not a slut like all those other girls I know, and as I’m exploding inside her I can see the door beginning to slowly open. She’s not supposed to be home for at least another hour or so, and all I can do is close my eyes and bury myself as deep as I can in the only girl that really matters to me. If Mom wants to yell and scream at us then that’s just the price we’ll have to pay for finally being with her.

“You OK,” Katie says as she holds my head so gently in her hands.

“I think Mom just walked in on us,” I say as the look on Mark’s face is one of pure terror.

Here we are two guys that thump on people without thinking twice and the thought that our own mother is going to be pissed at us has both of us scared to death. I know how wrong it is for a brother and sister to be hooking up like this but Katie is special to both of us in a way I doubt few people would ever understand.

“Both of you just relax because she already knows about us,” she says as she gets up lays between us.

“How do you know that,” I ask not understanding what’s going on now.

“She told me last night that whatever I’m doing that’s keeping the two of you out of trouble is fine with her,” she says as she pulls the sheet up over us and snuggles into me as she pulls Mark close to her so she’s completely surrounded by the two of us. “Doesn’t this feel so good,” she quickly ads as all the times we use to do this when we were little comes flooding back to me.

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