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Tasting Each Other

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There is something about a new experience with the unknowing of what is to happen that is exciting. I want to bring you to almost the point of no return and keep you there, even when you beg me to let you cum, even when you plead with me to let you cum, I will be in total control of your climax. You will not explode until I am ready to cum with you.

It begins with you and me on our own little get-a-way to the beach. We come back from our dinner at a café. You’re wearing a light and sexy sundress that shows off your beautiful body. It has a slit that goes up and the length of the skirt that when you walk, a portion of your sweet and shapely legs come into view. All night, you have driven me wild with desire, and you know it. I’m in my kaki pants and white shirt, it’s open just enough that you can see the squareness of my chest. Unbeknownst to me, I have been driving you just as wild with passion.

We are both feeling very fine from the fabulous dinner and very good Merlot. We walk hand in hand in the moon light along the pier, looking out over the ocean as lovers do. People we pass look at us and wish that they were us, and us them. They long to feel the love and passion that they see in us, but we do not ever see them, we are lost in each other’s very existence. Finally, after a walk that seems like and eternity, yet lasted only a few blocks, we find ourselves at our hotel. We kiss, and then turn towards the lobby to head to our room.

We stroll passed the front desk and head to the elevators. You press the button, while never letting go of my hand. When the doors open, we step inside, thankful that there is no one with us. As the doors begin to close, we turn to each other, walk into each other’s embrace, and kiss. First, just a sweet, tender kiss, just our lips, and nothing more, then, as our ride lasts longer and longer, our kisses become more passionate. Our mouths open and our tongues search for each other until we lock in a kiss that cannot be broken. By shear will, we stop as the doors slide open, no one is there, and we exit onto our floor.

As we walk to our room, we both feel light headed and flushed. I look at your sweet lovely face, and I can see the redness of excitement in your cheeks. You see me look at you and know that tonight will be a night to remember. You feel your heart race when my eyes lock upon yours and you know that tonight; you want to share all possible pleasures with me. You can feel the burning desire within you that knows that I want nothing but your pleasure, and that I will stop at nothing to make you the happiest woman in the world.

We reach our room, and we enter. The light in the room is from the moon and stars. It’s bright enough for us to see each other and dark enough to hide our bodies from the outside. Plus, being on the 8th floor, we both know that there is no way anyone can see us.

We turn towards each other and kiss as if we have never kissed before. Our mouths and tongues cannot get enough of each other. Your lips are so soft and wet and my tongue hungrily licks then and sucks them into my mouth. You press up against me, feel my growing excitement, and moan as my tongue plunges into your waiting mouth. I can feel your hips begin to grind into me, making me even more excited. My hands grab your waist and pull you more into me while your arms reach up and around my neck, pulling canlı bahis me down to your kissing mouth.

I fumble with the buttons of your dress, but cannot get them undone. You push me back and tell me to sit and you’ll do it for me. You begin to sway to music that is only in your head. With eyes closed, you begin a slow grind with your hips while your hands undo each button, one at a time. My eyes are glued to you, and you look directly into them. You ask how much I love you, I reply with all my heart. You say that if I truly loved you, that I would take off my shirt for you. Slowly, I comply. My hands begin to undo the buttons in the same speed that you have set with your dress. As my shirt falls to the floor, so does your dress.

You ask again, how much do I love you. My reply is the same. You tell me to take off my pants for you. I watch as your eyes follow my hands to my belt and button. Then you begin to let your own hands slide along your own soft tender skin as you watch my hands grip my zipper and slowly pull it down. My bulge is evident as my pants fall to the floor.

For the first time tonight, I see that that the panties that your wearing are slightly wet in the front. You see me look, and bring your hand to the front and begin to gently rub yourself, knowing how much I love to see that. You close your eyes in pleasure, but quickly open them to meet my gaze. You smile and ask me again, how much do I love you. My reply never changes, you ask what would I do for you, I say anything.

You command me to slip my briefs off, slowly, so you can watch my hardened shaft emerge from its confines. I bring my hands to my sides and slip them into the sides of my briefs, and bring the down my body. You watch, one hand gently massaging a breast, while the other massages the heat that is growing between your legs. My shaft is caught on the front of the band, and is bent down as I remove the last of my clothing. I adjust myself, and my rock hard shaft comes into your full view. As the last of my clothing is discarded, I am standing there in your full view, hard as a rock and awaiting your command. It doesn’t have to come. I see in your eyes what you want, and I lay back on the bed and begin to take myself into my own hands and gently slide my fist up and over my hard rod. You walk towards me, and climb on the bed with me. Your hand covers mine and I moan into your mouth as I feel you grasp my shaft. I feel your tongue enter my mouth and lick every inch that you can reach. Our kiss is passionate and loving. My hands reach up to your soft, sweet skin and I feel the heat throughout your body. You moan as my hands find the hot wetness that is between your legs, and you offer no resistance as I gently remove your soaked panties.

You take them from my hands as our kiss breaks, and bring the wetness to my lips. When my tongue begins to escape my lips, you slide them into my watering mouth, and then share them in a kiss with me. I take you in my arms and roll you over. Your breasts are flattened by my chest, but I can feel the hardness of your nipples. I begin to cover your lips, mouth, face and neck with my kisses. My hands roam your body, feeling every inch of your sweet tender skin. My mouth reaches your breasts and I begin to kiss, and suck of your sweet swelling globes. My hand slowly makes its way to your legs, and you part them for bahis siteleri me. Begging me to touch you, without ever uttering a word; I comply, knowing that this is what you want.

I can feel your wetness and I look up at you and ask you how much you love me. You tell me that words cannot describe it. I ask what would you do for me, you say anything. My hand begins to feel your hot, wet mound. My fingers lightly touch your skin, and hair. The light touch is making your move you hips to make full contact with my probing fingers. Your breath is short, and you moan that you want me. I ask you if you would taste yourself for me, you say YES. I then slip my fingers deep inside you in one swift motion that makes you moan “Oh Fuck, YES”, but then remove them just as quickly. Within an instant, you feel them at you lips, which you hungrily suck into your mouth. As I withdraw them, I lean in to taste your juice from your lips. You feel my fingers again at your hot, wet entrance, and moan again as I plunge them into you, only to be brought to your waiting mouth for more tasting.

I ask you what else would you do for me, again you say anything. With my fingers now sliding in and out of your wetness, I ask if you would suck my hard cock. Would you suck my cock, get it wet for me so that I could slide it deep inside of your hot, wet, tight pussy in one motion? You groan, “Yes, please let me suck your cock, please”.

I bring my hard shaft up to your waiting mouth, and I shiver as I feel the warmth of your mouth engulf me. You begin to slide my shaft in and out of your mouth, allowing me to move my hands from your pussy to the sides of your head. I begin to moan from the pleasure that only you know how to give me. I want to share everything with you, give you my heart and soul, and fulfill every experience with only you.

As you slowly make love to my cock with your mouth, I tell you that I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you hard, and fast. I want to fuck you and cum inside of you before you ever cum. Then I ask you, “Would you suck my softening cock after I fuck you, after I cum inside of you, so I can make sweet wonderful love to you, so you can cum?”

You moan around my shaft, “Yes, anything, I’ll do anything”.

I withdraw my wet shaft from your wonderful lips and bring my head to your wet entrance. I lean into you, only to be pulled by you, and enter you in one hot moment. You groan, and tell me to fuck you. I hear your words as my hips begin to move up and down and my shaft slides almost all the way out then back down again. I can feel your hairs on each down stroke, and your nails dig into my back as your legs wrap themselves around me. Your mouth kisses my neck, face and lips. You tell me to fuck you, and fuck you hard, and deep. You tell me to cum inside you and fuck you until I’m soft so you can suck me hard again. Your moans are getting louder, your hips meet my every thrust. I tell you that your pussy is so fucking hot and so tight and that you are so fucking wet. You yell “Make me wetter, cum in me, oh fuck, cum in me, oh please FUCK ME, OH YES, OH, YES, FUCK ME NOW”.

I begin to buck and spasm as I feel the pressure build until I cannot hold back any longer and I groan that I’m cumming as my cock erupts deep inside of you. You hold me and continue to grind your hips up and into me, causing me to fuck you even that I can bahis şirketleri no longer keep up.

You look into my eyes, as I begin to recover and we kiss deeply. I tell you that I’m done not yet, and I slip myself out of you. You have a disappointed look on your face, but then remember what I asked you. You smile and open your mouth to take my soft, wet cock in your mouth. You take it all the way in without ever letting it touch your lips until it is fully in. Then, your lips clasp the base of my shaft, as you push it out of you. I realize that you have just cleaned my cum covered cock in one pass. You push me back, climb on top of me, and proceed to give me the most passionate kiss of my life. I feel your lips part, and your tongue slide past my lips and into my mouth. I realize that you never swallowed a drop, and that you are letting our mixture slide into my mouth from yours. I love you with all my heart and realize that as you are kissing me, you’re moaning and groaning and still grinding your dripping pussy against me. Sharing our juice has had an effect on you that you cannot explain, and you become desperate for me to finish making love to you.

When our combined juices are gone, swallowed by us both, you begin to stroke my cock back to hardness. You tell me that you are so hot, and that you need me to fuck you again. You do not want me to make love to you, you need my hard cock to fuck you, and make you cum. Within a few minutes of your words, and touch, my shaft is no loner soft. You bring your mouth back to my rod and begin to wet it again, still tasting our juice, and making me harder.

When I am fully hard, you lay back and open your pussy for me. With the finger of one hand, you slide it into yourself and tell me to come over here; you need me now. I crawl over and I replace your finger with my newly hardened, wet cock. I suck your finger dry as I plunge myself deep into you. Your legs immediately go around my back and your head falls back as you groan, “Oh God, yes. You feel so good, please fuck me hard.” You can feel me deeper inside of you then you ever had. You can feel me hit that certain spot that can be so hard to get. You feel my shaft rubbing that pleasure zone with each stroke.

In and out, in and out, your pussy gets wetter and wetter. You feel my cock grow harder and it feels even longer. You feel it rub your most sensitive spot back and forth, back and forth. The walls of your pussy begin to grip my hard, wet shaft, as I plunge into you.

With each stroke, your hips rise to meet me and your nails dig into my back as you try to hold on. I lift myself up to push my cock deeper into you. Your eyes are locked onto mine as you begin to feel the pressure build from that spot deep inside your hot, wet, cunt. You begin to roll you head back and forth as you yell “Oh yes, don’t stop. Faster,,,, faster. Oh fuck, I love you so fucking much. I love your cock and I love you inside of me, please, oh….. oh…… God, Yes.” You feel your legs begin to tighten, your stomach locks itself, and your head is spinning out of control as you scream, “Don’t Stop, Oh, Don’t stop. OH GOD, FUCK, OH, GOD, OH GOD, OH….OH….FUCK, YES…….YES…..OH FUCK, I’M CUMING, OH MY GOD, FUCK I’M CUMMMMMMMMIING…. OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!” And at that moment, you feel my cock explode a second time that night as we cum together.

I fall on top of you, and as our sweat coated bodies feel a common warmth, and is covered by the light of the moon, we both fall into a blissful night’s sleep. The last thing that either of us remember hearing is each other saying, “I Love You”.

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