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Taxi Cab Confession

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I stood there waving until my arm grew tired trying to hail a cab. Finally a cab pulled up to the curb and when I went for the door, a man’s hand jerks the door and the hands owner slid the rest of his rude ass into my cab.

“Excuse me,” I said. This is my cab do you mind waiting for the next one.

He tried to play it off by claiming he did not see me.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t notice you,” He said poking his head out of the cab. “Perhaps we can share, if we’re going the same direction?”

“Sure,” I said, using my hips to push his ass over making room for myself.

“Will you accept my apology Madame? I meant no disrespect to you; I’ll make it up to you by paying your fair,” Mr. Rude said.

Hmm, I had him where I wanted him I thought to myself. I wasn’t in a hurry to be anywhere in particular; just lunch wherever close to the office. Lunch could wait while I taught this jerk some manners.

The cab driver asked for our destinations, and I gave him mine.

“A couple times around the park please,” I said; to see if he would bite.

Mr. Rude gestured to the driver and said he would pay.

“Okay money to burn,” I thought.

He extended his hand to me. “Hi my name is Travis.”

“I’m Lola,” I said without returning his gesture of friendship.

He looked like the typical Wall Street character straight out of central casting. He was wearing the uniform, the Brooks Brothers ‘suit, with a blue silk power tie, and Allen Edmond’s Fifth Avenue shoes. He was also very good-looking, I’m sure he knew that already. Still my mind was racing a mile a minute thinking of ways I could seduce him, without being too obvious of course.

His cologne turned out to be the ice Bycasino breaker.

“What’s the name of that cologne you’re wearing?” I asked.

“Take a stab at it.” He said.

“Umm, is it Creed Royal?”

“Ding! You’re right,” He said.

“You wear it well,” I complimented him wondering if both his heads were swelling; or just the one I was interested in.

“Thank you,” He said.

What no witty comeback. Perhaps I misjudged him. Maybe he wasn’t a shark, but just a good looking fish. I decided to throw him a little more chum to watch how he reacted.

Soon the conversation was going well, so well that he called his office and informed them he was taking a long lunch, and invited me to join him to make up for almost stealing my cab from me.

I was hesitant at first until he informed his assistant to forward all messages to his voice mail; there is nothing more irritating than constant interruptions. I called my office and had Nicole sign me out for the day. She wanted to know why, so I held my hand up to the phone and whispered that I would talk with her later and ended the call. I turned off my phone; I practice what I preach; for the rest of the day.

Then I took a ride with Mr. Sexy over to the wild side. Travis directed the cabbie to his favorite wine store so he could pick out something nice for the lady of the hour me. They also had a nice selection of food to nibble on at the store, so he stocked up; on a nice dessert wine which complimented the cherries, chocolate and cheese. We continue to drive around site seeing and enjoying our refreshments. The cab driver chauffeured us around the city, without complaint the meter was turning just fine for him. We caught him Bycasino giriş eyeballing us in the mirror a few times.

I had a nice buzz from the wine even though I sipped leisurely on the juice. It was hitting me faster than toking on a joint. I was slipping fast in the cab and my warm brown eyes looked into Travis’ as he stared back at me. He sensed weakness and came in for the kill.

Travis placed his hand on my knees, and soon worked his way up to the top of my thigh high stockings. I was turning into a loose woman and I didn’t give a damn. He was fine-looking as hell, and the smell of his cologne filled my head with naughty thoughts as I leaned in to kiss him.

His hands continued up my leg and slipped inside my panties. With skilled fingers he stroked my clit and puffy pussy lips, as I moaned urging him on. Soon I had Travis right where I wanted him…his face between my legs and tasting my sweet honey nectar. Just when I was about to come, the cab driver asked if he could pull over to watch us.

Travis mumbled. “Yes,” before he continued to lick my enflamed bud.

I wasn’t comfortable with the cabby getting his rocks off on our scene but he had been very friendly and hadn’t made a fuss about driving around in circles for a good part of his day and we were using his cab for our sexual odyssey.

“I want to see two hands at all times up there Buddy,” I told him.

I was soaked from Travis dribble and my honey juice and it made it easy for him to place two fingers inside of me. That triggered the start of my first orgasm, with many orgasms to come. I wanted to return the favor and asked him, but he refused to hear it. He wanted to make it up to me for taking the cab Bycasino deneme bonusu and I had no complaints from where I was laying.

After teasing my hotness he raised my legs and removed the stockings, and lifted my right leg so he could use his lips to place small pecks on my feet.

I reached over to feel the bulge in his pants. I wanted to taste him so badly but he would not give in to my desire. Instead he pulled out a condom and rolled it over his hard cock. Travis gently placed one of my legs against the front seat of the cab and wrapped the other leg around his back, as he guided his hardness into my moist pussy.

He pounded my pinkness fast with passion; suddenly he changed pace. He rolled his hips from side to side making my pearl feel the pressure from his stiff cock inside of me.

Travis cock was driving deeper into my walls now and I came with a holler. Dazed and with spots dancing before my eyes I caught the cabbie, cuffing his dick vigorously.

“Hands dammit show your hands.” I screamed

Grumbling he raised his dick skinner showing me the red rosy palm of his dick hand. He moaned in anguish and this only heightened Travis pleasure, and mine. The session concluded when Travis shot a big load of cum into his jimmy.

The cabbie couldn’t keep his hand off himself and popped his load with a grunt. He sat in the front seat panting with his hands dripping guy goo, a few globs were stuck to the headliner on the passenger side; oh my!

Funny what pops into my mind after a good sex session, but I thought of the old tale of the Tailor and his sash which read seven with one blow. I thought mine could read two without a blow, I giggled at the silly notion; I’ve been know to giggle when I come.

The cab driver was embarrassed by the orgasm caused by watching Travis and I get busy in his cab’s backseat. There was no shame in what we did that day; it was a great day of sexual enjoyment shared between three consenting adults.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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